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Topics in this special issue:

  1. Nationals Questions (2)
  2. Skating fans bummed, too, over coverage
  3. Nationals (2)
  4. Re[2]: Coverage
  5. Lost Mail
  6. Sr Women AA
  7. Questions for Gym owners
  8. World University Games - men
  9. ESPN Net Article
 10. new beam
 11. Team 2000 Optional scores
 12. rhythmics
 13. IOWA info
 14. Whatever happened to... (2)
 15. Help me quit!!
 16. From TPTB at NBC
 17. Brief thoughts on Nationals
 18. Introduction
 19. Shannon College-bound
 20. Forsters
 21. Nationals Videos
 22. Dominque M.'s UB routine
 23. Shannon and Dom..
 24. 1995 Hapoel Games
 25. ROM-GER Dual Meet
 26. 1995 Golden Sands Tournament
 27. Assorted Thoughts on USAs/Worlds


Date:    Sun, 20 Aug 1995 21:33:27 +0000
From:    ***@EFN.ORG
Subject: Nationals Questions

Hello Gymners!

I have some questions for those of you who were at Nationals and for
those who watched the coverage.

1. What happened to Kerri?  Both in terms of her performance in the
AA (how did she do? I know she placed 4th, but what did her skills
look like, what caused her problems, etc.) and in terms of her
demeanor, the old, intense, perfectionist Kerri.

2. What, if anything, happened to Shannon in warm-ups or training?
The close-up of her before the meet started looked like she had tears
in her eyes already.  If nothing else, she certainly didn't look like
the old, confident Shannon who was in 1st place with a pretty good
lead.  Did she fall in warm-ups?  Have a rough training?  Also, can
one of you tell me what she looked like on the awards stand?  I
understand that last year she was able to smile, even while taking
the silver.  She seemed really crushed this year though.

3. Did anyone feel like the air of the meet was a little gloomy?  It
seemed so to me, but it could just be how it was portrayed.  If not
for Moceanu's bright smile, it could have been mistaken for a wake!
Many of the athletes seemed off their game and I suspect more than
just Dom and Shannon were in tears.

Thanks in advance for responding to my questions,



Date:    Mon, 21 Aug 1995 00:16:05 +0500
From:    ***@CLARK.NET
Subject: Skating fans bummed, too, over coverage

I took the liberty of forwarding the note from David Michaels at NBC to one
of my skating buddies.  I thought I would share her reply with you.

>Vicki,  I don't know whether to laugh or what! I'm *not* surprised that
>David Michaels is reading the Gymn List. I quickly checked to see who had
>written the note and just knew it was him. I know he reads the Skating
>newsgroup but whether he reads the Skating List, I couldn't say.
>You may remember me mentioning Paul's Landover on ice comment.

Paul Wylie said after his Schindler's List routine "This is for them".  NBC
reported it as "That was a flop".  NBC had a chance to correct this the
following day (or performance), but never did.  This really upset the
skating fans and, it turns out, Paul Wylie.

Well, a lot
>of people, including me, were upset with NBC at how lightly they handled
>everything. He heard an earful from a lot of us. Anyway, I'm not suprised
>with his note.

>Sue Cone, whom I mentioned before, just posted a note on the Skating List
>asking for an Internet address for NBC, she was also complaining about
>their gymnastics coverage. Which she sayss will bode ill for their skating
>coverage. I'm about to send Dave Michaels' address to the Skating List.
>Unless he's changed it, it's   Maybe you want to pass
>that along either to the Gymn List or to a friend. And if you should hear
>anything different please let me know.

The die-hard skaters have been bummed with the coverage for quite awhile.
All of us, skaters and gymnasts, realize that these events are marketed to
the general public and not the true fans.  While the general format may not
be able to be changed, hopefully our comments will be taken into account for
the nuances, such as camera angles, more intelligent and factual
commentaries, etc.


Date:    Mon, 21 Aug 1995 06:29:19 CST
Subject: Re: Nationals

        I want to share with PDeranged my thanks to those of you at
        Nationals who kept us informed of what was going on.

        Especially to Rachele and Lisa Cozzens. Thank you very much.



Date:    Mon, 21 Aug 1995 06:35:19 CST
Subject: Re[2]: Coverage

     I agree about the coverage, they didn't even show the guys, just a
     quick shot of Rothlisberger. I wanted to see the guys, specially the


Date:    Mon, 21 Aug 1995 06:34:26 -0600
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: Lost Mail

We've had some complaints from Gymners not receiving mail over the
last five days.  As far as I know, all of those complaints have been
coming from AOL subscribers.  I heard at least two people say this was
a problem on AOL's side.  If you know of someone who had *not* been
getting mail, and is *not* on AOL, then please let me know...



