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Topics in this special issue:

  1. Worlds (Apr.13) (fwd)
  2. Oprah and the sport
  3. Correction
  4. Planted explosives on 60 minutes
  5. Adult Gymnastics
  6. Peak Performances
  7. Oprah (4)
  8. Oprah on AOL
  9. Gymnastics bashing (2)
 10. Oprah and commericals
 11. Oprah show
 12. Worlds W Podium Apr. 14 (long)
 13. GYMN-L Collegiate Update v. 1, no. 27 (It's a biggun!)


Date:    Mon, 15 Apr 1996 07:55:09 -0400
Subject: Worlds (Apr.13) (fwd)

April 13, 1996

Well, here I am in Puerto Rico and having to telnet home via Compuserve of all
 things.  I haven't seen any GYMNers yet, perhaps tomorrow.  And haven't even
 seen our Canadians either. I went to the practice gym but the CAN girls weren't
 there.  The RUS girls were all there. Svetlana Khorkina is training but looks
 to be in pain.  She is wearing a tummy band and her left knee is taped.  She
 skipped vault, but on bars was working on  giant 1.5-Pak salto-wrap! hecht half
 back to HB.  I don't recall seeing her do this before.  It's cool. Dina

 Kotchekova looks the best on bars & beam tonight.  She nailed a couple of
 full-twisting ff-ff-layout series on beam. Elena Grosheva struggled on
 everything.  Roza Galieva looks good, but took it easy. I'll see after podium
 training tomorrow.

 Twice since I've been here (6 hours), I've been mistaken for a Taiwanese
 gymnast named CHIU Pei-Chia. Sorry, but I won't be appearing in a leotard
 anytime soon.

 The hospitality is friendly, there is rum everywhere, the local beer is tasty,
 but the free food is scarce.

 And now for an unpaid political announcement:

 Our Hardy Fink is running for Grand Poobah of FIG Men's Technical Committee. If
 you know anyone with a vote...

 There are 166 men and 100 women on the roster, as of yesterday.

 Tianjin, China (1.5 hours down the road from Beijing) is bidding for the 1999




Date:    Mon, 15 Apr 1996 07:57:30 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Oprah and the sport

Hey, wait just a minute... the commercial is not just about gymnastics - it's
about sports that young people compete in - which included figure skating.

It's not just about YOU!!!

There is a lot of other abuses going on out there besides driver coaches and
parents that get caught up in the "pursuit" of their children being the best.

It the athlete is not motivated to compete - no one can make them...

Feel free to "read into" the show and feel sorry for yourself.


Date:    Mon, 15 Apr 1996 07:39:38 -0500
From:    ***@CARLETON.EDU
Subject: Correction

Actually it was Dateline NBC not 60 Minutes

> why should the Oprah show not have to fess up the
> way sixty minutes was forced to when they planted explosives in the side
> panels of the pick-up trucks they trashed?


Date:    Mon, 15 Apr 1996 08:03:16 -0500
Subject: Planted explosives on 60 minutes

If we're going to bash, let's do it right. I don't think it was
60 minutes, it was 48 hours, or Primetime.


Date:    Mon, 15 Apr 1996 09:14:17 +0000
From:    ***@KWIC.COM
Subject: Adult Gymnastics

> In addition to the ideas on where Sharon (and others) can look for adult
> gymnastics classes:  Check local Parks and Recreation departments.  I run a
> gymnastics program here in South Florida for ages 3 - 18. . .we are
> recreational and offer classes from Tiny Tots through Advanced level.  I have
> had many inquiries on starting an Adult gymnastics class and hope to begin
> one at the beginning of the next budget year (Dealing with a municipality, it
> has to be approved by the City Council, City Manager, and Budget department.)
> I have one question for anyone out there about liability for such a class.
>  My superiors have given me a hard time about such a class stating that the
> liability risk is much higher than children's classes.  In fact, I had to
> change the class name to a "Fit and Flexibility" class - couldn't use the
> word GYMNASTICS.  As a city we are self-insured and do not carry USAG
> insurance (although I have been rallying to get it approved too).  If there
> are any private or public gyms out there that can give me some advice on how
> to approach introducing and administrating an adult class (i.e. should weight
> restrictions be set due to apparatus and risk?  how about age?  I do not want
> to be discriminating and disclude anyone from participating. . .)
> Looking for ideas and help. . .

 The liability is about the same we have found for adults as for
children. Wieght and other things do have a bearing on what people
can do. Some of the liability lies with the person they are over 18
and are able to make desitions based on things that they can do. You
though as an instructor have to some times slow down programs so that
it fits the people in them. The advice that we have gotten is that it
is a shred liability between you and the person. Bottom line make
sure they don't do anything that they can not reasonably do.

 The other concern that has been rasied by some people in our
organization is strenth since adults on average weight more then
other gymnasts can you confidently with out question handle it. If
someone gets hurt because you were not up to the job of supporting
there weight and any move that they were trying to perform you would
likely be responsible because they were reling onyou for some
assistance as a coach.

