GYMN-L Digest - 30 Oct 1995

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  1. 7-6-5 rule
  2. Worlds and some questions. -Reply
  3. Kim Z
  4. Nov. IG answers some questions! :)
  5. Reinstated Gymnasts/Comebacks
  6. MENS FX and RINGS questions.


Date:    Mon, 30 Oct 1995 19:29:46 -0500
Subject: 7-6-5 rule

     I just wanted to point out that Russia had the perfect chance to fake an
injury in Sabae, as the former USSR used to do quite a bit, but DIDN'T. Four
Russian men qualified for the AA: Yevgeny Shabayev, Dmitry Karbanenko, Aleksei
Voropayev and Aleksei Nemov. Yes, despite his 96th placing in compulsories,
Nemov DID make the top 36 because he finished FIRST in optionals. With AA being
optionals only, it must have crossed Arkayev's mind to have one of the other
three come down with a convenient injury so Nemov could compete. After all, he
was a pre-meet favorite and even Li Xioashuang called him his closest rival. He
very well could have medalled. But Arkayev played by the rules. I think all the
countries in Sabae did, at least as far as I could tell. I didn't notice any
"suspicious" pullouts or injuries to ensure that certain gymnasts made AA. It
seemed to me that most of the top countries had 4 gymnasts do all events, and
then let the chips fall where they may. Of course, I could very well be wrong
and there *were* some tricks going on, but the fact that Nemov wasn't
substituted in impressed me in terms of following the rules (I *was* sad that
he couldn't compete.) Compare that to Shushunova and Omelianchik in '85 and
Gutsu in '92, who were subbed in for Mostepanova, Baraksanova and Galiyeva. I
realize these were women's events, but the same country was involved (if you
consider Russia the successor to the USSR) and the same principle: put in
gymnasts with a chance for a medal at the expense of those who probably
wouldn't. Arkayev easily could have done that with Nemov but didn't. Much as I
was disappointed not to see Nemov in AA, I was impressed to see the rules being
followed, especially by a coach/country that had manipulated them in the past.



Date:    Tue, 31 Oct 1995 12:00:20 +1100
From:    ***@COUGAR.VUT.EDU.AU
Subject: Re: Worlds and some questions. -Reply

        In response to mail about my posting on Dom Moceanu....

        Yes, i was a bit harsh and i agree with you whole heartedly.  Moceanu
is a person, and a girl who looks like she will grow to be quite an
attractive young lady.  Zmeskal carried off the style great.  She had
flair and it suited her, so it looked good, but the `style' is not the
best and will flop when most gymnasts follow.  The classical style, is
good, but it also has to be carried well.  I think Chorkina could do more
with her choreography and graceful lines on the floor, but i am biased
since I am now involved in dance.  I think one of the best styles i have
seen ( and that is not exhaustive since Australia is not well televised)
was the power dance of Natalia Laschenova, it was just soooo confident.



Date:    Mon, 30 Oct 1995 19:16:44 -0700
From:    ***@DANA.UCC.NAU.EDU
Subject: Re: Kim Z

On Mon, 30 Oct 1995, Brett wrote:

> As far as her comeback, Kim wanted to compete at nationals, but
> Bela was afraid she wouldn't win (i.e. make him look bad) and
> wouldn't let her...

        It would be far more detrimental for her comeback to not have a
good meet. A couple of bad breaks or an injury would have jeopardized her
comeback a lot more than her not competing in nationals.
        Bela has done this before, as in the case of Mary Lou Retton.
When she was recovering from an injury in the fall of 1983, he chose
not to send her to worlds to go before international judges not in peak form.
In retrospect, it was probably a very wise decision for her career. I'm
sure a bad outing would have had a negative effect in both the judges
minds and Mary Lou's. I'm sure this is one of the reasons why the mutual
decision was made for Kim not to compete in nationals this year.

> Lets all send her a mind of her own for her birthday...

        All I know is that if I were Kim, *I* would take great offense to
that remark.



Date:    Mon, 30 Oct 1995 21:30:40 -0500
From:    ***@MOOSE.UVM.EDU
Subject: Re: Nov. IG answers some questions! :)

I waqs just reading Jennifer's message. What happened to Katie Teft? Was
she injured badly? Which competition was it at?



Date:    Mon, 30 Oct 1995 21:45:31 -0600
Subject: Reinstated Gymnasts/Comebacks

Anyone have any ideas about how the JUDGES feel about these comebacks? Do
you think that they would be biased for or against Zmeksal? How do you feel
they treat Bogi? I wondered about this. I don't think that in figure skating
that they are too thrilled with people coming back after turning pro,
so I wonder if they would be harsher on the vets.



Date:    Mon, 30 Oct 1995 21:48:45 -0600
Subject: MENS FX and RINGS questions.

I have two questions, so I'll put them in one post to save bandwidth.

(1) What is the value of a cross strapped move on rings? Is there some
automatic shift up in value for a cross strapped giant (i.e. a B -> C or
what ever they are valued at)?

(2) Alot of men use a leap in their FX. Is this required (i.e., is a
gymnastic or dance element required) or is this just filler. Are there any
rated dance moves besides the full twisting butterfly that I know about.



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