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Topics of the day:

  1. From Sweden
  2. Phys-ed project (2)
  3. Help with AAU
  4. Torrence York "A Very Young Gymnast"
  5. worlds
  6. GYMN-L Collegiate Update Vol. 1, no. 16
  7. Correction : Gym on WWW
  8. Cirque du Soleil (and Jackie Chan)
  9. Andree
 10. NCCP level 3 (2)
 11. problems replying to mail
 12. Recreational vs. Competitive (2)
 14. Nadia Hatagan
 15. Equipment advantage
 16. Kimbo
 17. Canadian levels
 18. GYMN-L Digest - 21 Feb 1996 to 22 Feb 1996
 19. peachtree/ maura
 21. nadia


Date:    Tue, 27 Feb 1996 13:39:20 -0600
From:    ***@IMT.SE
Subject: From Sweden


First i must say I am sorry for my bad spelling, I hope you will
uderstand me anyway. To introduce myself I am 27 years old (yesterday)
and have been an active gymnast for... ages. I was in a couple of years
in our national team. Now I am active in the gymnastic organisation of
Stockholm, organising competitions. You are all very welcome to write me if you have any questions about gymnastics in

For the moment I am trying to develop some kind of graduation that would
suite our training conditions. I was very interested in hearing about
your different levels and the elite-system. I would like to have more
information about this. If there is some reference material or if you
have something written, I would be very glad to receive this. You can
mail me directly.



Date:    Tue, 27 Feb 1996 07:41:55 -0400
Subject: Re: Phys-ed project

Vicky wrote:
>I am wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what I could do my OAC
>Kinesology independent project on.  Last year I did Eating Disasters in the
>Sport of Gymnastics, so I can't do that again - I have the same teacher.
>Anyways, I would like to do something about gymnastics becasue I have a lot
>of knowledge on it, plus, my teacher doesn't know that much about it.  Any
>ideas?  You can e-mail me privately, that way everyone isn't stuck with the
>mail.  Thanks for your help, just one request, I should tell my teacher my
>topic on Monday, so any replies this weekend would be greatly appreciated.

This might be an interesting topic for any of you in academia:

I've always been curious to see a study done on the handedness and
turning/spinning direction topic particulary with respect to gymnastics
versus figure skating.  The fs community seems to believe that if you're
right-handed, you must jump & spin counter-clockwise, and vice-versa.
The gymn community generally believes this to be ridiculous.
I haven't seen any academic-based "proof" to this.  Certainly, there have
been many threads about this topic here in the GYMN-L (see digests in archives)
as well as in  Plus, you could also look
at athletes in other sports like swimming (which way they turn at the wall),
diving, and hockey, as well as non-athletes and their natural turning

Since I'm involved with both gymn & fs, I'd be happy to provide further
information & insights via e-mail.




Date:    Tue, 27 Feb 1996 08:10:19 -0500
From:    ***@EAGLE.LHUP.EDU
Subject: Re: Help with AAU

The AAU used to control a large number of Olympics sports prior to the US
Amateur Sports Act of 1978.  When individual federations were given
Olympic control, such as USAG, the AAU began to lose power.  Today is a
positive sports movement for grassroots sports across the US.

Hope this helped.


> Hi Everyone,
> I am having a hard time understanding exactly what purpose  AAU is.  I know
> it stands for Amateur Athletic Union.  But what is it? Where they apart of
> USAG?  Do they have levels like USAG?  Are they judged like USAG?  Do they
> use the same Code of Points. Some people I have talk to said they are the
> international gymnist. Could someone please explain it to me.
> Thanks,
> Sandi


Date:    Tue, 27 Feb 1996 08:54:54 -0500
Subject: Torrence York "A Very Young Gymnast"

I don't remember the year, but NCAA regionals were held at Ohio State
Univ. and Torrence was there as an individual qualifier and everyone was
pointing out that she was the gymnast from the book.  She was a lovely
college gymnast, though I don't remember specifics.

PS - I am still looking for the source of Lilia Podkapayeva's floor



Date:    Tue, 27 Feb 1996 10:09:54 -0500
From:    ***@SCRANTON.COM
Subject: worlds

who are going to the world championships(gymnasts)?