Date:    Mon, 21 Aug 1995 06:50:02 -0600
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: Sr Women AA

Sorry this is late, but I had lots of meetings the last two days to
attend and since Lisa was doing such a good job, I decided that my
writeup could wait until I had time to do it properly...  ;)

1995 U.S. Championships
Superdome, New Orleans, LA

Women's Gymnastics, Senior Finals commentary
19 August 1995, Friday

This was a fairly disappointing competition.  In essence, there *was*
no competition; the winner, Moceanu, was the only contender to hit all
eight of her routines over the two days (just as John Roethlisberger
was the only man to hit all twelve of his routines).

1. Dominique Moceanu

Dominque started on vault and continued through the events in Olympic
rotation. In the press conference she commented that the rotations
were very good for her. Her vaults, both Yurchenkos with 1.5 twists
were each pretty high and far, but each landed with a hop. On bars she
threw her normal routine (Shaposhnikova mount; Gienger; Tkatchev;
double layout) with a stuck landing.  If only her toes could be more
pointed!  Her beam routine was, in my opinion, her best routine of the
night.  She landed her ff to three layouts without a quiver. I do like
her shoulderstand mount, too.  Moceanu had a slight check on her "oak
tree" (back dive to handstand with 1/4 turn) but planted her double
tuck dismount.  For floor, Dominique was the last competitor of the
rotation and the night, and threw a very watered down floor routine,
no doubt to protect her lead (can we say "Karolyi"?): piked full-in
mount; front handspring, front full, front layout (which she doesn't
actually _land_, but rather finishes by bouncing straight up -- is
this in the Code?  I ask you.); 2.5 twist, punch front.  Moceanu has
done a double layout in exhibition, and in the press conference she
acknowledged removing a double front (?) from her routines.  Moceanu
is the *darling* of the press... all of the writers talked about what
a great story she makes. She is charming in the press conference,
smiling at all the right times and giving answers which make everyone
to laugh.

2. Shannon Miller

The meet began with a disappointment for Miller -- she missed her ff
to three layout pass on balance beam.  She also somewhat bobbled her
gainer layout to arabesque (which is cool, nonetheless).  She used her
old beam mount (reverse planche with knee up) as opposed to her front
on. After this rotation, however, the night went pretty well for
Miller.  Next was floor, where her new routine has the same flavor as
her Barcelona routine (classical with stringy violin). Her tumbling
included 4 passes: piked full-in; 1.5 twist, ff, layout step-out; (not
sure of this pass) front ff, 1.5 twist, layout stepout; tucked full-in
(lunge).  Folks, she certainly ain't "old"!!  ;) For vault, her layout
Hristakieva (first vault-- some pike), was planted but the second one
(Tsuk-1/2) had even more pike, and a hop on the landing (9.95?? -
these vaulting bonus rules are weird).  On bars, Miller demonstrated
an exact hop full (we're talking 360 here) to Gienger, a Tkatchev, and
full-in dismount.  However, on her shoot through to handstand on low,
she almost lost it, arching almost until her legs were parallel to the
floor. Her resulting score (9.75) was too high considering this near

Miller has a great interview presence now.  She answers the media's
questions completely, finishing thoughts and sentences and sounding
very poised.  I am glad to see Miller coming on so strong in her
media-hyped "old age."  The thought that a female elite gymnast is
finished at 16 is ridiculous, and it's about time that someone proved
this myth wrong.

3. Jaycie Phelps

Gotta love her toe point!  This is a beautiful gymnast, with extension
on all events. Her beam included a cool split leap to punch front, but
she unfortunately put her hands down on the dismount (double back).
The outstanding moment of the night though was when Phelps hit her
double front on floor!  I don't think that her floor music necessarily
suits her; I preferred her straight classical look.  But while I
prefer her old routine, I do like this one too, and it makes the
audience sit up straighter.  A good thing.  Jaycie had the highest
bars score of the night: 9.85. I missed this routine though as I was
changing seats at the time.

4. Dominique Dawes

This had to be a hard competition for Dominique -- going from an
historic sweep of all medals in 1994 to 4th place in 1995.  Floor went
well for Dominique, per usual. She hit her Yurchenko 1.5 quite well,
but needed to take several steps on her piked front. Dawes almost
missed her bars set by pulling her free-hip Tkatchev (Hindoorf) too
close, and she did miss her beam set by being so off on the first
layout that she couldn't go into her second (and therefore third--she
was planning on three layouts).  Dawes had a great full-out off
bars... both she and Strug get great height.

5. Kerri Strug

Welcome back Kerri. Glad to see this gymnast back in action. Her bars
were supreme with a giant, blind change, Jaeger; a giant, blind change
full pirrouette; a Tkatchev; and a full-out dismount. In rotation two
Strug competed beam, an event which did not go well for her. She
attempted a ff, layout, layout but the second layout unexpectedly
turned into an awkward and unplanned straddled swingdown. Maybe it was
supposed to be a straddled swingdown and she just hit it wrong?
However, this is where one would write "and her experience came into
play" or something similar.  ;) Strug competed an improved double
layout on floor (the legs are still not completely straight, but the
height was very good). Her music is not the Nutracker, btw, but the
Hall of the Mountain King, same as Laschenova and many other gymnasts.

