GYMN-L Digest - 19 Feb 1996 to 20 Feb 1996

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Topics of the day:

  1. Woodward Camp
  2. Coaching in the US
  3. Amy Scherr (2)
  4. U. of Kentucky Gymnastics
  5. L. Portacarrero
  6. Introduction
  7. Amy Scherr/1 arm giant
  8. GYMN-L Collegiate Digest Vol. 1, no. 14
  9. Any gym clubs in Liverpool?
 10. Men's Elite Canada and PerfoGym Invitational 1996


Date:    Mon, 19 Feb 1996 08:27:00 -0500
From:    ***@EAGLE.LHUP.EDU
Subject: Woodward Camp

NAWGJ-PA (National Association of Women's Gymnastics Judges of PA are
raffling off a free week to Woodward Gymnastics camp for only $1 per
ticket.  The drawing will be held in mid-March.  The proceeds will go to
the education of support of developing women's judges.

If you are interested in purchasing any tickets send your check or money
order to:

D. Baker
RD #1 Box 85B
Spring Mills, PA  16875

Good luck!



Date:    Mon, 19 Feb 1996 13:35:20 GMT
From:    ***@M4-ARTS.BHAM.AC.UK
Subject: Re: Coaching in the US

Maybe someone can enlighten me.

I was stunned to read in one of the weekend digests that there is no
official structure for US coaching - have I interpreted the comment
correctly? Does the USGF (?) not have some kind of program for this?
And if I'm right in believing that there is no accreditation system
for US coaches, doesn't that have huge legal etc. ramifications?

Sorry, I was just struck by this, particularly as it's in one of the
world's top gymn-ing countries! If I've completely missed the point,
please let me know! :)



Date:    Mon, 19 Feb 1996 09:28:57 -0800
From:    ***@IX.NETCOM.COM
Subject: Amy Scherr

>Can you explain how Amy Scherr was a six time national team member?  I
>believe she was 15 or 16 in 1990, and didn't seem to be around much
>afterthat.  She must have been pretty young for her first national

We are not sure how this is possible. We got this info from a newspaper
article in the newspaper that week. If they were wrong, then we are
sorry, but seeing how they talked to Amy Scherr, something about what
they said had to be somewhat true. We are not sure though, we did not
follow gymnastics in 1990.

>13th in the world in 1990?  Whose world ranking was that?  There were
>noworld championships in 1990.  If you're using the ranking from
>Goodwill Games, then take into consideration that not all the top
>gymnasts in the world were there.  Only a very young and inexperienced
>Gina Gogean competed for Romania in that competition.

>Still, it's great to know she's still in the sport, despite a
>premature ending.


Sorry in the info was wrong, we got it all from the newspaper article.

Your fellow Gymners,
Mardi and Margi :)


Date:    Mon, 19 Feb 1996 13:20:33 -0500
Subject: U. of Kentucky Gymnastics

The following is a non-copyrighted story that appeared in today's
Lexington (Kentucky) Herald-Leader newspaper.

Gymnasts fall to W.Va. despite 10 by Hansen

     MORGANTOWN, W.Va. -senior All-American Jenny Hansen scored
her first 10 of the season and won the all-around competition
against West Virginia yesterday but the University of Kentucky
gymnastics team lost to the Mountaineers 194.4-192.825.
     Hansen scored her 19th career 10 on the vault to win that
competition. UK sophomore Jennie Maxwell added a career-high 9.8
in the vault to tie for third.
     Hansen also won the balance beam (9.85) and tied for first
in the uneven bars (9.85) with teammate Robin Ewing and with West
Virginia's Umme Salim.
     Kentucky (2-5) lost the meet on the floor. West Virginia
scored a 49.150 to UK's 47.800. Hansen scored a 9.85 to tie for
third, but no other Kentucky gymnast scored better than 9.675.


Date:    Mon, 19 Feb 1996 13:49:02 -0800
From:    ***@SEATTLEU.EDU
Subject: L. Portacarrero

Is Luisa currently attending UCLA or will she be starting there next year?


