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Topics of the day:

  1. University of Michigan vs. Utah (2)
  2. T.V. Alert
  3. Illinois High School State Champs.
  4. Newsgroups
  5. Buckeye Classic (long)
  6. HI
  7. Men-1997 FIG Code of Points - Interpretations
  8. NOTES: American Classic, senior internationals
  9. Buckeye Invitational
 10. Kristie Phillips
 11. GYMN-L16 Feb-17 Feb, Torchbearer, Rhyth. Pop., others
 12. Dominique Dawes (2)
 13. Rhythmic Challenge Results
 14. Technical information--Level 7, twisting vaults, extra D-E
 15. curious about Amy Scherr


Date:    Sun, 18 Feb 1996 10:03:56 -0500
From:    ***@UMICH.EDU
Subject: University of Michigan vs. Utah

I don't know how many people want to know but the University of Michigan
won over Utah 196.575 to 194.725


Date:    Sun, 18 Feb 1996 10:52:41 -0500
From:    ***@UMICH.EDU
Subject: Re: University of Michigan vs. Utah

I went to the meet and reported it to'll be seeing all the
scores and highlights in the collegiate update.

> I don't know how many people want to know but the University of Michigan
> won over Utah 196.575 to 194.725


Date:    Sun, 18 Feb 1996 12:26:05 -0600
Subject: T.V. Alert

Hello, fellow Gymners...

   Just wanted to let everyone know about a couple of meets to be aired.

   Saturday, Feb. 24 - Kodak Invitational - 7:00 p.m. (CST) on ESPN

   Sunday, Feb.25 - The 16th Cat Classic (w/ Shannon Miller!) -
       11:00 p.m. (CST) on Prime Sports Network

--Michael :)


Date:    Sun, 18 Feb 1996 14:11:52 -0600
Subject: Illinois High School State Champs.

Last night, the Sports Channel presented the Illinois State HS Champs. The
gymnastics was a different level than what I was used to, undoubtably they
use a much different Code than the NCAA. This meet was interesting since
it was shown complete. They showed EVERY routine of every gymnasts without
commercial interruptions between events. (It was the individual event finals)
and there were 18 gymnasts per event. The big winner was a senior
named Michelle Houston, who had probably the best polish of the bunch. She
won vault, bars, and beam.

Some summaries:

Vault: This was mainly handspring fronts and tucked, piked, and two layout
tsuks. The front was valued from a 10.0 and two gymnast nalled the landings
for high scores of 9.75. Houston also through a tucked tsuk full, but lanedd
it on all fours. One gymnast did a cuervo, but did the half turn on the horse
and wqas severly penalized.

Bars: I really was dismayed over this event. You saw a couple of geingers,
two jaegers, and alot of giants. There were some pirouettes here and there,
but I have to complain that EVERY gymnast used two (2) stoop on the low
bars hop to high as transitions. Now, if you think seeing Pod do it once is
annoying, try seeing it 36 times without a commercial. It really surprises
me that gymnasts can advance to be able to throw geingers, but non did
even a glide jam or anything. Straddle backs were the choice method of
getting to the low bar, as well. Dismounts were either double flyaways (one
piked, I think), flyaway fulls, and on tucked Comaneci. Houston won with a
9.6 and did a jaeger, a front giant, a double tuck that she dropped out of
from bar height.

Beam: Alot of bobbles and a few falls. The skill level was mainly at the
flip-flop layout level, but most of these layouts were really split leg
tucks. (bent legs galore, similar to how Shaposhnikova did the skill in the
late 70's.) Mounts were mainly leaps, but a few stood out. One gymnasts did
a jump to handstand (bent body), whereas another did one of the most
original mounts I have ever seen. Standing next to the beam with it to her
right side and on the board, she jumped while doing a split leap and landed in
a front split on the beam- she didn't touch the beam with her hands! The crowd
went 'ah'.