6. Mary Beth Arnold

Arnold, in the same rotation as Miller, started out on beam. She
experienced problems on this event but dismounted with a very good
double back tuck (high, legs together, all that good stuff).  I really
like both her tango music and triple twist on floor, and her bars were
fluid with a great double layout dismount. It's somewhat amazing to me
how common this dismount has become...

7. Doni Thompson

Everyone likes Doni Thompson, especially the cameras, apparently,
which seem to follow her around a lot. Her best routine of the night
was bars (9.8), which included a wrong way Tkatchev, excellent front
swinging work, and a (yes, really) double layout dismount. Beam was
pretty good for Doni also, although she did incur deductions with a
step on her dismount, and also a small check on her ff, layout, ff,
layout pass. Floor was Doni's downfall, with an overrotated full-in
mount that threw her out of bounds.

8. Amy Chow

Amy, like all the others, did not have the meet that she hoped for on
this night. Her best event was vault where her only mistake was a step
on each _double_ twisting Yurchenko (!). While I do have notes on her
bar routine, I did not record the mistakes she made so I don't know
why she warranted only a 9.425 on this event.  Her routine includes
great Stalder/Endo work and a double double dismount.  (Sounds like
something you'd order at McDonald's, doesn't it?  "I'll have a double
double, no pickles, hold the mayo.") I really like her Arabian double
front 1/2 out on floor. However, beam claimed her as yet another
victim on this night, as she fell outright once, barely (but
dramatically) saved her ff, full twist, and then dismounted without
the oomph to get her triple twist all the way around.

Other notes:

Kara Fry (Parkettes) showed a cool jam on high bar, pop open and hop
to handstand on low (that's as best as I can describe it, certainly
someone can do better).  I think it might be called a Zuchold, but I
don't know.

Liz Reid (Karon's) is perhaps the most under-recognized gymnast on the
USA National Team right now.  She is *gorgeous* -- such beautiful form
with such difficulty.  She demonstrated a Stalder hop Endo immediate
inverts to double front dismount on bars (I hope I got that
right). Unfortunately she put her hand down and took a step on the
dismount.  She had great dance on floor, and threw layout
Hristakieva's _with arch_.  Man almighty.

Alecia Ingram (Dynamo) mounted beam with a great piked back onto the
beam.  It's a very solid- looking mount and looks even more so because
of her long legs and good form.

Kristen Maloney (Parkettes) throws not one, but two Rulfovas in her
beam routine. The first was particularly impressive in all-around
finals because she had fallen on her mount, got back up on the beam,
and after a couple quick poses nailed the Rulfova.

Dree Pickens (Cypress) -- if I caught her bars dismount correctly, it
was a toe-on front with 1.5 twists.  Whoo hoo!

Deidre Graham (Olympus) showed some originality on beam with a switch
leap, punch front, and also a cartwheel into gainer layout.

Again, correct me if I caught this wrong, but I think I saw Tami
Taylor (Scats) dismount with a back 2.5 twist off of beam??

Rachel Rochelli (Cypress) threw a Shushunova (full-twisting Tkatchev)
on bars.

Best bars dismount: Either Liz Reid (but she messed up hers) or Mohini
Bhardwaj (Brown's), who manages to land, quite well, a tight
_full-twisting double layout_.

Katie Teft had a nice hop full to Tkatchev on bars, though her double
layout dismount was somewhat whippy.

Most powerful double layouts: Heather Brink (Dynamo) and Kellee Davis
(American Twisters), and Kerri Strug too.  All were high -- but all
had knee breaks.

Monica Flammer (Cypress) had a unique reverse planche on beam. In a
handstand sideways on the beam, she twisted 45 degrees and then
lowered to a reverse planche.  Makes you blink and rub your eyes.  ;)

Optional scores of top ten:

   Gymnast                  VT      UB      BB      FX      AA
1. Moceanu                 9.900   9.825   9.850   9.800   39.375
2. Miller                  9.950   9.750   9.375   9.825   38.900
3. Phelps                  9.825   9.850   9.200   9.825   38.700
4. Dawes                   9.950   9.800   9.525   9.800   39.075
5. Strug                   9.800   9.825   8.850   9.800   38.275
6. Arnold                  9.675   9.750   9.350   9.475   38.250
7. Thompson                9.525   9.800   9.675   8.950   37.950
8. Chow                    9.775   9.425   8.400   9.425   37.025
9. Teft                    9.325   9.425   9.425   9.650   37.825
10. Brink                  9.950   9.600   9.325   9.675   38.550

Yours in gymnastics,


Date:    Mon, 21 Aug 1995 09:20:59 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Questions for Gym owners

Hi Everyone! Just got back from Congress and there are a couple of questions
that I didn't get an answer to.  If anyone can help out I would appreciate

1) What type of lawsuit insurance do you need to carry for owning a gym?

