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  1. <No subject given>
  2. Women's Judging--NAWGJ
  3. "handedness" (3)
  4. RESULTS: '95 Chunichi Cup (3)
  5. lefties
  6. lefties, righties, and The Way You Twist
  7. Spartan open first night
  8. lefties, righties (2)
  9. Spartan open second night
 10. Righties, lefties etc...
 11. Notable RIGHTIES!!!! =)
 12. Chinese Women & lefties


Date:    Sun, 14 Jan 1996 09:47:52 -0500
Subject: <No subject given>

        I did gymnastics many years ago for both private team and high
school.  All my life I have been a right-handed person.  However, as a
gymnast, I was a leftie.  Since I taught myself cartwheels and walkovers
after watching the 76' Olympics (Nadia was my inspiration), I had no
influence from coaches or other gymnasts.  It seems that going left was
just a natural occurence for me.  If I'm not mistaken, I believe Nadia was
also a leftie.


Date:    Sun, 14 Jan 1996 10:40:45 CST
From:    ***@MAROON.TC.UMN.EDU
Subject: Women's Judging--NAWGJ

In purusing past Digests and looking at some of your Introductions, I see
that there are some of you wanting more information on how to become a
women's judge.

Please E-mail if you'd like more information and I can get the right State
Judging Director or Regional Judging Director's name, address and phone to
you.  I am the Regional Judging Director for Region 4 (MN, WI, IA, MO, NE,
ND & SD) so I have that info available--don't want to send it out to
everyone though & clog up the mail!

I'll be working on putting together a home page for NAWGJ (National
Association of Women's Gymnastics Judges), so if any of you have questions
or thoughts of what you'd like to know, E-mail me & I'll try to include on
our home page.



Date:    Sun, 14 Jan 1996 09:59:08 MDT
Subject: "handedness"

There seems to be an interest in "handedness" on this group so I
thought I'd put a little food for thought on the topic.  It may not
be so much what "hand" a person is, but rather which leg.
(hopefully) one of the very first skills we teach/learn that has a
"side" would be the handstand (not the cartwheel, since the handstand
is a prereq for a cartwheel) which involves stepping into, kicking up
to, and stepping down from with a dominant leg.  Once this leg is
chosen, which "hand" to use generally is also chosen.  Also, when
discussing whether someone is a "lefty or righty" in gymnastics, to
be distinguished should be whether this is referring to the preferred
twisting side or the dominant limb leading a movement.  (righty
cartwheel twists left).


Date:    Sun, 14 Jan 1996 12:05:32 -0500
From:    ***@CLOUD9.NET
Subject: RESULTS: '95 Chunichi Cup

Chunichi Cup, December 16-17, 1995, Nagoya, Japan

NOTE:  These are *partial* results only.  I didn't receive any other
information than what you see here.

1.  Lavinia Milosovici (ROM)  9.775  9.800  9.875  9.900   39.350
2.  Gina Gogean (ROM)         9.750  9.825  9.800  9.875   39.250
3.  Mo Huilan (CHN)           9.675  9.900  9.800  9.625   39.000
4.  Lyubov Sheremeta (UKR)    9.575  9.850  9.375  9.850   38.650
5.  Miho Hashigushi (JPN)     9.525  9.650  9.700  9.600   38.475
6.  Risa Sugawara (JPN)       9.587  9.700  9.500  9.575   38.362

V                        B
1.  Gogean     9.775     1.  Sheremeta   9.850
2.  Milosovici 9.762     2.  Milosovici  9.825
3.  Mo         9.687     2.  Gogean      9.825

UB                       FX
1.  Mo         9.875     1.  Sheremeta   9.850
2.  Sheremeta  9.850     1.  Milosovici  9.850
2.  Gogean     9.850     3.  Gogean      9.675

1.  Li Xiaoshuang (CHN)     9.65  9.50  9.55  9.75  9.65  9.55   57.650
2.  Evgeny Shabaev (RUS)    9.45  9.65  9.55  9.55  9.675 9.75   57.625
3.  Hikaru Tanaka (JPN)     9.30  9.60  9.675 9.30  9.675 9.60   57.150
4.  Yoshiaki Hatakeda (JPN) 9.25  9.70  9.45  9.30  9.65  9.50   56.850
5.  Dmitri Vassilenko (RUS) 8.85  9.20  9.50  9.575 9.55  9.40   56.075
6.  John Roethlisberger(USA)9.25  8.85  9.575 9.30  9.20  9.35   55.525

