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Topics of the day:

  1. What is?
  2. injuries
  3. Mary Lee Tracy
  4. dominique's  olympic eligibility
  5. dominique's olympic eligibility
  6. DTB Cup (Part One)


Date:    Sun, 19 Nov 1995 18:29:58 PST
From:    ***@LSS.CO.ZA
Subject: What is?

What is a:
- German Giant? I've seen a picture and it looks like inverts except with
your hands swapped around!

- Xiou Ruzhi (sp?)

There are lots more that I'm not sure of but I can't seem to think of them
at the moment.


Date:    Sat, 25 Nov 1995 10:33:13 PST
From:    ***@LSS.CO.ZA
Subject: injuries

Some of you may remember the message I sent in a while ago about my friend
with nonstop injuries. Well, yesterday she broke her foot again. The same as
last time only worse. It seems the reason she has so many injuries is that
she has crumbly tissue so she gets injured easily and takes a long time to


Date:    Sat, 25 Nov 1995 10:37:59 PST
From:    ***@LSS.CO.ZA
Subject: Mary Lee Tracy

 Yesterday I received a letter from Mary Lee Tracy. It was a short letter
typed on the Cincinnatti Gymnastics letterhead. It was definitely
personalized as she answered a few of my question, it was just one that she
sends out to everyone. I really appreciate it when a top level gymnast/coach
writes back because I know thet haven't got alot of time. Anyway,
unfortunately she is not on the internet.
 Helen.    :)


Date:    Sat, 25 Nov 1995 10:41:24 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: dominique's  olympic eligibility

This has been bugging me- how is Dominique Monceanu is eligible for the '96
Olympics? She turned fourteen in '95, so there's no way she'll be sixteen by
'96. I know she's going, but how?



Date:    Sat, 25 Nov 1995 08:49:01 -0800
From:    ***@ACCESSNV.COM
Subject: Re: dominique's olympic eligibility

On Sat, 25 Nov 1995, Amanda - wrote:

> This has been bugging me- how is Dominique Monceanu is eligible for the '96
> Olympics? She turned fourteen in '95, so there's no way she'll be sixteen by
> '96. I know she's going, but how?
> Amanda
It's simple. The 16 rule doesn't go into effect until AFTER the '96 Olympics.


Date:    Sat, 25 Nov 1995 19:53:55 -0500
From:    ***@IC.AC.UK
Subject: DTB Cup (Part One)

DTB Cup 1995

Stuttgart, Germany      24/25 November, 1995

DTB Cup is probably the most prestigious event in the artistic
gymnastics Grand Prix circuit where only the best gymnasts on
each apparatus were invited to take part. As last year, eight
gymnasts will each perform on each apparatus in an event final
format, then the two gymnasts with the best two scores on each
piece will perform on the apparatus again in a head-to-head

DSF the German Sports channel boradcasted the highlights of this
meet. The coverage was not as good as normal though, not showing
many scores so I have quite a few scores missing and not sure about
all the placings...

Mens Vault

1. Yeo Hong-Chul        (KOR)   9.562
2. Alexei Nemov         (UKR)   9.525
3. Valeri Belenki       (GER)   9.481
4. Vitaly Scherbo       (BLR)   9.437

1. Alexei Nemov         (RUS)   9.600
2. Yeo Hong-Chul        (KOR)   ?.???

Also competing included Girgori Misutin (UKR), Zoltan Supola (HUN),
Uwe Billerbeck (GER) and Sergei Fedochenko (KAZ). Misutin was listed
to have scored 9.593 after his two vaults, but I don't know whether
they have adjusted his score afterwards or he opted not to take part
in the final-final.

Yeo Hong-Chul scored 9.625 for his first vault in the final-final,
but fell on his second vault onto his knees where he under-rotated.
don't know what the score was for his second vault... Nemov's two
winning vault scores were 9.650 and 9.550.