2) What are the hours and prices you charge for your students? For example: A
level 5 gymnist comes 9 hours a week and pays $70 a month.  Is this a fair



Date:    Mon, 21 Aug 1995 07:19:56 -0600
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: World University Games - men

As some of you know, Nationals served as a qualifier to the World
University Games team for men.  The poor guys had to leave on Friday
night for San Francisco to be processed (which is why they didn't
compete in event finals).  The guys on the team are:

Josh Birckelbaw (Cal)
Tiler Vogt (Iowa)
Brent Klaus (International)
Jason Christie (Nebraska)
Keith Wiley (Stanford)
and, I think, Rick Kieffer (Gold Cup).

Don't know who the alternate is...



Date:    Mon, 21 Aug 1995 09:08:00 -0500
From:    ***@MERCK.COM
Subject: ESPN Net Article

I haven't caught up reading my E_Mail from this weekend but In case no one
else has mentioned it, there is an article on ESPNET on this weekend's
Nationals.  The address is:

I believe there is a copyright restriction on it so I won't 'copy' it here
now but let  me know if there isn't and I'll copy it.  ( I really don't have
time to investigate this myself.)

Talk to you latter!



Date:    Mon, 21 Aug 1995 09:47:22 EDT
From:    ***@AI.MIT.EDU
Subject: Re: new beam

>The beam is 4 inches wide.
>The beam is 180 meters high.
centimeters, maybe?  though even that would be almost 6 feet, which is still
too high!



Date:    Mon, 21 Aug 1995 07:55:20 -0600
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: Team 2000 Optional scores

Senior Team:

                               FX    PH    SR    VT    PB    HB    AA
1. Josh Birckelbaw (Cal)      9.20  8.70  9.10  9.10  8.40  8.75  53.25
2. Tyler Vogt (Iowa)          8.95  8.45  8.60  9.15  8.90  8.70  52.75
3. Gewin Sincharoen (Cal)     9.00  9.10  7.85  9.05  8.75  8.95  52.70
4. Steve Marshall (Army)      9.10  9.15  8.05  9.20  8.25  8.60  52.35
5. Dave Frank (Temple)        8.60  8.75  8.70  8.55  8.90  8.75  52.25

Junior Team:
                               FX    PH    SR    VT    PB    HB    AA
1. Guard Young (Bart Conner)  9.00  8.70  8.35  8.70  8.55  8.40  51.70
2. Derek Leiter (Nebraska)    8.45  8.65  8.05  8.70  7.65  8.70  50.20
3. Freddie Umali (Top FLight) 8.15  8.45  7.90  8.70  8.75  8.05  50.00
4. Tim Elsner (World Cup)     8.65  8.55  7.75  8.80  7.80  8.40  49.95
5. Todd Strada (Atlanta SOG)  8.80  8.80  8.25  8.40  7.20  8.30  49.75
6. Danny Boots (Gym Masters)  8.80  6.80  8.30  8.65  8.40  8.50  49.45
7. Jason Krane (Temple)       8.35  8.15  8.05  8.20  8.20  8.35  49.30

Mike Morgan (Queen City) was also announced to be on Team 2000.  I'm
not sure how that worked.  He competed in the team '96 division and
placed 24th, but his optional score of 52.60 apparently qualified him
for the Junior Team 2000.  I do not know why senior guys who didn't
make team '96 but whose optional only scores are above those of team
2000 didn't qualify .  At any rate, Mike Morgan's scores are:

?. Mike Morgan (Queen City)   8.95  8.85  8.80  8.80  8.85  8.40  52.65



Date:    Mon, 21 Aug 1995 09:58:13 EST5EDT
Subject: rhythmics

Bonjour from Montreal!  I joined this list a few weeks ago, and have
just returned back from a week's holiday to find my mailbox full with
292 (!!!) messages (not all from gymn-l!), which I have now read,
deleted or filed.  THANKS to all for lots of interesting stuff!

I thought I would introduce myself and see if there are others out
there interested in rhythmics - I was on the Canadian rhythmic team
for five years in the 80's and have been coaching for 14 years in
Toronto, Montreal and in Sydney, Australia, both competitive and
recreational.  I'd be interested in hearing from anybody who has
recent videotapes of Worlds, Europeans, or other competitions - my
video connection in Toronto hasn't been as regular the last couple of

Hope to hear from some of you...thanks!



Date:    Mon, 21 Aug 1995 10:42:06 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: IOWA info

I live in Iowa, and workout in the same gym as the men's and women's team. If
you want info on anything, I have inside sources that are pretty reliable.
Alex Kolyvanov is an awesome I'm looking forward to some great
things from Iowa this year.



Date:    Mon, 21 Aug 1995 11:58:52 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Whatever happened to...

Does anybody know what happened to Jennie Thompson? I remember last year that
she had been considered the next new up-and-coming gymnast and now you rarely
ever hear anything about her.



Date:    Mon, 21 Aug 1995 13:05:42 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Help me quit!!