FX                         V
1.  Li             9.70    1.  Li             9.625
2.  Vassilenko     9.475   2.  Shabaev        9.55
2.  Tanaka         9.450   3.  You (KOR)      9.362

PH                         PH
1.  Shabaev        9.70    1.  Shabaev        9.75
2.  Li             9.60    2.  Vassilenko     9.70
3.  Vassilenko     9.575   3.  Tanaka         9.675
                           3.  Li             9.675
R                          HB
1.  Li             9.675   1.  Hatakeda       9.825
2.  Vassilenko     9.650   1.  Li             9.825
3.  Tanaka         9.600   3.  Roethlisberger 9.650
3.  Roethlisberger 9.600
3.  Shabaev        9.600



Date:    Sun, 14 Jan 1996 14:05:11 -0500
Subject: lefties

Peter Vidmar is a lefty and so is my neice who was the level 8 AA Champ in
Kentucky in 1994.  My two daughters are not; maybe that's why they swim now
instead of do gym!?


Date:    Sun, 14 Jan 1996 14:06:01 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: "handedness"

In a message dated 96-01-14 12:11:21 EST, you write:

>cartwheel twists left).

I am a righty cartwheeler, but I twist right also


Date:    Sun, 14 Jan 1996 13:35:04 MDT
Subject: Re: "handedness"

It is true that one may perform twisting skills to the right and
still be a right roundoff, but if one is a right handed roundoff, one
MUST be twisting to the left in that skill.  That was my point, not
that a right handed roundoff must always perform twisting skills to
the left.


Date:    Sun, 14 Jan 1996 13:12:22 -0800
Subject: lefties, righties, and The Way You Twist

Just thought i'd throw out another question on the topic of handedness;
if you're a rightie (or leftie) then which way are you supposed to twist?
It always seemed to me that a rightie would want to spin to the left
(i.e. right shoulder is coming across the front of the body) when doing
turns, fulls, etc. If you look at the way a rightie is twisting when
they're doing a round-off or an aerial (cartwheel), this would seem to
make sense.

 However, in the USGF compulsories the turns for righties go the other
way- to the right (left shoulder coming across the front of the body).
Help? Also, which way are you "supposed" to do tour jetes and
switch-split leaps?

My  apologies to any lefties out there who are feeling left out-i'm just
biased because i'm a rightie and it always seemed like i was
going the wrong way. :)
Thanks, stephanie


Date:    Sun, 14 Jan 1996 14:15:24 -0800
From:    ***@NETCOM.COM
Subject: Spartan open first night


Its that time of year again.  Usually right after halloween I drop into a
depression that lasts till mid Jan.  This being a sunnyer than usual winter
I have not sunk so badly.  Indeed it is usually gymnastics season that
pulls me out.  But I ALWAYS miss the Spartan Open.  I always hear about it

Thanks to Pat Towers webpage, I had all the dates in my daytimer in early
December.  Pat !  You are the greatest !


San Jose State Univ Spartan Open.  Most teams its the first meet of the year.
This year over 80 were registered.
Some of the hottest guys in the western USA.

Who :
(Sorry my format sux, Im learning.  At least Im posting my notes this time...)

SJSU Spartans                        UC Santa Barbara

Ed Balado      JR  Miami Fl          Dave Ashton     SR  Salt Lake Cty UT
Ward Danner    SO  Los Angeles CA    Brian Bakalar   JR  Danbury CT
Garret Donahue JR  San Diego CA      Dave Cassie     SR  San Diego CA
Ryan Frasco    JR  Honolulu HI       Brian Davies    SO  San Diego CA
Troy Harsh     FR  Reno NV           Reid Holbrook   JR  Bountiful UT
Justin Howell  JR  Palo Alto CA      Thomas Hyland   SO  Palo Alto CA
Karl Nove      SR  Fullerton CA      Paul Mendoza    SO  Simi Vally CA
Nick Rashid    JR  Holt MI           Aaron Sanchez   JR  Escondido CA
Geoff Rudy     JR  McMurray PA       Gray Wetzler    SO  La Jolla CA
                                     Jesse Valdez    SR  Los Angeles CA
                                     Andre Zimmerman SR  Guerneville CA
Berkeley                             Stanford

