GYMN-L Digest - 22 Oct 1995 to 23 Oct 1995 - Special issue

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Topics in this special issue:

  1. Possible idea for floor music
  2. Jennifer
  3. Re. Trampoline Safety
  4. ROMANIANS, & MEDIA (UK) (2)
  5. Hate mail and problems with article distribution
  6. MEDIA (UK) & Calling all Brits (2)
  7. Gymn logo for you WWW pages
  8. Bitz and pieces
  9. Where are they? (2)
 10. Atlanta Pre-Olympics (Nov 15-16th)
 11. Atlanta Pre-Olympics (Nov 16-17th)
 12. Where are they? (fwd)
 13. South Carolina Meets
 14. Front tumbling in the past
 15. Tennessee Exhibition
 16. GymFest at Carmel, Indiana
 17. Whoops, wrong logos!


Date:    Sun, 22 Oct 1995 23:19:35 -0500
Subject: Possible idea for floor music

Date sent:  22-OCT-1995 23:17:13

Someone mentioned a few weeks back that they wanted Shannon Miller's
floor music identified. I don't know what it is, but it does bear
a little resemblance, in terms of intensity and the violins, to the
soundtrack from "Schindler's list." what I'm wondering is, has anyone
use the Schindler's music for a floor set? I've seen it used to great
effect by Paul Wylie, in figure skating, but I think, with someone like
Miller (who seems to have an affinity for violins) or perhaps Khorkina
or even Moceanu, Schindler's list would offer some interesting
possibilties. There are some easy cuts available.


Date:    Mon, 23 Oct 1995 02:08:28 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: Jennifer

I hope Jennifer resubscribes, she sounded nice to me.  But maybe she takes
stuff a little too seriously.  Sometimes its fun to flame but it can also get
really tiresome when there's too much of it.


Date:    Mon, 23 Oct 1995 02:18:43 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re. Trampoline Safety

I just want to thank Mr. Christian P and others for their trampoline
safety posts.  I think it is GREAT when expert coaches log on to give safety
tips (or any kind of tips).  Its hard to disagree with the warning that the
higher you bounce the harder you may fall.  I dont bounce as high as my
friend but I am going to cool it a little and be extra careful when I flip.
I do think that Julie maybe goes a little too far when she
advises never to jump on a private tramp at all but just in a gym.  To me,
that is sort of like warning that because swimming can be dangerous (you can
drown), no one should ever swim in a private pool or a lake but only in an
olympic aquatics center under the direct supervision of a swimming coach.
 That may be the IDEAL way to swim safely, but who swims like that in real
life?  If I was lucky enough to have a friend who had her own swimming pool
(none of my friends do, actually) and she asked me over to her house to swim,
I'd say yes in a heartbeat.  So I'm not going to stop bouncing at my friends
house, because her Backyard Pro trampoline really kicks ass and I'm having a
blast on it.  But I am going to be more careful and not try to bounce so
high.  So thanks for the warnings.  I'm probably not the only one on this
list who likes to bounce so this safety info was really a good post.
Bye again


Date:    Mon, 23 Oct 1995 01:11:07 GMT

The thing that puzzles me about the Deva/Bucharest divide in the Romanian
squad is why its governing body has allowed - even encouraged - it to
develop. As someone working in business, I'm not unfamiliar with the
concept of "creative tension": i.e. stir a rivalry to drive up standards.
But if, at the same time, you are decreeing in advance that a set number
of athletes will come from Bucharest and a set number from Deva, where's
the competition? And, as such a situation is bound to cause a certain
amount of bad feeling between the two camps, it strikes me they risk
getting all the "negatives" of the scenario - what Hunter Thompson
would call the "fear and loathing" - without taking proper advantage
of the main positive: two centres of excellence from which to pick
*objectively and strictly on merit*, and without individual athletes
being used as pawns by each side.

I should stress I'm not against the idea of breaking the Deva monopoly
in principle. Rather the contrary actually. For all their technical
proficiency, there is a staidness to the "Deva School" of gymnastics
which causes a certain weariness to enter the viewer each time the
camera cuts to a Romanian leotard. To use a rather parochial analogy,
the Romanian team risks becoming to gymnastics what Arsenal are to
English soccer: solid, consistent and very, very dull.

