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  1. gymnastic move???
  2. Doni Thompson
  3. Meet in Italy
  4. RESULTS. Euro Jnrs qualifying (W)
  5. RESULTS. Memorial Blume
  6. RESULTS. Euro Jnrs Qualifying (M)
  7. Doni Thompson - out?
  8. Info request
  9. Role of FIG ( Not about D.Thompson but is about federation itself)
 10. USA National team members in NCAA
 11. digests
 12. Subway Part Two
 13. Subway World Gymnastics Challenge - WWW text


Date:    Tue, 14 Nov 1995 23:43:50 -0500
From:    ***@YALE.EDU
Subject: Re: gymnastic move???

>         Sounds like you are describing a headspring.  These are done with
> the feet together instead of being stepped into like a handspring.

You can also step into them.



Date:    Wed, 15 Nov 1995 01:35:48 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: Doni Thompson


While I do not know if it's true that Doni quit for good, I will try and find
out and let everyone know.  When I went back to visit Aerials over Labor Day,
she was having some problems and did not go to practice. Her mom came in to
talk to the head coaches.  I know her back has bothered her for awhile (it
did last spring, when I used to go observe workouts) and she's a bit
frustrated. After Worlds, both her and Kerri took some time off to rest and
get away from the gym for awhile.  Even if she's made the decision to quit, I
wouldn't count her out.  She could change her mind very easily.



Date:    Wed, 15 Nov 1995 09:28:06 +0100
From:    ***@MICRONET.IT
Subject: Re: Meet in Italy

>Does anyone have information on a meet to be held in Sicily around November
>18? It's called something like "Rio Trinidad Canatia Cup".  Does anyone
>know who the delegates are? One of our club's gymnasts (Vanessa Atler) is
>supposed to go and her mom wants to know more about it.
>Thanks for your help.

The right name of the meet is "Trofeo Trinacria d'oro" and it will be held
on november 16-19 in Catania (Sicily). It was one of the most important
women's meet in Europe: Shannon Miller won it 1990. These are the delegations.

Adriana Crisci
Giordana Rocchi

Chen Qiaozhen
Wang Xin
coach: Zhang Zhen   judge: Chen Cuiting

Simona Amanar
Andrea Cacovean
coach: Nicolae Forminte   judge: Mirela Szemerjai

Ksenia Bogdanova
Ekaterina Kadishnikova
coah: Valery Starkin   judge: Natalia Ishikova

Deidra Graham
Vanessa Atler
coaches: Scott Burr and Steve Rybacki   judge: Maria De Cristoforo

Ildiko Dragoner
Adrienn Zsirai
coaches: Istavn Kisivan and Peter Farkas    judge: Ernone Maraczi.

Last editions' winners:
1979 Dunca (Rom)
1980 Li Yingzi (Chn)
1981 Xiang Yu (Chn)
1982 Wu Wenil (Chn)
1983 Agache (Rom)
1984 Luconi (Ita)
1985 Dobre (Rom)
1986 Potorac (Rom)
1987 C. Popa (Rom)
1988 Onodi (Hun)
1989 Ovari (Hun)
1990 Miller (Usa)
1991 E. Popa (Rom)
1993 Lebedeva (Rus)
1994 Amanar (Rom)

The schedule
Catania, palazzetto dello sport - Catania (ph.n.: 0039-95-355649)
saturday 18/11 - 15:00 AA
sunday 19/11 - apparatus finals

For further information, contact the organization (mr. Mannisi):
0039-95-445323 or 515355.

I hope it will be helpful.



Date:    Wed, 15 Nov 1995 09:28:09 +0100
From:    ***@MICRONET.IT
Subject: RESULTS. Euro Jnrs qualifying (W)

Women's Euro Jnrs qualifying, group 1
Barcelona (Spa), 11.11.1995

1. SPAIN                                              150.475
   Diana Plaza         9.725   9.475   9.500   9.425   38.125
   Joanna Juarez       9.725   9.725   9.400   9.100   37.950
   Gemma Paz           9.500   9.475   9.400   9.250   37.625
   Susana Garcia               9.300   8.950   8.850   27.100
   M.Jesus Garcia      9.675                            9.675
                      38.625  37.975  37.250  36.625

2. ITALY                                              147.925
   Giordana Rocchi     9.525   9.475   9.050   9.275   37.325
   Laura Montagnolo    9.500   9.400   9.000   9.375   37.275
   Adriana Crisci      9.625   9.650   8.550   8.825   36.650
   Elisa Lamperti      9.500   9.275                   18.775
   Francesca Fossati                   8.700   9.200   17.900
                      38.150  37.800  35.300  36.675

