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  1. American Cup Info
  2. New Subscriber
  3. sjsu 96-2-10
  4. American Cup Info (fwd)
  5. stfd 96-2-24 / spinal safety
  6. personal criticism
  7. Am. Cup.
  8. American Cup (3)
  9. Kodak--Andree and Jennie
 10. American Cup (fwd)
 11. fwd: Congratulations!
 12. GYMN-L Collegiate Update Vol. 1, no. 17
 13. Level 10
 14. S.F. Rhythmics Invitational Results (level 10 only)
 15. Phys-ed project
 16. New Web site
 17. Assorted
 18. <No subject given>


Date:    Wed, 28 Feb 1996 09:51:10 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: American Cup Info

Today's Dallas Morning News stated that Shannon Miller and Dominique Moceanu
are not competing this weekend.  They cite Shannon's forearm muscle pull and
subsequent wrist pain as her reason.  Dominique has a condition called
Sever's disease which is a "painful inflammation of the growth plate in her
left heel.  It said that she is avoiding hard landings for the next few

Dawes and Phelps were asked to compete, but both declined.  Andree Pickens
did say yes, but they do not have another replacement at this time.  The
paper said that they may not fill the other slot.

The women's team is now:  Strug, Powell, and Pickens.

Nunno said that he understood why the others did not want to compete as there
is not a strong international list and the US doesn't "'need to gain an
international reputation.'"

Too bad - I was looking forward to seeing Miller and Mocianu.



Date:    Wed, 28 Feb 1996 10:30:57 EST
From:    ***@RIDLEY.ON.CA
Subject: New Subscriber

Hello Gymners,
   My name is Emily Leung and I have been subscribing to this GYMN forum for
about a month now.  I'm 16 years old, and I'm from St. Catharines, Ontario,
Canada.  Although I do gymnastics with my school, I'm much more interested in
the international scene and I follow it all as closely as I can.
   At the moment, my favourite gymnasts are Lilia Podkopayeva, Dina Kochetkova,
Mo Huilan and Alexei Nemov, although it changes all the time.  As for the teams,
I like Russia and Romania.
   I just have one question: does anyone know the results of the last four or
five Romanian Nationals (AA and AF)?  If anyone could send them to me, I would
appreciate it greatly!
   I hope to talk to you all again soon!


Date:    Wed, 28 Feb 1996 07:41:19 -0800
From:    ***@NETCOM.COM
Subject: sjsu 96-2-10

Mens Collegiate Gymnastics, Spartan Gym, San Jose State Univ, San Jose', CA

19:30 PST  San Jose' Spartans, Stanford Cards, Brigham Young Univ.

As I walked in during warmups, loose hi bar sent 2 different gymnasts falling.
Tim Dalrymple, Stanford hit floor hard, landed part way off crashmat.
Really shook.

This becomes VERY relevant, remember this!  Ill get back to it next post.

Interesting conversation with BYU.
They feel ignored by the world despite fact that they arent too bad.
They chalk it up to the world hating Utah.
K Jones TOOK UP gymnastics only last year !

FX-SJSU                    PH-Stanford                    SR-BYU
Harsh  8.3                 Edelman    7.3                 Rimpini   8.4  Stuck
                                                          (This kid is the team
                                                          "sprite", tiny bouncy

Rashid 8.4                 Herman     8.6                 Nordby    7.75
                           Stayed on !                    Nice seat, cross ring

Nove   9.2                 Miao       9.5                 Hammond   8.65
                           Stayed on !                    Stuck, fun to watch
                                                          more cross ring action

Rudy   8.05                Ellis      Sorry missed score  Olsson    9.3
                           Stayed on !                    NICE !

Balado 8.7                 Wiley      9.5                 Elg       9.05
                                                          Smooth mount

Frasco -.- Sorry missed    Dalrymple 9.2                 Koshimura 9.05
           flash.          Stayed on ! Still hurting

ROT #2
FX-SJSU                    PH-STFD                        SR-BYU

       (Music at this point playing is the Doors "When we are strange")

Rimpini   9.1              Rudy   Sorry missed flash      Miao     8.3
Wells     9.25             Harsh  8.25                    Bachrach 8.7 (Slipped)
K Jones   8.55             Rashid 7.25                    Wiley    9.55
Koshimura 9.45             Nove   9.0                     Ellis    9.3
Olsson    9.55             Balado 8.75                    Hegi     9.35
Elg       9.45             Frasco 8.35                    Dalrymple Scratched
                           Howell 7.2                     (Already in street
                                                          clothes, looks real
                                                          bad for him.)