I haven't the slightest Idea how to quit this list and would like could
someone please help me??



Date:    Mon, 21 Aug 1995 12:25:05 EDT
From:    ***@BBN.COM
Subject: Re: From TPTB at NBC

David writes on the reasons behind NBC's coverage:

>At a time when *The Book* has corrupted the public consciousness
>about the sport it is essential that viewers feel good watching these
>athletes. The more we can frame the story and get people psyched about how
>great gymnastics can be, the better off all of us who love the sport will be.

I understand the motivation for creating human interest hooks, but
I think that the actual "forewards" both evenings went overboard,
and risked doing more harm than good.  A viewer who didn't know
better might conclude that Miller and Dawes were both ancient,
washed-up, bitter 18-year-olds who should drop out to preserve
their failing health.  This just isn't true, nor does it reflect
the fact that a number of the current top non-US international gymnasts
are "old" by the standards of Barcelona.

The piece on Kim Zmeskal was particulary depressing:  Is the US's first
World AA champion doomed to be represented by nothing but clips r
fall off compulsory beam at Barcelona?  I wonder if Zmeskal knew how
the edited piece was going to look when she was interviewed?  Was the
intent to make her seem a pitiful waif?

It's great that NBC thinks there's prime-time potential for gymnastics,
but I think the amount and the tone of human interest stuff went
too far this time.  More than half of the coverage of Doni Thompson
was the fluff piece!

A brief shot of the final scores of the top 8 or so finishers, instead
of just the 4 gymnasts shown, wouldn't have taken any great amount
of time, nor a brief list of at least the men's AA placements.
Without the gymn list, I might not have seen the top 8 AA results
at all:  Of the three newspapers I buy every Saturday and Sunday,
only *one* gave the women's AA results all we get of the meem,
I *really* would have liked to see either a bit of O'Neil on
rings or Roethlisberger on high bar instead of a completely
random bit of John R. on pommels.



Date:    Mon, 21 Aug 1995 12:39:52 EDT
From:    ***@BBN.COM
Subject: Brief thoughts on Nationals

1.  Did Dawes do a double or not-quite-a-triple turn on beam?  Looked like
the latter to me, even after I rewound the tape to check.

2.  Strug's FX music is from Grieg's "Hall of the Mountain King,"
from his Peer Gynt suite, not from the Nutcracker.  I agree with those
who think that switching to another classical violin piece suits Miller better.

3.  Loved Phelps' double front, especially when she surprised even her coach
by the two-step lead-up.

4.  When she's got a real look of concentration on her face, as on
her vaulting run, Moceanu looks eerily like the Montreal-era
Comaneci.  She's certainly articulate and photogenic; let's hope
she keeps her head on straight and her eyes on the prize (Atlanta).
But I wouldn't count the "older women" out yet!

5.  The special vault scoring bonuses were very bizarre, and
Tim Daggett's explanation would have confused me completely
if I hadn't seen the real dope on gymn!

6.  It looks like the US women have achieved enough depth that
there are early more world-team caliber athletes than sam.  In the meantime, the US men's team is John Roethlisberger
plus ??, depending on who's injured/inconsistent, but not a whole
team's worth of heavy-duty world-level AA competitors.  Tim Daggett
is quoted in the EPSN article on the Web as saying the US men
have a chance to medal in Atlanta.  I'm wondering:  How big
is the chance that they might not finish in the top 12 at Worlds,
and, if they don't, will that keep them out of the Olympics?
Or does the home team always get to compete?



Date:    Mon, 21 Aug 1995 13:09:31 -0400
From:    ***@PANIX.COM
Subjec: Nationals Questions

> 1. What happened to Kerri?  Both in terms of her performance in the
> AA (how did she do? I know she placed 4th, but what did her skills

She slipped on B after a layout and ended up in a straddle position.  A
nice cover, but the judges weren't fooled (neither was the audience).

> 3. Did anyone feel like the air of the meet was a little gloomy?  It
> seemed so to me, but it could just be how it was portrayed.

It was gloomy, yes.  The lighting was terrible, and the arena was way too
big for this event.  A smaller, brighter venue would have been better.



Date:    Mon, 21 Aug 1995 14:05:04 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Introduction

       My name is Shari, and I'm a sophomore in high school. I'd been taking
taking recreational gymnastics classes for the last six years, until I tore
my ACL apart completely, and did some other damage to my knee, in April. I
had surgery and had to quit gymnastics and in July I had the ligament
reconstructed. So my time of doing gymnastics is now up.
       I enjoy reading Int'l Gymnast, and just recently suscribed to USA
Gymnastics. I watch every televised gymnastics competition and exhibition I
can. I can't waitim Zmeskal to stince she is one
of my favorite gymnasts. Some of my other favorites include Nadia Comaneci
(for her work in revolutionizing the sport of gymn.), Dominiques Dawes and
Moceanu, Amanda Borden, Lavinia Milosivici, Svetlana Khorkina, among many
others. I haven't posted anything yet, but I would just like to know if
someone could provide me with some info, an address, and the cost of the
magazine GYM Stars(I thought I saw someone mention it on here). Well, I'm
going to go now, but thanx in advance.