The biggest abused leap was the Popa. Most gymnasts could get it only half way
around. And most turned while on the beam before jumping. ( As a  note: the
commentator -no idea who he was- called the bent leg one leg forward jump the
'wolf' jump- but lets not bring that up again!) Most acro series were two ff,
teh ff layout (pronounced tucked) and a few side aerials. One gymnast did
a wolf immediate aerial round off, and few front handsprings were shown.
Dismounts were either ff, layout; RO full, and one front full. Houston did a
nice RO double full to win.

Floor came around now (its 1:30 AM, and this has been on since 11:30 PM!) an d
I saw the first routine (RO-FF-double full, fhs, front full, front ff) and
ro-arabian, ro, ff, arabian). I hit the hay then. I was just too tired. I
thought about watching the rest, but said 'hey, I got stuff to do tomorrow.)

As an aside, it was a pretty good meet. The gymnasts seemed happy and
supportive of one another. I was surprised, still, that they showed each
event without commercial and even did replays of routines in between
gymnasts. It was a nice surprise.

BTW: the comment about the stoop on. Is this the future of pre elite
gymnastics in the US (and world?) I still wonder why gymnasts are taught
geingers but not moves between bars. Perhaps when the FIG makes HB a
female event, there will finally be no need to perform transitions, but until


P.S. There was no comment about the Men's competition.


Date:    Sun, 18 Feb 1996 17:28:14 -0500
From:    ***@PRIS.BC.CA
Subject: Newsgroups

Hi all

If anybody know of any public newsfeeds, which carry gymnastics groups,
could they please post them, or let me know directly.



Date:    Sun, 18 Feb 1996 16:58:08 -0800
From:    ***@IX.NETCOM.COM
Subject: Buckeye Classic (long)

Hi guys!!!!!!!

Today we attended the Buckeye Classic and watched the level 10 and
elite session for the apperatus round.   We took notes on the elites
that we recognized.  We didn t get the final results because we had to
go, but here are some comments and scores and maybe someone else can
post the results. I wouldn t bet on all this being 100% correct because
we are both more the beam and floor type, and we weren t able to
identify which vaults they did, but we can tell if they stuck it or
not. Bars we know practically nothing about technically, so we tried
our best despite being a slow note taker...

This is in no particular order for all around scores because we weren t
there to watch the allaround competition so we don't know the exact
order, we just copied scores off the wall. Andree Pickens won the meet
and Monica Flammer and Mohini Bhardwaj tied for second. Maybe someone
else who attended can tell us this..
                   VAULT      BARS    BEAM      FLOOR       TOTAL
Andree Pickens    9.850      9.775   9.650     9.850      39.125
Mohini Bhardwaj   9.450      9.800   9.550     9.775      38.575
Monica Flammer    9.500      9.700   9.750     9.625      38.575
Katie Dyson       9.500      9.625   9.625     9.450      38.200
Melinda Baimbridge9.300      9.650   9.725     9.050      37.725

Here are the scores of some of the competitors for the event finals.
These aren t the placings. So many things were going on at once, we
followed only a few people, so we will write their scores, but we don t
have the names and scores of everyone who competed.

VAULT (we couldn t tell you who did what vault, here is how they did

-stick her first vault with nice form and height
-stepped on her second

-stepped on her first one and it was very clean
-stuck her second one
-missed her score

-sat down her first vault (I think this was some sort of a Yurchenko
vault. 1 1/2 twisting one maybe? I wouldn t bet anything on it though.
-small hop on her second one.


-fell off on a giant or something
-overall a very good bars routine and a very high dismount

-great bar routine, overall very clean and good form
-high release moves
-awesome full twisting layout, it was hard to see if she stuck it or
not, but I think she landed it kind of low

-Awesome bar routine
-very aggressive
-awesome stuck full twisting double layout

-great bar routine
-nice and high dismount (half in half out?)
-stuck the landing

-nice form
-showed a lot of difficulty

-nice routine
-stuck her dismount


-awesome handstand in a cool position
-fell on a very high full twisting back flip
-very cute choreography
-good fish (puck, wolf), sheep combo
-AWESOME two footed back handspring, two footed backhandspring, layout.
-She looks like she is tumbling on the floor! It was awesome!!
-Did neat under beam work
-switch straddle
-double back dismount with one step forward

