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  1. GYMN-L Digest - 21 Jan 1996 to 22 Jan 1996
  2. Magizines
  3. UPCOMING EVENT: Kodak Invite
  4. righties and lefties
  5. Rightie or leftie...
  6. Picky picky - Why aren't they more picky?
  7. Collegiate Report: Shakespeares Festival
  8. GYMN-L Collegiate Update v.1, no.7
  9. Collegiate information
 10. The Client
 11. Gymnastics Insider
 12. Reese's Conference
 13. Left and Right
 14. LA Lights Rhythmic Invitational
 15. LA Lights-Some Results


Date:    Mon, 22 Jan 1996 06:45:19 CST
Subject: Re: GYMN-L Digest - 21 Jan 1996 to 22 Jan 1996

     > It may have something to do with coaching techniques (ie: coach
     >demonstrates left handed, gymnasts follow)

     I don't think it has anything to do with coaching. My son was the only
     righty, who did some things lefty in the gym, with the same coach.

     At 9 my son was having a lot of problems with the pommel horse,
     because of the way he did circles, the coach decided that he might be
     able to do the routine lefty even though he was right handed/footed.
     I'm glad the coach figured it out because my son eventually went on to
     be Regional Pommel Horse Champion.

     By the way, I think it it possible that most of us are righty/lefties
     and just don't know it, gymnastics is just a means to find out, where
     otherwise we would never know.

     That's what I think.



Date:    Mon, 22 Jan 1996 05:39:16 -0800
From:    ***@IX.NETCOM.COM
Subject: Magizines

Gymnastics. I love these magizines but I was wondering if anyone knew
of any other good ones. If you know of some, please e-mail me. Thanks



Date:    Mon, 22 Jan 1996 06:38:27 -0800
From:    ***@NETCOM.COM
Subject: UPCOMING EVENT: Kodak Invite

The Kodak Invitational (aka Peachtree?) will be held this Sunday, January
28, at the Omni in Atlanta.  Tickets have not gone on sale yet but will
cost $12.00 for general admission.  The meet begins at 1:30 PM.

You can call Ticketmaster (404-249-6400) or the Omni (404-681-2100) for
more information.



Date:    Mon, 22 Jan 1996 10:07:21 -0500
From:    ***@GNATNET.NET
Subject: righties and lefties


We are currently studying the two hemispheres of the brain in my
psychology class, and I have learned that the way you do things depends
on the location of your math and language centers in your brain.  It
makes sense for right-handers to do gymnastics to the left, because
people who write right-handed generally use the left hemisphere of their
brains for language, and gymnastics could easily be centered on the math
side (air sense and all that), which would be the right hemisphere,
causing the person to be a gymnastics leftie.  Any variations on that
would make sense, too. Since gymnastics is not all math, it seems likely
that many people would use both sides of their brain, whereas many
people would continue to use the side of the brain they use for writing
simply because they've been right or left-handed all of their lives, and
it's the most comfortable.


Date:    Mon, 22 Jan 1996 10:41:00 EST
From:    ***@MCIMAIL.COM
Subject: Rightie or leftie...

After my adult gymn class last week, I got to thinking about this
thread; and now, I'm delurking to chime in with one more experience.

I'm a rightie for everything. Except in gymnastics. In gymn, my left
leg is dominant split, my left foot is takeoff foot, my left-handed
cartwheels are the only way I can do the skill (in part because I'm
afraid to put that kind of pounding, limited though it may be, on my
right hand, which has for-the-moment dormant tendinitis). Even on walkovers,
I start with the left leg.  Maybe _this_ is why certain skills are
elusive to learn <g>...

A while back, it was mentioned that it's good to be able to do both
sides.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to condition and
train the flexibility of my right side so I can learn these kinds of
skills on that side?



Date:    Mon, 22 Jan 1996 09:57:33 +0600
From:    ***@ZGS.COM
Subject: Re: Picky picky - Why aren't they more picky?

> cat leap 1/1: at what angles outward should the knees be?