On an associated point, am I the only one to have got the impression
that the Romanians are trying to establish Amanar as "the one" for the
Atlanta Olympics: rather as the Soviets established Shushunova before
'88 and Gutsu prior to '92? She's been trotted out at almost every
European tour event this year, so there's hardly a judge who can't
have got to know her. Plus she's just the age to peak in '96.
Milosovici will be a bit long-in-the-tooth, Marinescu too young &
Gogean is not everyone's cup-of-tea.

Finally, my thanks to those of you - Mara in a post to the group and
the others who have mailed me privately - who said it was perfectly
okay for me to post the UK Media review I sent yesterday. It was the
length of it more than anything else I was worried about. *Ironically*,
last night - a couple of hours after I'd posted - one of the channels
I mentioned - NBC Superchannel - showed coverage of the womens AA
finals from the US Championships at New Orleans. In the process, it
confirmed two of the things I'd said about it. One: its sports
coverage is usually some weeks behind events. Two: its scheduling is
utterly unreliable (undefined "gymnastics" was listed for a couple of
nights this week, but *not* last night: I caught the coverage purely
by chance).

Having seen it, I'd have to agree with what some of you said at the
time: that it was very slanted to a "Shannon Miller is finished and
Dominique Moceanu is the future" perspective. It was so blatant, I
almost expected to see Shannon enter wrapped in a blanket and
shuffling behind a Zimmer-frame!



Date:    Mon, 23 Oct 1995 09:46:53 BST
From:    ***@ESSEX.AC.UK
Subject: Re: Hate mail and problems with article distribution

can someone please tell me who won the sabae world championships as i don't
understand the mail i've been recieving- i'm one of the brits who did not get to
the worlds, thanks bbc!!

thank you


Date:    Mon, 23 Oct 1995 05:53:11 -0400
From:    ***@GWIS2.CIRC.GWU.EDU
Subject: Re: ROMANIANS, & MEDIA (UK)

IMHO, I think this Deva?Bucharest thing has been largely contrived by the
press.  I don't doubt that Belu fears losing his job to Stoica or that a
lot of the team in Atlanta will come from Triumf.  But Deva is just too
ingrained into the culture of the sport in Romania to be gotten rid of.
The only thing I forsee is Belu being out after Atlanta, with Stoica and
the more promissing of her pupils setting up shop in Deva....
Monica :)


Date:    Mon, 23 Oct 1995 13:45:00 GMT
From:    ***@M4-ARTS.BHAM.AC.UK
Subject: MEDIA (UK) & Calling all Brits

I just wanted to add my bit to the fantastic & informative msg that
Frances mailed about the UK gym coverage (thanks!).

What I find so hard to come to terms with is that, despite the high
ratings figures when they DO show it, and the fact that a huge number
of girls and boys go through "gym" phases in much the same way that
they go through "ballet" phases, and many of our gym clubs have
waiting lists, they STILL don't do anything about it! I *did* think
that were our teams more successful as a whole, more gym would get
shown, but in the light of the English women's Commonwealth Games team
victory (shown on BBC2 at the optimum time of 1am, you notice!) I
begin to despair even further .. I'm a student; I can't afford
satellite and besides, I object to paying for the load of other junk
that you get when you subscribe to cable etc.  The whole situation
seems so bizarre, particularly when, as Frances pointed out, the
terrestrial companies aren't exactly spoilt for choice these days.
Rowing's hardly a mainstream sport and that gets more coverage than

Interesting that the TV companies seem to think that the only way to
grab sports-watchers is by a heavy dose of male-dominated sports.
That's not to say that women don't like watching rugby/cricket/footie
etc, or that all men like those sports, but do you know what I mean?
Weekend sport programmes seem to be rather a male preserve.  Yesterday
afternoon I sat down to watch TV and got to choose between a soap
opera, Italian football, Division 1 football or rugby league. 'Nuff

I've heard the comments from Aussies about the lack of Worlds coverage
there and I know that Stateside they did a fairly comprehensive job,
but how was it for the rest of you? Is it just this country that's
totally barking?

