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  1. GYMN-L Digest - 25 Apr 1996 - Special issue
  2. NCAA Womens, 1st Session Quotes
  3. Re-Intro
  4. NCAA--Women's rules
  5. USAG New routines
  6. Intro
  7. Women's Semi Finals (Vault and UB)-PR worlds
  8. NCAA Womens, Session 2
 10. NCAA Women's Standings after session 2


Date:    Thu, 25 Apr 1996 16:19:02 -0700
From:    ***@NETCOM.COM
Subject: Re: GYMN-L Digest - 25 Apr 1996 - Special issue

For those of you wishing to curse  out the Texx monster in public...

Im leaving for STanford in a few mins, Ill be in a green & blue baseball
cap with the letter P on it and the word Platinum (Platinum Technology)

Ill wear same hat all 3 nights.

Look for me.

Meanwhile, Mark Mayzak, you didnt say where you are, how we gonna find u a gymn
if you dont say WHERE ?

Last I heard Scherbo is fine and up to all his bad tricks again.

Im rooting for Stanford, but I suspect Berkeley will win.


Date:    Thu, 25 Apr 1996 19:35:24 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: NCAA Womens, 1st Session Quotes

To all:

Here are full quotes from coaches after the NCAA Women's Nationals first

University of Georgia Head Coach Suzanne Yoculan: "We did what we need to do
to advance. The ultimate goal today for us, as for everyone, was to advance.
I think everyone would agree that the atmosphere in the afternoon session is
"All the teams competed today, but there were very few performances. Based on
the history, the teams that haven't done that well on the first day do well
or win on the second day. We only have enough for one more day, so I'm glad
that we saved some for tomorrow."

UCLA Head Coach Valderie Kondos: "I'm absolutely thrilled with how my team
competed today. I agree with Suzanne that there were few perfomances. My
greatest fear after our regional performance on the beam was that we would
draw the beam first, and that's exactly what happened. I was thrilled how
they handled the event. They displayed a calm confidence that carried over to
the other events. Now we just have to take that confidence and perform

University of Michigan Head Coach Bev Plocki: "I don't really know what to
say. It was a rough day at the office, which was unbelievable with the team I
know. They are usually calm and confident as well. I'm just thankful that we
could squeak in.
"My heart goes out to Nebraska, because I know how it feels to think you're
in and then you're not. I'm glad for the opportunity to move onto tomorrow
night. We have a second chance to redeem ourselves, and you'll see a much,
much better Michigan team than today."

Penn State Head Coach Steve Shepard: "I though we had a great meet today. We
didn't count a fall. The team performed to the best of its ability. I'm
extremely proud of them. We had a young team this year. We had an up and down
season. We've been really inconsistent. This was our best meet of the year,
but it wasn't our best score. I thought we did great today. We've struggled
with inconsistency all year. We've been trying to get the team to its

BYU Head Coach Brad Cattermole: "It's tough to prepare for this kind of a
meet while you're having finals at the same time. There's been years where
we've had teams that really couldn't compete with other teams at this level.
We could be there, but we really couldn't beat them. But this year we had a
team that could compete with anybody, and we just made too many mistakes.
"Maybe we saw for the first time that we were competitive and that put a
little pressure on us to try and outdo ourselves. But we'll go back to the
gym and figure it out. We've got too good of a team to have this sort of
thing happen to us.
"We've got too good of a bar team and too good of a beam team to have to
count two falls on each one of them. Tnat that's not counting the wobbles and
stumbles. That's counting a just a plain fall off the equipment.
"So we'll work really hard to figure out what the answer is and try to
improve on it, but I felt like this year we could've given anybody out there
a run. We just had to hit."

University of Nebraska Head Coach Dan Kendig: "I though we did really well
today. We had some problems, but our performance was pretty good overall.
That's the way I feel about our season, as well. We went through virtually
the entire season with only eight athletes, and those eight girls worked hard
and were highly motivated. I feel sad for (senior) Joy (Taylor), but the rest
of the team cna look forward to next season."


Date:    Thu, 25 Apr 1996 18:46:26 -0700
From:    ***@MCN.ORG
Subject: Re-Intro

Hi all,

        My name is Orion and I'm a 22-year-old male from Mendocino,
in Northern California. I've been on the list for a little over a year and
never want to give it up. I do gymnastics recreationally, but I'm mostly a
fan. My favorite gymnasts are Misutin, Scherbo, Gutsu, and others.
        I'll be spending four months in Ireland and then six months in
England starting in September. So if anyone knows of recreational programs I
could take part in, good internet providers, or any other tips for my trip
please e-mail me.