Date:    Mon, 19 Feb 1996 17:16:15 EST
Subject: Amy Scherr

Was Amy Scherr really a 6-time national team member / 13th in the
world?  I only remember seeing her at the Olympic Fest with the
Kim, Shannon, Erica, Hilary crowd.


Date:    Mon, 19 Feb 1996 17:12:16 EST
Subject: Introduction

My name is Heather, I am seventeen years old and I attend the University
of Louisville in Louisville, KY. I have been "listening" in for several months
now and decided that it was time to introduce myself. I have been interested
in gymnastics my whole life, though I have never had the opportunity to take
classes. I am now a Level 1-5 assistant coach at a local club. My hope is to
one day become a Level 6-10 and elite coach. I am hoping to find another
coach that will "take me under their wing". My coach now does very well and
has been very supportive, but I am hoping to progress further than he is able
to take me. He does not coach above Level 5, so I will have to learn the rest
from someone else. Hopefully I will find someone willing. I am majoring in
Physical Education and Sport Administration in school.
To me gymnastics is the best thing in the world and when I found out that there
 were other people really interested in the sport I was so happy! I am mainly
interested in women's gymnastics and I love to read, watch, look at, etc.
anything that I can get my hands on! If _ANYONE_ has any competitions, books,
magazines, autographs, instructional videos, just ANYTHING that they would like
 to sell or would make a copy of ( I would pay for time, postage...) PLEASE
e-mail me! I have some things I would be willing to do too. Also, if anyone
has any questions or comments, write me- Ilove to get mail!



Date:    Mon, 19 Feb 1996 16:27:31 CDT
From:    ***@PROCTR.CBA.UA.EDU
Subject: Amy Scherr/1 arm giant

Regarding Amy Scherr, maybe they meant Senior National team and
Junior National team combined.  I'm not sure how many years she was
on the Jr.  13th ranking could have come from the Goodwill Games or

I was wondering what value the one-arm giant was given, on women's
unevens.  Since they didn't want to encourage it because of it's
difficulty, it seems that their are more skills more difficult than
that, like the counter-Kim, or Gaylord for that matter.

***************ROLL TIDE ROLL***************


Date:    Mon, 19 Feb 1996 16:45:25 -0800
Subject: GYMN-L Collegiate Digest Vol. 1, no. 14

                      GYMN-L's Collegiate Update
                           Volume 1, no. 14
                             Feb. 19, 1996

(***Editor's Note:  When you submit a list of scores, PLEASE use spaces
to line them up in columns.  Tabs are not necessarily universal across
platforms, while spaces usually are.  This is the last issue where I
will be able to take the time to convert from tabs to spaces.  This might
make for messy viewing for some readers.)



1. Michigan vs. Utah (W)
2. iup gymnastics (W)
3. WWIACC Championships (W)
4. Pittsburgh vs. Rutgers (W)
5. PSU vs. OSU (M)
6. Georgia vs. Stanford (W)
7. RESULTS: Southwest Cup (M)
8. University of Michigan (M & W) report


    *****Item number 1.14.1*****

Date: Sat, 17 Feb 1996 23:20:53 -0500 (EST)
From: ***
Subject: Michigan vs. Utah (W)

University of Michigan (4) vs University of Utah (3)


Going into this meet, UM was concerned about their team's health.  With
half of their team injured, they were trying to recup.  Against Ohio
State, Heather Kabnick and Dianna Ranelli competed hurt.  Lisa Simes and
Kristin Duff were just cleared to train.  Tonight, Heather, Dianna, Lisa,
and Nikki all competed.  The arena was standing room only.

In UM's win, the wolverines posted the second highest bars score they've
ever had:  49.10  and a career best 49.35 on beam.

