Shinji Morisue (JPN)

1984 Olympic HB Champion

Medal Total

Olympic Games:  1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze
World Championships:  1 Bronze

Morisue was born on May 22, 1957 in Okayama and attended the Nippon College of Physical Education.  He ruptured both Achilles tendons (not concurrently) and each time was able to regain top form.  Morisue is now a show business personality in Japan and is frequently seen on TV.  He even appeared in the 2002 film Godzilla v. MechaGodzilla.  His wife, Noriko, is an internationally ranked brevet judge.

Competition Results

JPN Championships:  3rd FX

JPN Championships:  2nd HB, 3rd FX, 3rd V

JPN Championships:  2nd HB

Moscow News:  4th AA
Riga International:  4th AA, 1st HB
Tokyo Cup:  2nd PB, 2nd HB, 5th V

Coca Cola International:  1st AA, 1st FX, 1st V, 3rd PH, 4th R, 4th PB, 6th HB
JPN Championships:  3rd AA, 1st FX, 1st PB, 1st HB, 3rd V
NHK Cup:  5th AA
University Games:  13th AA, 6th HB, 8th FX

American Cup:  4th AA
Asian Games:  2nd Team, 2nd HB
JPN Championships:  3rd AA, 1st HB, 3rd V
NHK Cup:  3rd AA
TBS Cup:  1st V, 1st PB, 1st HB

HUN International:  6th AA, 3rd V
NHK Cup:  2nd AA
World Championships:  3rd Team, 4th HB, 7th V

JPN Championships:  2nd PB
NHK Cup:  6th AA
Olympics:  3rd Team, 1st HB, 2nd V
Tokyo Cup:  1st V, 1st PB, 1st HB
Vienna Olympic Gala: 9th AA

JPN Championships:  7th AA
NHK Cup:  10th AA

Many thanks to Yuji Ozawa for providing Morisue's results and biographical info.

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