Date:    Tue, 27 Feb 1996 08:55:24 -0800
Subject: GYMN-L Collegiate Update Vol. 1, no. 16

                      GYMN-L's Collegiate Update
                           Volume 1, no. 16
                             Feb. 26, 1996


1.  Division III gymnastics (W)
2.  Missouri vs. S.E. Missouri State (W)
3.  Temple vs. Springfield (M)
4.  IUP gymnastics (W)
5.  University of Missouri vs. Southeast Missouri State (W)
6.  RESULTS: U of Illinois Meet (M)
7.  Stanford vs. SJSU, UCSB (M)
8.  Michigan vs. Michigan State (M)
9.  Washington vs. Stanford (W)
10. Stanford vs. UCSB (W)


    *****Item number 1.16.1*****

Date: Fri, 23 Feb 96 14:51:42 -0600
From: ***
Subject: Division III gymnastics (W)

        Division  III gymnastics is an entity that needs to be
advertised. Sixteen schools make up this non-scholarship division.
Let me say that non-scholarship does not equal non-talent.  These
gymnasts are quite dedicated. They participate for the love of the
sport, not to pay for school. These athletes are quality gymnasts.
They are also fine students. All of the schools have academic
strengths that truly help to define "student athlete". The following
schools are considered Division III:
        Univ. Wisconsin-LaCrosse (Defending National Champions)

        Univ. Wis.-Oshkosh
        Univ. Wis.-River Falls
        Univ. Wis.-Eau Claire
        Univ. Wis.-Stout
        Univ. Wis.-Whitewater
        Gustavus Adolphus College /Minnesota
        Hamline University /Minnesota
        Springfield College /Mass
        Ithaca College /New York
        Rhode Island College
        Mass Institute of Technology
        Ursinus College /Pennsylvania
        Wilson College / Pennsylvania

        This year's National meet is Mar 1 & 2 at Ithaca College.
This meet is to going to be the most exciting national's to date. The
eight qualifying teams are coming into this with close averages for
the season. The schools include Springfield, UWL, UWO, Cortland,
Brockport, Hamline, Rhode Island College, and Ithaca.  Individual
qualifiers are from MIT, Ursinus, River Falls, and Gustavus.

        If there is anyone out there interested in continuing
gymnastics in college, I urge them to check out the above schools. I
am a product of the system, and I can honestly say it was the best
four years of my gymnastics career. Any questions? Contact me at
Good luck to Everyone out there still competing!
                                        P.Z. (former UWL gymnast)


    *****Item number 1.16.2*****

Date: Sat, 24 Feb 1996 22:24:38 -0600 (CST)
From: ***
Subject: Missouri vs. S.E. Missouri State (W)

Hello, fellow Gymners...
   Tonight, the University of Missouri Tigers squared off against
Southeast Missouri State University. This meet, although lacking in
attendance, was well worth the time to go.
   Virtually everyone - both teams included - performed excellently.
Notable performances included Charisse Schrupp's Floor routine to Michael
Jackson music, SEMO's Kate Farrington's superb vault, and senior Chrissy
Harkey's uneven bars routine.
   Here are the scores from this event:


1) 9.75 - SEMO - Kate Farrington
2) 9.675 - Missouri - Charisse Schrupp
   9.675 - Missouri - Jessica Haag
4) 9.65 - Missouri - Chrissy Harkey
5) 9.55 - Missouri - Jodi Emery
   9.55 - SEMO - Erin Chenier


1) 9.725 - Missouri - Chrissy Harkey
2) 9.675 - SEMO - Erin Chenier
3) 9.625 - SEMO - Kate Farrington
4) 9.525 - Missouri - Amanda Peterson
5) 9.5 - Missouri - Katie Sutter
6) 9.475 - Missouri - Jessica Haag


1) 9.675 - Missouri - Chrissy Harkey
2) 9.65 - Missouri - Charisse Schrupp
3) 9.6 - SEMO - Erin Chenier
4) 9.55 - Missouri - Jen Hillman
5) 9.525 - Missouri - Jessica Haag
   9.525 - SEMO - Kristin Frohlich


1) 9.725 - Missouri - Charisse Schrupp
2) 9.7 - SEMO - Alica Thier
   9.7 - SEMO - ?
4) 9.675 - Missouri - Katie Sutter
5) 9.6 - SEMO - Kate Farrington
6) 9.575 - Missouri - Jessica Haag


1) 38.40 - Missouri - Chrissy Harkey
2) 38.25 - Missouri - Jessica Haag
3) 38.175 - SEMO - Kate Farrington
4) 37.875 - Missouri - Katie Sutter
5) 37.45 - SEMO - Erin Chenier
6) 37.275 - SEMO - Renae Parr


1) 190.875 - Missouri
2) 188.775 - SEMO

   The next meet for the Tigers is Friday, March 1, against the Oklahoma
sooners. The meet starts at 7:30 (CST).