Notes:  As I mentioned before, many wolverines competed hurt.
Nikki Peters had her wrists and right ankle heavily taped.  After bars,
Heather went into the locker room, dressed, and had ice taped to her
right ankle.
And on a sad note, in the middle of UM's last rotation on fx, Dianna
Ranelli fell to the floor in pain for 5 minutes, after her first tumbling
pass.  Clutching her left knee, she had to be helped off the floor.  The
whole arena went silent, you could see how upset the team was.


1st Rotation:
* - falls

   U of M  (vault)             Utah (bars)

Heather Kabnick    9.85     Alysa Frenz       9.15*
Andrea McDonald    9.75     Kelley Delaney    9.10*
Kathy Burke        9.70     Sarah Northrop    9.475
Wendy Marshall     9.90     Jennifer Mercier  9.75
Beth Amelkovich    9.70     Angie Leonard     9.40
Dianna Ranelli     9.75     Sandy Woolsey     9.925
                            Megan Caudle      8.80*

Totals:           48.95                      47.70

2nd Rotation:

   U of M (bars)               Utah (vault)

Heather Kabnick    9.75     Sarah Northrop    9.60
Andrea McDonald    9.80     Sandy Woolsey     9.725
Nikki Peters       9.25*    Angie Leonard     9.75
Wendy Marshall     9.775    Traci Sommer      9.675
Lisa Simes         9.90     Kelley Delaney    9.825
Beth Amelkovich    9.875    Megan Caudle      9.90

Totals:           49.1                       48.9
Running Totals:   98.05                      96.70

3rd Rotation:

   U of M (beam)               Utah (fx)

Beth Amelkovich    9.80     Sarah Northrop    9.65
Kathy Burke        9.35*    Alysa Frenz       9.80
Lisa Simes         9.85     Angie Leonard     9.80
Lauren LaBranche   9.875    Traci Sommer      9.80
Andrea McDonald    9.90     Kelley Delaney    9.80
Wendy Marshall     9.925    Megan Caudle      Scratch

Totals:           49.35                      48.85
Running Totals:  147.40                     145.55

4th Rotation:

U of M (fx)                    Utah (beam)

Lauren LaBranche   9.75     Sarah Northrop    9.825
Beth Amelkovich    9.875    Alysa Frenz       9.875
Kathy Burke        9.75     Angie Leonard     9.725
Dianna Ranelli      -       Megan Caudle      9.825
Andrea McDonald    9.85     Sandy Woolsey     9.475
Wendy Marshall     9.95     Traci Sommer      9.925

Total:            49.175                     49.175
Final Total:     196.575                    194.725

Individual Honors:

 1. Wendy Marshall (UM)  39.55
2T. Andrea McDonald (UM) 39.30
2T. Beth Amelkovich (UM) 39.30

1T. Megan Caudle (UTAH)   9.90
1T. Wendy Marshall (UM)   9.90
 3. Heather Kabnick (UM)  9.85

 1. Sandy Woolsey (UTAH)  9.925
 2. Lisa Simes (UM)       9.90
 3. Beth Amelkovich (UM)  9.875

1T. Traci Sommer (UTAH)   9.925
1T. Wendy Marshall (UM)   9.925
 3. Andrea McDonald (UM)  9.85

 1. Wendy Marshall (UM)   9.95
 2.  Beth Amelkovich (UM) 9.875
 3.  Andrea McDonald (UM) 9.85

We're so proud of how tough each of these women were tonight!!!!

Meet notes:

*Sarah & Molly Northrop (UTAH) went to high school with Beth Amelkovich
(UM) @ Glenbard East.
*Suzanne Metz is spending her fifth year at Utah as the team's student
assistant coach.

Next Meet:       @ Masters Classic      2/25
Next Home Meet:  vs. Georgia            3/9


    *****Item number 1.14.2*****

Date: Sun, 18 Feb 1996 13:59:41 -0500 (EST)
From: ***
Subject: iup gymnastics (W)

The Indiana University of Pennsylvania women's gymnastics team continued their
undefeated streak in February topping Wilson College by a score of 175.65 to
57.85.  Wilson is in their first year of varsity collegiate competition and
were unable to field a complete team.