ROT #3
FX-STFD                    PH-BYU                         SR-SJSU
Edelman 9.25               Rimpini   8.75                 Harsh   7.7
Miao    9.55               Nordby    9.35                 Howell  7.7
Ellis   9.5                Hammond   8.65                 Nove    8.65
                                                          (Nice stick)

Wiley                      Koshimura 9.99                 Donahue 8.11
                                                          (Howd he get a score
                                                          like THAT ?
                                                          Did I Screw up ?)

Bachrach   9.99           Olsson    9.4 WOW !            Frasco  8.95
                           Really "attacked" the horse

                           Elg       9.6 WOW !            Balado  8.4
                           Clean !

Tim D using huge bag of ice as pillow....
ROT #4
HB-BYU                     VT-SJSU                        PB-STFD
Nordby    8.65             Rashid 8.85                    Edelman
(Nice no "beef" routine)                                  (Sorry I missed flash)

Rimpini   9.0              Nove   9.15                    Miao  8.85

Koshimura 8.85             Rudy   9.0                     Herman  He slipped
                                                          I missed flash

Hammond   9.95             Harsh  8.7                     Wiley
(Clean, "stuck")                                          (Missed score again)

Olsson    8.75             Balado 8.55                    Ellis
(Decent routine till arms                                (Such low swings nearly
folded out from under him)                                dragged toes on floor)

Elg       Missed score     Donahue 8.95
(Clean but "no beef")

                           Frasco  8.45

ROT #5
HB-STFD                    VT-BYU                         PB-SJSU
Miao     5.0               Wells     9.0                  Rashid 8.3
Hegi     9.55               Rimpini   8.8                  Harsh 6.25
                                                        (Slipped & dragged toes)

Bachrach 9.8               Koshimura 9.05                 Rudy   9.1
(Clean, not much beef,
best stick in rotation)

Wiley    9.45              K Jones   9.0                  Nove (Missed score)

Herman   9.45              Elg       9.4                  Balado 8.55
("casual" stick, no beef
in routine)

Ellis    9.45              Olsson    9.35                 Frasco 8.9

Tim D has left by now
ROT #6
HB-SJSU                    VT-Stanford                    SR-BYU
Rashid  6.85               Miao     9.2                   Hammond 9.0
Harsh   8.65               Ellis    9.6                   Nordby  8.9
                           (real complex routine)

Frasco  8.4                Bachrach 9.55                  Rimpini 8.8
Nove    9.2                Ellis (missed score)           Olsson  8.05
Balado  9.0                                             Koshimura (missed score)
Donahue 8.05                                              Elg     9.15
Howell (missed score)
(Bad belly flop)
 SJSU 211.1    BYU 211.3   Stanford 224.1
And the saga continues next post......


Date:    Wed, 28 Feb 1996 09:42:59 CST
Subject: American Cup Info (fwd)

> The women's team is now:  Strug, Powell, and Pickens.
> of whom will, of course, win the scAM Cup if she
        simply competes without a fall.  After the last few years I am
        not looking forward to this competition at all because I truly
        believe that the foreign athletes get ripped off.  Is it any
        wonder that Russia, Romania, etc have kept their best gymnasts
        at home the last few years, choosing to send younger, less experienced
        gymnasts?  Even so, there have been so many occasions when the second
        place female (i.e. Bican, etc.) was underscored and REALLY should have
        won the meet.

        Ditto for the men...



Date:    Wed, 28 Feb 1996 07:56:33 -0800
From:    ***@NETCOM.COM
Subject: stfd 96-2-24 / spinal safety

Mens Collegiate Gymnastics, Ford Centre Gym, Stanford Univ, Stanford, CA

19:30 PST  San Jose' Spartans, Stanford Cards, UC Santa Barbara

I posted about the meet I attended last Aug at Stanford where I met one
of their incomming Frosh, one Dave Ludlow.  He told me about Scott Finklestein
the other frosh who hadnt arrived yet.  Dave was living with Coach Hamada till
the dorms opened.
I heard via Tim about the practice where Dave broke his back last fall.

This meet I noticed the new "Sesamee Street" stickers on his body brace.
I also noted that Tim was not to be seen.
I teased hell outta Dave Jusczyzk, who was there to WATCH for once.
Rather than coaching or judging, he was there to watch,
and wouldnt you know it?  They were short a judge and drafted him right
outta the bleachers!

Now back to Tim.... I met Tim last year first via the internet and
later in person.  I was shocked to see how much we have in common.

I have been hoping to see him make it to Atlanta.
Hes got the "stuff" to do it if he has the desire.

I have been busy working on the most sophistacated data network Ive ever
worked on.  In a word "I been under a rock"  (I also had a finger sewed up
last Fri night when a large network router fell on it.  I almost lost it)

SO just before we started the meet, along comes Tim, not suited up and in a
horse collar.  I cringed still not knowing how much trouble Tim was in.