Josh Birkelbaw   SO Elk Grove CA     Ian Backrach      JR  Longwood FL
Alex Chanskey    FR Lexington MA     Tim Dalrymple     SO  Tracy CA
Brycen Counts    SR Brooks GA        Gabe Edelman      SO  Brooklyn NY
CJ Faust         JR Danville CA      Jamie Ellis       JR  Albuquerque NM
Brian Fox        SR Cheshire CN      Scott Finkelstein FR  Tenafly NJ
Allen Fusilero   SO Sacramento CA    Peter Hegi        SR  Dallas TX
Steven George    SR Laramie WY       Jeremy Herman     SO  Las Vegas NV
Dave Kruse       JR Lompoc CA        David Ludlow      FR  Reno NV
Josh Landau      FR Raleigh NC       Andrew Manson     SR  Decatur GA
Justin McCue     JR Laramie WY       Clarence Miao     SO  Lake Forest CA
Andrew Mason     JR Scottsdale AZ    Keith Wiley       JR  Vero Beach FL
Gewin Sincharoen SO LaCan`ada CA
Jeff Stein       SO Houston TX
Chris Toy        SO Danville CA
Trent Wells      JR Kelzer OR
Daniel Wyrick    FR Fresno CA

Cal Poly            Cascade Elite            South Calif Gymnastics

Juan Silva          Jeff Howell              Ivan Flores
Don Thompson        Sergio Luna              Eduardo Haro
Kyle Seo            Brett McClure            Chris Renaldi
Basem Elsokary      Jason Tremain            Zack Roberts
Joseph Bennet       Toby Vanamerongen        Enrique Trabanino

High Sierra              Stanford Gym Club  (guys whos NCAA has run out)

Bradley Briggs           Kyle Asano (Program was wrong with Kevin)
Brian Salemi             Mark Booth
Karl Ziehn               Jair Lynch
                         Josh Stein

Top Flight Gymn     U of Wash Club        Independent (Ex Berkeley)

Allan Broadbent     Jeff Beerman          Jason Bertram
Dave Knudson        Dane Boysen
Dave Lyon           Sawyer Gillespie
Izy Mlay            Trevor Green
Jason Reynosa       Jeff Johnson
Brandon Romano      Bryan Kennedy
Stephen Smith       Hacob Monderen
Thomas Vick         Mark Oliver

(Broadway Gymn (LA, CA)     CA Sports Ctr (San Jose CA)     Fresno Gymn

Dave St Pierre              Tony McDonald                   Didnt get his name
(All I got was "Nam" ?)     Joel Vaughn

The meet:

Many competitors did NOT have their name on their suits.
Those that did, I think the letters are all of a half inch high.
Makes viewing VERY difficult, but thats this years fashion....
And I didnt have my glasses with me.

I was quite disapointed in the loss of body mass of the competitors I had
known from previous years.  It was obvious that EVERYONE had slacked off
in the off season training.  I still hold out hopes that about 1/2 doz
of these guys will make the US Oly team.

SJSU usually has the build of a football team, not this year.
I was shocked at the lack of definition on Nove.
This is SJSU's best potential year in a while.
Depending on how fast they get ti together, they could even anoy STanford.
SJSU usually doesnt get their ducks lined up till end of season.
If they are gonna do it, this is the year and they better get it together
by next meet.  Ed Balado & Donahue were great captains last year.
I hope they can pull it otgether this year.

I have great hopes for SJSU, I hope they pan out.

UCSB Zimmerman has been busy in the offseason though.
He always had a chunky build, which he has rebuilt into something
better.  His performance was dramatically better with his new build.
Sad that he is in his last year, as this new build for him could
take him places.

UCSB Wetzler looks like hes got great potential, depends on if they develop him
well.  The talent is there, you can read it in his body.

Stanford Dalrymple has finally recovered his lost bodymass from illness
last summer.  (He lost close to 30 lbs)  Hes doing better but his
arms still need work.

Scary to see Stanford's Dave Ludlow in a body brace.
I met him over the summer, nice kid, freshman from Reno NV.
I heard he wracked up his spine, but I didnt know it was THIS bad.
It hurt to even look at him.

Wiley seems to have hit peak.
I envision a showdown between Wiley, Ellis & Dalrymple soon.
Dalrymple is taking it real easy to avoid injuries, saving his bod.
He actually may outlast Wiley.  I fear Wiley may burn himself out.