-layout steppout mount
-backhandspring, two layout stepouts-small wobble
-nice valdez
-switch-split to a back dive (very neat looking!)
-switch straddle
-roundoff to a double pike dismount- step forward

-punch front mount
-good side flip
-good back handspring to three layout stepouts (very steady)
-nice punchfront
-high and very extended switch splitleap
-roundoff double back dismount with one step
-looked very confident

-press to a handstand mount
-switch straddle (nice and high)
-two layout stepouts which were very solid
-full twisting back dive (AWESOME!!!!)
-valdez to a split jump (nice combo)
-switch split leap, straddle
-VERY COOL- backhandspring, layout stepout, backhandspring, double back


-double pike opening pass-small stumble
-very cute choreography-worked well with the music
-very powerful
-front handspring, front layout, front layout
-One and a half twisting front (we think, it was hard to tell)
-did a tumbling pass with a punchfront out of it and landed on her butt

-AWESOME triple twist
-Stuck her middle tumbling pass with the traditional step out of it
-stuck her two and a half twisting front (?) with the traditional step
out of it.
-Worked well with the music

-Great choreography
-kind of sloppy tumbling passes
-overall a good routine
Kelly Hale competed for Great Britian in Dortmund according to the
announcer which we thought was pretty cool.
Jessica Washburn is going to be competing for Auburn next year on a
full scholarship.
Mohini looked very good in this competition. Made her way around a lot
during the warmups. It seemed like she never stayed in one spot!
The Cypress team had to leave early to catch a flight which was kind of
disapointing because we really wanted to catch them afterwards to get
their autographs. The team was really suprising! They all looked great!
Katie Dyson has one of the coolest beam routines I have ever seen!
Melinda Baimbridge has a great beam routine too! We were very
impressed. Monica Flammer competed bars in the event finals. We forgot
to take notes on her routine and didn t catch her score. It was good
Eileen Diaz has secured a spot on the Puerto Rico Olympic team and
World Championships. She is training at Browns Houston. She looked very
good. They spelled her name wrong in the program- with an  A  instead
of an  E  in Eileen.
Steve Elliot was there advertising for Woodward Camp at a booth. We
were of course thrilled to see him! He is a very friendly person. His
autograph is very neat. It is his name and then under it he drew a
little person looking like it is going into a backhandspring and a
bunch of humps of lines going up where he drew another person which
looks like it is doing a flip and lines going down.
If anyone is interested in seeing who was there, then email us. If
enough people are interested then we will post it, but this is pretty
long already and someone might post a more detailed description of the
meet. BYE!!!!!!

Your fellow Gymners,
M & M  :)


Date:    Sun, 18 Feb 1996 17:35:56 -0800
From:    ***@IX.NETCOM.COM
Subject: HI

Dear Gymn subscribers,
     Hi! My name is Kristy and I am a new Gymn subscriber. I am 14
years old and live in California. I am currently competing Level 8, but
next season I will be competing Level 9. I am also a cheerleader at my
school. I enjoy writing and recieving E-mail. If you have any questions
about gymnastics I'll be happy to answer them, or if you are looking
for a pen pal that's fine because I love to write people. Hope to hear
from you soon!


Date:    Sun, 18 Feb 1996 20:55:03 -0500
Subject: Men-1997 FIG Code of Points - Interpretations

The following is an interpretation of the new 1997 Code of Points and
summary.  This interpretation is representative of our current knowledge of
the new code.  Since the new code is not yet finalized, both the code and
these interpretations are subject to change.

Floor Exercise
Sequence                        93 value        bonus           97 value        bonus
Lay Frt, Tk Frt, Tk Frt         D + C           .2              C + B           .0
Lay Frt, Lay Frt, Lay 1/1       D + E           .5              C + D           .2
Lay 1/1, Lay 1/1                D + E           .5              E               .2
The one point balance/strength hold (min. B) still needs to be clarified.
Value raising does occur on FX as in the 1993 code.  The first 2 skills
combine for one value and the third skill is value raised.

