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  1. USA World Team Trials: Women's Team
  2. for UKR men's fans
  3. Gymnastics promotion..
  4. 1995 AEON Cup RSG
  5. OLYMPIC PREVIEW--perspective
  6. Ilse Roets
  7. World Trials
  8. Lets talk about JUDGES


Date:    Sat, 9 Sep 1995 21:26:29 -0600
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: USA World Team Trials: Women's Team

1995 World Team Trials
Standings after Women's compulsories
Frank Erwin Center, UT campus
Austin, TX
9 September 1995

Scores are weighted 30% Nationals, 70% Trials.

At Trials, compulsories are weighted 60%,
and optionals are 40%.

1. Dominique Moceanu (Karolyi's),  78.615
2. Shannon Miller (Dynamo),  78.594
3. Jaycie Phelps (Cincinnati),  77.73
4. Kerri Strug (CO Aerials),  77.608
5. Dominique Dawes (Hill's Angels),  77.522
6. Amy Chow (West Valley),  76.63
7. Doni Thompson (CO Aerials),  75.968
8. Theresa Kulikowski (CO Aerials),  75.917
9. Mary Beth Arnold (Flips),  75.704
10. Andree Pickens (Cypress),  75.401
11. Alecia Ingram (Dynamo),  74.882
12. Monica Flammer (Cypress),  74.854
13. Mohini Bhardwaj (Brown's),  74.599
14. Reagan Tomasek (Hill's Angels),  74.033
15. Katie Teft (Great Lakes),  53.923

Katie Teft was injured during vault warmups -- I didn't see it
but apparently it looked pretty scary, with Teft landing on her
neck.  She was taken for xrays and everything came back negative,
her only injury being a slightly sprained ankle.

# # #


Date:    Sun, 10 Sep 1995 14:31:13 -0400
Subject: for UKR men's fans

     For fans of the Ukrainian men, I found out yesterday who will be on the
Sabae team. It's not set in stone yet, but these were the names I was told:
Korobchinsky, Misyutin, Sharipov, Yermakov, Shamenko and Svetlichny. The 7th
spot has not been determined. It is between Oleg Kosyak and Andrei
Stepanchenko. Yes, I know that makes NO sense, since Oleg is an EXCELLENT
gymnast and Stepanchenko, well... I mean Ukraine didn't even compete him AA in
the dual meet, where Oleg was 3rd. But the person who gave me all this info was
Oleg himself, so I'd say the source is reliable! Seems to me there must be a
lot of politics in picking teams in UKR, just like everywhere else... Oleg said
he'd know in a few days whether he got the final slot (personally, I'd put him
ahead of Yermakov, Shamenko and Svetlichny, but what do I know?). He told me to
call him back next Saturday and he'd tell me the final decision. If it's good
news, I'll ask him about the women. I didn't want to ask TOO much about Japan
while his status is up in the air.
     BTW, he told me he wants to move to the US and attend college here after
Atlanta (i.e. next September), and is very worried about passing the entrance
exam. So he's still busily teaching himself English. :) He also LOVED the NBC
coverage of the dual meet (he was shown 5 times!) and I think he showed it to
his whole family. He said "everyone" watched it, but didn't specify exactly who
"everyone" was. Anyway, he was just charming and very sweet, and if they don't
put him on the team I may be forced to commit hari-kari!



Date:    Sun, 10 Sep 1995 20:14:48 +0000
Subject: Gymnastics promotion..

Hi there,

Thankyou to everyone who sent me replies to help me with my sports
promotion project. I found all of them really interesting, and I will let
you know how I got on when everything is graded.

Thanks again to everyone who replied..



Date:    Sun, 10 Sep 1995 15:23:10 -0600
Subject: 1995 AEON Cup RSG

Here are results courtesy of a penpal in Japan.  As you can see, this is
quite a high level meet.  Teams are composed of two seniors and one junior.
Some names may be a little weird, particularly the juniors (most of which
I don't recognize).  Going from Russian to Japanese to English, something's
bound to be off!

1995 AEON Cup RSG
(World Club Open Championship)
August 19-20 - Japan

1-Levski         BUL  117.20  (Petrova, Popova, Alexandrova)
2-Dinamo         BLR  117.00  (Lukyanenko, Gontar, Batkina)
3-Intercross     RUS  116.90  (Zaripova, Batyrchina, Shishova)
4-Derjugina      UKR  116.00
5-Tchernomoletz  UKR  115.10

SENIOR AA                              JUNIOR AA
1t-Petrova (Levski BUL)                1-Shishova (Intercross RUS)
1t-Serebrianskaya (Derjugina UKR)      2-Alexandrova (Levski BUL)
 3-Vitrichenko (Tchernomoletz UKR)     3-Batkina (Dinamo BLR)
 4-Lukyanenko (Dinamo BLR)             4-Kobetz (UKR)
 5-Batyrchina (Intercross RUS)         5-Fukharo (UKR)
 6-Gontar (Dinamo BLR)                 6-Baufir (ISR)
 7-Popova (Levski BUL)                 7-Rogozina (KZK)
 8-Zaripova (Intercross RUS)           8-Barkova (CZE)


Date:    Sun, 10 Sep 1995 17:59:02 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: OLYMPIC PREVIEW--perspective

Whew.  I'm glad someone else is in the crossfire this time.  One thing I've
learned from GYMN is that it IS hard to remember, as a USA citizen, that the
Internet is Worldwide.

It is also clear that many non-US citizens are very sensitive about the
amount of attention and media focus that US athletes get.  It seems to be a
lot like NCAA gymnastics vs. NCAA football.  No matter how big the gymnastics
accomplishment, it'll be buried next to the *XXX* personals while the
football team will have front page superscript and a third of the sports
section if the events both occur on the same day.

The other thing I've learned is to focus a complaint that has personal
considerations directly and only to the person in question.  I screwed up
once and sent it to the GYMN list and my rear is still smoking.  If you feel
that way too, Svetlana, you've got company!



Date:    Sun, 10 Sep 1995 18:13:41 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: Ilse Roets

Helen, your post on Ilse Roets was inspirational.  This is the type of story
that should make a great "up close and personal" if she performs in the
Olympics.  Perhaps someone on GYMN has connections with the media that will
be doing background work for the Olympic Games.  They should be contacted and
advanced on this story.



Date:    Sun, 10 Sep 1995 19:31:09 -0400
From:    ***@STYX.IOS.COM
Subject: World Trials

        Sorry if this question was already answered (my mail has been
down for almost two days) why did Jaycie Phelps pull out of trials?
And did anyone post what went on during the womens competition?




Date:    Sun, 10 Sep 1995 20:34:04 -0600
Subject: Lets talk about JUDGES

How does the FIG (or the USGF) help to stop judge bias? Are the same
judges used at the big meets (in US: Nationals and World/Olympic trials and
Internationally: Olympics, Worlds, Goodwill, now defunct world cup)?
What precautions are made to prevent judges who like only certain styles
of performance or only certain gymnasts from being
biased (either way) and having it reflected in the scoring. I think it was
Rachele who commented that Monceanu was over scored on VAULT compulsories
in both NATIONALS and Worlds. Perhaps she is just liked by the same
judges on that event.



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