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Elena Produnova (RUS)

1997 World AA Bronze Medalist
2000 American Cup Champion

Medal Total

Olympic Games:  1 Silver, 1 Bronze
World Championships:
  2 silver, 2 bronze

European Championships:   1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze

Elena was born on February 15, 1980, in Rostov-on-Don.  Her coach was Ruslan Lavrov, who also coached Svetlana Grozdova.  Produnova was a powerful vaulter and tumbler, and excelled at front tumbling (front layout, punch double front on FX; double front dismount from B; handspring double front on V).  She retired after the 2000 Olympics and married former gymnast Dmitry Ismetov in 2001.  She works as a coach.

Competition Results

International Junior Championships:  5th AA, 2nd B, 5th UB
Jr. European Team Semifinals:  2nd AA
Ljubljana International:  3rd AA, 1st B, 2nd FX
World Championships (Sabae):  4th Team

RUS Championships:  10th AA

Glasgow Grand Prix:  2nd FX, 3rd UB, 5th V, 7th FX
Pitari Cup:  2nd AA
RUS Championships:  9th AA
RUS Cup:  5th AA
World Championships (Lausanne):  2nd Team, 3rd AA, 3rd FX, 8th B

Chunichi Cup:  4th AA, 3rd V
Cottbus International:  1st B, 2nd V, 2nd FX, 5th UB
DTB Cup:  4th V, 4th B, 5th UB, 5th FX
French International:  8th AA, 2nd FX, 5th V, 7th UB
Goodwill Games:  10th AA, 5th FX
RUS Championships:  5th AA
RUS Cup:  2nd AA, 2nd V
Sagit Cup:  5th UB
Swiss Cup:  1st B, 5th FX, 6th UB
World Cup:  6th V, 6th UB, 6th FX

American Cup:  2nd AA
DTB Cup:  2nd V, 4th UB, 4th FX, 5th B
Gander Memorial:  4th AA
Glasgow Grand Prix:  1st FX, 2nd UB, 3rd V, 3rd FX
RUS Championships:  1st AA
RUS Cup:  1st AA
Samboo International:  1st V, 5th UB, 6th FX
University Games:  1st Team, 1st V, 1st B, 2nd AA
World Championships (Tianjin):  2nd Team, 4th AA, 4th V, 4th UB, 4th FX
World Stars:  1st AA
Zurich Grand Prix:  2nd B, 3rd V, 3rd UB, 3rd FX

American Cup:  1st AA, 1st V, 1st UB, 1st B, 1st FX
Cottbus International:  1st FX
European Championships:  1st Team, 2nd FX, 3rd UB, 4th V
Olympic Games:  2nd Team, 3rd B
RCA Gymnastics Challenge:  1st AA

RUS Championships:  1st AA
RUS Cup:  2nd UB, 2nd B, 5th FX
World Stars:  1st AA

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