  Okay, this is something that I have not ever been able to make
sense of:

  Since the women that are in college-level gymnastics are
older, bodies are changing, ..., a lot of them rely quite heavily
on the difficult dance elements for bonus.  Well, most college
judges that I have encountered are VERY strict about the positions
on these dance skills - e.g. on the cat 1-1/2 : correct leg position,
not cheating on the take-off, correct leg position on landing...
Oh, and the Popa!  Talk about picky!
  So here is my question: why are they not so picky when judging
the high-level competitions?  I have often seen women awarded bonus
for skills that are not properly done.  It seemed for a while that
everyone was doing a cat leap with two twists that looked more like
a figure skating axel than a cat leap.  (And a lot of cheating going
on with some of those Popas!)



Date:    Mon, 22 Jan 1996 14:46:34 -0600
Subject: Collegiate Report: Shakespeares Festival

Hello, fellow Gymners...
   This is the first in a series of reports on collegiate gymnastics.

          Missouri Tigers Women's Gymnastics
          The Sixth Annual Shakespeares Festival Jan. 21, 1996

   This was an outstanding event. The first of the home meets for the
Missouri Tigers, it showed the talents of the newcomers to MU, including
that of Jessica Haag who did excellent for her first home meet. Siri
Larsen proved why she was a highly ranked gymnast by doing very well


1. 9.775  Michigan State         Siri Larsen
2. 9.75   Michigan State         Erin Mullen
3. 9.675  Michigan State         Jamie Elwell
          Michigan State         Carole McMenamy
5. 9.55   Illinois State         Kristina Green
6. 9.525  University of Missouri Jessica Haag

Uneven Bars

1. 9.85   Michigan State         Carolyn Hecht
2. 9.825  University of Missouri Chrissy Harkey
          Illinois-Chicago       Emily McKee
4. 9.775  Illinois-Chicago       Jill Lauricella
          Michigan State         Siri Larsen
6. 9.725  Illinois-Chicago       Tamara Tifft

Balance Beam

1. 9.55   Michigan State         Siri Larsen
          Illinois-Chicago       Melinda Blondis
3. 9.525  Illinois-Chicago       Wendi Farquharson
          Michigan State         Carole McMenamy
5. 9.475  Michigan State         Jodi Blotcher
6. 9.425  University of Missouri Chrissy Harkey

Floor Ex.

1. 9.75   University of Missouri Chrissy Harkey
          Michigan State         Siri Larsen
3. 9.725  Yale                   Heather Simpson
4. 9.625  Yale                   Anna Mitescu
5. 9.6    Illinois-Chicago       (no information)
          Illinois-Chicago       Rachel Heinisch


1. 38.85   Michigan State         Siri Larsen
2. 37.775  University of Missouri Chrissy Harkey
3. 37.675  Illinois-Chicago       Emily McKee
4. 37.525  Michigan State         Carolyn Hecht
           Yale                   Anna Mitescu
6. 36.75   University of Missouri Jessica Haag

Team Totals

1. 190.05  Michigan State
2. 188.5   Illinois-Chicago
3. 184.675 Illinois State
4. 183.6   University of Missouri
5. 182.6   Yale

Anything missed? Comments? Questions? Email me at:


Date:    Mon, 22 Jan 1996 16:28:19 -0800
Subject: GYMN-L Collegiate Update v.1, no.7

                      GYMN-L's Collegiate Update
                           Volume 1, no. 7
                             Jan. 22, 1996


1. Alabama-Auburn Report (W)
2. Rocky Mountain Open (M) Results
3. Windy City Open (M), 1996
4. 1996 Shakespeare's Festival (W)
5. Stanford-UC Davis (W) Report
6. Alabama/Penn State/Nebraska (W) Report


    *****Item number 1.7.1*****

From: ***
Date:          Thu, 18 Jan 1996 09:10:59 CDT
Subject:       Alabama-Auburn (W) Report

The No. 1-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide beat No. 19 Auburn over the
weekend by a score of 194.45 to 189.6.  Auburn had 4 falls on bars
and a few on vault. Alabama swept the top 3 spots in all of the
events except for a tie for first on balance beam with Auburn's Becky
Erwin, who is coming back from injury.
Auburn is in the best shape that I have ever seen.  They have
increased their difficulty tremendously.  They have 3 full-ins on
floor and some tough bars and beam sets.  Look for them to be a
challenge later on in the season.
Bama's Meredith Willard took top spot in the all-around with a
39.075.  Stephanie Woods won bars with a 9.925 after being sick the
whole week and only practicing one day.  Walk-on Mandy Chapman, from
North Carolina, tied for first on beam with 9.85.