Off this topic, I'm trying to compile a list of British gymn-ers.  If
you've not been in contact before, would you mind mailing me? I just
thought it might be useful for things like arranging lifts to meets.



Date:    Mon, 23 Oct 1995 18:21:05 +0200
From:    ***@INFOCOM.KIEV.UA
Subject: Re: MEDIA (UK) & Calling all Brits

As a former Londonite, I agree with the description of the television
coverage being very little there.  Even though my address does not
say that I am in GB, I am still interested in finding out about what
is going on there, so thanks for the info!! (Francis)

>I've heard the comments from Aussies about the lack of Worlds coverage
>there and I know that Stateside they did a fairly comprehensive job,
>but how was it for the rest of you? Is it just this country that's
>totally barking?

Absolutely no tv coverage out here.  I remember hearing a story
about Misuitin, during the 92 olympics.  Apparently his mother
had never seen him do gymnastics (as he had trained in the
former USSR), neither on TV or at a local competition.  She
finally saw video tapes of him, after he became the world
champion in '91.  I guess that that was a good indicator that
there would be little coverage out here.  If one has a
satelite however....

Does  someone have the Phone # for the FIG to order those tapes
that Beth mentioned last week?  If not the phone #, the address
would be great. Thank you in advance.


Date:    Mon, 23 Oct 1995 09:54:20 -0600
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: Gymn logo for you WWW pages

Logos have been created for Gymners (and others) to use in linking to
the Gymn WWW pages (

The URL to see the logos is at:

You may either copy the logos to your site or reference them at mine.
The logos are also available via anon ftp to, in the
directoy pub/gymn/WWW-files.

Logos are available in three sizes: banner (gymnbann.gif), big
(gymnbig.gif) -- recommended, and small (gymnsmll.gif).

Meaningless bit of nonsense: if you're looking at the logo web page,
and you scroll quickly through the page, if your computer is fast
enough, the logo looks like it's popping out at you or shrinking into
oblivion, depending on the direction you scroll.  ;)

I have been VERY slow in responding to most email lately -- please
forgive. I will catch up ASAP.



Date:    Mon, 23 Oct 1995 16:45:00 GMT
Subject: Bitz and pieces

 Concerning gym in Wales and Scotland. Many of the gymnasts from Wales
train in England but live in Wales so therefore can represent it. For
example Sonia Lawrence (who was at the Commonwealth) lives in Wales but
trains in Spelthorne, England.  Also I think there are a couple of gyms
in Wales with good facilities (and coaches?) which means gymnasts can
fulfill their potential.  As for the Scotland, I think they may be
lacking the facilities and the money input. Also remember the population
is small.

The msg on the UK media coverage of gym was interesting, for those of us
with out Sky, cable or such like we never see any gym on TV. This could
be a reason why gym in the UK is  without enough money or sponsors. The
British team at the worlds had to wear the same leotards for both
competitions as the sponsors would not supply another one!

On the Romania Deva-Bucharest issue when I recently went to Romania the
gymnasts from both sides were friendly to each other but the coaches were
not. When they were supposed to warm up as a team (the gymnasts that is)
they did not. Are there not small conflicts between most clubs,
Gymnastics is competitive, we all want to be the best, have the most
gymnasts in the team etc...

I`ii be away now for a week or two, bye for now,



Date:    Mon, 23 Oct 1995 12:42:20 -0500
From:    ***@CIC.NCHE.EDU
Subject: Where are they?

Does anyone remember the female gymnast who had only one arm? She
compete on the elite level several years ago (I actually only
remember her on beam).  What was her name and where was she from?


Date:    Mon, 23 Oct 1995 12:45:27 -0600
Subject: Atlanta Pre-Olympics (Nov 15-16th)

I just got word from Rhonda at ACOG that the press release about the upcoming
Atlanta meet will not be out until the first week of Nov. Seems it is too
early. (For example, two Russian gymnasts were named but oneof them just
got injured.) Soon I will send more details.



Date:    Mon, 23 Oct 1995 14:23:46 -0400
Subject: Re: Atlanta Pre-Olympics (Nov 16-17th)

I have the schedule for the competition of the Atlanta Pre-Olympics:

Delegates arrive Nov. 13th.