Afterwards, I learned that Tim was given poor MD advice and while he was hurt
Sat night, it wasnt until Mon night that another DR finally insisted on X-rays.
Some quack told him that he didnt need xrays even tho they guy didnt
really examine him either.

Seems several people had a gut feeling how much trouble Tim was in, but
no one put their foot down.  I was betting he just popped a shoulder.
Had I known then what I know now, I dunno how but Id have found a way to get him
on a backboard and into xrays immediately.

Several of us are feeling real bad about this.
Hindsight is 20/20 but what the hell god does THAT do ?

By the way, Tim broke Cervical vert #4 and cracked the next one.
C1 & C2 are often fatal, C3 makes you wish it were fatal, and Tim is the first
C4  I ever met that has no noticable paralysis.

(Dave Ludlow has lost some feeling from his back accident)

In 6 monthe the Drs will meet again to discuss Tim's future.
Suffice it to say that Atlanta is out, he did have a shot at it till this
happened.  Had he made it, he'd have been the one there with the
fewest injuries.

Well on to the meet ....

A 16 YO level 2 gymnast played national anthem on the violin.

Earlier this year there was this real dutiful team manager.
Real dedicated.  Always ready to adjust aparatus.
Always helping teamates.  LIke I said real dedicated & concientious.

Well..... this time he was suited up and this guy Id seen
is the Scott Finklestein Id heard about but never put a face to.
Hmmm interesting to see what hes made of.
His scores stunk but hes got the "stuff" to do great things.

Notice from my previous posts how Ian Bachrachs scores are creeping up.
this time a 9.2, I missed one and 2 9.6's.  Methinks we better pay more
attention to this dude.....

FX-STFD                    PH-SJSU                        SR-UCSB
Finklestein 9.2            Rudy   7.8                     Zimmerman 5.7
(So THATS what hes made of                                (Bent knees, grip
WOW !  Deserved better score)                              slipped, Andre' you
                                                           KNOW better!)

Edelman     9.2            Howell 6.4                     Wetzler   7.8
Miao        9.5            Rashid 6.6                     Mendoza   8.1
Ellis       9.4            Harsh  8.4                     Holbrook  8.3
                                                         (Hot start, many pikes)

Wiley       9.01           Nove   8.7                     Cassie    7.9
Bachrach (missed score)    Frasco 9.51                    Hyland (missed score)

 ROT #2
 FX-UCSB                    PH-STFD                        SR-SJSU

Zimmerman 9.4              ?????   7.25                   Harsh   7.5
Hyland    8.8              Miao    9.5                    Howell  8.0
Wetzler   8.8              Ellis   8.6                    Nove    8.8
Mendoza   9.3              Wiley   8.4                    Donahue 9.1
Cassie    9.3              Edelman 6.2                    Frasco  9.0
Holbrook  9.2              (You KNOW better than that !)

ROT #3
FX-SJSU                    PH-UCSB                        SR-STFD
Harsh   9.1                Howell    7.0                  Miao     8.2
Rudy    9.1                Cassie    7.1                  Wiley    9.3
Rashid  8.7                Holbrook  8.3                  Ellis    9.0
Nove    9.2                Davies    7.7                  Bachrach 9.6
                                                           (YES !)

Donahue 9.6                Mendoza  9.1                   Hegi     9.3
(Hes FINALLY got it

                           Wetzler  (missed score)        Edelman  8.8

ROT #4
PB-SJSU                    HB-UCSB                        VT-STFD
Harsh   7.6                Howell    7.2                  Finklestein 8.8
Rashid  6.6                Zimmerman 7.1                  Hegi        8.7
                                                          (1 foot lndg)

Donahue 8.2                Mendoza   8.4                  Ellis       9.2
(Routine started to fall
apart, disgusted look on
face, stuck tongue out)

Nove    8.0                Wetzler   9.0                  Miao        9.2
Rudy    9.0                Holbrook  9.3                  Wiley       9.4
Frasco  9.4                Cassie    9.2                  Bachrach    9.6
(Cool twsting dismount)

ROT #5
PB-STFD                    HB-SJSU                        VT-UCSB
Herman  8.2                Howell 8.2                     Wetzler  8.6
Miao    9.2                Rashid 7.6                     Cassie   8.3
Edelman 8.6                Harsh 8.0                      Hyland   8.6
Wiley   9.6                Nove 9.0                       Mendoza  8.8
Ellis   9.8                Donahue 7.5                   Holbrook (Missed score)
                           (Legs too far open whole       (Cute "butt plant")
                           time, sloppy 1 arm catches)