Date:    Thu, 25 Apr 1996 20:08:10 CST
From:    ***@MAROON.TC.UMN.EDU
Subject: NCAA--Women's rules

I think Patrick answered the vault question very well.

As I judged finals at NCAA nationals last year, here's my 2 cents.

At a National competition, the "stakes" have to rise.  Not everyone can
score a 10!  (you will find this concept occurs in the age group & elite
etc. program too.)  So, composition is looked at more critically.  Whatever
level competition I'm at (whether it's, say, Level 8 state or Level 10
Nationals), I ask myself, "What do I EXPECT the best performance to
contain?"  So, let's go back to NCAA nationals.  On floor ex, I would
expect high level dance and tumbling skills, "C" or "D" level or higher.
If a gymnast ended with, say a full on Floor, it would not be
compositionally as strong as a gymnast ending with a double back, or a
front through to a double twist for example.

BTW, we had some contraversy on Aimee Tranpanier's routine last year.  A
couple of us saw flawless execution and awarded the "10."  Others saw the
wonderful execution, but felt that only doing 2 (well-done and difficult)
tumbling passes was not "up to the level" of the competition and thus
deducted compositionally.  The best thing about Nationals is, though, that
there are 4 judges, so that the average usually comes out with a reasonable
placement.  I sure wish we (for the sake of the gymnasts) used 4 judges all
the time.  Sigh..... I remember the days when we had 4 judges at State and
Regional competitions too.  It was so much more fair......  But, with
concern over costs, it's probably a dead issue.



Date:    Thu, 25 Apr 1996 23:23:20 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: USAG New routines

I have read that the new JO routines will go into effect next January.  If
so, what does this do to places where compuslories are in the Spring?  Will
it be the new routines or old?  Will judges even be ready to judge the new


Date:    Thu, 25 Apr 1996 22:31:25 -0500
From:    ***@LULU.ACNS.NWU.EDU
Subject: Intro

Hi everyone!

I'm psyched that everyone's re-introducing themselves, and would like to do
the same. My name is Meighan; I'm usually a lurker, but have posted a few
times since I joined the GYMN list in October. I'm currently a junior
theatre major at Northwestern University, and used to compete in gymnastics
back when Class III and IV still existed (long time ago!). Nowadays I'm
much more involved in dance and choreography, but still love to watch
gymnastics and talk about it with anyone who wants to.... I enjoy reading
this list, and can't wait until the Olympics this summer. My favorite
gymnasts are usually classified by routines that I love to watch-- my
favorite beam-worker is Tatiana Groshkova, tumbler-- Oksana Chusovitina,
floor-worker-- Natalia Kalinina, vaulter--.....oh, I don't know, and bars--
I think, any Chinese gymnast since the 1990 Goodwill Games. And Li Li had a
terrific beam routine back then as well. Hilary Grivach was always one of my
favortie American gymnast because she always seemed to be having a good time
and was openly supportive of all her teammates; unfortunately that's more
than I can say for a lot of the girls that made the past Olympic team-- but
WHO AM I TO JUDGE?? I think they have all made tremendous sacrifices and I
have a lot of respect for all of our gymnasts. I hope that they really kick
some tail at the Olympics.

That's about it!



Date:    Thu, 25 Apr 1996 23:50:51 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Women's Semi Finals (Vault and UB)-PR worlds

A few notes from Women's Semi Finals in PR.My usual ramblings...

( TY=twisting yurchenko)

Zelapukina(Ukraine)-arrow straight hristakieva(two steps but really only
needed one)
                            -1 1/2 T-Y (one step)

Chow(USA)-double t-y (face planted the first;one hand slipped off the front
of the horse)
                  second one was better but almost touched one knee.Her
prelim vaults were                      better.

Mirgorodskaia(Ukraine)-pike cuervo(loose and seperated legs on both.Lands
with one foot                                   in front of the other a la
Boginskya.She was also sporting a new                                   short

Juarez(Spain)-hristakieva(low and step backward on the first.Beautiful in the
air though and                      great landing position(chest up).

Maceachern(Canada)-two very low and very messy front with halves(one piked
and one                                 tucked)

Portuondo(Cuba)-boomed two double t-y.IMHO the best vaulter there and should
have won                           the event in finals

Valle(Spain)-1 1/2 t-y(slight leg seperation off the horse.decent landings on

Galieva(Russia)-Round off half twist onto horse piked front half (stuck the
first but had a                             low landing on the second.

Gogean(Romania)-1 1/2 t-y.Not the human dart she usually is.Two small steps
back on                            each.