3. NETHERLAND                                         144.900
   Kristan Visser      9.350   9.400   8.900   9.100   36.750
   Fleke Willems       9.425   8.850   8.775   9.000   36.050
   Patricia Timmer     9.325   9.425   8.825           27.575
   Leonie Marzouk              8.900   8.375   9.000   26.275
   Jacquelin Willemsen 9.400                            9.400
   Monique Nuyten                              8.850    8.850
                      37.500  36.575  34,875  35.950

4. ALBANIA                                             97.150
   Ediola Omeri        8.825   8.300   8.325   8.500   33.950
   Klesta Meta         8.600   8.100   8.400   8.000   33.100
   Blerina Piciri      8.500   5.950   7.800   7.850   30.100
                      25.925  22.350  24.525  24.350

Spain qualified tho the Euro Chps in Charleroi.



Date:    Wed, 15 Nov 1995 09:28:11 +0100
From:    ***@MICRONET.IT
Subject: RESULTS. Memorial Blume

26th Criterium Internacional
Memorial Joaquim Blume
Barcelona (Spa), 12.11.95

 1. J. Chechi (Ita)      9.000  9.550  9.700  9.200  9.650  9.600  56.700
 2. D. Karbonenko (Rus)  9.200  9.650  9.300  9.200  9.550  9.700  56.600
    J. Carballo (Spa)    9.400  9.500  9.450  9.200  9.500  9.550  56.600
 4. A. Nemov (Rus)       9.600  9.600  8.500  9.600  9.650  9.450  65.400
 5. C. Leric (Rom)       8.850  9.300  9.200  9.600  9.200  9.300  55.450
 6. T. Aymes (Fra)       9.400  8.700  9.000  9.400  9.250  9.500  55.250
 7. Dongua Li (Sui)      8.900  9.700  8.950  8.900  8.950  9.100  54.500
 8. D. Lizardi (Pur)     8.900  8.100  9.150  9.450  8.600  9.250  53.450
 9. O. Acosta (Spa)      9.000  8.550  8.950  8.950  8.350  8.450  52.250
10. G. Pisos (Arg)       8.250  9.500  8.750  8.950  8.350  8.300  52.100
11. V. Solorzano (Ven)   8.600  8.150  8.400  9.650  8.500  8.800  52.100
12. M. Monbteiro (Bra)   8.800  8.900  8.450  8.500  8.350  9.000  52.000

Sorry for the delay.



Date:    Wed, 15 Nov 1995 09:28:14 +0100
From:    ***@MICRONET.IT
Subject: RESULTS. Euro Jnrs Qualifying (M)

Women's Euro Jnrs qualifying, group 1
Arezzo (Ita), 11.11.1995

1. BELARUS                                                     218.450
Dimitri Kasperovich   9.350  8.900  9.300  9.250  9.250  9.200  55.250
Alexei Sinkevich      9.050  9.250  9.000  9.200  9.250  9.150  54.900
Vladimir Churatovich  9.350  8.650  9.100  9.100  9.100  9.100  54.400
Vladimir Makarevich   8.750                       9.050  9.150  26.950
Vadim Kisele                 9.050  8.700                       17.750
Ury Kiselev                                9.200                 9.200
                     36.500 35.850 36.100 36.750 36.650 36.600

2. ITALY                                                       215.150
Gabriele Ruosi        9.300  9.050  9.350  8.950  8.850  8.950  54.250
Matteo Ferretti       9.000         9.550  8.900  8.350  9.250  45.050
Pietro Di Pumpo       9.150  8.800  9.200  9.100                36.250
Igor Cassina                 9.200                8.850  9.000  27.050
Davide Di Pumpo       8.550         8.650  9.250                26.450
Alberto Busnari              9.400                8.950  7.750  26.100
                     35.800 36.450 36.750 36.200 35.000 34.950

3. ALBANIA                                                      15.150
Altin Dudaj                  5.700  4.900  7.950  5.500  6.400  30.450
Julian Skilja                4.400  4.750  8.000  5.650  5.450  28.250
Leonard Shaka                       3.750  7.500                11.250
Nerton Xhafa                                      4.000          4.000

Some news about the Albanian team.
Leonard Shaka, Elbasan 19.5.1981 - regional champion '93, '94, '95.
Partecipated in a friendly meet in Hungary. Coach: Ligor Shaka. Club:
Labinoti Elbasan. He is underaged: this is the reason why the team took only
15,150 pts on pb for the final standings (the rule is: at least three valid
results per apparatus).
Julian Skilja, Elbasan 14.12.1978 - participated in Balkanian Chps '92 and
'93. Coach: Ligor Shaka. Club: Labinoti Elbasan.
Altin Dudaj, Tirana 21.9.1978 - participated in Balkanian Chps '92, '93 and
'94. Coach: Edmond Koloneci. Club: Partizani Tirana.
Nerton Xhafa, Berat 19.10.83 - Coach: Gezim Troka. Club: Tomori Berat.

