GYMN-L Digest - 30 Oct 1995 to 31 Oct 1995 - Special Issue

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Topics in this special issue:

  1. NCAA format
  2. Reinstated Gymnasts/Comebacks
  3. MENS FX and RINGS questions.
  4. "comebacks"
  5. Brandy Johnson
  6. MENS FX and RINGS questions
  7. Canada
  8. Trivia FOR PRIZES: #33 1988 Olympics
  9. RSG:International Challenge
 10. MEN:International Challenge
 11. FRA Nationals
 12. American Delegations
 13. Katie Teft
 14. basic gymn question
 15. joanna bodak
 16. age requirements (2)
 17. Yurchenkos in college


Date:    Mon, 30 Oct 1995 20:08:00 MST
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: NCAA format

>The NCAA's use a variation of
>the 7-6-5 format, except they don't limit it to seven athletes.

This is incorrect; there is a limit on the number of competing athletes.
For men, at the Championships (and I believe Regional qualifiers), it's nine
men, max.  I think it used to be 12?  I am not sure what the magic number is
for women's teams.

I have heard that men's Eastern Regionals is at Iowa.  Where is the men's
Western Regionals?



Date:    Tue, 31 Oct 1995 15:54:00 +1100
From:    ***@A2.ABC.NET.AU
Subject: Re: Reinstated Gymnasts/Comebacks


    You wrote:
    > Anyone have any ideas about how the JUDGES feel about these
    > comebacks?

    My idealistic response to this would be that it doesn't matter how
    the Judges FEEL about a gymnast - they judge what they see and follow
    the rules set out in the Code. Off the competition floor I'm sure
    there is a lot of sentiment amongst the judges for former champions,
    but on the competition floor feelings for or against the gymnast
    shouldn't come into it at all.

    BTW I'm a judge - hopefully not too innocent and naive a judge.



Date:    Tue, 31 Oct 1995 00:38:34 +0000
Subject: Re: MENS FX and RINGS questions.

> I have two questions, so I'll put them in one post to save bandwidth.
> (1) What is the value of a cross strapped move on rings? Is there some
> automatic shift up in value for a cross strapped giant (i.e. a B -> C or
> what ever they are valued at)?

Cross strap swinging work is value raised one letter. A cross stapped
lock arm giant would go from  C to D.
Strength, hold, and dismounts may not be value-raised.

Mounts may not be done cross-strapped,
> (2) Alot of men use a leap in their FX. Is this required (i.e., is a
> gymnastic or dance element required) or is this just filler. Are there any
> rated dance moves besides the full twisting butterfly that I know about.
> Jeff


Date:    Tue, 31 Oct 1995 16:36:39 EST-11
Subject: "comebacks"

Hey, I thought Kim Zmeskal did make a comeback.

Didn't she compete at Sabae???

Only she's dyed her hair black and changed her name to Dominque.

Whoever made the comment about Moceanu having the same bouncy style
as Zmeskal is right.


Date:    Tue, 31 Oct 1995 02:15:02 -0500
From:    ***@AMERICA.COM
Subject: Re: Brandy Johnson

Brandy was (is?) coaching at Broadway Gymnastics in Orlando.

> The last I heard of Brandy (about year-an-a-half ago) she was coaching
> gymnastics at Brown's Gym in florida.  Does anybody know anymore about her
> present activities?


Date:    Tue, 31 Oct 1995 00:00:27 UTC-0800
From:    ***@CS.UBC.CA
Subject: Re: MENS FX and RINGS questions

cross strapped giants on rings are Ds
cross strapped uprise is a C
cross strapped inlocates and dislocates are Bs

Dance moves are not required, it just adds a nice transition
Valued dance move are jump turn or turn on one leg.
(1 1/2 or 2) B
(2 1/2 or 3) C
butterfly B, w/ full twist C



Date:    Tue, 31 Oct 1995 07:12:08 -0500
From:    ***@STYX.IOS.COM
Subject: Canada

        Here's a question mainly for the Canadian GYMNers (but anyone
with an answer or opinion please reply).  What effect if any would there
have been if any had Quebec succeeded in breaking away?  I don't really
follow Canadian gymnastics.  Is there a certain area most gymnasts come from?