Pommel Horse
Sequence                        93 value        bonus           97 value        bonus
Magyar - L,P,P,L                C               .0              D               .1
Single Pommel Russian           D               .1              C               .0
Hndstd Dsmt (no turn)           A               .0              B               .0
Leather circles over Pommel     B               .0              A               .0

Sequence                        93 value        bonus           97 value        bonus
L-cross                         C               .0              B               .0
L-cross pull up                 D               .1              C               .0
Kip L-cross & pull up           D + D           .3              C + C           .0
All cross strap work will receive the same value as regular swing work.

Sequence                        93 value        97 value
Handspring 1/1                  8.9             8.9
Handspring Frt Pk               9.2             9.3
Layout Tskhara                  9.2             9.2
Layout Kasamatsu                9.5             9.6
Yurchenko - str                 9.2             9.2
Yurchenko 1/1 - str             9.5             9.6
Minimum distance is 2.5 meters.  Virtuosity bonus for distance is eliminated.
New definition for axis deduction has been implemented. (Land between
parallel lines)

Parallel Bars
Sequence                        93 value        bonus           97 value        bonus
Healy, Healy, Hop 1/2           C+D+D            .4             C+C+C           .0
Healy, Frt Toss, Hop 1/2        C+D+D            .4             C+C+C           .0
Connection bonus for elements in the same direction.  No connection for
Stutz to Pike Double Back dismount

Horizontal Bar
Sequence                        93 value        bonus           97 value        bonus
OG Endo, OG Endo Pir    C+D             .2              B+C             .0
Tkat, Tkat, Gienger             C+D+D   .4              C+C+C   .2
.1 bonus is available for each directly connected C value flight element
Wrong way grip same value as normal grip

This rule is still under review.
Currently, a skill is identified by its code number.  Repetition will
consist of a code number being repeated or several code numbers being repeated.
Repetition will be evaluated chronologically.

Layout front, layout front is one skill - one code number and not repetitious.
Layout front, layout front full is one skill
Currently, both the above combinations could be performed in the same
routine with out repetition.  This is subject to change.


Date:    Sun, 18 Feb 1996 19:14:00 MST
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: NOTES: American Classic, senior internationals

I just checked the digests and can't find this message anywhere... sorry for
the delay... could have sworn I sent this on Thursday morning!...

1996 American Classic
Senior Internationals, Optionals
10 February 1996
Oral Roberts University Mabee Center
Tulsa, OK, USA

The most anticipated session of this year's American Classic started with
much fanfare: racing spotlights, indoor fireworks, gymnasts entering the
almost-full arena in a haze of smoke, and even the judges also marching out
onto the mat (high heels can't be good for the floor carpet!).  The
showmanship of this meet was like nothing I've ever seen before at a
(competitive) gymnastics event. Everyone was constantly exclaiming over the
hospitality of the host gym, Tulsa World, and also over the superb meet

Jaycie Phelps, Cincinnati, had built up such a huge lead in compulsories
(five tenths, with the 60/40 factoring) that Dominique Dawes, Hill's, would
have needed a 39.7 optional set to beat her.  Even so, Dawes racked up an
impressive 39.5 points, winning the optional portion of the meet, qualifying
for the Worlds team, winning three events (all except beam due to her
compulsory fall) and finishing second overall. Dominique Dawes is back --
but not back to back, apparently, as her trademark tumbling pass was nowhere
to be seen.  Instead, she now tumbles a double layout; whip, ff, 2.5 twist,
punch front; and a piked full-in dismount.  (9.925, highest meet score)  She
made it through her cool double turn on beam (9.8), landed her Yurchenko 1.5
(9.9), aimed her lofty Hindorf for the ceiling (a little close to the bar,
but she then picked up swing from her air rotation), and landed her full-out
bars dismount for a 9.875.

