GYMN-L Digest - 18 Nov 1995

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  2. Atlanta Invitational
  3. Bart Conner
  4. IBM AGI - commentary, day 2, part 1 of 2
  5. AGI: That Nutty Announcer
  6. November IG


Date:    Sat, 18 Nov 1995 14:33:26 -0500
From:    ***@ARGONET.CO.UK

The first day of the 1995 Men's British Championship was held today in
Nottingham U.K., with the individual apparatus comp. tomorrow. The totalled
results are as follows ( top ten only ):

Under 16 All round result :

Name            Club                    Total score

John Mutch      Huntingdon G.C.         53.55
Ross Brewer     RAANS G.C.              52.85
John Henry      Salford G.C.            49.70
David Colvin    The Gym Centre          49.65
Marc Tyzack     Gymworld                48.75
Scott Hann      Bush Harlow             47.75
James Walker    Thames Park G.C.        46.75
Gareth Lincoln  Central Manchester      46.65
Mark Happe      Bush Harlow             46.50
Mark Ford       Hinckley G.C.           46.45

Under 18 All round result :

Kanukai Jackson Harrow School of Gym    53.35
John Smethhurst Central Manchester      52.60
Chris Hanson    Central manchester      51.85
Jon Fuller      Basingstoke G.C.        50.75
Steven Hulse    North Staffs. G.C.      49.40
Craig Pellowe   Swallows of Helston     47.95
Eric Axford     Alloa G.C.              46.05
Ian Berry       Central Manchester      45.00
Jamie Robinson  Salford G.C.            43.40
James Morris    Barry YMCA              00.00

Open Age All Around Result :

Marvin Campbell City of Liverpool       54.75
Dominic Brindle City of Leeds           54.30
Craig Heap      North Tyne G.C.         53.85
Lee Rickets     Unattached              53.20
Steve Frew      Alloa G.C.              52.80
Robert Barber   North Staffs            52.75
Tim Palmer      Notts. Sch. of Gym      52.50
Austin Woods    Gymworld                52.15
Klemen  Bedenik Guest                   51.30
Kevin Atherton  Unattached              50.95

Marvin Campbell becomes the new all around men's champion for 1995. Well done
Marvin !!!!!!



Date:    Sat, 18 Nov 1995 17:11:29 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: Atlanta Invitational

>To George, Rachel and other Gymners who attended this invitational,
>how was the demonstration of RSG by the US group and what was the
>crowd's reaction.  I'm willing to bet it was the same --lethargic

Actually, it was quite good! :)  I especially enjoyed their group hoop
routine that they performed the first night - it was to music from the movie
"Swing Kids" and they probably got the biggest crowd response of Thursday
night's competition!  I must admit that I'm not a big rhythmic gymnastics
fan, but I was quite impressed!

Amy :)


Date:    Sat, 18 Nov 1995 18:39:10 -0500
Subject: Bart Conner

I must second George's comment about Bart Conner being a nice guy.  This
Wednesday (Nov 15) Bart was in Rochester,  NY for Xerox's annual Teamwork Day.
He was here to promote the Olympics.  Xerox (my employer) is a sponsor.  Bart
did some gymnastics at the event.  My daughter's gymnastics club provided the
equipment and helped set up.  One of our coaches even spotted Bart in a staged
basketball game with a Xerox VP.  What impressed me was how genuine Bart is.
During set up on Tuesday evening the owner of our club asked Bart if he would
stop at the club to see our kids before he left.  The Xerox event ended at 3:15
PM.  Bart's plane was at 5:30.  His immediate answer to the owner was "I'd love
to if I can get to the gym and catch my plane.  The owner drove him to the gym
(in a blizzard), he was there for about 30 minutes but took an interest in what
each child had to say.  He knew ahead of time that he would not be able to sign
pictures for each of the 45 kids at the gym while he was there so he pre-signed
them in the car.  To each child he handed a photo, he asked a question like
"how did you get interested in gymnastics" or "what's your favorite event".
The kids at the gym looked like it was Chistmas morning they were so excited.
We got a number of pictures, one group shot with all of the kids, coaches and
Bart.  I got a great shot of Bart with my daughter and one of her team mates.
It will be an event none of the kids (or coaches) will forget.  Bart's
gymnastics at the Xerox event was pretty good too.  He has tremendous grace.
He told me he's 37 and gymnastics is starting to get harder than it used to.



Date:    Sat, 18 Nov 1995 17:55:52 -0700
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: Re: IBM AGI - commentary, day 2, part 1 of 2

| Does anyone know when she'll recover??  I was really anxious to see how she'd
| do.  I hope she recovers soon!!

Boguinskaya's injury is not serious, and shouldn't keep her out of any
major competitions in the future.



Date:    Sat, 18 Nov 1995 18:37:58 -0800
From:    ***@NETCOM.COM
Subject: AGI: That Nutty Announcer

Was it nerves that caused the announcer at the Atlanta Gym. Invite to say
things like...

Oksana KLIN-chik
Oksana NEEZ-nik
Oksana KIZH-nik
Roza Gal-EE-va
LEE-na Gro-SHEE-va
Mirela Tug-UR-lan
Mirela Too-gir-LAN
Mirela SOO-gir-lan
Vittle-y [like "vittles"] Rudnitsky
John Gnat [Joan Gnat]
Ludmila ??????? (sounded something like "Teriyaki") [Turischeva]
Abby Grossfield [Abie Grossfeld]
Marinescu from Bulamia [a combo of BUL and ROM?]

And my personal favorite...Hoo-WANG Hoo-ah-DONG

Coaches Arkaev (RUS) and Caballo (ESP) were laughing themselves silly
during the introduction of the gymnasts on Day 2.

Debbie :)


Date:    Sat, 18 Nov 1995 21:51:02 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: November IG

Dear Gymners,
      I have not recieved my november issue of IG yet...and last months was
really late.  Who should i get in touch with to recieve it as quickly as


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