  I have taught in the past people up to the age of 25 beond 25 is
kind of new ground for me. Men and wemen between the age of 18-25 can
do most things that 15-18 year old begining gymnasts can do. So now
you have the scope of my experince if you need more info just email



Date:    Mon, 15 Apr 1996 09:55:46 -0600
Subject: Re: Peak Performances

It was okay. I saw it. They did say Milo earned two tens in Barcelona, but
she only got one. Also, how in the WORLD did they film that triple
full from UNDERNEATH her?



Date:    Mon, 15 Apr 1996 11:40:30 -0400
From:    ***@CLOUD9.NET
Subject: Re: Oprah

> If we're going to bash, let's do it right. I don't think it was
> 60 minutes, it was 48 hours, or Primetime.

Can we *please* wait until we've seen the show before we start bashing,
commenting, etc.?



Date:    Mon, 15 Apr 1996 11:55:05 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Oprah on AOL

After her shows each day, (8pm EST) Oprah's staff hosts an online chat for
the topic just aired (there is a message board for each show topic also).
 Keyword:  OPRAH, just follow the icons to the chat room, and e-mail address
Kris Bagiu


Date:    Mon, 15 Apr 1996 16:25:24 EDT
From:    ***@AMERICAN.EDU
Subject: Oprah

Hi everyone!  I've been reading the list for awhile now, but this is my first
post.  My name is Magen and I am a freshman at The American University in
Washington, DC.  I was involved in competitive gymnastics for ten years from
the time I was three until thirteen, when I quit because I got too tall (at
that point I was almost to my current height of 5'10") and my coach for ten
years was leaving.  My sister and I were both very active in gymnastics and we
now have two very talented cousins who are very, very good.  Gymnastics is my
favorite sport and I still love watching and keeping up with the sport.
     I am watching the Oprah show right now and I just wanted to comment that
I am happy to see that Betty Okino and Kristy Phillips are emphasizing that gym
nastics was THEIR choice and they weren't forced into continuing with their
training.  My fear is that people watching this show are going to think that
this is indicative of all gymnastics when I don't feel it is.  My years in
gymnastics I remember as fun and I liked going to the gym.  I loved my coach,
she was wonderful to me and she is still a close family friend.  I loved being
with the other girls and I still see gymnastics as FUN.  This appears to be a
very negative show about gymanstics and it is sad to think that millions of
people are going to see this and think really horrible things about the sport
I love.  I'm sure I'll see everyone else's thoughts and I'm looking forward to
seeing everyone else's take on this.


Date:    Mon, 15 Apr 1996 16:11:58 -0500
Subject: Gymnastics bashing

Watching Oprah, one has to wonder just how warped people believe
gymnastics is. The problem here is this: 60 minutes and Oprah are
powerful members of the media. These people are in a position where
what they say will be belived. However, why can't we get a more
balanced view???!!!! I agree with the points Oprah is making. However,
IT IS NOT THE ONLY SIDE OF THE SPORT!!!! *wonders a little bit
about journalism and why they take a yellow journalism approach
to gymnastics*


Date:    Mon, 15 Apr 1996 14:26:39 -0700
From:    ***@IX.NETCOM.COM
Subject: Oprah

                            Well, I guess that we should expect the
worse from now on. I found the show basically apalling. What really got
to me was when Kristie and Betty were sitting there telling them that
Bela was not abusing them and that he got a bad rap and the audience
and Joan Ryan sat there and tried to convince them that they were
wrong. I found it amazing that people could think that they knew more
about Bela in 20 minutes then Kristie or Betty who have known him
almost their whole lives. I was surprised at the way Kristie spoke of
him considering that she had always critized him. Maybe she has finally
decided to take responsibility for what happened and move on.
                        Joan Ryan speaks of Bela as if he's a monster
or something when the truth is she doesn't know any of the sort. She
has never trained w/him and she is sitting here telling people how
horrible he is. Everyone seemed to believe her but not the gymnasts who
were actually in his gym. I saw that Betty and Kristie were getting
frustrated w/it all. I wish that the audience members had listened to
them, the people in the situaion rather than a woman who isn't sure.
                        I think that Kim Zmeskal should have been
pointed out. She messed up at the Olympics and never blamed Bela. She
has always said how wonderful he is and how lucky she is. She is the
perfect example of so many gymnasts who have left gymnastics
competition w/a good feeling and a sense of accomplishment. Betty
seemed to like Bela too though no one ever gave her a chance to say
                        I think that people are looking for something
to stir up trouble and w/Joan Ryan's book, why not focus on gymnastics?
What they don't relize is is how much they are actually hurting us by
saying these horrible things. When you love something as much as I love
gymnastics, it just breaks your heart to hear people say such horrible



Date:    Mon, 15 Apr 1996 16:41:39 -0500
Subject: Re: Oprah

This disgusts me. What ever happened to objective journalism, to
presenting both sides of the story. I guess these rules don't apply
to Oprah. And they aren't even listening when they try to defend the
sport. wonder people are thinking the sport sucks...