ROT #6
PB-UCSB                    HB-STFD                        VT-SJSU
Sanchez (missed score)     Miao        8.4                Rashid   8.7
Bakalar  7.0               Finklestein 8.7                Frasco   8.5
Mendosa  9.0               Hegi        9.5                Nove    8.6
Cassie   9.0               Wiley       9.3                Harsh   9.0
Holbrook 8.5               Bachrach    9.2                Rudy    8.7
Wetzler  7.3               Ellis       9.3                Donahue 8.9

                           Herman's exhibition
                           marred by awkward releases

    207.8  SJSU    208.3 UCSB   218.75 STFD


Date:    Wed, 28 Feb 1996 11:07:44 -0500
From:    ***@GNATNET.NET
Subject: personal criticism

I am just trying to gently remind everyone that everything they post
is accessible to anyone with Internet access.  I just think that it is a
bit harsh the way people of gone after a certain person in the
gymnastics community.  Of course, there's nothing wrong with saying that
you don't like how she does her job or pointing out the numerous
mistakes she has made, but don't you think that it is a bit strong to
post a message saying that you HATE that person?
This is just my opinion, but I would like to remind you that you never
know who is a subscriber to Gymn.  I recall a story told to me by
another Gymn member who once posted results about a meet, including
recalling mistakes made by a gymnast.  It turned out that the gymnast
was a Gymn subscriber, and it hurt her feelings a little to see her
mistakes recalled in black and white for everyone to see.  Now, if an
objective post like that could cause hurt feelings, just imagine how a
person would feel after reading posts full of personal attacks,
including people professing their hate for her.


Date:    Wed, 28 Feb 1996 11:11:21 -0600
Subject: Am. Cup.

I, too, am quite surprised that the athletes are pulling out. I would
guess that anyone could win it now as long as they hit. I really doubt that
Russians and Romanians are the only ones who know that small internationals
in far off lands are usually slim pickens for their best gymnasts. I mean,
the US routinely sends juniors and other non-top athletes to meets throughout
the world. It is done by everyone. You rarely see the World Champs compete.
Even the great POD skipped the pre-Olympics. The Russians do the same thing,
too. They don't send number one and two (Khorkina/Kotchekova, depending on the

Romania sends its tops, now nd then, but I think that this id due to the
prize money more than pride.



Date:    Wed, 28 Feb 1996 10:13:06 -0600
Subject: Re: American Cup

Oh, cmon. While I agree that foreign athletes in the American Cup
are, as a rule, underscored, and that the American kids sometimes
get the benefit of the doubt, let's not start bashing the winners.
Last year, I really don't believe Bican deserved the cup. I felt
Powell, while slightly overscored on floor, outdid Bican on every
event. The year before, how can you argue with Dawes winning?


Date:    Wed, 28 Feb 1996 11:29:13 -0500
Subject: Kodak--Andree and Jennie

I was very surprised when Andree walked off from her floor ex. routine
and all that was heard was her coach yelling at her about watering down
her last pass and how the watered down pass was so easy that she
shouldn't have missed it.  All this was said to Andree BEHIND her back,
not to her face.  You could see part of the coach to the left of the
angle, but the camera stayed fixed on Andree, she seemed numb by the
whole thing.
Jennie Thompson's bar dismount was incredible,  I really like it.  it is
refreshing to see "new" things when you see all the "old" stuff over and
over again.
I was disappointed by the competition in general.  It was like watching a
practice (with a lot of falls).  I was surprised at the depth of the
Dynamo team.  At least Cami Singer had a good time...I hope to see her on
the National team someday.



Date:    Wed, 28 Feb 1996 10:49:28 CST
Subject: Re: American Cup (fwd)

> Oh, cmon. While I agree that foreign athletes in the American Cup
> are, as a rule, underscored, and that the American kids sometimes
> get the benefit of the doubt, let's not start bashing the winners.

        I'm NOT bashing anyone.  If anything, I am criticizing the
        judging and simply pointing out the fact that, almost certainly, an
        American wins this meet every year.  And every year I have felt like
        the foreign athletes were underscored. I know this happens elsewhere
        (i.e. a Romanian wins the Romanian Invitational, a Russian wins Moscow
        News, etc) but that doesn't make me feel any better about the "prestige"
        of the American Cup.

        It's my opinion, that's all.  I'm not criticizing the past winners.



Date:    Wed, 28 Feb 1996 12:14:00 MST
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: fwd: Congratulations!

Way cool!  This is our third award (previously Point's Top 5% and GNN Best
of the Net nominee.)