Those are the highlights.



    *****Item number 1.7.2*****

From: ***
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 1996 14:09:05 -0500
Subject: Rocky Mountain Open (M) Results

'96 Rocky Mountain Open
Colorado Springs, CO

Men's Team:
1. USOTC 226.675
2. New Mexico 221.525
3. Nebraska 220.475
4. Brigham Young 217.225
5. Oklahoma 215.45
6. Massachusetts 212.5
7. Air Force 209.9
8. Arizona State 196.4

1. Darren Elg (BYU) 57.175

EF --

1. Daniel Stover (OU) 9.6625

1. Kendall Schiess (UNM) 9.725

1. Gary Deok (OTC) 9.65

4. Garon Rowland (OU) 9.4

1. John Macready (OTC) 9.6
2. Daniel Stover (OU) 9.5125

1. Richard Grace (NU) 9.7

1. John Macready (OTC) 9.825

*Results via _The Daily Oklahoman_  (21 Jan. '96)

*Apologies for any mispelled names. I changed the ones I knew were wrong
(like "Jon McReedy"), but I assume there might still be errors in the ones I
was unfamilar with.



    *****Item number 1.7.3*****

From: ***
Subject: Windy City Open (M), 1996
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 1996 18:52:53 -0700 (MST)

Following is a brief report from the Windy City Open; significantly
more information can be found by webbing to:

This includes a greatly expanded highlights section.  Those without
WWW access can request the text from me by email (
                         1996 Windy City Open

Teams represented: * Capital Gymnastics Club * Columbus Gymnastics
Academy * Iowa * Michigan * Michigan State * Minnesota * Ohio State *
Penn State * Temple * University of Illinois-Chicago * University of
Illinois- Urbana Champaign * Western Michigan University

Meet Recap

The Windy City Open, hosted by University of Illinois-Chicago,
celebrated its 25th anniversary this year with promising performances
by the Big Ten teams. Ohio State trounced their competition, winning
back the title that they lost to Iowa in 1995. All teams were a little
rough around the edges, which is of course expected this early in the

With nine teams and three groups of individuals, each team had a bye
every other rotation. Ohio State and Iowa, the two strongest teams of
the meet, were paired together (by coincidence) and began their day on
high bar. After floor exercise, Ohio State, held a slim lead of
.15. However, Iowa, defending Windy City champions, met their maker on
pommel horse -- I saw at least five falls, and I didn't watch all of
the routines. After rings, Ohio State had gained more than three
points on Iowa and held on easily through vault and p-bars to win the
meet by over three and a half points.


Twisting in general - on rings (two or three different gymnasts):
swing forward, full twist, two consecutive Yamawakis between the
crossed straps, swing backward full twist; on floor: front fulls
directly out of another twisting skill. Best was Shannon Welker (UIC)
did whip-1/2 into two layout front fulls. High bar: Mike Morgan threw
a full-twisting Jaeger (Winkler).

Ohio State - high bar: two Gaylord II's (Doug Stibel); Drew Durbin's
inverts were completely laid out, with zero pike on the last quarter
of the giant.  floor: double layout for the second pass

UIC - on floor: punch front, punch front one and half roll-out (who?);
tucked double back, immediate back tuck (Carey Reddick). In addition
to Welker's front twisting tumbling pass described above, he also did
a full-in without using his hands(!). vault: one handed double twist

Iowa - on floor: piked Arabian double front (Camiscioli) high bar:
4-release sequence from Vogt (piked Tkatchev, two Tkatchevs, Gienger),
who dismounted with only a double tuck(?).

Minnesota - floor: full-ins from almost everyone on the team. vault:
great distance from Harrington

Illinois - high bar: outstanding half-in half-out double layout
dismount from McGlaun. (2/2 in finals)

Prisk - rings: two consecutive Olympic Maltese's, one facing each

Penn State - McSparren, easily the floor champion, throws two double
layouts, one each for his opening and closing passes.

Michigan State - vault: great distance from Keith Douglas.