Date:    Mon, 15 Apr 1996 16:50:56 -0500
Subject: Oprah and commericals

Could someone please explain to me WHY we are being forced to
watch Jenny Craig commericials when we are complaining that we
starve our FEMALE athletes? (sorry, hit caps lock there)

AND does anyone have an email address for Oprah? *is steaming now*
Since I don't want to vent mindlessly here, I want to vent to the


Date:    Mon, 15 Apr 1996 16:52:44 -0500
Subject: Re: Gymnastics bashing

I just read this post, and it requires a reply:

> IT IS NOT THE ONLY SIDE OF THE SPORT!!!! *wonders a little bit
> about journalism and why they take a yellow journalism approach
> to gymnastics*

   I feel that there has been a bit too much journalism/media bashing as
of late in regards to gymnastics. The goal of journalism (I am one) is to
provide the most balanced view possible. Granted, we as journalists do
not always succeed, but my guess would be that most of us do. There will
always be bad apples in my business, such as tabloid magazines and the
like, but don't let some inadequate reporting on the parts of a few ruin
the attitude about the rest of the media. Whenever you see a talk show or
news program, there will always be a little personal slant thrown in,
even if but unconciously; we are only human, and we do make mistakes.
   I feel that we as the media have done a good job in reporting
gymnastics events. We may not always attain that goal because every
journalist is different, but we do try.

--Michael :)


Date:    Mon, 15 Apr 1996 18:15:31 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Oprah show

I missed it!! Can anyone send me a copy of it?? I know it probably trashed
our sport totally, but I really wanted to see it!! Email me if you have a


Date:    Mon, 15 Apr 1996 18:19:11 -0400
Subject: Worlds W Podium Apr. 14 (long)

World Championships

Women's Podium Training

April 14, 1996

I still haven't had a chance to see any men's training, as women's podium
 training went on yesterday.

Apparently, the entire competition is SOLD OUT.  I still have one extra set of
 tickets, so if you are thinking of coming and don't have any, e-mail me.

This was a good opportunity to see more women's routines than we will actually
 see competed in preliminaries on Wednesday.  Most countries have not narrowed
 down their selections for two per apparatus, except for Romania and  China.


- started on beam with Jaycie Phelps, Amy Chow, and Dominique Dawes, all showed
 solid routines - all difficult choice (but I would pick JP & DD)

- JP, DD, and Kristy Powell showed routines - DD's double layout is still a bit
 messy, as is her punch front out of her second line

- all 4 vaulted

- all 4 performed bars; Amy Chow's routine is outstanding - though hard to
 describe until I see it again (hopefully a couple of times :)


- started on beam with Alexandra Marinescu and Gina Gogean; AM threw some
 ff-tuck fulls - a bit messy

- Lavinia Milosovici and GG did floor

- GG & Simona Amanar vaulted; Simona's legs are much straighter now on her
 Hristakieva (or Phelps - can't recall the preflight) & her other vault is a
 Yurchenko double twist

- I can't remember who went up on bars


- Svetlana Boguinskaya and Bela Karolyi are nowhere to be found

- Elena Piskun and Alena Polozkova are competing on all 4; AP throws a ro-piked
 full-in off beam and her floor is delightful


- Roza Galieva and Dina Kochetkova started on floor; DK is a worth a whole roll
 of film  -- just picturesque

- Svetlana Khorkina and RG vaulted and showed bars; SK nailed a whole bar
 routine - gorgeous!

- SK, DK, and RG showed beam - this is gonna be a tough pick; SK has the
 originality, SK has precision, while RG has dynamics

- Elena Grosheva dressed but didn't show any routines; I think she's still
 struggling in training and not quite ready to put things together


- started vault with Shanyn MacEachern, Marilou Cousineau, and Yvonne Tousek
 (Sorry, I was watching RUS FX so I can't recall if Shanyn is doing vaults from
 2 different groups)

- the same 3 threw bars - Marilou is right-on with her piked Jaeger and double
 layout flywaway

- MC, YT, and Jennifer Exaltacion showed beam - Yvonne has added a stag-Bo jump

- SM, MC, and YT showed floor - new tumbling from Shanyn with a front layout
 full-front layout half-punch front, and Marilou with an awesome STRAIGHT double
 layout instead of the front handspring-double front tuck

- Marilou had a great night. Bernard is very happy.

- New Canadian National Coach and High Performance Director, Dave Holmes from
 Alberta says that they will determine by Tuesday noon who will compete on which
 event -- more tough choices!


- Now I see why you all love Lyubov Sheremeta! I didn't realize how tiny she is
 though.  She is especially enjoyable to watch in beam training.