A slovenian gymnast took part at the competion: Mitja Petkoviek (Ljubljiana
6.2.77) national jnr. champion in '94 and '95. I'm sorry, but I don't know
his results.



Date:    Wed, 15 Nov 1995 03:50:33 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: Doni Thompson - out?

Hello Everyone!

One of our new gymnasts was a team-mate of Doni Thompson just last year and
still keeps in contact with her.  She told me the other day that Doni had
told her in a phone conversation that she has officially quit gymnastic.  I
am not making that statement official, but this is what my gymnast told me.
 I kind of feel like I'm "spreading a rumor", but since I saw this message
string, I thought I'd add my two cents worth.  See ya!



Date:    Wed, 15 Nov 1995 10:22:03 GMT
From:    ***@CS.BHAM.AC.UK
Subject: Info request

Iowa Uni... What's it like? Is the gymnastics any good? What's the location
like? etc?



Date:    Wed, 15 Nov 1995 07:58:41 -0500
From:    ***@UMICH.EDU
Subject: Role of FIG ( Not about D.Thompson but is about federation itself)

I know the discussion is about Doni Thompson right know but I have a
question about the FIG.
Does someone know the rules and regulations of the FIG.
I mean how how is it set up.How many head judges, countries participating
 board members, how are people elected, how are rules passed down, how
are people elected
in each country  etc...

I ordered the book on gymnastics and I was wondering if
I would be able to find the answers in there.

I did not know who to email privately.    I emailed a. Duffy and she
suggested I try gymn.  I also went to the back issues,library
bookstore and international gymnasts magazines but they only had
books on the history of gymnastics and not the FIG.
Thank you. 6


Date:    Wed, 15 Nov 1995 09:08:38 -0500
From:    ***@YALE.EDU
Subject: Re: USA National team members in NCAA

Doe Yamashiro attended Stanford but retired before ever competing.
Hillary Anderson I think would be a senior now.  She retired after a
season or two.



Date:    Wed, 15 Nov 1995 09:49:19 -0500
Subject: digests

Is it possible to change my subscription to digests?
How do I go about changing it?
Can someone help me?



Date:    Wed, 15 Nov 1995 10:11:14 -0400
Subject: Re: Subway Part Two

Chris wrote:
>        Highbar:  This was really exciting!  Nolet, the last competitor,
>clinched the gold with a great Kovacs and Def, and a layout half-half.  Bravo
>to Jason Hardabura who caught his layout Tkatchev after missing every single
>one in warmup!  One of the Germans did two Kovacs, only to touch down on his
>triple.  Burley showed his improvement here with a nice layout Tkatchev of
>his own.  One of the Russians did a Kovacs hop-full, and two Tkatchevs to
>Gienger, I think (Grace, please clarify any mistakes I've made here!)

The German was Oliver Walther -- the one without the moustache.

I can't remember which of the Russian men did the 4 release moves.  For
that matter, I can't remember which was which in my photos.  The official
souvenir program looks like they have the same guy in the two pictures
beside each profile.  Rob Paradis (Men's Tech Director at GCG) couldn't
figure it out either.  If it was in the last rotation, then it was Bondarenko,
who finished 3rd AA.  If it was in the second last rotation, then it was
Podgorni, who finished 4th AA.  The two guys look the same -- same height,
build, hair, clothing, and even socks.  Perhaps someone in Atlanta can
tell them apart.

BTW, the judges bingo'd twice on Travis Romagnoli, 9.0's on pommels and
9.6's on hi bar.  They also bingo'd on Alexei Bondarenko's vault, 8.9.
There were no bingos for the women.  A bingo occurs when all panel judges
give the same score.  Sometimes, the event chief judge buys a round of
drinks for the bingo.




Date:    Wed, 15 Nov 1995 10:24:48 -0400
Subject: Subway World Gymnastics Challenge - WWW text

Below is the text from my WWW page on the Subway World Gymnastics Challenge,
for those of you without WWW access:

[image: logo]
This is

Welcome to the Subway World Gymnastics Challenge!

[image: flyer with Alan Nolet & Lilia Podkopayeva]
Poster People Primo!
Copps Coliseum,  Hamilton, Ontario

On Sunday November 12, 1995, top gymnasts representing Canada, the
U.S., China, Russia, Romania, Germany, and Ukraine, competed in what is
recognized as one of the premiere events in international gymnastics
circles ... the Subway World Gymnastics Challenge.