>Date: Tue, 27 Feb 96 16:01:39 -0800
>Subject: Congratulations!
>Dear Webmaster;
>Congratulations! Your Web site is a winner in the Sports &
>Recreation category of the Iway 500 listing. The Gymn Forum
>placed fifteenth of 25 winners.
>The Iway 500 is an annual ranking of the best 500 Web sites
>in the world. Our staff rated each site for seven criteria:
>Serves Intended Purpose, Depth of Content, Accuracy,
>Accessibility, Design/Style, Navigation, and Performance.
>The listing will appear in a special issue of Iway, due on
>the newsstands Feb. 26.
>As a winner, you will receive an award certificate. In
>addition, we will supply you with official Iway 500 logos...
>...The Iway Web site is at
> The Iway 500 listings will not
>appear there until the magazine is on the newsstands.
>Michael Nadeau
>Editor in Chief


Date:    Wed, 28 Feb 1996 11:49:20 -0800
Subject: GYMN-L Collegiate Update Vol. 1, no. 17

                      GYMN-L's Collegiate Update
                           Volume 1, no. 17
                             Feb. 28, 1996


1. Alabama @ LSU (W)
2. Georgia vs. Kentucky (W)
3. Master's Classic (W)
4. The Causeway Classic (W)


    *****Item number 1.17.1*****

From: ***
Date:          Tue, 27 Feb 1996 08:59:41 CDT
Subject:       Alabama @ LSU (W)

Alabama tallied a 196.5 while LSU managed a 193.xx.  Bama had to
count a fall as Kim Kelly fell again on her wrong-way Tkatchev.
Marna Neubauer also fell on bars.
Stephanie Woods won bars and beam with 9.875's.  All of Bama's beam
workers hit again.
Meredith Willard won the all-around tieing her career best at 39.575.
Danielle McAdams was second and LSU's Jennifer Wood was third.
**On a sad note:  LSU was already plagued with injuries when two more
girls injured themselves.  One, on warmups on vault and the other on a
double full dismount.  Both of them grabbed their knees and had to be
carried off.



    *****Item number 1.17.2*****

Date:        Tue, 27 Feb 1996 19:37:50 EST
Subject: Georgia vs. Kentucky (W)

(1)  Georgia  197.525
(2)  Ketucky  193.525

(1)  10.00     Karin Lichey (UGA)
(2)   9.95     Jenny Hansen (UK)
(3)   9.925    Kim Arnold (UGA)
      9.925    Leah Brown (UGA)

(1)  10.00     Lichey (UGA)
     10.00     Lori Strong (UGA)
(3)   9.95     Jenni Beathard (UGA)
(4)   9.925    Leslie Angeles (UGA)

(1)  10.00     Lichey (UGA)
(2)   9.875    Hansen (UK)
      9.875    Angeles (UGA)
      9.875    Brown (UGA)

(1)  10.00     Lichey (UGA)
(2)   9.95     Angeles (UGA)
(3)   9.925    Hansen (UK)
(4)   9.775    Strong (UGA)

(1)  40.00    Lichey (UGA)
(2)  39.65    Hansen (UK)
     39.65    Angeles (UGA)
(3)  39.05    Brown (UGA)

     Freshman Karin Lichey had the meet of a lifetime with the perfect
40, but I've already posted something about that.  I think it's safe to
say that Jenny Hansen didn't have a great meet, but she didn't have a
bad one either.  I was a little disappointed because I was expecting her
to put on a show.  Georgia freshman Jenni Beathard competed (only on
bars) for the first time since injuring her ankle 4 weeks ago prior to
the LSU meet.  According to the meet announcer, Georgia scored an NCAA
"record" 49.775 on bars, but I'm not sure that records count unless
scored at Nationals.


    *****Item number 1.17.3*****

Date: Tue, 27 Feb 1996 21:59:12 -0500 (EST)
From: ***
Subject: Master's Classic (W)


Master's Classic:

University of Michigan (W) vs University of Nebraska
                              University of Washington
                              Ball State University

University of Michigan is upset by University of Nebraska in a close
struggle to the finish.

Leading going into  the last rotation by .005 points, UM only scored a
48.4 on beam.  After having a record setting beam routine a week ago vs
Utah, scoring 49.35, this was definately different.  Nebraska, on floor,
surpassed us with a 49.05.

Scores from the Daily Nebraskan and Michigan Daily:

University of Nebraska          193.800
University of Michigan          193.200
University of Washington        190.125
Ball State University           188.900

AA     1.  Joy Taylor (Neb)      39.025
       2.  Andrea McDonald (UM)  38.775
       3.  Wendy Marshall (UM)   38.625
       4.  Beth Amelkovich (UM)  38.600
       5.  Kathy Burke (UM)      38.600

V      1.  Wendy Marshall (UM)    9.900
       2.  Misty Oxford (Neb)     9.850
       3.  Lisa Simes (UM)        9.800
       4.  Joy Taylor (Neb)       9.750

Bars   1.  Kim Dehaan (Neb)       9.925
       2.  Lisa Simes (UM)        9.850
       2.  Courtney Brown (Neb)   9.850
       4.  Misty Oxford (Neb)     9.750

Beam   1.  Andrea McDonald (UM)   9.875
       1.  Beth Amelkovich (UM)   9.875
       3.  Courtney Brown (Neb)   9.85

no scores offered about floor

University of Michigan's next meet will be the Shanico Invitational
We will be competing against Oregon State, Ohio State, and Penn State.
This meet will be March 1st.