- They started on floor, but I missed it; by this last group, my vision was
 retiring (had eye surgery last week); I think it's LS and Svetlana Zelepukina

- LS, SZ, and maybe Anna Mirgordskaya (sp?) vaulted

- all 3 showed bars; what do you call those inverted piked giants that AM does?
 (are those German giants? I didn't bring my Code)

- LS and SZ showed beam; both are very competitive with LS's exquisite
 presentation including a cool "fish" jump-ff half and SZ's amazing tumbling
 (side aerial-layout-layout and ro-tucked full)

- Lilia Podkopayeva's absence is noticeable but these girls should do well
 enough for UKR


- Only Ji Liya vaulted

- Liu Xuan is the only competitor on bars - she threw her giant full-ONE-ARM
 GIANT- ONE-ARM GIENGER!  Time to get Coded!

- On beam, LX and tiny newcomer Gui YuanYuan were IMPRESSIVE. GY is a 15-year
 from Beijing (while LX & JL are from Hunan province) - Get this:  ff-ff-layout
 full! then consecutively: switch leap-sissone-sissone-ff (?)- 3 layouts! Plus a
 beautiful split scale.

- GY with Russian folk music and JL will compete on floor.  Didn't see JL's
 double layout full-out :(

- Mo Huilan and company are at home training for the Olympics.  Same, i am told,
 of the top-gun Chinese men.

One other noticeable absence is Uzbekistan (Oksana Chusovitina).

My "Bela Koali Seal of Approval" for the evening goes to Lyubov Sheremeta,
 Svetlana Khorkina, Gui Yuanyuan, and Marilou Cousineau.

Hopefully, if I get my act together tomorrow, I'll be able to post results and,
 if i'm really lucky, put up a web page.  The organizers don't have a web page.
 They've given me the logo, but it's in EPS format.  If someone can help me
 convert it to JPEG & GIF, please e-mail me ASAP.  I have no graphic converters
 on this $^@&* PC.




Date:    Mon, 15 Apr 1996 15:55:41 -0700
Subject: GYMN-L Collegiate Update v. 1, no. 27 (It's a biggun!)

                      GYMN-L's Collegiate Update
                           Volume 1, no. 27
                             Apr. 15, 1996


 1. East Region Qualifiers (M)
 2. All-Around East Regionals (M)
 3. Indiv. Standings East Regionals (M)
 4. NCAA regionals (W)
 5. NCAA Southeast Regionals for collegiate update
 6. NCAA Central Regional (W)
 7. NCAA Central Regional (W)
 8. NCAA West Regional (W)
 9. NCAA qualifiers (W)
10. NCAA West Regional (M) partial scores


    *****Item number 1.27.1*****

Date: Sat, 13 Apr 1996 23:15:14 -0400
From: ***
Subject: East Region Qualifiers (M)

1996 NCAA Men's Gymnastics East Regional Championships
Held at University of Iowa on 13 April 1996

NCAA Championship Qualifiers

Team Qualifiers
     Ohio State          231.07
     Iowa                230.60
     Penn State          225.30

All Around Qualifiers
     Ethan Sterk         56.000 Michigan State
     Kenny Sykes         55.500 Temple
     Yuval Ayalon        55.500 Illinois

Floor Exercise Qualifiers
     Shannon Welker       9.850  Ill.-Chicago
     Ofri Porat           9.825  Syracuse
     Tim DeGraw           9.700  Western Michigan

Pommel Horse Qualifiers
     Jeff Kraft           9.825  Western Michigan
     Sam Smith            9.675  Michigan State
     Steve Marshall       9.675  Amry

Still Rings Qualifiers
     Scott McCall         9.825  William & Mary
     Ofri Porat           9.675  Syracuse
     Chris Golden         9.675  James Madison University

Vault Qualifiers
     Ofri Porat           9.450  Syracuse
     C. Harrington        9.400  Minnesota
     Scott Hrnack         9.350  Syracuse

Parallel Bars Qualifiers
     Steve Bello          9.400  Michigan State
     Shannon Welker       9.400  Ill.-Chicago
     Robert Flannery      9.350  Navy

Horizontal Bar Qualifiers
     Greg McGlaun         9.875  Illinois
     Carl Imhauser        9.825  Temple
     Shannon Welker       9.675  Ill.-Chicago


    *****Item number 1.27.2*****

Date: Sun, 14 Apr 1996 18:05:54 -0400
From: ***
Subject: All-Around East Regionals (M)