Date:    Tue, 31 Oct 1995 07:44:35 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Trivia FOR PRIZES: #33 1988 Olympics

Hey, Gymn!  It's time for a special Trivia Quiz.
What's so special about a trivia quiz, you ask?
Well, she answers, this one's got PRIZES!!!

That's right.  Real, honest-to-evilness gym-related prizes.  I'll tell you
about them as soon as I tell you the rules (no, DON'T scroll down and

1.  Participants have 4 days (96 hours) to return entries.  Any entries
"postmarked (i.e. e-mail dated)" after that deadline will not be considered.
 Time sent is Eastern Standard Time (US).  I'll take time zones into
calculation, don't worry Aussies, you won't lose out<g>!
2.  Winners and placements will be determined as follows:
a.  One point for each correct answer
b.  Highest point total from eligible entries wins.  In the event of a tie,
the *earlier* entry wins.  In other words, the faster you get it in, the
c.  If you enter more than once, the *later* of the entries will count.  Your
other, earlier entries will be discarded.
d.  Winners will be mailed their prizes to an address they provide.
e.  If an answer is disputed (the loss of which resulted in the loss of a
prize), the matter may be presented for appeal.  It will be researched, and a
final decision will be voted on by:
--Gymn Administrator Debbie
--Gymn Asst. Administrator George
--Trivia Coordinator Mara

All such votes/decisions are final.

3.  Results will be posted within 48 hours of the closing time, unless
previously stated.
4.  These rules may be changed at any time, with posted notice on Gymn.
5.  All rights reserved.

*PRIZES* (drum roll . . . )

Gold Medal (aka First Prize) --- Videotape - Highlights of the 1988 Summer
Olympics (NBC)

Silver Medal (aka Second Prize) -- Book - The Complete Book of Gymnastics
(1978), David Hunn  200 pp, photos, hardcover.

Bronze Medal (aka Third Prize) -- tremendous satisfaction at a job well done.
( "I'm so proud of you my little PUMPKIN!!!!!" )

Go to it.

1.  This person is one of the few females to ever perform a double twisting
double back on FX.  However, the '88 Olympics marked the only time she ever
attempted the skill in competition.

2.  Who was the only female gymnast to perform a double twisting Yurchenko
during the *all-around* competition at the '88 Olympics?

3.  Which gymnast was forced to drop out of the all-around after sustaining a
fractured lower fibula on floor?

4.   The '88 Olympics marked a significant change in the rules for
   women's floor exercise.  What was it?

5.  What individual athlete refused to perform optionals during her
session because of religious concerns, only to see her hopes fulfilled when
she was allowed to perform optionals with another team instead? (1/2 point)
Which team? (1/2 point)

6.  If the new life rule had been in effect during 1988, which American would
have won a medal in event finals and what apparatus/color would the medal
have been?

7.  One team lost the bronze medal as a result of a .5 deduction for having a
"coach" on the podium while an athlete was competing.
(You must answer all of the following correctly to get credit)
a.  Which country lost the medal?
b.  Which country gained the medal?
c.  Who was the "coach" on the podium ?
d.  Who was the athlete competing and what event was she competing on ?

8. This gymnast was named captain of his country's Olympic gym team and was
then unable to even go to Seoul at all because of injury.

9.  How many first place ties were there during men's event finals?  Name

10. How many bronze medals did Romanians win?


Date:    Tue, 31 Oct 1995 15:31:28 PST
From:    ***@LSS.CO.ZA
Subject: RSG:International Challenge

1.      Erika Leigh Stirton     CAN     37.000
2.      Camilla Ferenzin        BRA     36.450
3.      Kristy Darrah           AUS     36.300
4.      Michelle Cameron        RSA     36.250
5.      Lital Baumwall          ISR     36.150
6.      Andrea Schermoly        RSA     35.450
7.      Cheryl Phillips         RSA     34.400



Date:    Tue, 31 Oct 1995 15:31:51 PST
From:    ***@LSS.CO.ZA
Subject: MEN:International Challenge

 Sorry I can't give a full report on the men's routines, because I don't
really know what all the moves are called. I do know that Vorapiev outshone
the rest by far!

1.      Alexei Voropaev RUS     57.150
2.      Jason Papp      CAN     54.200
3.      Christian Brezeanu RSA  53.050
4.      Vasile Cionna   ROM     52.950
5.      Dewald Lubscher RSA     52.450
5.      Yuki Takahashi  JPN     52.450
7.      Zoltan Erdey    RSA     49.350
8.      Anton Goldman   RSA     49.300

The highest mark of the competition was a 9.70 on high bar by Dewald
Laubscher RSA.



