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Natalia Laschenova (USSR)

1989 World Silver AA Medalist

In 1990 Natalia competed at the USA-USSR dual meet (left).  In 2001 Natalia was at the US Championships -- but now as a coach (right).

Medal Total

Olympic Games:  1 Gold
World Championships:  1 Gold, 1 Silver


Natalia was born on September 16, 1973 in Elgava (Latvian SSR).  She moved to Riga when very young and was coached by Alexander Miretski at Dynamo Riga.  After a long and successful career, Natalia married fellow gymnast Nikolai Tikhonovich.  (Tikhonovich, his brother and another man robbed Vitaly Scherbo's apartment in late 1992 and spent several years in prison.)  She divorced Tikhonovich and is now married to a former boxer.  She currently lives in Georgia with her husband and daughter Alexandra, and coaches at Camden Gymnastics in Kingsland, GA.  

Competition Results
Riga International: 3rd AA, 1st B, 2nd V
Belgian Gym Masters: 1st AA, 1st V, 1st UB, 1st FX, 2nd B
Junior Friendship Tournament (Druzhba): 1st Team, 3rd AA, 1st V, 1st B, 2nd FX
Moscow News: 4th AA, 1st FX, 2nd V
Riga International:  2nd AA, 1st FX
USSR Spartakiade:  2nd V
Kraft International: 8th AA, 1st V
Riga International: 3rd AA
USA-USSR Dual Meet: 1st Team, 2nd AA
USSR Championships: 5th AA
DTB Cup: 4th AA, 3rd FX, 4th V, 5th UB
European Cup: 3rd AA, 1st UB, 3rd B
Golden Sands International: 1st AA
Hungarian International:  2nd AA, 1st V, 1st FX, 2nd UB, 2nd B
Kosice Cup:  1st AA
Olympic Games: 1st Team, 5th AA
USA-USSR Dual Meet: 1st Team, 7th AA
USSR Cup: 3rd AA
Chunichi Cup: 1st AA
DTB Cup: 2nd AA, 1st V, 1st B, 2nd FX
Joachim Blume Memorial: 2nd AA
Konica Cup:  1st AA, 1st V, 1st FX, 2nd UB, 3rd B
Moscow News: 5th AA
Tokyo Cup: 1st V, 2nd B
USSR Championships: 1st AA
USSR Cup: 9th AA
World Championships: 1st Team, 2nd AA, 4th V
DTB Cup: 3rd AA, 1st B, 4th FX, 5th V, 5th UB
Gander Memorial: 1st AA
Moscow News: 1st AA, 1st FX
Swiss Cup:  1st Team
USA-USSR Dual Meet: 1st Team, 3rd AA
University Games: 2nd Team, 5th AA, 1st FX, 2nd V, 2nd B
World Sports Fair: 5th AA, 2nd V, 5th UB, 8th FX

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