On March 9th, UM will be competing against Georgia at home.


    *****Item number 1.17.4*****

From: Kathy W
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 96 03:46:00 UTC 0000
Subject: The Causeway Classic (W)

        The Causeway Classic - Feb. 24, 1996 - Part One

        Saturday night at U. C. Davis brought out a crowd of 725 for the
first half of a two meet series between Davis and Sacramento State that has
become known as the Causeway Classic.  The name comes from the twenty-mile
long causeway that spans the delta rice fields that separate the two cities.
        The first half of the meet had both teams evenly matched.  Davis
started on vault.  Their top scorer, Freshman Dawn Macdairmid was second
with a 9.775 on her handspring front tuck.  Sac State was on Bars where they
had to count two falls.  The highlight of the set was Senior Lisa
Schindler's 9.70 routine that included a piked Geiger.
        In the second rotation, Sacramento State made up some ground with a
48.025 vault set.  Junior Rebecca Seebirt lead the pack with a 9.90 for her
front-tuck with a half.  Senior Lisa Schindler had a 9.75 on her super front
tuck.  On bars, Davis hit four out of six routines for a 47.45 set score.
This put the Aggies ahead of Sac State by .025. (94.60 - 94.575) at the
halfway point. Sophomore Dawn Pavis and Dawn MacDaimid had personal bests.
Pavis took first with a 9.75 (Tkatchev, overshoot to handstand) and
Madiarmid was second with a 9.70 (Blind change, front giant, piked double
back dismount).
        Third rotation brought Davis to Beam and Sac State to Floor.  Davis
was cooking tonight.  They hit six for six beam routines.  Dawn Pavis
combined a switch leap to tourjete, a switch leap to Omelianchek and a round-
off to layout for the top routine of the night (9.675).  Davis' 47.275 beam
set pushed them ahead of Sac State by .225.
        The final rotation had Davis on Floor and Sac State on Beam.  For
Sac State it was as though Davis had greased the beam before they left it.
Sac State had to count 3 of their 5 fals and had many balance errors.  The
Hornet's Kim Mattis did hit her beam for a 2nd place 9.625.  On floor Davis
dominated.  Junior Holly Balchus led the pack with a 9.70 (double back, whip
to 1 1/2).  Freshman Lynn Thompson set a personal best (9.65). Another
freshman, Jennifer Wong was third (9.625) with a front-full, 2 1/2 twisting
back, and a 2 twisting back.
        Davis' 47.975 floor set brought them up to a 189.85 for a new school
record and a decisive victory over Sac State (187.30).  On March 16 the
rivals will meet again in Sacramento for the second half of their classic


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Date:    Wed, 28 Feb 1996 15:28:49 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: Level 10

  Well, here in New York City, high school gymnastics is judged under Level
10 and I think that you don't need D's. It's still really hard, and i know
that you have to have them under junior rules - Level 10 is fair, but it's a
little harsh for high school competition - especially on bars, where the B's
and c's are very hard to get without giants.



Date:    Wed, 28 Feb 1996 17:32:58 -0800
Subject: S.F. Rhythmics Invitational Results (level 10 only)

This meet had competition from 6 through 10, but I only made it on Sunday
for the level 10 Juniors and Seniors.

This was my first RSG competition, and I was *amazed* at what these girls
can do.  This was a photographer's nirvana, and the evidence of this will
be gradually added to my new RSG photo gallery.  I have two photos there
right now, but this number should grow soon.  Those with Web access, please
stop by.  It's at URL=

Three people at this meet particularly caught my eye for various reasons.
One was Assel Moustafina, a junior from Kazakhstan.  As if it weren't
enough that she is mostly legs and has incredibly dramatic (and heavily
made-up) eyes, she was wearing a bright orange and black outfit.  I don't
know if I got any color photos of her competing, but I should have an
awards stand photo in the gallery soon.  She used her long lines (oh, and
a bit of ability as well :)  ) to take first place in the junior level 10

The second girl caught my attention for a less fortunate reason.  Russian
Svetlana Dzukayeva was, to my eye, the thinnest of the competitors, and it
was not a healthy look.  Given the concerns about unhealthy body weight in
gymnastics, and especially in RSG, I was pleasantly surprised at how
athletic most of the girls looked, but she did not fit that category. The
effect was certainly accentuated by the fact that she had pretty broad
shoulders and hips, but I must say I am concerned for her.  I was very
happy to see Kasumi Takahashi of Australia prove that you don't have to
be rail-thin to do well in this sport.