1 Ohio State 223.550; 2 Iowa 219.875; 3 UIC 216.350; 4 Penn State
215.100; 5 U of Illinois 214.650; 6 Minnesota 213.450

                                FX   PH   SR   VT   PB   HB  Total
  1 Drew Durbin       OSU      9.30 9.55 9.30 9.10 8.85 9.65  55.75
  2 Mike Morgan       OSU      9.15 9.35 9.25 9.40 8.90 9.10  55.25
  3 Aaron Cotter      Iowa     9.10 8.75 9.40 9.25 8.80 9.70  55.00
  4 Tim Elsner        OSU      9.45 8.65 9.15 9.55 8.90 9.10  54.80
  5 Yuval Ayalon      Illinois 8.90 8.55 9.40 9.25 9.25 9.15  54.50
  6 Yyler Vogt        Iowa     8.90 8.70 9.15 9.55 8.75 9.40  54.45

Event Finals

   Floor Exercise                        Pommel Horse
   ----------------------------------    ----------------------------------
 1 Steve McSparren  Penn State  9.700  1 Mark Sohn        ?           9.912
 2 Shannon Welker   UIC         9.637  2 Drew Durbin      Ohio State  9.762
 3 Drew Durbin      Ohio State  9.475  3 Chase Penny      UIC         9.635

   Still Rings                           Vault
   ----------------------------------    ----------------------------------
 1 Blaine Wilson    Ohio State  9.800  1 Keith Douglas    Mich. State 9.500
 2 Dave Eckert      Ohio State  9.750  2 Tim Elsner       Ohio State  9.425
 3 Jason Orna       UIC         9.650  3 Chris Harrington Minnesota   9.400

   Parallel Bars                         High Bar
   ----------------------------------    ----------------------------------
 1 Blaine Wilson    Ohio State  9.675  1 Drew Durbin      Ohio State  9.800
 2 Stephen Bello    Mich. State 9.425  2 Tyler Vogt       Iowa        9.712
 3 Joe Duda         Mich. State 9.375  3 Greg McGlaun     Illinois    9.550


    *****Item number 1.7.4*****

Date:         Sun, 21 Jan 96 20:35:11 CST
From: ***
Subject:      1996 Shakespeare's Festival (W)

6th Annual Shakespeare's Festival
Columbia, MO
Teams competing:  University of Missouri-Columbia
                  University of Illinois-Chicago
                  Illinois State University
                  Michigan State University
                  Yale University

First of all, I would like to tip my hat to those of you who have reported on
NCAA meets with three or more teams, in the past.  This is my first try at it,
and let me tell you, it was hard to keep track of so many athletes!  I mostly
watched my school, U. of Missouri, since it was my first chance to see the team
this year, but I was sure to watch Michigan State's Siri Larsen.  She was
awesome!  Larsen opened on beam with a 9.55 (the highest beam score of the
meet!) and just got better.  She opened her floor routine with a whip through
to a _high_ double back, continued with another double back and ended with a
double full.  She scored a 9.75 to win yet another event.  Her vault was a nice
h.s tucked front for a 9.775 and yet another first place finish.  Larsen ended
on bars with some great combinations to clinch the all-around title, the Juliet
Award.  What's impressive is that she won by more than a point, defeating
Missouri's Chrissy Harkey by more than a point, (38.85-37.775).
    Harkey, one of my all-time favorite gymnasts, had two strong events,
tying Larsen for first on floor (great dance, double back mount) and finishing
2nd on bars, tying her career-high mark on the event with a 9.825 (Tkatchev,
toe-on front dismount).  Finishing 3rd, was Illinois-Chicago's Emily McKee, who
had a good meet, except for a nasty fall on beam on a side somi.
    Two more highlights:
         1) Latrice Walker (UIC) opened her floor routine with a RO-whipback-
            IMMEDIATE double back!  She continued with a high double pike and a
            double full for a 9.6 (she was third up for her team).
         2) Missouri walk-on Kelly McKinnie performed a Tkatchev on bars
            immediately into two German giant swings.  Very cool; the home
            crowd loved it.