Tsavdaridou(Greece)-Piked front with half twist(very late twist)

Varga(Hungary)-Average pike front with half.

Polozkova(Belarus)-pike front with half and attempted a layout cuervo but was
nowhere                              close.

Amanar-double t-y(stuck them both-big shock.)

Khorkina-Round off 1/2 turn to horse pike cuervo(looked lazy on both and
resulted in low               but stuck landings.

Bermudes(Cuba)-layout front with a half(Slightly piked but *WOW*!)

Stark(Germany)-bailed on the first 1 1/2 t-y(only did a full followed by a
backward roll)gave                         up on the second vault and put her
hands down.


1 Simona Amanar Romania 9.831
2 Annia Portuondo Cuba   9.749
3 Gina Gogean Romania 9.743
4 Svetlana Chorkina Russia 9.662
5 Yureisi Bermudes Leyva Cuba 9.643
6 Elisabeth Valle Spain 9.631
7 Vasiliki Tsavdaridou Greece 9.612
8 Joana Juarez Spain 9.568
9 Svetlana Zelepoukina Ukraine 9.537
10 Anna Mirgorodskia Ukraine 9.518
11= Adrienn Varga Hungary 9.506
11= Rocaliya Galiyeva Russia 9.506
13   Alena Polozkova Belarus 9.268
14 Shanyn MacEachern Canada 9.149
15 Amy   Chow USA 9.125
16 Kathleen Stark Germany 8.793


Polozkova-giant full to layout geinger,giant full to thomas hop,double

Piskun-two thomas hops to delchev,NEW layout full out dismount which she

Tsavdaridou-two very low reverse hects(one facing in),layout full in

Pacheco(Spain)-inverts to low pike yaeger,full pirouette to immediate

Severino(France)-giant full to def(small form break.Not as good as
Dogpolova's(Russia) but                          close),2 thomas hops,full
out dismount.Should have won bars in finals                              but
once again...

Milosovici-very labored routine.Geinger.Left out her reverse hect and only
did a double front                dismount instead of the usual barani out.It
looks like she's just going through                    the motions and
hanging on until Atlanta.

Kochetkova-giant full to wrong way reverse hect immediate pak
salto,shapashnikova                           immediate uprise,fell on her
free hip hect to high(ARG!),double layout
                              dismount.I like this routine because it had a
nice variety of DIFFERENT skills.

Mirgorodskaia-straddle yaeger from LAYOUT inverts,2 german giants to reverse
hect(neat                      combo),full in.This would be a fabulous
routine if she would get rid of the                           weak transition
on the low bar(swing half turn)

Stark-lots of reverse grip work,giant full to reverse hect,hect half from low
bar to high,full in                      dismount.Much improved bar work
since Barcelona.She had some of the                      straightest
handstands in the competition.

Amanar-giant full to geinger,1 1/2 pirouette,reverse hect,double layout.Usual
Romanian              bars...

Liu(China)-giant full to 1-arm giant,1-arm geinger(WOWSERS!),reverse hect and
stuck                 double layout.Fantastic stuff even though it doesn't
even start at a 10.00!

Khorkina(Russia)-The queen of coolness unveiled yet another original
transition from low                              bar to high(Whip 1/2 catch
high.A Blast from the past),Stalder 1 1/2
                                twist to Markelov,full out dismount.A perfect
routine with the exception                             of straddling up to

Dawes(USA)-shaposhnikova,sky high hindorff,two giant fulls,giant half bail to
                                       handstand,full out dismount.She's been
having trouble with the 1 1/2                                pirouette in
training which cause her to do *3* different bar routines in the
                        three rounds that she competed.

Sheremeta(Ukraine)-giant full to geinger,giant full facing in,full in.Very
cute but had no                               business in semi-finals.

1 Svetlana Chorkina Russia 9.825
2 Dominique Dawes   USA 9.800
3 Yelena Piskun Belarus 9.762
4= Elvire Teza France 9.750
4=   Isabelle Severino France 9.750
4= Lioubov Sheremeta Ukraine 9.750
4=   Anna Mirgorodskaia Ukraine 9.750
8= Xuan Liu China 9.737
 8= Kathleen   Stark Germany 9.737
8= Jaycie Phelps USA 9.737
11 Simona Amanar   Romania 9.725
12 Lavinia Milosovici Romania 9.662
13 Vasiliki   Tsavdaridou Greece 9.650
14 Alena Polozkova Belarus 9.512
15 Dina   Kochetkova Russia 9.250
16 Mercedes Pacheco Spain 9.212

Well that's it for today.Balance beam and Floor are next.