1996 NCAA Men's Gymnastics East Regional Championships
Held at University of Iowa on 13 April 1996


                    FX     PH     SR     V      PB     HB     AA
 1 Jay Thornton    9.775  9.700  9.675  9.600  9.825  9.750 58.325 Iowa
 2 Blaine Wilson   9.875  9.750  9.875  9.150  9.750  9.250 57.650 OSU
 3 Aaron Cotter    9.800  9.600  9.650  9.000  9.675  9.850 57.575 Iowa
 4 Tim Elsner      9.750  9.500  9.675  9.350  9.200  9.100 56.575 OSU
 5 Drew Durbin     9.000  9.975  9.400  9.100  9.800  9.200 56.475 OSU
 6 Ethan Sterk     9.550  9.700  9.150  8.700  9.200  9.700 56.000 MSU
 7 Kenny Sykes     9.750  9.750  8.650  8.900  9.350  9.100 55.500 Temple
 8 Yuval Ayalon    9.100  9.400  9.600  9.100  9.050  9.250 55.500 Ill
 9 Ofri Porat      9.825  8.100  9.675  9.450  9.000  9.250 55.300 Syracuse
10 Roy Malka       9.550  8.950  9.450  8.750  9.250  9.150 55.100 PSU
11 Brian Franson   9.600  9.000  9.550  8.750  9.100  8.850 54.850 WMU
12 Brandy Wood     9.350  9.450  9.600  8.600  8.250  9.500 54.750 PSU
13 Aaron Vexler    8.500  8.950  9.550  9.250  9.050  9.350 54.650 Temple
14 Carey Reddick   9.450  9.500  9.050  8.550  8.300  9.650 54.500 UIC
15 Ben Auzenne     9.200  8.650  9.650  8.900  9.100  8.450 53.950 WM & Mary
16 Jason Krane     8.150  9.000  8.950  8.600  9.100  9.550 53.350 Temple
17 Sam Smith       9.100  9.675  8.950  8.700  7.450  9.400 53.275 MSU
18 Steve Marshall* 0.000  9.675  0.000  0.000  0.000  8.200 17.875 Army
* Hit his foot on the high bar during a reverse hecht, went to the
hospital, it is not broken and he will be competing in Pommel Horse at
NCAA Championships


    *****Item number 1.27.3*****

Date: Sun, 14 Apr 1996 18:06:16 -0400
From: ***
Subject: Indiv. Standings East Regionals (M)

1996 NCAA Men's Gymnastics East Regional Championships
Held at University of Iowa on 13 April 1996

Floor Exercise
 1  Blaine Wilson       9.875  Ohio State
 2  Shannon Welker      9.850  Ill.-Chicago
 3  Ofri Porat          9.825  Syracuse
 4  Travis Rosen        9.800  Iowa
--  Aaron Cotter        9.800  Iowa
 6  Jay Thornton        9.775  Iowa
--  J.M. Michel         9.775  Penn State
 8  Tim Elsner          9.750  Ohio State
--  Kenny Sykes         9.750  Temple
10  Joe Roemer          9.700  Penn State
--  Tim DeGraw          9.700  Group 2a
12  Steve McSparren     9.675  Penn State

Pommel Horse
 1  Drew Durbin         9.975  Ohio State
 2  Jeff Kraft          9.825  Group 2a
 3  Mike Finn           9.800  Ohio State
 4  Blaine Wilson       9.750  Ohio State
--  Kenny Sykes         9.750  Temple
 6  Greg Gebhardt       9.700  Iowa
--  Jay Thornton        9.700  Iowa
--  Ethan Sterk         9.700  Michigan State
 9  Sam Smith           9.675  Michigan State
--  Steve Marshall      9.675  Army
11  Doug Stibel         9.650  Ohio State
12  Aaron Cotter        9.600  Iowa
--  Andy Deuitch        9.600  Group 1a

Still Rings
 1  Blaine Wilson       9.875  Ohio State
 2  Scott McCall        9.825  William & Mary
 3  Dave Eckert         9.800  Ohio State
 4  C. Camiscioli       9.700  Iowa
 5  Tim Elsner          9.675  Ohio State
--  Jay Thornton        9.675  Iowa
--  Ofri Porat          9.675  Syracuse
--  Chris Golden        9.675  James Madison
 9  Peter Landry        9.650  Ohio State
--  Aaron Cotter        9.650  Iowa
--  Ben Auzenne         9.650  William & Mary
12  Russ Shupak         9.625  UMass

 1  Jay Thornton        9.600  Iowa
 2  Travis Rosen        9.525  Iowa
 3  Mike Morgan         9.450  Ohio State
--  Ofri Porat          9.450  Syracuse
 5  Steve McSparren     9.400  Penn State
--  C. Harrington       9.400  Minnesota
 7  Tim Elsner          9.350  Ohio State
--  Neil Niemi          9.350  Ohio State
--  Scott Hrnack        9.350  Syracuse
10  Aaron Vexler        9.250  Temple
11  J.M. Michel         9.200  Penn State
12  Doug Stibel         9.150  Ohio State
--  Blaine Wilson       9.150  Ohio State
--  Keith Douglas       9.150  Michigan State

Parallel Bars
 1  Jay Thornton        9.825  Iowa
 2  Drew Durbin         9.800  Ohio State
 3  Blaine Wilson       9.750  Ohio State
 4  Aaron Cotter        9.675  Iowa
 5  Mike Morgan         9.650  Ohio State
 6  Hugh Lau            9.600  Iowa
 7  Peter Landry        9.550  Ohio State
 8  Steve Bello         9.400  Michigan State
--  Shannon Welker      9.400  Ill.-Chicago
10  Doug Stibel         9.350  Ohio State
--  Pete Masucci        9.350  Iowa
--  Chase Penny         9.350  Ill.-Chicago
--  Kenny Sykes         9.350  Temple
--  Robert Flannery     9.350  Navy
--  Steve Goldman       9.350  James Madison