    *****Item number 1.16.3*****

Date: Sun, 25 Feb 1996 02:52:44 -0500
From: ***
Subject: Temple vs. Springfield (M)

Temple Univ. vs. Springfield College
Saturday, March 24, 1996

               FX    PH     R     V    PB    HB

Temple       37200 36550 36550 36350 35850 36650 219150
Springfield  35950 31900 34050 35750 33100 29850 200600

                 FX   PH    R    V   PB   HB  TOTAL
Jason Krane    9000 8900 9250 9100 9350 9050 54.650  1 Temple
Joe Martelli   9350 6550 9350 8500 9000 8750 51.500  2 Temple
Michael Comeau 9400 8050 7050 9000 8350 7900 49.750  3 Springfield
Ross Talarico  8350 6900 8850 8900 8100 7050 48.150  4 Springfield

Jason Krane did a back toss to one bar immediate back toss -- very nice!
Delvin Franklin did the highest double double off of high bar - he as
barely2 feet away from the bar when he landed, but he was done twisting and
flipping long before he was ready to touch the ground -- really very amazing.


    *****Item number 1.16.4*****

Date: Sun, 25 Feb 1996 16:13:20 -0500 (EST)
From: ***
Subject: IUP gymnastics (W)

IUP traveled this past weekend to Ithaca College for the Ithaca Invitational,
in which IUP competed against defending Division III national champion Ithaca,
as well as SUNY-Brockport and Cornell University.  IUP was seded second going
into the meet, but had to compete without their number two all-arounder.  Like
any team facing their first year of serious team competition, depth is an issue
for Indiana.  With sophomore Jennifer Iezzi sick, IUP's team score suffered a
loss of three points over the course of the meet, which resulted in a third
place finish at 174.125, behind Brockport (176.45) and Ithaca (178.9).

Despite missing a key competitor, the Lady Indians took first as a team on
floor and second on vault and beam.  Bars continues to be a challenge and a
search for difficulty.  Freshman standout Georgiana Cunkelman continued her
streak of impressive and dominating victories, winning the all-around title in
the meet with a 37.375.  Ithaca College has great difficulty on all four events
for a Division III team (three handspring fronts on vault, all sat down in this
meet, and a tucked half-half front).  IUP has a break until March 16 when they
travel to College Park, MD to take on Maryland, James Madison, and Pitt.


    *****Item number 1.16.5*****

Date:         Sun, 25 Feb 96 21:37:53 CST
From: ***
Subject:      University of Missouri vs. Southeast Missouri State (W)

February 4, 1996
University of Missouri vs. Southeast Missouri State University
Columbia, MO

MISSOURI             190.875           SEMO                  188.775
VAULT                 47.750           VAULT                  47.575
Amy Bowles             8.900           Diana Lattimore         9.425
Katie Sutter           9.200           Aaron Craig             9.525
Jodi Emery             9.550 (5)       Renae Parr              9.375
Chrissy Harkey         9.650 (4)       Erin Chernier           9.550 (5)
Charise Schrupp        9.675 (2t)      Kate Farrington         9.750 (1)
Jessica Haag           9.675 (2t)      Cristie Logan           9.375

BARS                  47.275           BARS                   46.450
Chanda Johnson         9.050           Aaron Craig             9.325
Jessica Haag           9.475 (6)       Renae Parr              8.900
Amanda Peterson        9.525 (4)       Kate Farrington         9.625 (3)
Jodi Emery             8.925           Erin Chernier           9.650 (2)
Katie Sutter           9.500 (5)       Kristin Frohlich        8.825
Chrissy Harkey         9.725 (1)       Cristie Logan           8.725

BEAM                  47.900           BEAM                   47.325
Katie Sutter           9.500           Renae Parr              9.500
Jessica Haag           9.525 (5)       Alicia Thier            8.700
Kelly McKinnie         8.950           Kate Farrington         9.200
Charise Schrupp        9.650 (2)       Erin Chernier           9.600 (3)
Chrissy Harkey         9.675 (1)       Kristin Frohlich        9.525 (5)
Jen Hillman            9.550 (4)       Diana Lattimore         9.450