IUP used the opportunity to work on upgrading skills and this resulted in a
less consistent performance than their previous efforts, but the meet was good
preparation for the upcoming Ithaca Invitational at Ithaca College, February 24
at 2:00 p.m.

Georgiana Cunkelman, IUP's freshman stand out, recorded her best all around
effort of the year with a 37.4 despite a rough bar set that received a 9.0.


    *****Item number 1.14.3*****

Date: Sun, 18 Feb 1996 13:10:54 -0600 (CST)
Subject: WWIACC Championships (W)

Wisconsin Women's Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Championship

Headline: Oshkosh flips over the competition

For Oshkosh, A funny thing happened on the way to the forum.

Or, rather, the WWIAC championship in River Falls.

The day before Oshkosh left for the competition, sophomore Heather
Anderson, who'd been a solid all-arounder for the Titans for most
of the season, slipped off the uneven bars during practice, severely
injuring her right ankle. The diagnosis was bone chips in her ankle, and
Anderson was out for the season.

Enter freshman Suzanne Scharl. Scharl had been competing on beam and
floor early in the season, but with Anderson's rise, had been bumped off
both events and had only competed exhibition recently.

Now, Scharl was called upon not only to start on beam and floor, but
to start the rotation on vault, as well.

How did Scharl respond? By post season-best on all three events, providing
a solid base for the rest of the team to add upon.

In the end, the Titans followed Scharl's lead and nipped defending
champions University of Wisconsin-La Crosse in a tight competition,
scoring 140.925 to La Crosse's 140.100.

While Scharl's impressive performance as the lead-off competitor was
certainly noteworthy, the rest of the Titans made headlines for them-
selves. The Titans grabbed one event title, shared another, and had
four of the top five all-arounders.

The top individual finish was by freshman Tiffany Barden, who won the
balance beam with a score of 9.300, in spite of a fall on her
roundoff-layout on mount. Barden hit the rest of her set, which included
a flipflop to two layouts, a side aerial and a roundoff, flipflop, full
twist off to stay .25 ahead of her nearest competitor. The score helped
barden to a 34.300 all-around total, good enough for fourth place.

Nikki Smith, another freshman, tied UW-La Crosse's Jill Niemczyk for
the vault title with a 9.00. Smith also finished fourth on the uneven
bars, in spite of a fall on her double-back dismount, and fourth on the
beam, inspite of a fall during her routine. Smith's all-around total of
35.500 earned her third.

Oshkosh's top all-around was Kari Graef, who has sat in that position
for the last several weeks. Graef parlayed three top-five event finishes
(third on vault, second on bars, fourth on floor) into a 35.625 all-
around total, good for second place behind Kari Livingston of UW-La
Crosse, who scored 35.900 to take the title.

The Titans now have two weeks off to prepare for the Division III
national championships. Head coach Paul Scardina said that the team
will be looking to add some difficulty before the meet, and eliminate
some of the mistakes they had Saturday. The Titans counted two falls
on bars and three falls on beam.

*note: Sorry for the Oshkosh focus, but this was double-duty, as I had
to write this for the school newspaper as well.

1) UW-Oshkosh       140.925
2) UW-La Crosse     140.100
3) UW-River Falls   132.050
4) UW-Eau Claire    131.950
5) UW-Whitewater    122.575
6) UW-Stout         121.950

Abbreviations: RF=River Falls, EC=Eau Claire, LC-La Crosse
1) Jill Niemczyk, LC
   Nikki Smith, Oshkosh       9.000
3) Kari Graef, Oshkosh        8.975
4) Sonja Heyda, RF            8.850
5) Claudia Borbolla, EC       8.825

1) Kari Livingston, LC        9.150
2) Kari Graef, Oshkosh        8.750
3) Juli Baumblatt, Oshkosh    8.700
4) Nikki Smith, Oshkosh       8.550
5) Julie Cienciwa, LC
   Michelle Clausen, LC       8.100

