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  1. A Miller on bars? (3)
  2. Rhythmic Coach Needed
  3. Citizenship - Lanna
  4. Age group levels
  5. Sport Seneca's Home Page
  6. Retton endorses IBM
  7. RESULTS: SE Asian Games (RSG)
  8. Van Fleet
  9. Jnr Pacific Alliance


Date:    Sat, 16 Dec 1995 09:37:37 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: A Miller on bars?

The fuul turn hop in men's gymnastics is called the *Quast*.  Anyone know who
Quast is/was, when and where first performed?



Date:    Sat, 16 Dec 1995 10:52:20 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Rhythmic Coach Needed

Seattle Gymnastics Academy needs a full or part-time rhythmic coach to
replace Dawn Jiang who is now a full-time university student. She's holding
the fort until the end of this season but needs to be out after nationals. If
anyone knows of someone qualified to lead a rhythmic class program, supervise
instructors, and coach JO levels 5 through 9, please give email me or have
them contact me at 206 362 7447. Thanks for any assistance.



Date:    Sat, 16 Dec 1995 13:25:41 EST
From:    ***@PRODIGY.COM
Subject: Citizenship - Lanna

People were asking about Lanna's citizenship and what country she
represents.    I hope that this clears it up.

Lanna Appisukh was born in the USA, but her parents were born in
Thailand.   This gives her a dual citizenship until she becomes an
adult and must choose between the two.

Num Kutz was in the same situation and chose the USA citizenship - he
can now not represent Thailand.

Lanna was the '92 USA Junior National Champion (youngest ever).   She
was repeatedly asked to represent Thailand in International
competition (Lanna is very famous in Thailand).    She knew that once
she opted to represent Thailand - she could not represent the USA for
about 3 years.
After she did not make the USA team this year (injuries), she decided
to represent Thailand at World Championships in Sabae and later in
the Southeast Asian Games.

She won the all-around and 2 individual event golds and 1 ind. event



Date:    Sat, 16 Dec 1995 14:00:55 EST
From:    ***@PRODIGY.COM
Subject: Age group levels

Someone asked for some of the skills performed at the various age
group levels.

I will try to be as brief as possible.   Keep in mind that in '97
these will change.

Compulsory levels   -   L4 - L7

Level 2:   In some states level 2 is done in AAU competitions.
v - squat on - jump off
ub - pull over, cast back hip circle, underswing dismount
bb - variation of walks jumps and turns
fx - cartwheels on both sides, roundoff, bk. extension roll with bent
arms, bk. walkover

Level 4:
v - squat over or handspring (can choose)
ub - pull over or run out to single leg kip or glide kip, front hip,
front mill, sole circle dismount.
bb - cartwheel, side handstand to 1/4 turn dismount (wendy)
fx - st. arm bk. extension roll, roundoff-bk. handspring, front
handspring, dive cartwheel

level 5:  (very similar to level 4)
v - handspring
ub - kip, frt hip, squat on, swinging pullover, undershoot /
counterswing to straddle, sole circle dis.
bb - squat on, handstand, cartwheel, roundoff dismount
fx - dive cartwheel, 2 bk. handsprings, front handspring - ro - bk
ext, fouette

level 6:
v - handspring
ub - kip, clear hip, kip, squat on, long kip, front hip, flyaway
(tuck or straight)
bb - bk. walkover, side handstand to straddled press down, 1/1 turn,
barani dismount
fx - aerial, back tuck,  frt. handspring - ro - bk. handspring, tour
jete, front walkover

Level 7:   (L 7 may be skipped if you get a certain score at L 6 -
this level goes almost totally unused)
v - handspring
ub - same as L 6 with higher amplitude required and there is no front
hip before the cast to dismount.
bb - bk. handspring, 1/1 turn, hitch kick, bk. walkover, handstand,
cartwheel ot back tuck dis.
fx - front, bk. layout, frt. handspring - ro - ff - bk. tuck,
hitchkick to aerial

Optionals - I will list the skills that seem most common at these
level down here in Florida.