Horizontal Bar
 1  Greg McGlaun        9.875  Illinois
 2  Aaron Cotter        9.850  Iowa
 3  Carl Imhauser       9.825  Temple
 4  Jay Thornton        9.750  Iowa
 5  Chad Finefrock      9.725  Ohio State
 6  Ethan Sterk         9.700  Michigan State
 7  Shannon Welker      9.675  Ill.-Chicago
 8  Travis Rosen        9.650  Iowa
--  Mark Kuglitsch      9.650  Iowa
--  Carey Reddick       9.650  Ill.-Chicago


    *****Item number 1.27.4*****

Date: Sun, 14 Apr 1996 18:15:04 -0400 (EDT)
From: ***
Subject: NCAA regionals (W)

**If anyone has more info on regionals results, can you post them.  I
just did some checking and below is what i came up with.  I doubt here in
Michigan they are going to publicize it much, but out west and down south
they might.

NCAA Central Regionals

     1.  Alabama          198.075
     2.  Michigan         196.275
     3.  LSU              194.525
     4.  MSU              193.850
     5.  Auburn           193.100
     6.  Minnesota        192.625
     7.  Iowa State       190.350

All Around Winner     Kim Kelly (Alabama)   39.75

NCAA Southeast Regionals

Team:                                 V         BA         BE         FX
     1.  Georgia          196.950    49.400    49.675     48.650     49.225
     2.  Florida          195.375    49.425    48.375     48.500     49.075
     3.  Kentucky         193.925    49.025    48.950     47.650     48.300

All Around:
     For Florida:    Guise          38.925
                     Vogel          39.225
                     Grubbs         38.800
     For Georgia:    Angeles        39.375
                     Brown          39.400
                     Strong         39.600
     For Kentucky:   Ewing          39.125
                     Hansen         39.175

NCAA Northeast Regional:

     1.  Penn State          193.650
     2.  Kent State          193.025
     3.  Massachusetts       191.900
     4.  Ohio State          191.450
     5.  New Hampshire       190.275

     AA       Missy Leopoldus (PSU)     39.125
     Vault    Missy Leopoldus (PSU)      9.850
     Bars     Shelly Stambaugh (KS)      9.925
     Beam     Leigh Capello (PSU)        9.850
     Floor    Susan Eckman (OSU)         9.950


    *****Item number 1.27.5*****

Date: Mon, 15 Apr 1996 01:20:21 -0400
From: ***
Subject: NCAA Southeast Regionals for collegiate update

I am posting results only for three reasons.  1. I missed the first
rotation due to an unfortunate run-in with the Florida Highway Patrol.
2. Ya'll have read enough reports on dual meets to know what skills
everyone is doing. 3. After that run-in with the law I wasn't in the
mood to frantically take notes on everyone's routines.

Team: 1. Georgia 196.950; 2. Florida 195.375; 3. Kentucky 193.925; 4.
Towson State 192.650; 5(t). North Carolina State, West Virginia
University 191.875; 7. Maryland 189.900.

AA: 1. Lori Strong (UGA) 39.600; 2. Leah Brown (UGA) 39.400; 3. Leslie
Angeles (UGA) 39.375; 4. Chrissy Vogel (UF) 39.225; 5(t). Kristin
Quackenbush (WVU), Jenny Hansen (UK) 39.175;

V: 1. Susan Hines (UF) 10; 2(t). Brown, Hansen, Kristen Guise (UF)
9.975; 5. Strong 9.925; 6(t). Erika Selga (UF), Angeles 9.9

UB: 1(t). Strong, Brown 9.975; 3(t). Jenni Beathard (UGA), Angeles
9.925; 5(t). Stacy Galloway (UGA), Robyn Ewing (UK), Hansen, Wendy Davis
(Radford), Chandling, Liz Bernstein (NCS) 9.875

BB: 1(t). Strong, Guise 9.825; 3. Beathard 9.775; 4. Angeles 9.75; 5.
Vogel 9.725; 6(t). Quackenbush, Arnold, Martha Grubbs (UF) 9.7

FX: 1(t). Brown 9.925; 2(t). Hansen, Guise 9.875; 4(t). Strong, Arnold,
Vogel 9.85

There was a bit of a scare when Leah Brown apparently injured her knee
during her floor warmup, but she turned out to be ok, and cameback to
win floor!!


    *****Item number 1.27.6*****

Date: Mon, 15 Apr 1996 12:47:55 -0400 (EDT)
From: ***
Subject: NCAA Central Regional (W)

NCAA Central Regionals (W)

     - Alabama finished first in every event, scoring well above 49
points on each.
     - Alabama placed five gymnasts ahead of UM's top finisher on bars,
and  scored a 49.550 on bars
     - Kim Kelly placed first on every single event
     - LSU failed to get a wild card entry because PSU won in the
NE...and Stanford beat out LSU for the last spot.
     - Central regionals is sending Alabama and Michigan, NE regionals is
sending PSU, SE regionals is sending Georgia and Florida, MW regionals is
sending Utah, Arizona, Nebraska, and BYU, and the West regional is
sending UCLA, Oregon State, and Stanford.