FLOOR                 47.950           FLOOR                  47.425
Chanda Johnson         9.425           Aaron Craig             9.675 (2)
Katie Sutter           9.575 (5)       Renae Parr              9.500
Kelly McKinnie         9.550           Kate Farrington         9.600 (4)
Jessica Haag           9.575 (5)       Alicia Thier            9.675 (2)
Chrissy Harkey         9.350           Aaron Chernier          8.625
Charise Schrupp        9.725 (1)       Cristie Logan           8.925

1. Chrissy Harkey   MU  38.400
2. Jessica Haag     MU  38.250
3. Kate Farrington  SE  38.175
4. Katie Sutter     MU  37.875
5. Erin Chernier    SE  37.450
6. Renae Parr       SE  37.275

-Some of the score may not be accurate (esp. SEMO's), in terms of before and
after the averages.


    *****Item number 1.16.6*****

From: ***
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 1996 23:01:16 -0500
Subject: RESULTS: U of Illinois Meet (M)

At the University of Illinois, Champaign, Ill., Saturday 24 Feb. 1996
from _The Daily Oklahoman_ (25 Feb. 1996)

1-New Mexico 222.65
2-Illinois 222.375
3-Oklahoma 222.25

1-Ayalen (U of I) 56.05
2-Fink (OU) 55.5

1-Jeremy Killen (OU) 9.9
2-Crowder (NM) 9.7

1-Macedo (U of I) 9.95
2-Scheiss (NM) 9.55

1-Fink 9.85
2-Evangelist (NM) 9.7

1-Killen 9.55
2-McGlaun (U of I) 9.4

1-Gergen (NM) 9.55
2-Redman (U of I) 9.55
3-Casey Bryan (OU) 9.5

1-Macedo 9.65
2-Bryan 9.6


    *****Item number 1.16.7*****

Date: Mon, 26 Feb 1996 14:23:50 -0800 (PST)
From: ***@cardinal1.Stanford.EDU
Subject: Stanford vs. SJSU, UCSB (M)

               Stanford vs. San Jose State, UC-Santa Barbara
                           Friday, Feb. 24, 1996
                              Burnham Pavilion

Team Totals:
Stanford   222.75
SJSU       208.30
UCSB       207.90

All Around:
1. Jamie Ellis    Stanford  55.10   9.35  8.65  8.90  9.15  9.80  9.25
2. Keith Wiley    Stanford  54.95   8.85  8.35  9.35  9.45  9.60  9.35
3. Clarence Miao  Stanford  54.10   9.55  9.45  8.30  9.30  9.20  8.30

1. Clarence Miao    Stanford  9.55
2t Garrett Donahue  SJSU      9.50
2t Ian Bachrach     Stanford  9.50

1. Jeremy Herman  Stanford  9.60
2. Clarence Miao  Stanford  9.45
3. Paul Mendoza   UCSB      9.10

1. Ian Bachrach  Stanford  9.65
2. Keith Wiley   Stanford  9.35
3t Ryan Franco   SJSU      9.30
3t Peter Hegi    Stanford  9.30

1. Ian Bachrach   Stanford  9.60
2. Keith Wiley    Stanford  9.45
3. Clarence Miao  Stanford  9.30

1. Jamie Ellies  Stanford  9.80
2. Keith Wiley   Stanford  9.60
3. Ryan Frasco   SJSU      9.35

1. Peter Hegi     Stanford  9.50
2. Keith Wiley    Stanford  9.35
3. Reid Holbrook  UCSB      9.30


    *****Item number 1.16.8*****

Date: Mon, 26 Feb 1996 17:32:45 -0500 (EST)
From: ***
Subject: Michigan vs. Michigan State (M)

University of Michigan (M) vs Michigan State

Michigan State     221.4
Univ. of MI        209.75

Scores from the Michigan Daily:

For University of Michigan:

FX -    Jason MacDonald     9.30
        Kris Klinger        9.15
HB -    Kris Klinger        9.60 (1)
        Jason MacDonald     9.55 (2)
PH -    Chris Onuska        9.25 (2)

For Michigan State:

V -     Sam Smith           9.25 (1)
PB -    Joe Duda            9.60 (1)
R -     Joe Duda            9.65 (1)
PH -    Chris Skidmore      9.40 (1)
FX -    Keith Douglas       9.40 (1)

