GYMN-L Digest - 19 Nov 1995

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  1. Atlanta Invitational


Date:    Sun, 19 Nov 1995 22:01:15 -0600
Subject: Atlanta Invitational

I just got back tonight, since I missed my plane on Saturday due to the
bad traffic and slow MARTA system. Anyways, I just had a few comments:

1) It was FREEZING in there on Thursday. Luckily, I came straight from the
airport and had my bag with me to pull out a sweater. I would have complained
like Marinescu did, as well. Not all of them had warm clothing on, except
for Bogi, who had a red "GAP" sweatshirt on during prior to
getting on the apparatus.

2) I sat in the DOME in section 101 on the first night, row 13, which
was where the VAULT landing area was. It was okay, since I could see
Vault, Rings, FX, and PH, but bars were hard to see at times. I didn't
catch Rosa's bars, so I have no idea what she was talking about by her
miss scoring.

3) vault went really well, since I saw that event the best. Piskun scared
the heck out of me since when she warmed up her yurchenko double full
a coach had to give her a little "push" when she went back up onto the
horse to help give her rotation. She wouldn't have made it in my opinion
without him there. Luckily, she did well in the competition. I missed Groshova's
first vault, but she missed since I heard the crowd go "UGH". Anyways,
thursday was okay, but friday was better.

4) By shear luck I was seated in row 7 directly across from the beam on Friday
night, but I missed the first routine by Galieva (same reason as above!) I
wish that I could have seen it! Anyway, the french girls were great, and
we all just LOVED that full twisting yurchenko loop. I also loved that
Piskun hit the tucked full, too. The chinese gymnast (can't remember which one
) did a huge legs together layout which looked great. I missed not seeing
Bogi, though, and as I walked into the dome they announced that she had
withdrawn. I was bummed. Marinescu was awesome, too, and richly deserved the
highest score of the night on beam. She was solid. She was worth the wait,

5) I was so glad to see the french girls on FX, and they are great. They
had really good routines!!! I read that Groshova left her music in russia.
She looked okay with what she was working with on the floor. Also, nice to
see Rosa doing well. I kept telling people I was with that she was the one
who was pulled out of AA in Barcelona etc....We were happy.

6)Scarest moment: When a male gymnast bent his arms on the block off the horse
and his head hit the horse but he still got a layout Yurchenko around. Must
be great conditioning and instinct to be able to pull that around!

7)Coolest Beam mount was Tefts's RO-layout on immediate FF layout. Reall
cool. Coolest move on beam goes to the french girl who did the full twisting
yurchenko loop. (It was just such a surprise since I did not see her warm it

8) One last thing. Pod's choreographer seems to be doing something with
the others. Sheremeta must have walked half the length of the beam with
her feet flexed and dancing like Pod does in her FX routine. She had
simialr choreography worked into her FX.



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