Phelps, a remarkably clean gymnast, was the only other athlete to break 39
for optionals. She is landing her double front floor mount with significant
improvement (only one small step forward). Phelps hit the vault named after
her, a half on half off layout front, for 9.8, and then finished the night
on bars with another good double front (for dismount).

Without the recently-retired Doni Thompson, the Colorado Aerials
nevertheless maintain their popularity as one of the classiest gyms around.
Kristy Powell, 4th overall, was positioned to claim the third open spot on
the Worlds team until her last event, beam (9.225), where she almost fell on
her punch front mount and was scarily close to the beam on her double tuck
dismount. She now tumbles a new pass, a la Podkopayeva -- a ff, layout,
pike/open swingdown. On vault, Powell sat down her second Yurchenko delayed
1.5, but this was insignificant as she landed her first one for a 9.725.
Bars was Kristy's best, with a stuck full-out dismount for 9.775.  Both
Colorado Aerials showed the superior skill and style of dance that we now
expect from that club.  Theresa Kulikowski had a rough day on floor and beam
(fell off on ff, layout, and had two other wobbles -- but a beautiful front
aerial, nonetheless).  Bars too was her best with a too-cool Jaeger with
half twist on the recatch, and a legs-glued-together double front tucked

Going into the fourth rotation, Amy Chow (West Valley) was trailing Kristy
Powell by .4, and seemed to be a long shot for the Worlds team. Chow is
always bettering everyone else's routines by adding a half or full twist
here or there.  Chow's first event was bars, where she is known for her
intricate and difficult combinations; she swung her routine, with
pirrouettes into Stalders and consecutive releases (piked Jaeger to Pak
salto to low bar), only to put her hands down on her double double dismount
for a 9.3.  Beam was a significant improvement at a 9.775, and was
highlighted by standing full that was preceded by almost no "setup" time.
She distinguished herself on floor with her Arabian double front with
Barani-out mount, but it wasn't until vault, with a 9.8 for her double
twisting Yurchenko, that Chow finally made it to the top three for Worlds.

Jennie Thompson, Dynamo, who is coming back from a heel injury, is
noticeably weak on vaulting (Yurchenko 1/2) but certainly in the thick of it
on the other three apparatus, even taking the bronze medal on beam: standing
full, a high double tuck dismount (she used to compete a full-in), 9.675.
Her bars includes a straddled hecht transition to the high bar, a Gienger, a
Tkatchev, straddle back transition to the low, and a half-in half-out
dismount. She tumbles a surprisingly high piked full-in mount on floor, a
triple twist (a little short) for her second pass, and the typical front
tumbling pass to end.

An interesting situation occurred with Andree Pickens' (Cypress) vault...
for her first attempt, as she was beginning her run, Kelli Hill stepped onto
the vault runway on her way to the floor mat to assist one of her gymnasts.
Pickens' continued through with her vault but was (obviously) thrown off on
her steps--I'm still not quite sure how she managed to squeeze 1.5 twists
into that low Yurchenko.  She landed and immediately fell to her knees.  One
judge saw that Hill had walked onto the runway and so Pickens' was allowed
to do the first vault again, scoring a strong 9.75. Her second vault was a
Yurchenko full, not nearly as good--9.225. (Gymnasts were allowed to do the
same vault twice; the better score counted.)

Larissa Fontaine (Hill's) had to scratch from the competition before
compulsories started with an injury; Katie Teft (Great Lakes) competed only
compulsories intentionally, and Kellee Davis (Twisters) competed
compulsories and then withdrew from optionals.


Mohini Bhardwaj (Brown's) - Yurchenko 1.5 stuck (strong off the horse)

Reagan Tomasek (Hill's) - triple twist off beam

Kristen Maloney (Parkettes) - strong tumbling on beam, including a
full-twisting back handspring swingdown (Rulfova)

Shannon Bowles (Atlantic) - "slip grip" front giant on bars (I haven't seen
a gymnast do one in her *optional* routine in a long time...)