AA:     1.  Ethan Sterk (MSU)     54.45
        2.  Chris Onuska (UM)     52.85
        3.  Flavio Martins (UM)   50.50


    *****Item number 1.16.9*****

Date: Mon, 26 Feb 1996 16:10:07 -0800 (PST)
From: ***@cardinal1.Stanford.EDU
Subject: Washington vs. Stanford (W)

                         Washington vs. Stanford
                          Friday, Feb. 23, 1996

Team totals:
Washington  193.075
Stanford    192.950

All Around:
1t Murakami   Stanford    38.925
1t Stauffer   Washington  38.925
3. Kudilkova  Washington  38.850

1t Kudilkova  Washington  9.900
1t Monahan    Stanford    9.900
3. Simpson    Washington  9.825

1. Murakami  Stanford    9.850
2t Conolly   Washington  9.750
2t Stauffer  Washington  9.750

1t Kudilkova  Washington  9.800
1t Conolly    Washington  9.800
1t Monahan    Stanford    9.800

1. Kudilkova  Washington  9.850
2. Monahan    Stanford    9.800
3t Murakami   Stanford    9.775
3t Stauffer   Washington  9.775


    *****Item number 1.16.10*****

Date: Mon, 26 Feb 1996 16:22:47 -0800 (PST)
From: ***@cardinal1.Stanford.EDU
Subject: Stanford vs. UCSB (W)

                     Stanford vs. UCSB
                      Burnham Pavilion
                       Feb. 25, 1996

Team Total:
Stanford 191.925
UCSB     189.375

All Around:
1. Monahan    Stanford  39.300 *new school record
2. Giorgetti  UCSB      38.475
3. Kohl       Stanford  37.975

1. Sargent   UCSB      9.875
2. Monahan   Stanford  9.850
3t Murakami  Stanford  9.675
3t Kohl      Stanford  9.675

1t Murakami  Stanford  9.850
1t Monahan   Stanford  9.850
3. Kohl      Stanford  9.800

1. Monahan      Stanford  9.800
2. Fitzpatrick  Stanford  9.750
3t Giorgetti    UCSB      9.700
3t Jones        Stanford  9.700

1. Murakami  Stanford  9.825
2t Kohl      Stanford  9.800
2t Monahan   Stanford  9.800


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Date:    Sun, 25 Feb 1996 21:34:30 PST
From:    ***@AMDAHL.CO.ZA
Subject: Correction : Gym on WWW

I sent in a URL site which had a small error in a while ago. The correct one
Thanks and sorry!


Date:    Tue, 27 Feb 1996 10:54:28 -0800
From:    ***@TELEPORT.COM
Subject: Re: Cirque du Soleil (and Jackie Chan)

> Hello,
> does anyone know the tour datas of Cirque du Soleil for Germany.
> Or is there a www-homepage?
> Thank you very much for help.

>From the Winter '95 issue of Kaskade magazine:
The Cirque du Soleil production "Saltimbanco":
>From Nov. 10 '95 Vienna
from Jan. 5 '96 London (Royal Albert Hall)
from Feb. 8 '96 Hamburg
from April 5 '96 Amsterdam
from May 31 '96 Stuttgart
from July 26 '96 Antwerp
from Sept. 13 '96 Zurich
from Nov. 1 '96 Frankfurt

Hey, as long as I'm writing, I may as well mention that I saw the Jackie
Chan movie "Rumble in the Bronx" last night.  Chan does all his own
stunts, including an aerial off a car, and a back extension roll to a
stuck handstand, followed by handstand pushups.  During the end credits they
show outtakes, including him missing the handstand. :-)  The movie as a
whole was cartoonish, but fun.



Date:    Tue, 27 Feb 1996 14:46:12 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: Andree

In a message dated 96-02-27 06:02:43 EST, you write:

>        Did anyone else notice how incredibly NEGATIVE Andree Pickens'
>        coach, Debbie Kaitschuk(?) was after her floor routine?  The camera
>        not show her face, but the mike picked up her voice hammering Andree
>        for watering down her last tumbling run.
>        It really bothered me...

I'm sorry to hear this. I've known Debbie for quite awhile and have never
known her to be negative to her athletes. I don't know what was said, but I
if she was negative I hope she discontinues the behavior.