    *****Item number 1.27.7*****

From: ***
Date:          Mon, 15 Apr 1996 12:34:31 CDT
Subject:       NCAA Central Regional (W)


Career Bests set:
Kim Bonaventura-9.925 on vault
Meredith Willard-9.90 on beam
Kim Kelly-10.00 on floor
Danielle McAdams-39.4xx all-around,9.90 on floor

School records:

NCAA record team score:
198.10, bettering Georgia's 198.00 at '93 Nationals.
**Bama's score was raised from 198.075 to 198.100.  There was some
error with Marna Neubauer's score on an event.

Event results:
1. Kim Kelly  9.95
2. Bonaventura, Willard  9.925
1. Stephanie Woods  9.925
2. Kelly, Gwen Spidle, Marna Neubauer  9.90
1. Kelly, Woods, Willard  9.90
1. Kelly  10.0
2. Willard, McAdams, Wendy Marshall UM 9.90
LSU had to count a fall on beam during their last event.  They
would have qualified to Nationals over Stanford.  Kristy Savoie and
Amy McClosky both fell.  194.525
Michigan looked absolutely great, considering the injuries they have
substained over the season.  Wendy Marshall looked good.  Heather
Kabnick competed all-around but not near her best due to her injury.
Watered down floor and vault.  196.275
Greatest cover up of the night:
Becky Erwin normally throws a Flip-flop, flip-flop, layout on beam.
She was off on her second flip-flop and didn't go for the layout.
She rearranged her routine and threw a flip-flop layout!!!!  Without the
layout she would have been short of a D.  She managed a 9.675, after
being short on her double tuck dismount and stepping forward.
Repetitive Music:
I counted 6 or 7 floor ex routines to some mix of Mortal Kombat,  3 to
the Speed soundtrack, 3 Tribal Dance/Twilight Zone mix by 2Unlimited,
and YES at least 1 Get Ready for This!!


    *****Item number 1.27.8*****

Date: Mon, 15 Apr 96 11:44:00 PDT
From: ***
Subject: NCAA West Regional (W)

NCAA Women's West Regional
Pauley Pavillion, UCLA
April 13th 1996

This report focuses exclusively on the top four teams, who all had a
good chance to qualify to Nationals.  All results are from memory, cause
I don't take notes.
<***Editor's note: I retrieved the scores and corrected/added them>


1. UCLA          195.450*
2. Oregon State  195.000*
3. Stanford      194.700*
4. Washington    193.350
5. Boise State   192.250
6. CS-Fullerton  191.475
7. California    191.250

* Qualifiers to Nationals

1. Murakami  Stanford    39.375
2. Monahan   Stanford    39.150
3. Simpson   Washington  39.100
4. Stauffer  Washington  38.975
5t Slack     OSU         38.900
5t Kwok      California  38.900

Notes on AA:  Murakami was clean and consistent with good lines to score
the AA win.  A bit more difficulty on vault and floor might be needed for
her to boost her scores. Monahan hit vault and floor, but must be really
happy with her beam win.  I think she also used the "Fontaine" bar
dismount.  Former Desert Devil Simpson, in her first AA back from torn
knee cartilidge, has good difficulty on all events.  Stauffer is a
powerhouse, and stuck a high pike front beam mount.  Favorites Homma
(UCLA) and Kudilkova (W) both made multiple errors.

Vault                                  Bars
1. Fischer       UCLA       10.000     1. Bennett      OSU         9.950
2. Turko         OSU         9.975     2t Homma        UCLA        9.900
3. Homma         UCLA        9.925     2t Murakami     Stanford    9.900
4t Kudilkova     Washington  9.875     4. Fitzpatrick  Stanford    9.850
4t Washington    Cal         9.875     5t Kudilkova    Washington  9.825
                                       5t Roelofs      Boise St.   9.825

Beam                                   Floor
1t Portocarrero  UCLA        9.875     1. Smith        UCLA        9.850
1t Murphy        OSU         9.875     2t Fischer      UCLA        9.825
1t Monahan       Stanford    9.875     2t Murakami     Stanford    9.825
4t Chee          UCLA        9.850     4  Moore        Stanford    9.800
4t Campi         Washington  9.850     5t Simpson      Washington  9.775
4t Slack         OSU         9.850     5t Vassallo     OSU         9.775
4t Murakami      Stanford    9.850     5t Werner       Boise St.   9.775
                                       5t Kohl         Stanford    9.775
                                       5t Mapa         California  9.775

Note:  AA results are interesting comment on the depth (or lack thereof)
of the top four teams.  Scoring on Floor was very tight, with a 9.75
being a very good score.  Beam and Vault were also relatively tight, but
Bars was more loose.  It was interesting to note that the West region
judge's scores were consistently below the scores of the Judges from the
other regions.  Some spreads were like 9.45 and 9.8.