Amy Young (SCATS)- inverts into Jaeger; overall, a really fun gymnast to
watch, who unfortunately had a bad meet this time around

Pickens - consecutive bars releases (Tkatchev-Gienger) -- and this is out of
a giant full, and into a shoot with 1/2 twist over the low bar; toe on front
with 1.5 twists for dismount (nifty)

Elizabeth Reid (Karon) - roundoff layout onto the beam; ff, ff, 1.5 twist
off beam (fell); beautiful bars, but she fell off -- still, a 9.35; the
*best* dance on floor (I'm not sure that her shoulders and elbows actually
_have_ joints...)

Yours in gymnastics,


Date:    Sun, 18 Feb 1996 22:05:58 -0500
From:    ***@TSO.CIN.IX.NET
Subject: Buckeye Invitational

I also managed to trek to Columbus for this event and thought it was well
worth it.  Just some random thought to go with other reports....

Mohini managed to sweep the event finals along with other Brown's
team mates or Cypress members.  (all of them had to leave early to catch
the last flight for Houston out of Columbus).  The only non-Texan to break
into the medals was Kelly Christiansen (sp?) of the Dessert Devils with
3rd. Nice to see that club is still producing talented gymnasts after the
loss of Stormy eaton.

This meet would have been a field day for any college talent recruiter.
There was a lot of good gymnastics today from girls of all ages.  Lots
of creativity too, but still too many generic front tumbling passes IMHO.

Katie Dyson impressed me the most as the one to watch in the future.  The
best thing I saw; all the supportive parents that didn't appear to
be overzealous.  Nice to see.

Gotta go.
Liz B.


Date:    Sun, 18 Feb 1996 22:13:50 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Kristie Phillips

I'm sorry that I'm replying about this so long after it was really discussed
but its been a month since I've been able to read my mail.   Upon reading
some of the comments made about Kristie, I was pretty upset.  Though I don't
know Kristie that well, and have only known her since last October, I can't
say that what I know of her is totally accurate in the long range picture of
her life.  However, I've spent a reasonable amount of time (several long
Sunday afternoons) with Kristie doing exhibitions to promote the Olympics and
gymnastics at the GM building in New York City.  Kristie is very charismatic,
sweet, outgoing, and seems incredibly well adjusted to her life in New York
as an actress.  She never seems bitter about gymnastics, though I've never
actually heard her talk about Bela, but always spoke about her experiences in
gymnastics at the exhibitions with pleasant memories of difficult work but
great rewards and recognizing her dreams.  She never talks about eating
disorders or anything on that order concerning the negative side of
gymnastics, though it's not the type of thing that most people talk about
openly anyway.  Though one person (sorry, no time to properly quote)
mentioned her being a very mean and unfriendly camp counselor, Kristie has
always been nice to all of the girls from my gym who have participated in the
exhibitions, and always remembers our names, cheers for us, and has something
nice to say about our performances (i.e. she has commented me on how some of
my tricks seem steadier, and that I seem to be getting more confident having
to hit lots of beam routines in front of lots of people).  The idea of
Kristie as a bitter person seems very unrealistic to me, and to the few
gymners who made comments as to Kristie possibly having undergone therapy, I
would like to suggest the obvious possibiltity of maturity as the cure to any
bitterness which Kristie might have had concerning gymnastics, Bela, etc....
 In terms of Reeses, Kristie was really excited about going, and I'm really
glad that she did so well, particularly on beam where she was working very
hard at every exhibition to improve that difficult roundoff-layout mount, and
to add harder tricks to her routine.  As an actress, Kristie particuarly
seemed to enjoy the idea of professional gymnastics, and doing gymnastics for
the fun of it, though the idea of winning money appealed to her as I think it
would to anyone else.  So, in conclusion (and I apologize for the length), I
just wanted to clear up some of the rumors, and thought that people might
enjoy some personal insight into this subject.
(If I bored anyone, I apologize again, but I really hated the idea of untrue
rumors circulating about Kristie, who just doesn't deserve the somewhat evil
repuation which she has been given)


Date:    Sun, 18 Feb 1996 22:46:47 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: GYMN-L16 Feb-17 Feb, Torchbearer, Rhyth. Pop., others

1) Re:  L. Portacarrero    Yes, that's the same one.  She's currently
attending and competing for UCLA and doing very well.