Date:    Thu, 25 Apr 1996 23:51:32 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: NCAA Womens, Session 2

To all:

The second session at NCAA Women's Nationals was far more exciting, as home
team Alabama was competing. Here are the scores from the second session:

Alabama  196.325
Utah  196.000
Oregon State 195.700
Arizona  195.125
Florida 194.825
Stanford 194.025

That means the Super Six Friday night will be:
Georgia 196.400
Alabama 196.325
Utah 196.00
Oregon State 195.700
UCLA 195.300
Michigan 193.975

The Super Six consists of the Top Three from each session. That means the
runners up are:
Arizona 195.125
Florida 194.825
Stanford 194.025
Nebraska 193.950
Penn State 192.700
BYU 192.500

The top six all-arounders are:
Meredith Willard, Alabama 39.450
Kristen Guise, Florida, 39.425
Heidi Hornbeek, Arizona, 39.400
Jennifer Wood, LSU, 39.400
Wendy Marshall, Michigan, 39.350

I know you're all probably wondering about Kentucky's Jenny Hansen, who has
won the national all-around title for the past three years. She fell on beam
and scored a 39.300.

That's all for tonight. I'll update you tomorrow night after the Super Six.
-- Ronald


Date:    Thu, 25 Apr 1996 23:27:14 CDT
From:    ***@PROCTR.CBA.UA.EDU

Session 2 Results:

1.  Alabama  49.55  48.775  48.475  49.525   196.325
2.  Utah        49.00  49.15    48.875  48.975   196.000
3.  OSU        49.25  49.025  48.700  48.725   195.700
4.  Arizona   48.775 49.4     47.900  49.050   195.125
5.  Florida     49.15   48.875 48.475  48.325   194.825
6.  Stanford   48.5    48.475  48.475  48.575   194.025

1.  Meredith Willard   39.45
2.  Kristen Guise       39.425
3.  Heidi Hornbeek    39.40
3.  Jennifer Wood      39.40
5.  Wendy Marshall   39.35
6.  Chrissy Vogel       39.325
7.  Jenny Hansen      39.300
8.  Amy Murakami   39.25

Individual event finalists:
1. Leah Brown  10.0
1. Jenny Hansen  10.0
3. Kim Arnold  9.975
4t. Merritt Booth  9.95
     Marna Neubauer
     Megan Caudle
     Nikki Peters
     Kristin Quackenbush
     Chrissy Vogel
     Anne Marie Vassallo
1t. Stephanie Woods  9.95
     Heidi Hornbeek
     Maureen Kealey
     Heather Bennett
5.  Jenni Beathard
6t. Meredith Willard
     Sandy Woolsey
     Jenny Hansen
     Stella Umeh
1. Lori Strong  9.90
2. Karin Lichey 9.875
3t. Kim Kelly 9.85
     Summer Reid
     Corinne Chee
     Luisa Portocarrero
     Stella Umeh
8t. Leah Brown  9.825
     Wendy Marshall
     Megan Murphy
1. Kim Kelly  9.975
2.  Jenny Hansen 9.95
3t. Meredith Willard  9.925
     Heidi Hornbeek
5t. Danielle McAdams  9.90
      Megan Caudle
      Wendy Marshall
      Kristen Guise
      Jennifer Wood

Unexpected happenings:

Kim Kelly falls on bars.
Danielle McAdams falls on beam.
Stephanie Woods falls on beam.
Marna Neubauer falls on bars.
Jenny Hansen falls on beam.


Date:    Thu, 25 Apr 1996 21:32:16 -0700
Subject: NCAA Women's Standings after session 2

NCAA Championships (W) After Second Session

All-around standings are final.  All Individual finishers (AA and event)
listed here are All-American.  Top eight (w/ties) are first-team and make
event finals on Saturday.

 1. Georgia     196.400  49.400  49.175  49.025  48.800
 2. Alabama     196.325  49.550  48.775  48.475  49.525
 3. Utah        196.000  49.000  49.150  48.875  48.975
 4. Oregon St.  195.700  49.250  49.025  48.700  48.725
 5. UCLA        195.300  48.875  48.825  48.925  48.675
 6. Arizona     195.125  48.775  49.400  47.900  49.050
 7. Florida     194.825  49.150  48.875  48.475  48.325
 8. Stanford    194.025  48.500  48.475  48.475  48.575
 9. Michigan    193.975  49.475  48.125  48.125  48.250
10. Nebraska    193.950  48.650  48.950  47.900  48.450
11. Penn State  192.700  48.250  48.425  47.800  48.225
12. BYU         192.500  48.125  47.950  47.725  48.700