My favorite competitor of the meet had to be Jasmin Sauer of Germany.  She
was one of the shortest senior competitors and reminded John Crumlish and
me of some artistic gymnast--we concluded it might be Kristy Powell.  In a
sport where the elegance can be taken to an extreme (not necessarily a bad
thing), she had a downright perky attitude and a smile that lit up the
(otherwise quite dim) pavilion.  I was hoping to get a photo of her in a
layback position with that big (genuine-looking) smile on her face--sort
of a close relative of "turn that frown upside down"--but it didn't come
out on film as well as I'd hoped.  Oh, well...hopefully there will be a
next time.

Whew! That commentary was longer than I thought.  On to the results.

Club Teams:
CARG=California Academy of Rhythmic Gymnastics
ENC =Encore
LASG=Los Angeles School of Gymnastics
MAR =GymMarin

Level 10 Juniors
   (I have no idea why the Germans did ball instead of clubs.)

                       AA    Rope  Hoop  Ball  Clubs Ribbon
 1. Moustafina  KAZ   36.60  8.95  9.35        9.00  9.30
 2. Shanayeva   RUS   36.40  9.10  9.10        9.10  9.10
 3. Strobel     GER   35.70  8.95  9.00  8.90        8.85
 4. Terek       RUS   35.40  8.90  8.85        8.95  8.70
 5. De Paola    GER   34.85  8.65  8.80  8.60        8.80
 6. Takahashi   CARG  33.75  8.45  8.35        8.75  8.20
 7. Varella     ENC   33.45  8.50  8.30        8.60  8.05
 8. Kobayashi   JPN   33.25  8.15  8.30        8.60  8.20
 9. Rosado      LASG  33.15  8.00  8.50        8.40  8.25
10. Wakuda      JPN   33.10  8.30  8.55        8.00  8.25

Level 10 Seniors
                        AA    Rope  Ball  Clubs Ribbon
 1. Pavlina      BLR   37.95  9.20  9.55  9.60  9.60
 2. Oulehlova    CZE   36.90  9.30  9.00  9.30  9.30
 3. Sebestova    CZE   36.80  9.35  9.10  9.15  9.20
 4. Dzukayeva    RUS   36.40  9.10  9.15  9.15  9.00
 5. Takahashi    CARG  36.25  9.10  9.25  9.10  8.80
 6. Yourchenko   KAZ   36.05  9.05  9.05  9.00  8.95
 7. Schaufler    GER   35.90  8.90  9.10  8.95  8.95
 8. Kostechkova  CZE   35.60  8.95  8.80  9.05  8.80
 9. Popova       KAZ   35.40  9.00  8.95  8.50  8.95
10. Kim          KOR   35.25  8.90  8.75  8.80  8.80
11. Higa         CARG  34.80  8.75  8.60  8.80  8.65
12. Sauer        GER   34.65  8.70  8.40  8.85  8.70
13. Asmus        GER   34.15  8.80  8.45  8.75  8.15
14. Kubo         JPN   34.05  8.70  8.55  8.25  8.55
15. Sakashita    JPN   33.90  7.95  8.70  8.65  8.60
16. Chemenko     CARG  33.65  8.85  8.30  8.00  8.50
17. Alberti      CARG  33.50  8.65  8.40  8.15  8.30
18. Schakenow    GER   32.80  8.45  8.65  8.70  7.00
19. Miyauchi     JPN   32.45  8.25  7.90  8.50  7.80
20. Lum          MAR   31.45  8.00  7.40  8.05  8.00
21. Cox          CARG  31.00  8.10  7.45  7.80  7.65



Date:    Wed, 28 Feb 1996 21:14:29 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: American Cup

In a message dated 96-02-28 11:22:07 EST, you write:

>Powell, while slightly overscored on floor, outdid Bican on every
>event. The year before, how can you argue with Dawes winning

I totally don't agree with this.  if I remember this correctly- Bican outdid
Powell on floor, beam, and vault.  I thought that the previous year Gogean
was extremely underscored when she did a beautiful double Yurchenko.  See a


Date:    Wed, 28 Feb 1996 20:43:15 -0600
From:    ***@SCOTT.NET
Subject: Re: Phys-ed project

Sissy sport it isn't!!!  It proves it when you look at such test against
children who participate and ones who don't!


Date:    Wed, 28 Feb 1996 22:13:32 -0500
From:    ***@GNATNET.NET
Subject: Re: American Cup

>I thought that the previous year Gogean
> was extremely underscored when she did a beautiful double Yurchenko.