TEAM:                                 ALL-AROUND:
1)  Michigan State       190.075      1)  Siri Larsen MSU       38.850
2)  Illinois-Chicago     188.500      2)  Chrissy Harkey MU     37.775
3)  Illinois State       184.675      3)  Emily McKee UIC       37.675
4)  Missouri             183.600      4)  Anna Mitescu Yale     37.525
5)  Yale                 182.600          Carolyn Hecht MSU     37.525
                                      6)  Jessica Haag MU       36.750

VAULT:                                UNEVEN BARS:
1)  Siri Larsen MSU        9.775      1)  Carolyn Hecht MSU      9.850
2)  Erin Mullen MSU        9.750      2)  Chrissy Harkey MU      9.825
3)  Jamie Ellwell MSU      9.675          Emily McKee UIC        9.825
4)  Carole McMenamy MSU    9.575      4)  Jill Lauricella UIC    9.775
5)  ?                      9.550          Siri Larsen MSU        9.775
6)  Jessica Haag MU        9.525      6)  Tamara Tifft UIC       9.725

BALANCE BEAM:                         FLOOR EXERCISE:
1)  Siri Larsen MSU        9.550      1)  Siri Larsen MSU        9.750
    Melinda Blondis UIC    9.550          Chrissy Harkey MU      9.750
3)  Wendi Farquharson ISU  9.525      3)  Heather Simpson Yale   9.725
    Carole McMenamy MSU    9.525      4)  Anna Mitescu Yale      9.625
5)  Jodi Blotcher MSU      9.475      5)  Latrice Walker UIC     9.600
6)  Chrissy Harkey MU      9.425          Rachael Heinisch ISU   9.600

The Missouri Tigers's next meet is 1/27 vs. Nebraska at Lincloln.


    *****Item number 1.7.5*****

Date: Mon, 22 Jan 96
From: ***
Subject: Stanford-UC Davis Report (W)

                     Stanford vs. UC Davis
                        Jan. 19, 1995
                       Burnham Pavilion

Overall Results:

1. Stanford 189.375
2. UC Davis 180.875

All-Around       Monahan   Stanford   38.725
Vault            Murakami  Stanford    9.775
Uneven Bars      Monahan   Stanford    9.600
Balance Beam     Monahan   Stanford    9.775
Floor Exercise   Moore     Stanford    9.650

Stanford actually swept the top three in all events, including all-around.
(Davis didn't have any entries.)  More complete results are available at:


Since I was watching this meet (and mostly the Stanford gymnasts at that)
through my camera lens, I can't give too much of an actual report, and what
I can give is just Stanford stuff.

On vault, everyone did a handspring front tuck, except for Keri Monahan, who
piked it.  There a lot of falls, as there were on all of the events.  I
think Stanford counted at least one fall on each event.  Most impressive to
me was the fact that two fresh(wo)men are in the vault lineup doing HS

On bars, everyone did at least one release move above the high bar.  I
haven't developed all of the film yet, and I can't remember exactly who
did what, but I think there were: a couple of Tkachevs, at least one Yeager,
a Delchev, a Hindorff (that was Monahan), and at least one Geinger.  One
routine had both a Tkachev and a Geinger, and it was by one of the freshmen.
I apologize for the blurriness, but I haven't seen enough of this team to
feel as familiar as I have in other years.  Hopefully my next report will
be a little more detailed.

Beam was the best event of the day for the Cardinal as no falls were counted.
(I was wrong above.)  I can't provide any details, as I was
concentrating too much on individual frames to see the flow of the routine.
I will try to be a little more informative next time.

Floor exercise definitely left room for improvement.  Three people had falls.
This was probably due to first-meet jitters and/or early-season cobwebs.
Floor exercise should be a strong event for the Cardinal once the falls
are eliminated.  This team has some talented dancers and very nice
choreography.  I believe that Interim Head Coach Lisa Izzi is still doing
the choreography, and it's incredible to me how much the choreography has
changed and, IMO, improved from last year given the responsibilities she
has added since last year.

In short, this team has a lot of potential if they can clean things up and
stay healthy.  It is a small but young team, with significan contributions
from the freshmen, so this bodes well for future seasons as well.

Next up is a three-way meet at Arizona with UCLA on the 26th.


    *****Item number 1.7.6*****

From: ***
Date:          Mon, 22 Jan 1996 15:51:25 CDT
Subject:       Alabama/Penn. State/Nebraska Report (W)

January 20, 1996
Alabama vs Nebraska/Penn State

The #1 ranked Crimson Tide did it again this weekend, without the
services of All-Americans Kim Kelly and Kim Bonaventura, posting a score
of 195.6 to Penn State's 191.7 and Nebraska's 189.45.  Bama was led
once again by Junior Meredith Willard.  She posted a 39.35 in the
all-around, including a 9.85 on vault and 9.9 on floor.  Bama's
Stephanie Woods topped out on bars with a 9.9 and Danielle McAdams
won beam with a 9.8.  Nebraska's Joy Taylor placed 3rd on bars and 3rd
in the all-around.
Nebraska started on beam and at least 4 out of the six gymnast fell.
Nebraska and Penn State look strong with a lot of difficulty on bars
and beam, however.  More consistency and their scores should be

Shawn A.