Date:    Tue, 27 Feb 1996 15:31:32 -0500
From:    ***@WCHAT.ON.CA
Subject: NCCP level 3

I was wondering if anyone new of any NCCP level 3 course that would be
offered soon?  I am interested in taking the Theory part of the course
before I go to university, as it helps in the courses that I need to take,
as well as upgrading my knowledge.
Also, is there a level 2 trampoline course coming up?  There a few of us at
my gym wanting to take it, however, it seems that by the time we find out
where the course is, there is no room left.


Date:    Tue, 27 Feb 1996 15:40:53 -0500
From:    ***@WCHAT.ON.CA
Subject: problems replying to mail

Sorry to be bothering everyone on the GYMN-list with this, but I had no
other bright ideas.  Would Christopher Scott please e-mail me.  I have tried
several times to reply back and for some reason it is returned to me saying
"failed mail"


Date:    Tue, 27 Feb 1996 13:14:02 -0800
From:    ***@SEATTLEU.EDU
Subject: Recreational vs. Competitive

Don  wrote about recreational gym leading into competitive gym and
was explaining what his gym was like.  I work in a gym that has two
separate gyms: one for competitive gymnasts (Lev. 4-10) and a another,
smaller gym for recreational gymnasts.  There are preschool classes run
all day (as well as some for home schooled children) and schoolaged classes
run at night.  Both parts of the gym are large, the recreational one being
large enough to hold about four classes (with about 9-10 kids in each) at
the same time.  In addition to gymnastics the gym has a dance school, a
daycare, a rock climbing room, a weight room, a Tai Kwon Doe program, a
cheerleading program, a large play area for birthday parties (enough for 3
parties at a time), and a huge tube-toy.  The gym is in  an old grocery
store and has plenty of room, but does not have a rhythmic program.  There
are enough different activities for the whole family to participate in.
The gym did change its name from a school of gymnastics to a fitness
center.  :)  I just wanted to let you know that there are gyms out there
that cater to a whole family.


Date:    Tue, 27 Feb 1996 16:44:02 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM



Date:    Tue, 27 Feb 1996 17:06:06 -0500
From:    ***@CYBERNEX.NET
Subject: Nadia Hatagan

        I got my IG yesterday, and in the Quickly speaking section it says
that Nadia Hatagan has quit gymnastics due to injury, but gives no other

The Real McCoy


Date:    Tue, 27 Feb 1996 17:12:10 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: Equipment advantage

YES!  It does help to be use to the equipment at meets.  It is not something
that the writers/commentators make up.  For example, the floors in the US are
much softer and springier than in other countries, and therefore a little
slower.  And the landing mats at the '92 Olympics were much harder too.
 Here, in the US, to stick a vault (if you're landing with your back towards
the horse), you need to land slightly back and the give of the mat puts you
ontop of your feet.  However, at the '92 Olympics, if you did that your feet
would just slip out from underneath you which happened to several gymnasts.

As far as the home team advantage, being use to the equipment is one factor,
and the judges tend to give the benefit of the doubt to the home team.  For
example, at the Pan American Games, the judges and fans were unbelievably
harsh to the Americans (and Canadians I believe).  Fans and deligation
members tried to distract the American men because they were leading (booing
and screaming in the middle of routines even going right on the floor!).  So,
most of the time the home team advantage is not a myth either.


Date:    Tue, 27 Feb 1996 14:44:31 -0800
From:    ***@IX.NETCOM.COM
Subject: Kimbo

                            Some one asked what Kim was up to....

                          I heard some where that she had taken time
off because she was expieriencing soreness. She's full time now but my
guess is that she won't be at the American Cup because she hasn't benn
training full-time for very long. I hope that she shows up soon. I'm
really anxious to see her. Does anyone know anything else?



Date:    Tue, 27 Feb 1996 21:10:04 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: Phys-ed project

In a message dated 96-02-27 16:21:59 EST, you write:

> Whoever said gymnastices was a sissy sport?

I agree with you totally.  When Iw as a gymnast, I did 25 pull ups, and just
got down cause they told me that i did enough.  The most any boy did was 6.
 It was really funny to see the boys look at me- they were almost scared of


Date:    Tue, 27 Feb 1996 23:10:34 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Canadian levels

Can anyone from Canada tell me what a Level 9 in Canadian women's gymn is?
 What would this be comparable to in the US?  What skills are on this level?