1) Tiffany Barden, Oshkosh     9.300
2) Kerri Ariens, LC
   Laurie Woodring, Oshkosh    9.050
4) Nikki Smith, Oshkosh        9.000
5) Courtney Bensinger, LC
   Bethany Smith, LC           8.850

1) Kari Livingston, LC         9.500
2) Molly Forester, RF          9.175
3) Jill Niemczyk, LC           9.125
4) Kerri Ariens, LC
   Randi Deal, RF
   Kari Graef, Oshkosh         9.100

1) Kari Livingston, LC         35.900
2) Kari Graef, Oshkosh         35.625
3) Nikki Smith, Oshkosh        35.500
4) Tiffany Barden, Oshkosh     34.300
5) Laurie Woodring, Oshkosh    34.150

Now, on a completely unprofessional note, La Crosse and Oshkosh are
looking terrific. Oshkosh coach paul scardina was impressed wtih what
La Crosse did, and he said that both schools should be looking for
a great national meet.


    *****Item number 1.14.4*****

From: ***
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 1996 18:21:06 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Pittsburgh vs. Rutgers (W)

University of Pittsburgh   vs   Rutgers University

        Trees Hall,  Pittsburgh, PA

                2-17-96 7PM

Pitt                           Rutgers

Tracey Brown    9.325          Melissa Tott        9.425
Janet Highhill  9.200          Sarah Brochstei     8.950
Calli Bodnar    9.000          Mary-Pat Joyce      9.100
Brenda Stevens  9.425          Melanie Zimmerman   9.375
Erika Flamer    9.550          Erica Aiken         9.350
Robyn Senior    9.575          Meredith Behson     9.375

Team           47.075          Team               46.625


Kristin Bond    9.100          Erica Aiken         8.450
Lori Buck       9.500          Christine Melko     9.150
Erika Flamer    8.800          Mary-Pat Joyce      9.275
Robyn Senior    9.500          Jennifer Matthews   9.100
Brenda Stevens  9.650          Meredith Behson     8.900
Janet Highhill  9.350          Melanie Zimmerman   9.150

Team           47.100          Team               45.575


Kristin Bond    9.325          Jennifer Matthews   9.300
Erika Flamer    9.525          Melanie Zimmerman   8.750
Joy McElhinny   9.425          Jaime O'Neil        8.150
Lori Buck       9.550          Sandy Guzowski      9.275
Robyn Senior    9.050          Meredith Behson     9.425
Brenda Stevens  9.175          Pamela Gordon       9.150

Team           47.000          Team               45.900


Michelle Moore  9.475          Melissa Tott        8.725
Brenda Stevens  9.725          Erika Aiken         9.550
Calli Bodnar    9.800          Jennifer Fallon     8.050
Erika Flamer    9.550          Mary-Pat Joyce      9.625
Janet Highhill  9.700          Melanie Zimmerman   8.900
Robyn Senior    9.875*         Meredith Behson     9.725

Team           48.650*         Team               46.525

Total         189.825*                           184.625

All Around: Stevens  Flamer  Senior  Zimmerman  Behson
        VT:  9.425    9.550   9.575   9.375      9.375
        UB:  9.650    8.800   9.500   9.150      8.900
        BB:  9.175    9.525   9.050   8.750      9.425
        FX:  9.725    9.550   9.875   8.900      9.725

            37.975   37.425  38.000  36.175     37.425

Judges:       Barb Jani(Elite)-VT,BB    Susie Smith(10)-VT,FX
              Toni Kardos(Brevet)-UB,FX LeeAnn Chishko(10)-UB,BB

Attendance: 562

* Denotes new Pitt school record


    *****Item number 1.14.5*****

Date: Sun, 18 Feb 1996 19:05:37 -0500
From: ***
Subject: PSU vs. OSU (M)

Penn State   vs.  Ohio State
University Park, Pa.
Saturday, February 17, 1996

                   FX    PH     R     V     PB    HB
Ohio State       37.65 38.35  38.75  37.20 38.35 37.55 227.85
Penn State       37.95 36.95  38.45  36.90 37.40 37.35 225.00

