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Vera Kolesnikova (USSR)

1986 Goodwill Games AA Champion

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Medal Total

World Championships:  1 Gold

Vera was born on October 7, 1968 in Perlevka (a small village outside Voronezh).  Her first coach was Nikolai Vodianikh.  After a few years with Vodianikh, she moved to the Spartak club in Voronezh and was coached by Rima Alexandrova (who is married to famous gym coach Yuri Shtukman).  

Competition Results

Junior Medico Cup:  1st AA
Schoolchildren's Spartakiade (Candidate for Master):  4th Team, 3rd AA

USSR Championships:  17th AA

Catania Cup:  2nd AA
Gymnastics Hit Parade of Rome:  2nd UB, 2nd B, 3rd V
Riga International:  10th AA, 3rd V
RSFSR Championships:  1st FX
USSR Championships:  12th AA
USSR Cup:  3rd AA, 4th V, 5th FX
USSR Special Sports School Championships:  2nd AA
Catania Cup:  2nd AA
Jr. USSR Championships:  2nd AA, 2nd B
Moscow News:  1st AA, 1st V, 2nd FX, 6th B
Australian Games:  1st AA, 1st V, 1st UB, 4th B
Chunichi Cup:  3rd V, 3rd B, 10th AA
Riga International:  47th AA
Tokyo Cup:  3rd B, 4th UB
USSR Cup:  6th AA, 4th UB, 6th FX
World Championships:  1st Team
Goodwill Games:  1st Team, 1st AA, 1st B, 2nd UB
USA-USSR Dual Meet:  1st Team, 3rd AA
USSR Cup:  2nd AA, 3rd UB, 5th FX, 7th V
University Games:  1st Team, 2nd AA, 2nd UB, 2nd FX
USSR Championships:  7th UB
USSR Cup:  10th AA
USSR Championships:  8th AA
USSR Cup:  24th AA

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