Washington Oliver seems to have hit his prime finally.
Ive never seen him so good.  I saw him last summer and he had a BAD meet.
It was nice to see him get it together.

My notes are almost incoherent.  A couple people on this list have complained
that mens meets are too long.  Almost always mens college meets here in the bay
area are over in less than 1.5 hrs.  This meet is the exception.
It started at 19:00 and went till well after 22:00.
SOCAL looked like little kids,  High Sierra, Cascade & Fresno looked only
marginally older.  Grueling night.  By Rot 9 these kids were fading fast.

With all 6 events happening simultaneously, and * 12 * rotations, it was
impossible to get everything that happened.  I gave up any hopes of catching
scores. It was all i could do is to scribble little tidbits that heppened.
Even that was sketchy as you will see.  Sat night notes will be better.

Top 8 scores each event will go to Sat night.

As usual, top & bottom scores are tossed out.  Middle scores averaged.
Different from local collegiate meets, 4-5 scores each event.
Bay area collegiate meets only 2 scores per event so nothing gets tossed.

The events:

SR-Stanford Collegiate
   Dalyrymple smooth, clean, but strength was missing.
   Wiley did an inverted pike (dunno if he meant to but it looked good)
   Herman had the rings anything but still.  Poor guy had a really BAD night.
   (Real shaky)

FX-Top Flight  (Tim Dalrymples old gymn as a kid )
SR-Stanford Old School  (Yeah thats what they call club team no joke!)
   Jair was Jair, what can I say ?
   At one point he lost his grasp on one ring, the audience gasp was deafening.
   He just held on with one hand and waited till he quit spinning.
   Amazing !  What a trooper !
   Then he dropped down, chalked up and finished up, that HAD to pull
   something in his shoulder, he didnt show it though.

   Booth doing well against Jair, his rival since HS.

VT-High Sierra
   Wells & Fox nice routines.  (Somebody tell Wells to give up on the beard!)

   Wetzler decent routine till he did a face plant when he fell.
   Amazing he walked away.

PH-Top Flight
PB-High Sierra
  I was expecting more from Karl on this.
  Harsh, so THIS is the kid Balado told me about last year...
  Still a rookie, but hes got potential.

   Cassie Holbrook & Zimmerman, pretty good

   Herman, WOW, so smooth, looked totally effortless.
   Looked as easy as reaching over to grab a pencil off a desk,
   so limber quick & smooth.

   Dalrymple, lookin good.

   Ellis nice deep swings.  (Dont drag you toes on the mat !)

SR-Top Flight

HB-High Sierra
   Booth, back in style, lots of sidebar work, his old trademark.

   Ellis, Hegi good routines
   Dalrymple 9.8
   Wiley pinged off bar, had real disgusted look on his face, after faceplant.
   (Not pissed but real disgusted look, you HAD to see it)

FX-High Sierra
   You HAD to be there.  Dave St Pierre did a SEATED OLYMPIC CROSS !
   I NEVER saw one before, cant even remamber more than 2 Oly Crosses
   in last 4 years in Bay Area meets.
   (Not bad for the grandad of the meet at 29 yrs old!
    If skill doesnt get him to Atlanta sheer desire WILL,
    and THIS guy wants to go with all his heart.  Prolly strongest desire
    to go of ANYONE in contention for Atlanta.
    Amazing guy!
    Ill tell you how he pissed off Scherbo in a later post....)

VT-Top Flight
   Tim Dalrymple 9.6
ROT 10
FX-Stanford Old
PH-High Sierra
PB-Top Flight
   Dave St Pierre nice vault
ROT 11
   Edelman hard landing, walked away with bad limp.
   Look of pain on his face, turned face away from judges, grimaced, painted on
   smile, faced judges, walked away, pain back on face.

   Mendoza notable routine

   Oliver stuck well
ROT 12
SR-High Sierra
HB-Top Flight
End of night standings:

Jair 9.6
Kruse 9.5
Wiley 9.45
Asano 9.65
Oliver & Booth 9.3

Hegi 9.65
St Pierre 9.65
Jair 9.65
Josh Stein 9.65
9.55 S
Booth 9.45

Jair 9.7
B 9.6
J Jounson 9.5
Asano 9.3
Kruse 9.2

DL 9.45
L 9.4
Ellis 9.35
St Pierre
Asano 9.3
Oliver 9.15

Dalrymple 9.8
Ellis 9.7
Booth 9.55
Wells 9.5
St Pierre 9.45
Counts 9.4
Wiley 9.4
J STein 9.35

Wiley 9,65
St Pierre 9.6
Kruse 9.4
Jair 9.35
Dalrymple 9.3
BirkelBaw 9.3
Wells 9.3
Counts 9.25

Tem standings:

UCB     225.55
Stfd-C 220.445
Stfd-O 218.30
Top Flight
High Sierra

End of First night.