2) Re:  Rhythmic Popularity    Eventhough Rhythmic isn't that popular in the
US, it is VERY popular around the world, thus their quick sell-out at Olympic

3) Re:  Torchbearers   Scott Keswick is also a torchbearer!

4) Re:  Kodak commercial   I agree.  I think it is presumptuous to make
Dominique out to be the next Olympic Champion.  I think it's more possible
for other gymnasts to take the AA title.  It's very possible if she makes the
team, that she can have a great meet and possibly not even medal.  Then, the
naive public might think she did bad or she got ripped off because the media
made her out to be more than she is.  I think she's a great gymnast, but I
don't think we need to put unnecessary expectations on her.  I hope Bela
helps her keep her head straight and she takes all this hype with a grain of
salt.   JMO!



Date:    Sun, 18 Feb 1996 22:58:48 -0500
From:    ***@YORKU.CA
Subject: Dominique Dawes

        Thank you so much for the report on the Senior Classic meet,
Rachele!  It was definitely worth the wait!
        It was great to read how well Dominique Dawes is doing.  While I
will miss her back to back pass on FX, I think a double layout opening
and piked full-in dismount is the kind of tumbling it is going to take to
win in Atlanta.  I can't wait to see her at Gymnix!  Hopefully she will
do just as well there.  Based on the American Classic, it would seem that
Dawes has a great shot to do well individually in Atlanta, and of coure
Paris.  I just have one question: did she do her full-in off BB or not?
You didn't mention it.
        I just have to say I think it is great that Dawes is continuing
to improve.  I had my doubts she would last this long, particularly after
she was injured and missed Sabae, but  I'm glad to see she is on the road


Date:    Sun, 18 Feb 1996 21:29:00 MST
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: Rhythmic Challenge Results

Downers Grove, Illinois
February 16-17, 1996

Place/Name            rope   hoop   ball   clubs  ribbon All-around
 1  Davis, Jessica    9.350  0.000  9.250  8.500  8.950  36.050
                      9.225  0.000  9.250  9.300  9.350  37.125
 2  Illy, Lauri       8.800  0.000  8.950  8.900  8.800  35.450
                      9.100  0.000  9.100  8.900  9.050  36.150
 3  Lacuesta, Natalie 9.100  0.000  9.150  8.800  8.050  35.100
                      9.350  0.000  9.175  9.000  8.950  36.475
 4  Higa, Liriel      8.900  0.000  9.050  8.600  8.650  35.200
                      8.850  0.000  9.200  8.750  8.850  35.650
 5  Tharp, Tina       8.650  0.000  9.000  8.450  8.150  34.250
                      8.750  0.000  9.150  8.825  8.000  34.725
 6  Lee, Kristin      8.300  0.000  8.700  8.200  8.400  33.600
                      8.725  0.000  8.400  8.600  8.700  34.425
 7  Kemper, Kelsi     7.800  0.000  8.750  8.300  8.250  33.100
                      8.375  0.000  8.450  8.500  8.250  33.575
 8  McElroy, Melissa  8.300  0.000  8.350  8.450  7.850  32.950
                      8.400  0.000  8.225  8.250  7.850  32.725
 9  Albe, Alicia      8.600  0.000  8.750  8.250  7.600  33.200
                      8.575  0.000  7.400  8.400  7.850  32.225
 1  Scharringhausen,  8.650  8.850  0.000  8.650  8.750  34.900
    Kassy             8.550  8.950  0.000  8.800  8.700  35.000
 2  Jeffress, Kate    8.750  8.800  0.000  8.400  8.500  34.450
                      8.650  8.700  0.000  8.400  8.550  34.300
 3  McCargo, Tara     8.600  8.700  0.000  8.100  8.600  34.000
                      8.800  8.650  0.000  8.650  8.450  34.550
 4  Shoemaker,        8.450  8.050  0.000  8.650  8.300  33.450
    Johanna           8.700  8.800  0.000  8.450  8.500  34.450
 5  Takahashi, Ellie  8.100  8.350  0.000  8.150  7.800  32.400
                      8.300  8.200  0.000  8.100  7.950  32.550
 6  Quirin, Diana     8.050  8.000  0.000  8.000  8.050  32.100
                      8.300  8.350  0.000  7.750  8.050  32.450
 7  Ng, Amy           7.950  8.250  0.000  7.900  8.000  32.100
                      8.250  8.250  0.000  7.750  7.800  32.050
 8  Varela, Emily     8.100  7.750  0.000  7.100  7.250  30.200
                      8.150  7.600  0.000  7.200  7.450  30.400