Date:    Mon, 21 Aug 1995 14:19:35 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: Shannon College-bound
f I'm not mistaken, I thoughationals,
somneone mentioned that Shannon was going to attend Oklahoma University with
a light class load, to acxcomodate training. Isn't that where her father
worked as a physics treacher?


Date:    Mon, 21 Aug 1995 14:46:11 -0400
Subject: Forsters

Someone asked if Tom and Lori Forster have children, or if any other
gymnasts live with them. As far as I know they have one child, a girl who is
of course a gymnast. As for having any other borders I do not know, I
thought they were against spitting up families, but I guess they made an
exception for Kerri.



Date:    Mon, 21 Aug 1995 16:14:12 -0400
Subject: Nationals Videos

To all who have been asking about videos of '95 Nationals:
I was there and taped _every_ competition for USAG. I also taped 90% of the
training sessions from Tues-Fri. Men and women. (There were some great
perfomances not shown on TV!) Give me a few days to edit and then I will post
a list of these new videos as availible through USAG Merchandise.

P.S. I also have many congress sessions on video and will include them on my
list.  :)


Date:    Mon, 21 Aug 1995 16:07:34 CST
Subject: Re: Whatever happened to...

     Between changing gyms and coaches, the only other constant with Jennie
     lately is that she is hurt.

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Subject: Whatever happened to...
Author:  ***@AOL.COM at cclink
Date:    8/21/95 2:03 PM

Does anybody know what happenedennie Thompson? I remember last year that
she had been considered the next new up-and-coming gymnast and now you rarely
ever hear anything about her.



Date:    Mon, 21 Aug 1995 14:44:54 -0700
From:    ***@ENG.SUN.COM
Subject: Dominque M.'s UB routine

Dominique Moceanu was going good on UB during event finals at U.S. Nationals
when she peeled winding up for her big dismount (double layout, I believe).
The peel caused her to not get much height but a lot of distance from the
bar.  She barely got around and kind of landed in a pancake:  On her back,
legs folded at the knees.  Too close for comfort!

Tim and Elfie went on about how scary it was and, being gymnasts, they should
know.  But then they went on to wonder if it had ever happened to her before
and whether or not she could recover from the shakeup.

Guess it might have shaken her up a bit, but I find it hard to believe that
someone that trains 30 hours or so a week hasn't peeled off the bar before.
Gymnasts out there, what do you think?  Think peeling is really such a rare
occurrence, or were old Tim and Elfie just playing it up?



Date:    Mon, 21 Aug 1995 18:51:53 -0400
From:    ***@UMICH.EDU
Subject: Shannon and Dom..

Hi all -
I would have responded sooner, but have been off line for a week and was
suprised to se214 messages on my email.

Shannon Miller will be attending Univ. of Oaklahoma
Dominique Dawes will be attending Univ. of Maryland (fallout from losing
her scholarship at Stanford) - does anyone know exactly what happened and
what her personal feelings are...

Borden is attending Georgia after the olympics, and Strug will be
competing for UCLA after the Olympics..

Other notes:

I was disappointed in the TV coverage for this reason:
They should have shown more than just the top gymnasts (in their opinion).
Additionally, regarding event finals, they showed more gymnasts, but you
could tell that they were medalists ahead of spoiled it for me.

That little note about John R. at the end was insulting...the boy has won
more titles yet he as well as the mens team get little respect.

Well, got to run.



Date:    Mon, 21 Aug 1995 18:05:13 -0500
From:    ***@NETCOM.COM
Subject: 1995 Hapoel Games

Tel Aviv, Israel
June 10-11, 1995

1. Alexandra Mariescu (ROM)  9.750   9.800   9.775   9.650   38.975
2. Claudia Presecan (ROM)    9.587   9.675   9.650   9.800   38.712
3. Elena Piskun (BLR)        9.312   9.700   9.600   9.800   38.412
4. Einat Kedar (ISR)         9.750   9.400   9.400   9.300   37.850
5. Chen (CHN)                9.550   9.450   9.325   9.500   37.825
6. Maya Shani (ISR)          9.625   9.750   8.950   9.350   37.675
7. Adi Peer (ISR)            9.300   9.575   9.500   9.275   37.650
8. Oksana Knizhnik (UKR)     9.650   9.150   9.600   9.000   37.400
9. Viktoria Burban (UKR)     9.287   9.250   9.075   9.550   37.337
10. Qian (CHN)               9.162   9.200   9.375   9.550   37.287