Sorry its taken me over 5 hrs to decypher my notes and Im afraid
the rest is all gibberish.  Too much too fast to get it all.



Date:    Sun, 14 Jan 1996 17:28:25 -0600
Subject: Re: RESULTS: '95 Chunichi Cup

I just have to ask: Are Milo and Gogean glued at the hip? It seems that they
always compete at the same meets. HAs there been a recent meet where one
was there but the other was not?



Date:    Sun, 14 Jan 1996 17:15:22 -0500
Subject: lefties, righties

     I did gymnastics many years ago for both private team and high school.
All my life I have been a right-handed person.  However, as a gymnast, I
was a leftie.  Since I taught myself cartwheels and walkovers after
watching the 76' Olympics (Nadia was my inspiration), I had no influence
from coaches or other gymnasts.  My dominant split was also left.  When
doing full turns on floor or beam, I spun to the left.  However, in
twisting on tumbling or vault, it was to the right.  My daughter is a level
9/10.  She is a rightie.  It seems that going left was just a natural
occurence for me.  If I'm not mistaken, I believe Nadia was also a leftie.
Maybe it has something to do with the brain.  Different halfs control
different things (logic, speech, motor skills, emotions, etc.)


Date:    Sun, 14 Jan 1996 15:16:19 -0800
From:    ***@NETCOM.COM
Subject: Spartan open second night

Next night.  Much more relaxed, started 19:30, went fast.
Over in less that 1.5 hrs.

Only 1 event at a time so you could see EVERYTHING !

Top 8 scores from last night on each event.

They even anounced each score, was a stat guys dream.
Much easier to take notes and i opnly had to watch one thing at a time
for once.

Dalrymple sat out "saving his body" for other neets.
Hes rightfully concerned about saving himself for best events.
If he makes Atlanta, he could be the guy on the team with the least injuries
(Im tellin' ya, this kids SMART!)

By the way, go see "Congo".  Dave St Pierre was the killer gorilla.
Japan has a TV show where they do stuff like killer vaults.
They support the pole on boxes.  Scherbo set a record with 20 boxes high.
St Pierre came through on a later show, did 21 boxes, his record still holds
and Scherbo is FUMING !

Oliver didnt do as well second night as before.


Miao {Bio major} 9.35
Bachrach {A A champ} 9.5
Kruse {Bio major} 9.05
Oliver {Bus mjr, Ex HB champ} 8.7 (bad oops)
Counts {Econ mjr} 9.2

Bertram {ex berkeley, 94 Champ) 9.55
St Pierre 8.9 (Bad slip)
Birkelbaw 9.65
Faust {Chem mjr, AA in VT & FX}  8.1 (massive fall)
Jair 9.0 Real funny, this high pitched "Oh NOOOO" as he slipped off.
         The he had a hell of a time stiffling laughter as he finished up.
         (THATS JAIR !)
Mason {Ind Engr} 8.4 (slipped)
J STein 9.2
Sinchoen {Chem mjr}  8.65 (multiple falls)

Kruse 9.25
Oliver 8.9
Asano 9.45
Fox {Mech eng} 9.6
Birkelbaw ---Sorry I missed it---
Vaughn {Hes from CA Sports Ctr *MY* home gymn! Wildest "punk" hair there!} 9.55
Faust 9.15
Johnson 9.5

Miao 9.1
Bachrach {95 champ} 9.45
Kruse 9.35
Hempe {Fresno} 8.9
Counts 8.7 (Bets butt plant of the night)
St Pierre 9.5 (Gorrila Man himself)
Oliver 9.1

Oliver 9.05 (Nice sidebar work & lots of it)
Edelman 0.0 BAD fall, face plant, he got up,
            nearly collapsed in the medic's arms, they checked him out,
            particularly concerned about his numb arm.
            Tim Dalrymple was at his side quickly,
            remembering last year when he got a concussion on FX warm up
            last year.  Too close for comfort.
            They did let him walk back to his bench after 10 min, and he spent
            the rest of the night with an ice pack wrapped around his neck.