Date:    Tue, 31 Oct 1995 08:43:19 -0500
From:    ***@PANIX.COM
Subject: FRA Nationals

Here are the AA results from the French Nationals, held October 28 in

WOMEN                 V      UB       B      FX
1. Severino         9.688   9.875   9.750   9.675   38.988
2. Canqueteau       9.663   9.550   9.725   9.750   38.688
3. Troscompt        9.488   9.550   9.300   9.500   37.838
4. Teza             9.213   9.750   9.725   8.850   37.538
5. Volle            9.288   9.500   9.500   9.200   37.488
6. Furnon           9.325   9.750   8.925   9.275   37.275
7. Gely             9.088   9.100   9.350   9.225   36.763
8. Begue            9.438   9.850   8.550   8.775   36.613
9. Cottencin        9.563   8.975   8.900   8.725   36.163
10.Collet           9.475   8.600   9.250   7.250   34.575
11.Popa             8.950   8.450   8.450   8.675   34.525
12.Ceytte           8.913   7.600   8.700   8.975   34.188
13.Dufosse          9.262   7.550   8.100   8.350   33.263

MEN             FX     PH      R      V     PB     HB
1. Casimir     8.425  9.825  9.425  8.650  9.325  9.475  55.125
2. Poujade     8.325  9.850  9.675  9.100  9.025  9.325  54.400
3. Dumont      9.300  8.350  8.825  9.425  8.625  9.000  53.525
4. Darrigade   8.375  9.100  9.150  8.850  9.050  8.950  53.475
5. Lemoine     8.350  8.200  9.200  8.700  8.750  9.100  52.300
6. Pellard     8.150  8.975  9.025  8.025  8.475  9.325  51.975
7. Aymes                                                 51.750
8. Tayac                                                 51.525
9. Jay                                                   51.425
10.Mickael                                               51.035
11.Geria                                                 51.225
12.Guelzec                                               51.125
13.Nicolas                                               51.075
14.Loquin                                                49.925
15.Coponat                                               49.900
16.Rennes                                                49.825
17.Daujat                                                48.675



Date:    Tue, 31 Oct 1995 09:43:00 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: American Delegations

Hi, I missed some posts switching computers because I came home for a few
days after midterms:-)  Anyway, I was wondering if the American womens
delegations to Subway and the pre-Olympics had been announced yet.  Sorry if
this has been asked/posted already.  Also, what are the dates of these
competitions?  TV schedule for the pre-Olympics?


Date:    Tue, 31 Oct 1995 12:13:48 -0500
Subject: Re: Katie Teft

>As a newcomer, could someone quickly tell me what happened to
>Katie Teft?  All I know is that IG said it was a timer mishap.
>Where?  When?  What happened?  Is she OK?

The meeet was World Trials
Katie Teft was doing a timer vault, her coach spotted her for her regular
grabbed her arm as if she were going to twist, and she didn't, she came down on
her back.  It looked like she had injured her neck, turns out it was her ankle.

According to coaches after the meet, and her presence at the banquet, I
that she is okay and will be back.



Date:    Tue, 31 Oct 1995 13:20:40 -0400
From:    ***@VMS.CIS.PITT.EDU
Subject: basic gymn question

I have noticed alot of questions about Tefts injury and as a basic newcomer to
gymnastics, I was just wondering if there have been many "serious" accidents in
womens gym.  I remember seeing a Strug fall on the bars recently which looked
horrible but obviously wasnt that bad.  But I vaguely remember a Soviet gymnast
who was paralyzed???  Any gymnasts come to mind?


Date:    Tue, 31 Oct 1995 14:56:38 EST
Subject: joanna bodak

I'm sorry it took me so long to write this but here it is:

I wasn't interested in rhythmic gymnastics much until I met Joanna Bodak
Yo-Anna) during my stay in Poland.

I was an English teacher in one of the high schools in Joanna's town and I
was looking for
a place to do some gymnastics.  After unsuccessfully looking around
different sports
centers,,, a friend of put me in contact with Joanna who was looking for an
teacher to get a few lessons a week.  Joanna and I agreed to see each other
twice a week
for two hours each time: one hour of English and one hour of rhythmic
gymnastics.  We
used an exercise room at the local YMCA (pronounced imm-kah in Polish) where my
friend worked.

