Celestina Popa (ROM)

1985 Chunichi Cup AA Champion

Medal Total

Olympic Games:  1 Silver
World Championships:  1 Gold, 1 Silver

Celestina was born on July 12, 1970.  She's currently a coach at Flicka Gymnastics Club in Vancouver, Canada.

Competition Results

Avignon International:  5th AA, 3rd V, 7th UB, 7th B
Balkan Championships:  1st Team, 7th AA, 1st V
Chunichi Cup:  1st AA, 1st V, 1st B, 4th FX
FRG-ROM-SUI:  1st Team, 5th AA
Golden Sands International:  6th AA, 2nd UB, 2nd B
Jr. Friendship Tournament (Druzhba):  2nd Team, 6th AA, 2nd V, 3rd UB, 3rd FX
Tokyo Cup:  1st B, 6th UB
World Championships:  2nd Team, 11th AA (prelims)

Balkan Championships:  4th AA
Intl. Championships of Romania:  3rd AA, 1st FX, 2nd B
Rome Grand Prix:  2nd AA

Cottbus International:  2nd AA
SUI-ROM Dual Meet: 1st Team, 3rd AA
World Championships:  1st Team, 14th AA (prelims)

Olympics:  2nd Team, 10th AA (prelims)
ROM-TCH-SUI:  1st Team, 2nd AA

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