                FX   PH    R    V   PB   HB  TOTAL
Blaine Wilson 9750 9800 9850 8700 9750 9850 57.700  1 Ohio State
Tim Elsner    9100 9300 9550 9450 9250 9350 56.000  2 Ohio State
Joseph Roemer 9500 9550 9750 9200 8650 9300 55.950  3 Penn State
J.M. Michel   9500 8900 9250 9350 9400 9350 55.750  4 Penn State
Mike Morgan   9000 9600 9050 9450 9750 8850 55.700  5 Ohio State
Roy Malka     8850 8750 9600 8850 9600 9450 55.100  6 Penn State
Brandy Wood   9450 9250 9400 8950 9350 8700 55.100  6 Penn State

Trivia -- 2 people had their grips break during this meet -- Mike Morgan
from OSU on Rings and Steve McSparren from PSU on High Bar.


    *****Item number 1.14.6*****

Date:        Sun, 18 Feb 1996 20:21:52 EST
Subject: Georgia vs. Stanford (W)

     Georgia looked impressive again as they defeated Stanford for their
sixth win of the season.

(1) Georgia   197.80
(2) Stanford  192.90

Vault:  (1) 10.00   Kim Arnold (UGA)
        (2)  9.925  Keri Monahan (Stan.)
             9.925  Lori Strong (UGA)
        (4)  9.90   Leah Brown (UGA)

Uneven bars:  (1) 9.975  Leslie Angeles (UGA)
                  9.975  Karin Lichey (UGA)
                  9.975  Lori Strong (UGA)
              (4) 9.90   (four tied, two from each school)

Beam:  (1) 9.95  Strong (UGA)
       (2) 9.90  Brown (UGA)
       (3) 9.85  Lichey (UGA)
           9.85  Arnold (UGA)

Floor:  (1) 9.925  Strong (UGA)
        (2) 9.90   Angeles (UGA)
            9.90   Brown (UGA)
            9.90   Lichey (UGA)

AA:  (1) 39.775  Strong (UGA)
     (2) 39.60   Brown (UGA)
     (3) 39.575  Lichey (UGA)
     (4) 39.250  Angeles (UGA)

     A quick comment about the judging at this meet.  For once I thought
the vault judges were consistent.  Several Georgia gymnasts had near
perfect vaults that may have been given 10's in past meets.  Kim
Arnold could not have done her vault more perfectly.  She didn't even
do the quick salute at the landing that she sometimes does to hide a
step.  The judges for the uneven bars were clearly not on the same page.
As you can see, several of Georgia's gymnasts came close to 10's.  In
my opinion only Leslie Angeles deserved the score she received (it
could have been a 10), and Lichey and Strong probably deserved 9.95's.
One of Stanford's gymnasts, Amy Neil, received a 9.85 from one judge and
a 9.55 from the other.  I don't claim to know much about judging, but
I don't think there should have been a 0.3 discrepancy.  The funny
thing is that the judge that gave her the 9.55 was the judge that had
given Georgia's gymnasts the 10's, so it's not likely that she was just
consistently scoring higher than her counterpart.  Sorry, just my

     On a personal note as a Georgia fan, I was glad to see Leslie
Angeles compete in the All-Around for the first time this season after
recovering from a ruptured Achilles tendon.


    *****Item number 1.14.7*****

From: ***
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 1996 22:27:19 -0500
Subject: RESULTS: Southwest Cup (M)

>From the _Daily Oklahoman_  18 Feb. 1996 ...