1. Igor Korobchinsky (UKR) 9.70  9.40  9.30  9.80  9.65  9.50  57.35
2. Ivan Ivankov (BLR)      9.65  9.00  9.70  9.70  9.30  9.80  57.15
3. Evgeny Yukov (RUS)      9.40  9.40  9.50  9.50  9.50  9.70  57.00
3. Grigory Misutin (UKR)   9.10  9.65  9.65  9.80  9.60  9.20  57.00
5. Jordan Jovtchev (BUL)   9.55  9.30  9.40  9.60  9.35  9.30  56.50
6. Chen Jian (CHN)         8.65  9.60  9.35  9.10  9.75  9.50  55.95
7. Ivan Ivanov (BUL)       9.40  9.40  9.05  9.30  9.70  8.95  55.80
8. Wong Dong (CHN)         9.30  9.60  9.35  9.20  9.05  9.00  55.50
9. Danny Akerman (ISR)     9.20  9.10  8.85  9.20  8.95  8.80  54.10
10. Andreas Feigel (GER)   8.65  8.95  8.55  9.15  8.55  8.55  52.40



Date:    Mon, 21 Aug 1995 18:05:21 -0500
From:    ***@NETCOM.COM
Subject: ROM-GER Dual Meet

A German women's team traveled to Deva for a dual meet with the Romanians on
July 1-2, 1995:

1. ROM
Lavinia Milosovici  9.875   9.850   9.750   9.825   39.300
                    9.850   9.875   9.825   9.950   39.450  78.800  1
Gina Gogean         9.900   9.775   9.800   9.850   39.325
                    9.925   9.300   9.900   9.900   39.025  78.350  2
Nadia Hategan       9.725   9.850   9.800   9.775   39.200
                    9.650   9.775   9.775   9.750   38.950  78.150  3
Andrea Cacovean     9.800   9.625   9.650   9.800   38.875
                    9.825   9.900   9.850   9.700   37.275  78.150  3
Simona Amanar       9.800   9.650   9.575   9.850   38.875
                    9.850   9.875   9.750   9.800   39.275  78.150  3
Ana Maria Bican     9.725   9.700   9.675   9.675   38.775
                     ---    9.800   9.750   9.875   29.425  68.200  9
Ionela Loaies       9.600   9.625   9.600   9.625   38.450
                    9.625   9.800   9.750   9.855   38.975  77.425  R
                   49.100  48.825  48.650  49.100  195.675
                   49.100  49.225  49.100  49.275  196.700 392.375

2.  GER
Kathleen Stark      9.600   9.825   9.600   9.650   38.675
                    9.700   9.700   9.675   9.500   38.575  77.250  6
Kim Buhlow          9.550   8.950   9.500   9.575   37.575
                    9.550   9.300   7.850   9.475   36.175  73.750  7
Conny Trost         9.325   8.800   9.225   9.300   36.650
                    9.550   8.700   8.575   9.225   36.050  72.700  8
Yvonne Pioch        9.750   9.600   8.900   9.700   37.950
                    9.425   9.775    ---    9.100   28.300  66.250  10
Steffi Pimperl      9.325   8.200   8.300    ---    25.825
                    9.225   9.625   8.900    ---    27.750  53.575  11
Nadja Ziehfreund    9.525   7.850   9.425   9.425   36.225
                     ---     ---     ---     ---     ----   36.225  12
                   47.750  45.375  46.650  47.650  187.425
                   47.450  47.100  34.650  37.300  166.50053.925



Date:    Mon, 21 Aug 1995 18:05:05 -0500
From:    ***@NETCOM.COM
Subject: 1995 Golden Sands Tournament

Held in Varna, May 27-28, 1995:

 1. Elena Piskun (BLR)       9.800  9.816  9.600  9.133    38.349
 2. Monica Martin (ESP)      9.775  9.416  9.575  9.450    38.216
 3. Vesselina Gencheva (BUL) 9.600  9.633  9.550  9.350    38.133
 4. Mercedes Pacheco (ESP)   9.462  9.700  9.625  9.283    38.070
 5. Elena Dolgopolova (RUS)  9.550  9.816  9.500  9.133    37.999
 6. Evgenia Roschina (RUS)   9.650  9.183  9.400  9.383    37.616
 7. Olga Yurkina (BLR)       9.450  9.500  9.325  9.250    37.525
 8. Irina Bulakhova (UKR)    9.387  9.683  8.650  9.616    37.336
 9. Vassou Tsavdaridou (GRE) 9.325  9.716  9.000  9.283    37.324
10. Rachel Rochelli (USA)    9.725  9.566  8.650  9.183    37.124
11. Marianna Webster (USA)   8.985  9.550  9.500  9.033    37.068
12. Ludmila Prince (LAT)     9.475  9.133  9.400  9.016    37.024
13. Laure Gely (FRA)         9.162  9.450  9.050  9.300    36.962
14. Olga Teslenko (UKR)      8.475  9.483  9.550  9.450    36.958
15. Elena Ivanova (BUL)      9.275  9.550  9.325  9.716    36.866
16. Maya Shani (ISR)         9.562  9.616  8.800  8.866    36.844