Faust 7.9 multiple falls
Asano 9.4
Mason 9.5
Wells 9.5 NICE !
Kruse 8.9
Ellis 9.3

Chanskey {19 yo frosh, great for a frosh...} 9.3
Ellis 8.6 Landed on "all 4s"  Good recovery on one of his oopses.
Birkelbaw 8.7
Oliver 9.45
St Pierre 9.4 (First 1 arm giants I saw this season,
               Dude is pulling out ALL the stops!)
Counts {claim to fame is largest scar on the team} 8.5
       (Belly flop of the night, nice bounce though)
Mason 9.55

Ties broken by AA scores from last night

Miao 9.3
Counts 9.25
Bachrach 9.25
Kruse 9.1
Oliver 8.6

Birkelbaw 9.65
Bertram 9.55
Josh STein 9.2
Jair 9.0
St Pierre 8.9
Sinchoen 8.65

Faust 9.6
Fox 9.6
Vaughn 9.55
Johnson 9.5
Asano 9.45
Birkelbaw 9.4

St Pierre 9.5
Bachrach 9.5
Kruse 9.5
Oliver 9.1
Miao 9.1
Hempe 8.9


Mason 9.55
Wells 9.5
Asano 9.4
Ellis 9.3
Oliver 9.2
Kruse 9.1

Mason 9.55
Oliver 9.45
St Pierre 9.4
Chansky 9.3
Counts 8.85
Birkelbaw 8.7

Quite a meet, you shouldda been there !


Date:    Sun, 14 Jan 1996 18:54:31 EST
From:    ***@PRODIGY.COM
Subject: Re: Righties, lefties etc...

This may sound REALLY strange, but I do everything
right: dominant split right, roundoff right, step-out
right, etc...but I twist left on floor (also known as "goofy
tumbling- Lavinia Milosovici and Vitali Scherbo do that
too). Most righties twist right. However, on vault I twist
right...I know, it makes absolutely NO sense, but on vault I
cannot twist left for some reason. Weird... Just something
stupid I wanted to add. Hehehehe Anne =)


Date:    Sun, 14 Jan 1996 20:05:41 EST
From:    ***@PRODIGY.COM
Subject: Notable RIGHTIES!!!! =)

Here's a quick list of righties (some of the ones I could
think of)  I'm positive there's more that I can't think of
off the top of my head but...
Svetlana Boguinskaya
Kim Zmeskal
Gina Gogean
Lavinia Milosolvici               Anne =)
Kerri Strug
Dominique Dawes
Olga Korbut
Wendy Bruce


Date:    Sun, 14 Jan 1996 21:32:14 -0500
From:    ***@YORKU.CA
Subject: Re: RESULTS: '95 Chunichi Cup

On Sun, 14 Jan 1996, Jeffrey Ruell wrote:

> I just have to ask: Are Milo and Gogean glued at the hip? It seems that they
> always compete at the same meets. HAs there been a recent meet where one
> was there but the other was not?
> Jeff
  Actually, Gogean won back to back Soapberry Shop World Gymnastics
Challenge Events in Canada without Milo there.


Date:    Sun, 14 Jan 1996 21:35:58 -0500
From:    ***@YORKU.CA
Subject: Chinese Women & lefties

        With all this talk about lefties and righties going on, I just
thought I'd add that in my 10 years of watching gymnastics, I have never
seen a chinese women gymnast who didn't round-off left hand first.  If
anyone out there can vouch as having seen a Chinese girl round-off right,
please let me know.  I always thought this was interesting, since all
other countries have a variety of lefties and righties.


Date:    Sun, 14 Jan 1996 22:28:56 EST
From:    ***@PRODIGY.COM
Subject: Re: lefties, righties

My daughter is a right hander who is a leftie in the gym.  One of the
coaches from her old gym told me that this was an unusual thing.

To all you righties who are lefties in the gym, has it been easier
for you to learn to do things with your right side compared to
righties in your gym who have to learn to do things on their left

It would seem to me that being naturally right handed (but leftie in
gym) it would be an easier transition to learn handstands, cartwheel,
etc. on your right side.  I know that this has been the case with my

Hope to hear what everyone thinks.



End of GYMN-L Digest - 14 Jan 1996 to 15 Jan 1996