1. Merdith Willard       Alabama   39.450   9.825  9.900  9.800  9.925
2. Kristen Guise         Florida   39.425   9.875  9.850  9.800  9.900
3t Heidi Hornbeek        Arizona   39.400   9.775  9.950  9.750  9.925
3t Jennifer Wood         LSU       39.400   9.925  9.850  9.725  9.900
5. Wendy Marshall        Michigan  39.350   9.925  9.700  9.825  9.900
6. Chrissy Vogel         Florida   39.325   9.950  9.775  9.800  9.800
7. Jenny Hansen          Kentucky  39.300  10.000  9.900  9.450  9.950
8. Amy Murakami          Stanford  39.250   9.775  9.825  9.775  9.875
9. Megan Wright          ASU       39.225   9.900  9.850  9.700  9.775
10. Maureen Kealey       Arizona   39.200   9.800  9.950  9.600  9.850
11. Kristen Quackenbush  WVU       39.175   9.950  9.725  9.650  9.850
12. Sarah Northrop       Utah      39.125   9.775  9.850  9.725  9.775
13. Lisa Simes           Michigan  39.050   9.900  9.775  9.625  9.750
14t Kim Kelly            Alabama   39.025   9.925  9.275  9.850  9.975
14t Lori Strong          Georgia   39.025   9.875  9.375  9.900  9.875
16t Robin Ewing          Kentucky  39.000   9.775  9.750  9.725  9.750
16t Leah Brown           Georgia   39.000  10.000  9.825  9.825  9.350
16t Sandy Woolsey        Utah      39.000   9.700  9.900  9.750  9.650

 1t Brown        Georgia   10.000
 1t Hansen       Kentucky  10.000
 3. Arnold       Georgia    9.975
 4t Booth        Alabama    9.950
 4t Neubauer     Alabama    9.950
 4t Caudle       Utah       9.950
 4t Peters       Michigan   9.950
 4t Quackenbush  WVU        9.950
 4t Vogel        Florida    9.950
 4t Vassallo     OSU        9.950
11t Kelly        Alabama    9.925
11t Marshall     Michigan   9.925
11t Hines        Florida    9.925
11t Wood         LSU        9.925
15t Wright       ASU        9.900
15t Simes        Michigan   9.900

 1t Woods       Alabama   9.950
 1t Hornbeek    Arizona   9.950
 1t Kealey      Arizona   9.950
 1t Bennett     OSU       9.950
 5. Beathard    Georgia   9.925
 6t Willard     Alabama   9.900
 6t Woolsey     Utah      9.900
 6t Hansen      Kentucky  9.900
 6t Umeh        UCLA      9.900
10 Homma        UCLA      9.875
11t McAdams     Alabama   9.850
11t Wright      ASU       9.850
11t Allbritton  Arizona   9.850
11t Angeles     Georgia   9.850
11t Northrop    Utah      9.850
11t Guise       Florida   9.850
11t Stephenson  Florida   9.850
11t Wood        LSU       9.850
11t DeHaan      Nebraska  9.850

 1. Strong        Georgia   9.900
 2. Lichey        Georgia   9.875
 3t Kelly         Alabama   9.850
 3t Reid          Utah      9.850
 3t Chee          UCLA      9.850
 3t Portocarrero  UCLA      9.850
 3t Umeh          UCLA      9.850
 8t Brown         Georgia   9.825
 8t Marshall      Georgia   9.825
 8t Murphy        OSU       9.825
11t Bonaventura   Alabama   9.800
11t Murphy        Alabama   9.800
11t Willard       Alabama   9.800
11t Caudle        Utah      9.800
11t Amelkovich    Michigan  9.800
11t Guise         Florida   9.800
11t Vogel         Florida   9.800

 1. Kelly        Alabama   9.975
 2. Hansen       Kentucky  9.950
 3t Willard      Alabama   9.925
 3t Hornbeek     Arizona   9.925
 5t McAdams      Alabama   9.900
 5t Marshall     Michigan  9.900
 5t Guise        Florida   9.900
 5t Wood         LSU       9.900
10t Neubauer     Alabama   9.875
10t Strong       Georgia   9.875
10t Murakami     Stanford  9.875
13t Booth        Alabama   9.850
13t Kealey       Arizona   9.850
13t Reid         Utah      9.850
13t Quackenbush  WVU       9.850
13t Turko        OSU       9.850


End of GYMN-L Digest - 25 Apr 1996 to 26 Apr 1996 - Special issue