During our English lessons, I got Joanna to talk quite a bit about her life
and we became
good friends.  Although my performances in rhythmic gymnastics were not very
(I'm hopelessly inflexible), I got interested in Joanna's life from a social
point of view.

Joanna, while she was training, managed to go to a regular school in her
and train at the YMCA.  In Poland, sport is accessible to anybody with
talent, but it is
harder for people to do it just for fun.  In any area, there are very
qualified teachers and
coaches, along with very well equipped facilities for many sports.
Unfortunately, the non-
elite has difficulties getting access to them.  A child of talent, however,
will receive free
coaching and use of the sport facilities.  From what I have seen, the
children do not have
to move away from home since there are facilities in each major center.

As well, Joanna had not been "recruited" to do gymnastics but she had asked
her parents
to try it out; she liked it and became successful at it.  I had expected
Joanna to have been
rewarded of her effort for the country with a larger apartment or some other
this wasn't the case.  Of course Joanna got to travel quite a bit but the
sponsored advantages for her family stop there.  On the other hand, Joanna,
because she
competed at a minimum of the national level (in her case, the international
level), got
automatic admission into the Sports Academy, the equivalent of a physical
program in a university in Canada of the US.

I found Joanna to be a sweet, gentle and a bit shy girl.  She is now
studying psychology at
the University of Gdansk (the former Danzig) and did quite well in her first
year of a four
year program.  Last time I talked to her (a year ago), she had plans to join
the gymnastics
program at the Sports Academy, as well as continuing her education in

She is still involved in gymnastics, as a special guest during official
events, and as a judge
during regional and national competitions.  She still does gymnastics for
fun, a few times a
week, but seems more interested in creating new routines than in acquiring
new skills,
which is perfectly understandable, considering she has officially retired
from the sport.



Date:    Tue, 31 Oct 1995 16:17:25 -0400
From:    ***@VMS.CIS.PITT.EDU
Subject: age requirements

I was just wondering what the age requirements are for gymnasts in
internetional comp(worlds, olymp)?  Is this something that has changed
recently?  Are there any outstanding young American gymnasts who are not going
to  be able to compete in the Olympics because of it? What about Alexis Brion?


Date:    Tue, 31 Oct 1995 15:40:22 CDT
From:    ***@PROCTR.CBA.UA.EDU
Subject: Yurchenkos in college

I believe I heard last year that the Yurchenko style vaulting will be
allowed in NCAA competition beginning in '96.  Has anyone heard about
this, if it is true?



Date:    Tue, 31 Oct 1995 17:21:46 -0500
Subject: Re: age requirements

> I was just wondering what the age requirements are for gymnasts in
> internetional comp(worlds, olymp)?  Is this something that has changed
> recently?  Are there any outstanding young American gymnasts who are not going
> to  be able to compete in the Olympics because of it? What about Alexis Brion?

I believe the current age requirements are you must turn 15 by the end of
the year of the competition (i.e. to compete in the 1996 Olympics, you
must be 15 years old on December 31, 1996) except in the case of Worlds
in the pre-Olympic year (such as this one) when you only have to turn 14
(I guess the logic is that someone who turns 14 by the end of a
pre-Olympic year will turn 15 by the end of the Olympic year, so giving
them international exposure in the form of Worlds is a good idea).  I
don't think this has changed recently.

Starting after the Atlanta Games, however, gymnasts will have to turn 16 by
the end of the year of the competition.

Alexis Brion is too young for Atlanta by quite a bit (she's only 12 or 13
right now, right?) so she'll have to wait for Sydney, along with everyone
else who competed in the junior division at Nationals this year.  The
real heartbreaker is Mina Kim, who turns 15 sometime in early January,
1997.  It might even be January 1 or 2.  So she'll be too young for
Atlanta by just a few days.  But Moceanu, both Jennie and Doni Thompson,
Kristy Powell, Katie Teft, etc. will be old enough for Atlanta.  I don't
think many "outstanding" gymnasts won't go because of age, simply because
most coaches wouldn't peak a gymnast in 1995/1996 if she can't compete in

I'm kind of fuzzy on this, so please, someone, correct me if I'm wrong.


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