Level 8:
v - Tuck or pike tsuk, handspring 1/1, 1/2 on 1/1 off
ub - giants, straddle back, 1/1 flyaway, cast handstand - clearhip
handstand, shoot over
bb - 1 or 2 bk. handsprings, roundoff, layout 1/1 dismount or front
pike dismount
fx - front or whip through to layout 1/1, handspring - flyspring -
front tuck or pike,

Level 9 and 10:  (I believe that level 9's can do any difficulty but
only get C credit for acro D and E's)
v - layout tsuk, twisting tsuk, handspring front, yurchenko (level
ub - giants both ways, blind change, releases (usually yaegar or
reverse hecht), 1/1 piroutte, 2/1 flyaway
bb - ff - layouts, front tuck, 2/1 twist or double back dismount,
double turn
fx - double pike, 1/1 in back out, front 1/1,  whip or front therough
to double twist or double back

These are just generalizations - some kids do much weaker skills and
some do much stronger skills at these optional levels.

I hope that this helped to give you an understanding of what is done
at each level.



Date:    Sat, 16 Dec 1995 20:16:12 GMT
From:    ***@CLOUD9.NET
Subject: Re: A Miller on bars?

>The fuul turn hop in men's gymnastics is called the *Quast*.  Anyone know who
>Quast is/was, when and where first performed?

Ralf Quast competed for the GDR in the mid/late 1980's.  A Quast on HB is
the same as a Chusovitina on UB...  According to a German book, Quast first
performed this move at the '87 Moscow News.



Date:    Sat, 16 Dec 1995 20:46:11 GMT
From:    ***@CLOUD9.NET
Subject: Re: A Miller on bars?

At 08:16 PM 12/16/95 GMT, I wrote:

>Ralf Quast competed for the GDR in the mid/late 1980's.  A Quast on HB is
>the same as a Chusovitina on UB...  According to a German book, Quast first
>performed this move at the '87 Moscow News.

Oops, the minute I hit "send" I knew it was a mistake. :)  As has been
pointed out, Kurt Thomas was the first to do the hop full on HB.  However,
the book I'm looking at says a Quast is "a backwards giant with a hopping
pirouette in the handstand phase".  To whom does the men's Code give credit?
Is a Quast and a Thomas even the same move?




Date:    Sat, 16 Dec 1995 18:27:49 EST
Subject: Sport Seneca's Home Page

You can preview Sport Seneca's parent run Gymnastics home page at: (case is important!)

take a look and send me suggestions and feedback! Only some sections are
currently up but we're working to expand coverage! The site is also temporary
until we can finalize arrangements with the college.



Date:    Sat, 16 Dec 1995 18:59:34 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: Retton endorses IBM

While I was in Computer City a few months back, I peeked into a side room
where there were a few tables (perhaps they give classes there) and a TV.
 Showing on the TV was sort of an Infomercial starring Mary Lou using this
credit card modem thing (I'm not quite sure what the heck it is, Grace...) on
her laptop.  The broadcast portrayed her as the quintessential businesswoman,
even capable of going online while at the gym (complete with her
demonstration).  I guess this thing that Grace saw was part of the same
campaign.  I confess I was a bit suprised to see Mary Lou in Computer City,
y'know?  I am glad to see she is computer literate these days, although I am
not really sure what she's up to (besides caring for new baby and hubby),
since the commercial didn't really say what the heck her business was and
what the heck her hectic schedule consisted of...

Ciao from Jersey where it's cold and snowy...


Date:    Sat, 16 Dec 1995 19:19:30 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: RESULTS: SE Asian Games (RSG)

RSG AA (from Reuters) ...
     1. Wanarudee Hansomboon (Thailand) 35.125
     2. Anchaya Yeamsukon (Thailand) 34.925
     3. Kemal Faras Zellinah (Malaysia) 34.225


Date:    Sun, 17 Dec 1995 00:34:04 EST
From:    ***@PRODIGY.COM
Subject: Van Fleet

It's official - Chrissy Van Fleet has signed on as a Gator girl.
Chrissy trains at Brown's Metro in Orlando, Fl. and is coached by
Jeff Wood.    She has only been on the national scene for a short
time - but has earned a reputation as one of the more powerful
vaulters in the country.   It will be a treat to see her compete for
the Gators.



Date:    Sun, 17 Dec 1995 15:25:00 -0600
Subject: Jnr Pacific Alliance

          I have complete results from this competition held earlier
          this year. If you would like results, please e-mail me. if I
          get enough replies I will post to the list. The upset of the
          comp? AUS boys defeat the USA!!!!



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