Podium training will be on the 14th and 15th.  They will have it open from
9 am - 6 pm
Podium training will be on the 16th and 17th  (Thurs. & Fri.) from 9 am - 2 pm.

The competition will be

Thurs., Nov. 16th 6pm - 9pm



Fri., Nov. 17th 6pm - 9pm



As it gets closer I should be receiving more information.



Date:    Mon, 23 Oct 1995 13:46:14 CDT
Subject: Where are they? (fwd)

> Does anyone remember the female gymnast who had only one arm? She
> compete on the elite level several years ago (I actually only
> remember her on beam).  What was her name and where was she from?
Are you referring to Carol Johnson who competed for Cal State-Fullerton
in the late 70s?



Date:    Mon, 23 Oct 1995 18:38:00 GMT
From:    ***@IX.NETCOM.COM
Subject: South Carolina Meets

I am wondering how to find out about local and state gymnastic
meets, especially in South Carolina?  Where could I go or call to
find this information?  Thanks.


Date:    Mon, 23 Oct 1995 12:54:57 UTC-0700
From:    ***@CS.UBC.CA
Subject: Re: Where are they?

>Does anyone remember the female gymnast who had only one arm? She
>compete on the elite level several years ago (I actually only
>remember her on beam).  What was her name and where was she from?

As Cole Holmes replied, there was a one-armed gymnast by the name of Carol
Johnston who competed for Cal State-Fullerton.  There was an episode on the
Wonderful World of Disney about her that was called "Lefty" (she had a full
left arm but her right arm ended just past her elbow).  In coverage shown on
that show, they said that she was from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  She had
to leave gymnastics due to a knee injury but took up coaching.  I don't know
where she is now or what's she's doing.

As for her competing at the elite level, I don't know if she did that for
Canada before going to Cal State-Fullerton or not.  Dory, do you know?



Date:    Mon, 23 Oct 1995 15:26:05 -0600
Subject: Front tumbling in the past

Anyone know about the popularity of front tumbling prior to the overwhelming
amount of double backs being done. I mean, prior to the time when gymnasts
couldn't do the double backs due to poor floors, inadequate training, would
one see front tumbling more common? Now they've "brought it back", but was
it ever "here"?



Date:    Mon, 23 Oct 1995 14:21:33 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Tennessee Exhibition

For any of you in the area, the Ukrainian team - including the new World AA
Champion Podkopayeva -  is going to be in the States and performing an
exhibition the 5th of November. It's going to be in Chatanogga (sp?),
Tennessee at the University of Tennessee in Chatanogga's McCullen Gym.

Athletes *scheduled* to take part are  ...

Men - Rustam Sharipov
            Alexandr Svetlichnyi
            Vladimir Shamenko
             Yuri Yermakov
             Oleg Kosyak

Women - Lilya Podkopayeva
                  Anna Mirgordskaya
                 Viktoria Karpenko
                 Viktoria Burban
                  Lyubov Shermeta
                  Svetlana Zelepukina

For more information and tickets contact the Greater Chatanogga Sports
Commitee at (423) 756-8689.

 - Susan


Date:    Mon, 23 Oct 1995 15:29:41 -0500
Subject: GymFest at Carmel, Indiana

Hi all,
I called and received info on the GymFest in Carmel, Indiana from
Paula Hilliker at USA Gymnastics, 317-237-5050.

It is at the Carmel Clay Junior High School on October 26 thru 28
(Thur, Fri, & Sat). Sunday's (October 29) activity is downtown
Indianapolis at the RCA Dome @ 12:55am.

$15 dollars gets you in to see the performances & open practices. There is
also a clinic sat morning.

For more info (map, direction, and schedule) contact Paula.

Hope this helps,


Date:    Mon, 23 Oct 1995 15:12:32 -0600
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: Whoops, wrong logos!

Sorry folks... I uploaded the wrong logos.  (That's what happens when
you use thumbnails.)  The correct ones will be uploaded later tonight
-- check back again tomorrow morning.

Apologies for the inconvenience.



End of GYMN-L Digest - 22 Oct 1995 to 23 Oct 1995 - Special issue