Overall Notes:

Going into the last round, the meet was very close considering the
pre-meet seedings.  The scores were something like 146.15 (OSU) to 146.1
(UCLA) to 145.625 (Stanford) and 145.45(Washington).  The last event
proved to be the make or break event.  Stanford hit bars (with loud team
cheering) to nab the last spot at Nationals.  UCLA hit on vault, with Dee
Fischer scoring the meet's only 10 (I missed this vault) and Leah Homma
hitting 9.925.  OSU was solid on floor, but their scores stayed in the
same range for all six performers.  Washington fell apart on beam,
suffering three falls.

(***Notes from Patrick:  actually, Stanford started with a 9.375 on bars,
then had a fall. Everyone else hit, although it took a great save by Keri
Monahan--she hit the bars with her wrist on her Hindorff, but somehow
managed to hold on and maintain swing.  Fischer's vault was a very nice
pike front.  OSU's Turko allegedly did a better vault (especially
according to OSU) for a 9.950, but I missed it.)

UCLA was missing Stella Umeh, out with an injury.  UCLA had a few mistakes
scattered across the meet, including falls, major wobbles, and steps out.
Homma had an off meet, falling on floor and wobbling after her layout on
beam.  Highlights included Homma's bars (nice double layout), Amy Smith's
floor (great dance), and Portecarero's originality on beam.  UCLA will
need to hit, and have Umeh back, to make the Super Six.

(***Another note from Patrick: Stella has a broken sesamoid (ball of foot)
bone, but what kept her from competing is an inner ear infection which has
thrown off her balance/confidence.  Hopefully she will be back for

OSU was off on bars, counting several mistakes/falls, which may have cost
them the meet.  Vault and beam were strong, but OSU seemed relatively
subdued going into their last event.  OSU also seemed to water down some
routines a bit, which worked against them on floor.  Slack hit a nice
layout tsuk full on vault and Bennett nailed bars, but OSU lost tenths
here and there for various mistakes.  Oregon State is so deep, that hit
routine after hit routine makes it hard to pull out the highlights.

Stanford just hit dead on, and seems to have everybody back from injuries.
They won floor and bars, and I don't think they counted a fall.  Stanford
can credit the strong showing to great improvement among their depth
performers (#5 and $6).  Obviously, Murakami and Monahan also had great
meets, as did Moore.  Stanford just squeaked into the NCAAs, but
deservingly so for hitting so well when it counted.  Look out next year
when they add Fontaine, Young, and Chow.

Washington struggled on their first event, floor (a fall and multiple
stumbles) and scored below 48.  But nailed vaults and bar sets brought
them back into contention before a struggle on beam (but Michelle Campi
had no wobbles for a 9.85, including a nice ff-layout to a held
arabesque).  Star Kudilkova overturned a piked full in on floor and double
back off beam.  It appeared injuries have forced lineup changes and
limited events for several key performers.


    *****Item number 1.27.9*****

Date: Mon, 15 Apr 96 13:13:58 PST
From: ***
Subject: NCAA qualifiers (W)

Here are the teams who have qualified and their regional scores:

1. Alabama      198.075 (this was apparently raised to 198.100)
2. Georgia      196.950
3. Utah         196.675
4. Michigan     196.275
5. Arizona      195.750
6. UCLA         195.450
7. Florida      195.375
8. Nebraska     195.300
9. Oregon St.   195.000
10. BYU         194.925
11. Stanford    194.700
12. Penn St.    193.650

Individual all-around qualifiers:
1. Meagan Wright, ASU                   39.350
2. Katie Freeland, ASU                  39.200
3. Jenny Hansen, Kentucky               39.175
4. Kristin Quackenbush, West Virginia   39.175
5. Robin Ewing, Kentucky                39.125
6. Sarah Mikrut, Ball State             39.125
7. Jennifer Wood, LSU                   39.100
8. Carolyn Hecht, Michigan St.          39.100
9. Tiffany Simpson, Washington          39.100
10. Shannon Gallagher, Kent             39.025
11. Shelly Stambaugh, Kent              39.000
12. Erin Gannon, Auburn                 38.975

Individual event qualifier:
Susan Eckman, Ohio St. (bars)           9.950


    *****Item number 1.27.10*****

Date: 15 Apr 1996
From: ***
Subject: NCAA West Regional (M) partial scores

Since no one else has sent the info yet, here's what I know from the
Stanford Daily:

1. California 230.475
2. Stanford   228.500
3. Oklahoma   227.375

               AA       FX    PH    SR    VT    PB    HB
1. Wiley  St  57.750  9.825 9.600 9.600 9.350 9.625 9.750

Stanford highlights:

Wiley took first on FX.
Ellis was seventh AA with a 56.6 and second HB with 9.8
Bachrach was second FX with 9.8


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