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Date:    Mon, 22 Jan 1996 18:12:42 -0700
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: Collegiate information

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Patrick's address is



Date:    Mon, 22 Jan 1996 21:49:20 -0400
Subject: The Client

I normally don't watch this show (although I liked the movie), but looking
in next week's TV Guide, I see this episode description:

"When her friend's daughter (Noley Thornton*) competes in the Olympic
 gymnastic trials, Reggie gets to see the sport's unpleasant flip side:
 an overbearing coach has the girl bending over backwards to win --
 no matter what the cost.  Meanwhile, Reggie goes to the mat with the
 IRS after being billed for $95,000 in back taxes."

I don't know who the coach is, but there's a character named "Yuri" who
is played by a Sherman Howard.  Welcome to Stereotype World...

*Noley Thornton is the kid who played Luke Perry's sister on BH90210.

The show airs Tuesday January 30, 1996 on CBS at 8pm EST.  Write to CBS
at  It doesn't look like they read any of our letters
arising from the "60 Minutes" crapola.




Date:    Mon, 22 Jan 1996 21:56:14 -0500
From:    ***@UMICH.EDU
Subject: Gymnastics Insider

Hi everyone.

I just subscribed to the Gymnastics Insider, a newsletter for NCAA
gymnastics.  It is excellent.  It has blurbs about all the ranked teams,
meet results, and early signing info.  If you are an NCAA gymn fan you
may want to get it.


Date:    Mon, 22 Jan 1996 22:13:49 -0700
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: Reese's Conference

Hey Gymn friends,

This Saturday, beginning at 10pm EST, I will be hosting a LIVE
conference of the Reese's Cup in Portland!  If you are a subscriber of
USA Gymnastics Online, I invite you to join me in the conference area.

If you are not a USAGO subscriber, but would like to try it out, then
see the end of this message for directions on how to get online with
them.  You get a free five hour trial, so logon on Saturday, join me
in conference, and if you like it, cool beans, if you don't, then you
still have the option to cancel with two hours to spare (the
conference will last three hours).

Directly following is information from USA Gymnastics regarding the
Reese's (competitors, etc), and then following that is information
from the Electronic Resources for Gymnastics Index about USAGO!.


1996 Reese's International Gymnastics Cup
Portland Rose Garden
Portland, Oregon
Saturday January 27, 1996

Online Reporter: Rachele

Time: 7:00-10:00 PM (Portland time - later on the east coast and mid

Join USA Gymnastics Online for the first live event coverage in 1996!
USA Gymnastics plans other live coverage of events in 1996 here on

Type of Competition:

  Modified rules - Participants can wear costumes, etc. Emphasis is on
        performance/entertainment appeal as well as technical value.

  Judges: The competition will be judged by both accredited and
        celebrity judges.

  Men's and Women's Individual Events (no vault)
  Rhythmic will perform an exhibition.

  Prize money will be awarded to the top 3 places in the all-around
        and the individual events: 1) $2,500; 2) $1,500; 3) $500

Confirmed Participants to Date:
  Men - Dimitri Bilozerchev, Scott Keswick, Vitaly Marinich, Valentin
        Moguilny, Paul O'Neill, John Roethlisberger, Bill Roth, and
        Chris Waller.
  Women - Svetlana Boguinskaia, Wendy Bruce, Brandy Johnson-Scharpf,
        Missy Marlowe, Kristie Phillips, Hope Spivey-Sheeley, and
        Chelle Stack.
  Rhythmic - Brooke Bushnell and Vanessa Vander Plum.

Qualifying Prerequisite: Gymnasts must be a previous World
Championships, Pan American Games, Goodwill Games, or Olympic Games

Television Broadcast: CBS - March 30, 1996

To join the coverage and the fun...
> Log-on to USA Gymnastics Online on Delphi
> Go To the CONFERENCE area
> Type: WHO
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USA Gymnastics Online!