Date:    Tue, 27 Feb 1996 23:22:17 -0400
Subject: Re: NCCP level 3

Vicki wrote:
>I was wondering if anyone new of any NCCP level 3 course that would be
>offered soon?  I am interested in taking the Theory part of the course
>before I go to university, as it helps in the courses that I need to take,
>as well as upgrading my knowledge.
>Also, is there a level 2 trampoline course coming up?  There a few of us at
>my gym wanting to take it, however, it seems that by the time we find out
>where the course is, there is no room left.

Contact the Ontario Gymnastic Federation at (416) 426-7100 and ask them
who to call for theory courses at the sports centre.  They can also tell
you about upcoming trampoline courses.  Your Regional Chairperson should
also know about technical courses in your region.  OGF can tell you who that
is depending on where you live.  Or ...Speak up, John Hummel <-- Metro West
Chairperson who's lurking on this list.   :)




Date:    Tue, 27 Feb 1996 23:47:44 -0500
From:    ***@DELPHI.COM
Subject: Re: GYMN-L Digest - 21 Feb 1996 to 22 Feb 1996

Hey again Glenn,

Yes, In Mosaic (Air Mosaic which is currently bundled with the
current version of WinCim) I'm seeing &quot where I should be
seeing a " mark.  Once again, great page to be sure!  I do have
a great picture for the picture of the month!  I'll forward it
along.  It's a picture of a Ski trip taken to Zermatt.  Great
shot of a few H.H. Arnold students on a WASKI trip on skis with
the Matterhorn in the background.




Date:    Tue, 27 Feb 1996 21:56:26 -0500
From:    ***@TSO.CIN.IX.NET
Subject: peachtree/ maura

I have learned the best way to deal with Maura without getting so angry
that I yell at the TV.  A simple little thing called a mute button.  Does

The only other thing that truly bothered me was the interview that Kurt
Thomas was doing with Dom M.  He made refference to her win at 95 Nationals
as being able to capitalize on Shannon in "her advanced maturity" or something
to that effect.  PLEASE!! This coming from the same guy who wanted to make
a comeback for the 92 olympic team?!?!!  Rather hypocritical of him.

OK I have ranted enough.

Liz B.


Date:    Wed, 28 Feb 1996 01:28:39 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: Recreational vs. Competitive

Corrie, it sounds like you have a great gym. I wish I could take credit--I'm
just a proud parent of some great kids I want the best for--but our gym was
put together by a community coalition that raised $1.5 million for a series
of complexes, only one of which was our gym.  We would not have been
successful with the fundraising if their was even a hint that we would go
after other, thriving (or struggling) business in the city--the martial arts
programs, dance businesses not related to gymnastics etc. In fact, the charge
was quite clear that a broad recreational base was mandatory. However, our
gym was added to a complex that includes several indoor tennis courts,
racketball courts, a complete health center with both free weights and a
machine-based weight training room, saunas, etc etc. Since that part is a
separate business and run by the Park Board who leases the gym to us on a
long-term basis,it didn't fit in the context of the question asked: "what is
the appropriate intersection between recreational and competitive
gymnastics?"  But its clear, no matter how its structured, the "family
complex" is a hit.  So...our club has to limit its focus on a large
recreational program and all three of the Olympic sanctioned gymnastics
programs. But, I think the message Corrie brings has special merit...that
gymnastics is really a gateway sport to allot of activity, and much of the
potential "draw" has not been tapped by most clubs, perhaps our very young
enterprise as well.  //Don


Date:    Wed, 28 Feb 1996 09:31:35 GMT
From:    ***@FS1.HO.MAN.AC.UK
Subject: MOVIES

    Does anyone out there know of any way I can 'aquire' some of the
gymnastics quick time movies currently on the web by ftp transfer in
order for me to take them to my pc in the gym and demo them to other

              Thanks      Barry


Date:    Wed, 28 Feb 1996 20:42:46 +1100
From:    ***@OZEMAIL.COM.AU
Subject: nadia

For any Aussies who don't live in Melbourne, or anyone who can get access (I
think they run an online edition through Vicnet) "The Age" newspaper ran a
story on Nadia on 26/02/96, p18.

There's a nice picture of her from the Montreal Olympics catching her
Comaneci salto, but overall, the article is pretty condescending.  It makes
particular note of the fact that 20 years after Montreal she is promoting
women's underwear in a New York department store.

Typical media coverage of gymnastics,



End of GYMN-L Digest - 27 Feb 1996 to 28 Feb 1996