Gogean?  When did Gogean ever compete in the  American Cup?  Certainly
not in the year to which you are referring.  In 1993, Vanda Hadarean
competed for Romania in the American Cup.


Date:    Wed, 28 Feb 1996 22:15:32 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: New Web site

One of the parents in our Booster Club has put together a great Website. Give
it a look and let us know what you think. We will updating it often
The address is



Date:    Wed, 28 Feb 1996 22:33:25 -0600
Subject: Assorted

1) America's Cup. I haven't seen it since Dawes won. I can only respond to that
meet. I'd have to say that Dawes was clearly number one on the floor, even
prior to the finals. She was 4th in the world and worthy of winning. I must
also say that one of the greatest unjustices was given to the greek gymnast
Vasso Tsavdaridou, who finished 2nd due to the problems of some of the
bigger names in the meet who all had problems (Piskun, Lussac, and future
1995 AA Champ Podkopayeva). The network that aired the meet didn't even bother
to show one of her routines and we only saw here after she had competed and
they were rather rude about how she ended up in second place. This
is stupid and yet another example of how the networks, which airs the meet and
hence sponsors and makes it grow (else it would be on the international level
as the Aloha Gymfest, a much smaller international meet). If they can't
take foreign competitors serious, why would any nation send anyone of
qualified experience to try to win this Cup? I can't see it. I don't blame
anyone for sending only Juniors or Up and comers over STARS.

2) GYMN LEVELS, NCAA and the Code of Points.

I don't see any benifit of different systems using different code of points.
It simply confuses the lay people about things like "start value", "is that
a D or an E at level 10", etc. Why can't they just use one Code and just
make everyone have different requirement levels? These perfect 40s should
have asterisks next to it that says "Different Code". You know that Mostepanova
got a perfect 40, but she was graded at the highest level of Code and
that is probably a true 40.00. I don't think that most of these 10s I've seen
in the NCAA are true 10s. Its just weird and I don't like it. The same
gymnasts would be ranked the same way if everyone was given 0.2 less and
was judged by the FIG COP for elite international.

3) Another Gymn Award:

Rachele, are you running out room for these things!??!??!?

4) One thing I like about the current COP is that you haven't seen a
10 in a long time. I think that the current system (except for the
gross problems with stoop-ons on bars (my perpetual gripe- I wonder how
many we'll see on Saturday) and the front tumbling everywhere) has done
a wonderful job in both ranking gymnasts and allowing realistic scoring to
be done. I think that this is one of the few times that the gymnasts
have not "caught-up" to the Code in a between the Olympics interval. It's

Flame proof.



Date:    Wed, 28 Feb 1996 22:37:04 -0500
From:    ***@PIPELINE.COM
Subject: <No subject given>

Subject: RESULTS Empire Classic Level 9

More results from the Empire Classic held in Albany NY February 23-25.  If
you have questions about results beyond those posted here, please e-mail me
by Saturday, March 2nd.  After that, the results pages are headed for the
"circular file."


TEAM (4 athletes, 3 scores count)

1.  Salem A  (North Carolina) 103,800
2.  Gatchina (Russia)/Tula (Russia) Combined Team 101.925
3.  Rhode Island Gym Village A 99.675
4.  Pioneer A (one athlete) 33.150


1.  Yula Goshkina (Gatchina) 8.350  9.200  8.950  8.700 35.200
2.   Melissa Smith (Salem A) 8.600  8.900  8.800  8.825  35.125
3.  Sarah Alexander (Salem A) 34.600
4.  Colleen McGue (RI Gym Village A) 33.925
5.  Masha Zasipkina (Tula) 33.425
6.  Brittany Katbowski (RI Gym Village A) 33.250
7.  Gira Shorina (Gatchina)  33.200
7.  Emily Gingras (RI Gym Village A)  33.550
8.  Danielle Sarnelli (Pioneer A) 33.150


1.  Gingras 8.925
2.  Zasipkina 8.900
3.  Smith 8.850
4.  Katbowski 8.750
5T.  McGue 8.675
5T.  Goshkina 8.675

1.  Goshkina 9.100
2.  Zasipkina 8.900
3.  Alexander 8.750
4.  McGue 8.600
5.  Katbowski 8.450

1.  Zasipkina 9.000
2.  Smith 8.700
3.  Goshkina 8.650
4.  Gingras 8.500
5.  Katbowski 8.325

1.  Alexander 9.200
2.  Zasipkina 8.825
3T.  McGue 8.700
3T.  Shorina 8.700
5.  Katbowski 8.500



End of GYMN-L Digest - 28 Feb 1996 - Special issue