The audience of 7,700 was treated to the most successful international
invitational competition ever held in Canada right up until the
very last routines.

Last year's World Gymnastics Challenge runners-up, Canadian Alan Nolet
and Ukrainian Lilia Podkopayeva ascended the podium to take top honours
this time.  They were also featured on the Subway Challenge poster and

[image: Nolet on pommel horse, showing Subway (R) logo on equipment]
Hamilton-resident Nolet earned a total of $6,600 (Cdn$) for the meet of his
His greatest success for the day came on the last event, horizontal
bar, in which he completed two of the riskiest release moves,
the Kovacs and the Deff, and nailed his full-twisting double layout
flyaway dismount.  He also won the vault, being one of very few gymnasts
to land successfully.  Solid performances on rings (2nd)  and floor (3rd)
also contributed to his purse.

Alan said he wasn't too nervous at all and felt very relaxed
and comfortable throughout the competition.  He is looking
forward to a nice break for a few weeks.  He plans to keep in
good shape and maintain his momentum to compete at Elite Canada
in February and Event World Championships in April.  In order to
satisfy the Canadian Olympic Association standards to compete as one
of three qualified gymnasts in Atlanta, Alan must place in the top
18 on an event at the April World Championships to be held in
San Juan, Puerto Rico.

After the Summer Games, the 28-year old Nolet thinks he might retire
from competition.  He has a realtor's license and this year graduated
with a Bachelor's degree from McMaster University in Kinesiology.
He hopes to get into physiotherapy or medical school and would
like to coach and judge to put even more back into the sport
of gymnastics.

Canadian champion Kris Burley of Truro, Nova Scotia finished fourth on
floor, fifth on parallel bars, and eighth all around.  Kris
is enjoying a recent change in coaching and gym club.  He is the only
Canadian gymnast who has met the COA standard and is qualified
for the 1996 Olympics.  Clubmate Travis Romagnoli placed second on horizontal
bar and ninth all around.  Following close behind in the tenth all around
spot, last year's mascot (giant panda "Rebounder"),
Jason Hardabura tied for second on vault with American scholar
Jair Lynch.

[image: Lilia Podkopayeva pose on floor]
The recently-crowned women's World Champion, Lilia Podkopayeva
of Donetsk, Ukraine, was unquestionably the star attraction
at this World Gymnastics Challenge.  Her win of $6,200 (Cdn) was
comprised of $600 for a first place finish on vault, $400 each
for second place finishes on bars and floor, and $5,000 for
the all around victory.

Lilia looked like she was having some difficulty in vaulting
during the previous day's training, but seemingly perfected her
vault, a round-off half turn on - piked front salto with half turn off, for
the competition.
While many of the women had surprising falls from the uneven
bars, Podkopayeva performed solidly, being narrowly defeated by
Russian comrade Elena Grosheva by just 0.025 points.  On balance beam,
almost every
routine was free from falls.  However, Lilia struggled through
a minor wobble and a near miss that had everyone gasping and gaping on the edge
of their seats; thus finishing eighth.  On floor exercises, she
performed exquisitely with a double front salto, but without
a half twist as she performed at World Championships.

Podkopayeva was stunned when a plexiglass rink window fell on
her and her coach's heads during their interviews with CBC
after the competition.  She is uninjured and enjoyed the post-competition
festivities.  Seventeen-year old Lilia has been travelling extensively
abroad since before the October World Championships in Sabae, Japan and is
looking forward to her return home to the Ukraine this week.
She will certainly receive a hero's welcome in Donetsk, which is
also the hometown of Sergei Bubka, holder of the world pole vault

Canadian women Theresa Wolf and Marleen Lavoie had to withdraw
from the competition with ankle injuries -- Theresa prior to the competition
and Marleen after vault and uneven bars.  However, two 15-year old first
year Canadian team members, Shanyn MacEachern
and Yvonne Tousek, performed impressively and gained great
experience in the international field.  Tousek placed third on vault,
fourth on floor, and sixth all around (only 0.55 points behind Podkopayeva).
MacEachern placed fifth on bars, ninth on all other events, and eighth all

[links: to Results, Press Release, and Athlete Profiles]

[images:  GCG and OGF logos]
The Subway World Gymnastics Challenge was organized by
Gymnastics Canada Gymnastique and the Ontario Gymnastic Federation.

[links: Rachele's Gymn Home page, Subway franchises of Canada page]

Send your comments, questions, and news to Grace Chiu via e-mail at
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