Womens Uneven Bars

1. Yelena Piskun        (BLR)   9.850
2. Oksana Chusovitina   (UZB)   9.800
3. Lavinia Milosovici   (ROM)   9.712
4. Gina Gogean          (ROM)   9.700
5. Lilia Podkopayeva    (UKR)   9.337
6. Dina Kochetkova      (RUS)   9.200
7. Rufina Kreibich      (GER)   ?.???
8. Adrienn Nyeste       (HUN)   8.800

1. Yelena Piskun        (BLR)   9.887
2. Oksana chusovitina   (UZB)   9.812

Piskun with her new short hair-do (she had her hair cut short in
Sabae because "the Belarussian girls were bored") won the bars with
a quick sharp routine which included two full-twsiting hops over the
high bar in a row, Delchev and a double layout dismount. Many people
say that the bars are Chusovitina's worst event just because she has
not big release (she did have a full-twisting hop over the high bar)
but she often qualifies for these event finals and did very well.

Gogean had a handstand on the top bar that seemed to be there for
about two to three seconds... Pods had to put in an extra swing
after her Geinger... Kreibich also an extra swing after her Jaeger
(BTW I have no idea what her score was, I am only *guessing* that
she's in seventh place)... Kochetkova nearly hit her legs on the floor
after her transition from high bar to low... and Nyeste fell
completely off her piked Jaeger.

Mens Pommel Horse

1. Marius Urzica        (ROM)   9.675
2. Valeri Belenki       (GER)   9.600
3. Grigori Misutin      (UKR)   9.525
4. Catalin Mircan       (AUT)   9.400
5. Li Donghua           (SUI)   9.075
6. Vitaly Scherbo       (BLR)   9.000

1. Marius Urzica        (ROM)   9.687
2. Valeri Belenki       (GER)   9.600

Also competed: Eric Poujade (FRA), Alexei Nemov (RUS).

Urzica's routine is typically Romanian, very clean. Vitaly Scherbo
I think was trying to break the rotational speed record when he
performed the flares in lightning speed. He was having so much fun
with it when he fell off :) Li Donghua lost the tension in his arm
and fell off also. Eric Poujade's hands are BIG.

after this there were a couple of interviews with Yvonne Pioch and
Valeri Belenki and since both are German, the interviews were in
German too (dunno what they're saying).

Womens Floor

No idea what happened here! They only showed the head-to-head:

1. Lavinia Milosovici   (ROM)   9.862
2. Gina Gogean          (ROM)   9.850

Could've gone either way since the Romanians were so similar. The
crowd chuckled when Milo beat Gogean by the smallest of margins.
Gina seemed much bigger in size than in Sabae... I know it's only
just over a month ago!

Mens Rings

Before the rings event, there is a little interview by DSF in
English with Yuri Chechi:

DSF:"I want to ask the Lord of the Rings, how is your feeling, just
     a few minutes before the final?"
YC: "Well, I feel well, no big problem. The only problem is that I
     am a little bit tired because after Olympic Champion [I think
     he meant World championships] I didn't go training because of
     many exhibition or new manifestation or interviews and many
     many things you know..."
DSF:"Like, like everyone, no?"
YC: "Like everyone, of course. And now this competition is a bit
     difficult, but, we will see."
DSF:"We will see. Thanks and good luck.

1. Yuri Chechi          (ITA)   9.750
2. Marius Toba          (GER)   9.700
3. Jordan Jovtchev      (BUL)   9.675
3. Paul O'Neil          (USA)   9.675
5. Valeri Belenki       (GER)   9.637
6. Ivan Ivankov         (BLR)   9.600
7. Andreas Wecker       (GER)   9.587
8. Uwe Billerbeck       (GER)   9.500

1. Marius Toba          (GER)   9.737
2. Yuri Chechi          (ITA)   9.725

Marius was estactic in beating Yuri, and Yuri was the first one to
give him the thumbs up and shook his hand after the scores were
announced. I can't really distinguish between the two performances
and I also can't think when was the last time Yuri Chechi was beaten
in the rings!

There is scheduled to be another gym TV slot on DSF tomorrow, which
I guess will be the other apparatus finals.

More tomorrow.



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