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  1. Question about Levels
  2. Acro
  3. which flag to hoist
  4. Moceanu
  5. Level 7 req.
  6. flags (2)


Date:    Fri, 15 Dec 1995 10:30:10 -0500
Subject: Question about Levels

For those of us who last saw age-group gymnastics competition
(it is still age group, isn't it?) when we competed as Class Is,
IIs, or IIIs in the 70s (or Class IV in the early 80s), could
someone explain what the Levels are?  I.e., what are standard
threshold moves for competing at Level 5, 6, 8, 10?  (on each
apparatus, if poss., though that may take too long). I'm always
curious when someone posts an intro explaining that they're a
Level 7 or something what that really means!  Since this stuff is
never televised, it's awfully hard for those of us with no
current gym contacts to find out.



Date:    Fri, 15 Dec 1995 10:29:25 -0700
From:    ***@SUPERNET.AB.CA
Subject: Acro

        Hi there.  I remember in the beginning of this month I sent a letter
here to ask about acro results.  Has anyone found any?  LIke for the worlds
this year or even other comp???



Date:    Fri, 15 Dec 1995 11:02:25 +0000
From:    ***@IGC.APC.ORG
Subject: which flag to hoist

Could someone explain to me any rules governing what country a
gymnast can "represent" in competition?  Let's take Bogi and
Apisukh as examples, since they live and train in the USA, but
represent other countries internationally.  I imagine that it
is up to Belarus and Thailand, in those instances, to decide
whether these gymnasts will represent them.  What if they decided
they wanted to represent the USA?  Must a gymnast reside in, or
be a citizen of, the USA to compete in the USA Nationals? Olympic
trials?  USA worlds team?

I think these questions have been raised before, but I didn't
catch any answers.  Any info along these lines is appreciated.

--Mary Lynne


Date:    Fri, 15 Dec 1995 15:13:14 -30000
From:    ***@USAID.GOV
Subject: Moceanu

According to a short article in the Sports section of today's Washington
Post,  Dominique Moceanu won a made-for-TV gymnastics rock and roll event (?)
in Charleston, SC;  Kim Zmeskal finished second.  No mention of when this
would be televised.

The article also mentioned that she taped a public service announcement
Tuesday about donating to the Olympic team, at the request of the U.S.
Olympic Committee.


Date:    Fri, 15 Dec 1995 15:43:00 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: Level 7 req.

In a message dated 95-12-15 08:01:52 EST, you write:

>I'm a gymanstics mom and was reading the proposed USGA Level 7 changes and
>had trouble understanding some of the requirements.  The series' for beam
>and floor referred to acrobatic elements with and without flight and
>gymnastics elements. Could someone give me an explanation of the difference
>between them?  In your explanation if you could give examples of lower
>level skills that would be typical it would help me (and my daughter) a

My understanding of the new level 7 is that it will be a modified optional
level. On beam the acro series is one with at least two elements, none with
flight. i.e. back walkover,back walkover. They must also do at least one acro
element with flight. i.e. back handspring. This element according to what I
have read is to be done separately from the acro series. They must also do a
dismount that consists of a salto element, and leap series with at least two
elements. They are not allowed to do any "c" or higher elements at all.
Examples of lower level skills that she might consider are all variations of
walkovers, front and back handsprings,cartwheels, etc.
Hope that helps a little.


Date:    Sat, 16 Dec 1995 00:27:53 -0500
Subject: flags

     No matter where an athlete lives or trains, he/she will compete under the
flag of the country of which he/she is a citizen. Shcherbo and Boginskaya both
live and train in the US but remain Belarusian citizens, so that is the flag
under which they compete (BTW, did anyone notice on the Atlanta coverage that
Svetlana had the "wrong" flag on her leotard - it was Belarus' old red and
white one instead of the new red, green and white one that Piskun was wearing
and was used in the graphics? Technically, shouldn't this be a deduction?)
Anyway, Galiyeva is another example of the citizenship matter. She competed for
Uzbekistan after Barcelona, because that's the country she was a citizen of.
But for part of this time, at least, she was training in Russia. Chusovitina
too. Roza just got her citizenship changed to Russia, so is now competing under
that flag. I believe that some athletes also have dual citizenship, and then
they have to make a decision about what country they want to represent. I'd
guess that Lanna Apisukh falls into this category, but don't know for sure.



Date:    Sat, 16 Dec 1995 01:55:16 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: flags

>BTW, did anyone notice on the Atlanta coverage that Svetlana had the "wrong"
flag >on her leotard - it was Belarus' old red and white one instead of the
new red, green >and white one that Piskun was wearing and was used in the
graphics? Technically, >shouldn't this be a deduction?

Technical deducations such as this are tradationally only taken (or even if
effect at all) at major events like Olympics, Worlds, Europeans, etc.

For the record, in Sabae Boginskaya did have the correct flag on her leotard.

BTW everyone, today is Beth's birthday (I won't say which one <g>) so ...
Happy Birthday Beth!

There, now I've embarassed her ... my work here is done. ;-)



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