 1. Grigory Misutin (UKR)   9.50 9.60 9.60 9.70 9.50 9.35  57.25
 2. Jordan Jovtchev (BUL)   9.65 9.35 9.85 9.50 9.55 9.30  57.20
 3. Adir Yonov (RUS)        9.20 9.50 9.25 9.50 9.45 9.35  56.25
 4. Yuri Gotov (RUS)        9.60 9.35 9.05 9.45 9.50 9.25  56.20
 5. Krasimir Dunev (BUL)    9.30 8.80 9.50 9.40 9.05 9.50  55.60
 6. Kalofer Hristozov (BUL) 8.80 9.55 9.55 9.15 9.35 9.05  55.45
 7. Vitaly Rudnitsky (BLR)  8.95 8.65 9.55 9.25 9.25 9.45  55.10
 8. Alex. Shostak (BLR)     9.30 8.95 9.50 8.95 9.15 9.15  55.00
 9. Jesus Carballo (ESP)    9.05 9.00 9.00 9.10 9.20 9.40  54.75
10. I. Melissanidis (GRE)   9.35 8.70 9.05 9.35 9.35 8.80  54.60
11. J. Van Eetvelt (BEL)    9.10 8.75 9.55 8.85 8.95 9.30  54.50
12. Dian Peytchev (BUL)     8.55 9.30 8.85 8.75 9.35 9.35  54.15
12. Nistor Sandro (ROM)     8.70 8.75 9.40 9.40 9.45 8.45  54.15
14. Adrian Ianculescu (ROM) 8.90 9.50 9.35 9.15 8.40 8.70  54.00
15. Marvin Campbell (GBR)   8.70 8.95 9.35 9.10 8.85 8.85  53.80



Date:    Mon, 21 Aug 1995 18:11:43 -0500
From:    ***@TNTECH.EDU
Subject: Nationals

I personally enjoyed seeing a new face atop the podium at nationals.  Moceanu
brings new energy, a pretty smile, and a taste of the future in US women's
gymnastics.  Granted, she needs some work--her technique needs some honing and
her dance skills need some maturity.  However, her best years are ahead of

Both Miller and Dawes seemed very sullen.  Perhaps they were disappointed that
that only winning is acceptable.  It's really too bad.

One subscriber mentioned that Miller once "put her foot down" about using
cutsie moves in her FX.  I had to chuckle.  Could you imagine Miller doing
cutsie?  I can't imag how it would have looked anything other than fake.
Miller is talented and has achieved a lot, but I never felt that her
personality and showmanship was her best attribute.

I'm glad to see Bella on top again.  Nunno is such a bore and I really had
gotten tired of him.

Missed Amanada Borden.

they didn't hit on everything.  Perhaps they have become so used to success


Date:    Mon, 21 Aug 1995 20:58:27 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Assorted Thoughts on USAs/Worlds

Well, you didn't think I could actually keep my thoughts to myself for once .
. . well I tried, but I failed :-(.  Here they are:

The USAG made a good decision in using the raised podium.  The less
experienced athletes in particular will benefit from competing on it.  In
particular, I'm told that beam on a raised podium is quite different from on
floor level.

What seems to hoopla is that for the top group of
Seniors, the Nationals is not the main goal, but rather a qualification meet
for World Trials/Worlds.  On the ladies side, I certainly would have been
te nervous had everyonss performances for fear they
would be flat by Sabae.  The men, on the other hand, need to show much more
consistency to build up their own confidence levels.

While some are calling Shannon an "old lady," she's doing a higher level of
difficulty now than at Barcelona, and with much more line and artistry.  Dom
D has also made significant improvements since Barcelona.

I must admit to finding the procedure of tearing at the old to get to the new
both unnecessary and destructive.  If the US wishes to medal in Sabae and
Atlanta, they will need the best athletes of both 'generations.'  Ideally,
there should be a melding of the best of both, not a pushing away of the
"old" [and who says 18 or 19 is old, btw!!!] in favor of the "young."

Once again John Roethlisberger shows the power of quiet consistency.

Dom M wouldbest suited to the middle of the line-up (4th or so) in Sabae.
 She's not ready to be the clean-up hitter, at least not yet.

Enjoy her while you can, though.  If she follows the pattern of most Karolyi
gymnasts, she'll retire afterhe Olympics.  In fact Irecall her indicating
that in an interview about a year ago.

The bonus stipulations for vaulting were a wise idea.  The US has become
known for being a non-factor in vault finals at major meets.  This rule may
help change that.

Kelli Hill should unquestionably be Head Coach for the US in Sabae, if only
for her superb job pulling the team together in Dortmund.  I hope that she,
Mary Lee Tracy. and the other coaches involved are strong enough to stand up
to the 'Bully Boys' when it comes to setting the line-up in Sabae.

Every time I see Jaycie Phelps, I'm more impressed with her.  I did prefer
her classical fx music, though.


On to Austin!



End of GYMN-L Digest - 20 Aug 1995 to 21 Aug 1995 - Special issue