1-Oklahoma 223.95
2-BYU 217.50
3-UCSB 212.45
4-ASU 211.35
5-Air Force 210.30

1-Jeremy Killen (OU) 9.8
2-Darren Elg (BYU) 9.75
3-Kyle Johnson (OU) 9.65

1(t)-Elg 9.4
1(t)-Killen 9.4
3-Fink 9.2

1-Daniel Fink (OU) 9.75
2-Garon Rowland (OU) 9.7
3-Thomas Hyland (UCSB) 9.55

1-Killen 9.5
2(t)-Elg 9.35
2(t)-Fink 9.35

1(t)-Killen 9.7
1(t)-Todd Bishop (OU) 9.7
3-Casey Bryan (OU) 9.55

1(t)-Rob Kjar (ASU) 9.7
1(t)-Elg 9.7
3-Killen 9.55

NOTE: I'm just guessing about these event results since the paper had events
like "high bars" and "parallel" (they *also* had "parallel bars" ... go
figure). Therefore, I went with my best guesses and put them in Olympic


    *****Item number 1.14.8*****

Date: Mon, 19 Feb 1996 13:12:30 -0500 (EST)
From: ***
Subject: University of Michigan (M & W) report

Update:  University of Michigan (Women)

It was announced today that Dianna Ranelli tore her acl.  Both Ranelli
and Tina Miranda will be finishing their collegiate careers injured.
Tina also tore her acl.

Additionally, Heather Kabnick will be undergoing a bone scan this week to
see if she has a stress fracture.
Both Kabnick and Peters are questionable for next week's meet at the
Masters Classic.

Univ of Mi (Men) vs. Univ of Minn.

Scores from the Michigan Daily:

University of Minnesota     223.55
University of Michigan      209.70

Highlights :

HB  Andrew Weaver (Minn)      9.9
    Jason MacDonald (Mich)    9.6
    Kris Klinger (Mich)       9.5
    Jin Bin Im (Mich)         9.4

FX  Jason MacDonald (Mich)    9.4

AA  1. Frank Ticknor (Minn)  54.85


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collegiate gymnastics scene.  Back issues may be found on the Web at
HTTP:// or by anonymous FTP to (directory /pub/gymn/Collegiate-Update).
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Date:    Mon, 19 Feb 1996 22:41:37 -0500
From:    ***@MNSINC.COM
Subject: Any gym clubs in Liverpool?

Hey everyone,
        My name is Matt.  I'm a 13 year old level 3 gymnast and I
train at Gymini Gymnastics in Herndon, Virginia.  I'm going to England for a
month in June as a foreign exchange student.  I have to miss a month of
gymnastics, and I'm not going to be in great shape when I get back.
Nationals and the season will be over by then, but I would still like to
keep in shape.  I was wondering if there were any gyms that I could train at
for a few days while I'm in England?  I will be in the Liverpool/West
Kirby/Wirral area.  Thanks a lot for any info. someone might have!



Date:    Tue, 20 Feb 1996 00:23:35 -0400
Subject: Men's Elite Canada and PerfoGym Invitational 1996

Men's Elite Canada and Invitation PerfoGym 1996

Meet Information

Men's Elite Canada 1996 is the ranking competition for junior and
senior high performance men.  The top finishers will be part of
the high performance programme in Canada.  These competitors will
perform two days of optional routines.

The Invitation PerfoGym 1996 is a national stream invitational competition
for Argo, Tyro, Novice, and Open men.

Competition site:
 Centre Pierre Charbonneau (Olympic park)
 3000 Viau Street
 Montreal, Quebec
 Phone: (514) 872-2690

 Thursday Feb. 22: Training                            10:00-19:00
 Friday Feb. 23:   Elite Canada Junior Day 1 Optionals 13:30-15:30
                   Elite Canada Senior Day 1 Optionals 17:00-19:00
                   Hospitality                         20:00-
 Saturday Feb. 24: PerfoGym Argo & Tyro                 8:30-12:00noon
                   Elite Canada Junior Day 2 Optionals 13:30-15:30
                   Elite Canada Senior Day 2 Optionals 17:00-19:00
                   Pizza Party                         20:00-
 Sunday Feb. 25:   PerfoGym Novice & Open              10:00-12:30

 Auberge Universel
 5000 Sherbrooke St. E.
 Montreal, Quebec
 (514) 253-3365
 10 minutes walk from competition site

[I'll be there on Saturday!]


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