Date:    Sun, 18 Feb 1996 23:42:34 -0500
From:    ***@MAROON.TC.UMN.EDU
Subject: Technical information--Level 7, twisting vaults, extra D-E

Just a comment before I answer some questions posed.  I've learned over
many years of being in this sport that it's good to say, "I don't know" and
look something up.  There's been a couple of wrong comments technically
concerning rules that have been posted.  Please, don't be afraid to look up
the right answer before posting it!  Anyhow, here's responses concerning
women's gymnastics rules.

Anyhow, it looks like the extra D question was answered correctly.  For the
elite level in the USA (or FIG internationally), .3 can be earned for
different EXTRA D's. (Depending on which competition gymnast is in and how
many D's are required in that competition.)   Remember, FIG (elite) starts
at 9.4, for the age group program (and NCAA) here in US we start at 9.6.

For the Level 7 compulsory question, yes, the leaps on both beam and floor
are STAGGED.  (Level 6 they are straight).  Source:  USGF JO Program
Compulsory Exercises book, p. 108 beam, p. 139 floor.  The deduction for
doing a split leap(rather than stag-split) is Up to .2 (p. 161 under beam &
floor #2. Incorrect leg position on major elements).

For the vault values, again, it depends on which level you're talking
about.     I'm holding in my hand the FIG (elite) Vault Table, Revised
10/95.  Here are the vault values internationally:
   Handspring 2/1 twist   9.9 (not listed, but assume HS 2 1/2 is 10.0)
   1/2 on - 2/1 off       9.9
   Full on - Full off     9.7

Actually, I now pulled out my JO Program vault table, and the values listed
above are the same for the USGF or USAG program.  However, the HS 2 1/2
vault IS listed and valued at 10.0.

Now we move to the NCAA vault table (which is the old JO table from 1993 I
believe.)  For the 1995-96 NCAA season, vault values are:
  Handspring 2/1     10.0
  1/2 on - 2/1 off    9.8
  Full on - Full off  9.6

So, as you see, you have to know which gym you're in, and what level the
gymnasts are to determine the correct Start Value for the vault.

Hope that clears up a couple questions.



Date:    Sun, 18 Feb 1996 21:40:00 MST
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: Dominique Dawes

>        It was great to read how well Dominique Dawes is doing.
>Paris.  I just have one question: did she do her full-in off BB or not?
>You didn't mention it.

Wow, just one question?  ;)

Yes, Dawes did a ff, ff, full-in for her dismount.  I don't always mention
all the skills I take notes on because it gets a bit repetitive from report
to report...



Date:    Mon, 19 Feb 1996 18:14:50 +1100
From:    ***@OZEMAIL.COM.AU
Subject: curious about Amy Scherr

Regarding Martie Sammons post about Amy Scherr

Can you explain how Amy Scherr was a six time national team member?  I
believe she was 15 or 16 in 1990, and didn't seem to be around much after
that.  She must have been pretty young for her first national team.

13th in the world in 1990?  Whose world ranking was that?  There were no
world championships in 1990.  If you're using the ranking from Goodwill
Games, then take into consideration that not all the top gymnasts in the
world were there.  Only a very young and inexperienced Gina Gogean competed
for Romania in that competition.

Still, it's great to know she's still in the sport, despite a premature ending.



End of GYMN-L Digest - 18 Feb 1996 to 19 Feb 1996