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Date:    Tue, 23 Jan 1996 00:36:45 -0600
Subject: Left and Right

When I was doing Rythmic Gymnastics I could do a very good split with my
right leg in front and by left leg behind me, but I could never get my
legs to work the otherway round.  My right leg would simply not fully
extend behind me so I was left kneeling.  I am right handed.



Date:    Tue, 23 Jan 1996 00:53:59 -0800
From:    ***@IX.NETCOM.COM
Subject: LA Lights Rhythmic Invitational

  I just got back from the LA lights Invite, held in Culver City Jan. 19
& 20th.  It was their 13th annual meet and they had a great field.
Gymnasts from Russia, Canada, Czech Republic, Korea, Australia, and the
US competed.
  The meet was well run except for a power failure in the middle of the
first day!  The competetion had to be postponed until the next day,
which made for a very long night.  However, despite that little set
back, everything went well.
  Russia sent thier top national team members, including World Champion
Amina Zaripova.  She was incredible to watch, especially with the ball.
 Unfortunatly, she had some problems on every event and it was her
teammate, Yulia Barsukova who stole the show.  Barsukova started with
ball and performed to Swan Lake (her start and finish were exactly the
same as Oksana Biuel -sp).  The routine caused goose bumps and the
judges gave her a perfect ten.  Natalie Lacuesta (US Jr. National Champ)
was also competing and did very well.  The crowd seemed to like her fast
paced, graceful style.  It is to bad that there is only one Olympic slot
open, because I think Natalie would do quite well.  Canada sent several
strong teams from various clubs.  Their most impressive gymnast was the
dramatic Camille Martens who captured third place with strong
performances and tons of additude.
  For the level 10 Jrs, the star of the show was Russia's Alina Kabaeva.
 She stole everyone's heart with her incredible style, flexabilty, and
never ending smile.  It was fun to see this gymnast because she is
definatly one of Russia's best and will most likly be in the Olympics.
  For anyone in the LA area next year this is really a must see meet.
Alla Svirsky (the meet director) does a great job at pulling everything
together and keeping things going.  BTW, levels 6, 7, 8, and 9  Jr. &
Sr. were also competing so if anyone has any questions, e-mail me and I
will reply.


Sorry for the typing & spelling mistakes, I am writing this very late at


Date:    Tue, 23 Jan 1996 01:22:00 -0800
From:    ***@IX.NETCOM.COM
Subject: LA Lights-Some Results

I only have part of the results, sorry.

Level 10 Sr.

1. Yulia Barsukova (Russia National)-scored 2 tens
2. Amina Zaripova (Russia National)  * 0.600
3. Camille Martens (Kalev, Canada)  0.850
4. Leona Siswartonova (CZECH)  1.250
=5. Min Jung Kim (Korea)  1.300
=5. Katerina Slegrova (CZECH)  1.300
7. Jody Miller (Edmonton RSG)  1.350
=8. Kristyna Sraibrova (CZECH)  1.400
=8. Gretchen McLennan (Club Elite Rhymthics)  1.400
10. Natalie Lacuesta (Rhythmic Gems)  1.450
11. Meaghan Muller (Atlanta International)  1.500
12. Iveta Simunkova (CZECH) 1.550
13. Tara Reeves (Australia)  1.600
14. Ellin Kim (Club Elite Rhythmics)  1.700
15. Aja Shimizu (Ontario Gym. Fed.)  1.750

Level 10 Jr.

1. Yelena Shalamova (Russia Dinamo)
2. Alina Kabaeva (Russia National)  0.650
3. Irina Buzichkina (Russia Dinamo)  1.800
4. Kate Jeffres (Rhythmiflex)  2.500
5. Emilie Livingston (Kalev, Canada)  2.550
6. Johanna Schoemaker (Rhythmiflex)  2.700
=7. Aicela Rosado (LASG)  2.900
=7. Tereza Mullerova (CZECH)  2.900
9. Julie Lombara (Ontario Gym. Fed.)  3.350
10. Kassy Scharringhauser (Atlanta International)  3.550

* how many points from first

On a final note, I saw a girl in the level 9 Jr's that I think should be
watched.  She won the AA and has great style and poise, her name is
Heilie Isaacs (Rythmic Gems).  Has anyone ever heard of her before?


End of GYMN-L Digest - 22 Jan 1996 to 23 Jan 1996