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  1. THE BOOK...and coaches (2)
  2. Gymnasts on TV
  3. 60 Minutes! (Long...)
  4. 60 Minutes-Help!
  5. Sveta's bars
  6. Oz TV Watch
  7. Worlds quotes
Date:    Mon, 9 Oct 1995 16:46:15 -0500
Subject: THE BOOK...and coaches
Date sent:  9-OCT-1995 16:31:19
Just finished reading through the post about 60 minutes, and once
again, we are all caught up in the abuse/non-abuse of the system.  I'm
very interested in the approach taken by both sixty minutes and Joan
Ryan. As a budding journaliast, if there's one thing that is drilled
inot our minds while attending college, its you have to try your
hardest to be objective and unbiased. From what I've heard about THE
BOOK (:) Joan Ryan didn't even try. From what I saw of the report on
sixty minutes, they paid what I would term "lip service" to the more
respectable coaches out there, and instead tackled only the bad side
yet again. Judging PURELY on what I've heard (missed 60, trying to get
a copy of the book) I think 60 minutes did a better job, but nowhere
near enough. Insttead they seemed content to say that the abuse is
there, is it ehtical?
I think, no matter what sport you get into, you have coaches that yell,
that will go to extremes to motivate their athletes, to call names
and the like.So, my first point is, it's not isolated to gymnastics. I
have spent 6 years of my life in competitive swimming, and trust me,
we got screamed at, or told we were doing poorly, or were told that our
effort wasn't up to par. Now, my situation was not abusive, at least not in
the sense that everyone seems to be relating. I'm not just deceving
myself, seriosuly, I would not have put up with it. But, I was forced
to improve, and my coaches were not always nice about it. When I was in
eighth grade, and I couldn't get my freestyle technique right, I swam
with chains on my wrists to build up the strength and force my arms
out of the water to the correct height.
is this abuse? I don't think so. I think there IS a fine line there.
The question is, where do you cross it? I think sports like gymnastics
and figure skating draw a lot of the fire because of the high profile
nature of some of its "nastier" aspects, such as the controversy that
Bela has been drawing for years, and also because of cases like
Kristy Phillips and Christy Henrich. But how much do you attribute to the
sport and how much is simply the athlete? How much of this goes on outside
of gymnastics, in sports such as swimming, or track and field, or
even professional sports such as baseball and football (which I will not
say much on, but talk about forcing athletes to compete with injuries)?
If that sounds a little unfocused, well, I think this is an unfocused
problem. Certainly, coaching bears a good burden, but so do the athletes
and other factors as well. There are many many MANY things to consider
Two last things, and then I will shut up. First, I'm going to post my
eating disorders article on here tommorrow. There are some quotes in
there that I think bear repeating, and not too many are from gymnastics.
Second, as to whether or not Bela is a bear or a bear-hugger, I think
it depends on who you ask. Mary Lou seems to think not. Many others,
such as kerri Strug and Phoebe Mills, have never condemened him. it
is people such as this that might have a counterargument worth presenting.
It is them who I would like to hear from.

Date:    Mon, 9 Oct 1995 17:53:28 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: Gymnasts on TV
Someone asked a while ago about gymnasts on TV and in movies.  On the TV show
"My So Called Life", Angela's younger sister talks about doing bars and tries
to get her family to watch her doing handstands.
                                   Dawn :)
Date:    Mon, 9 Oct 1995 16:56:31 -0500
From:    ***@INDIANA.EDU
Subject: Re: 60 Minutes! (Long...)
I've read Joan Ryan's book called " Little Girls in Pretty Boxes" and
would strongly reccommend it to any gymnast or anyone interested in
gymnastics..But becareful and remember this is her side of the story. To
balance it outr I also read Bela's side called " Feel No Fear" By Bela and
Nancy Ann Richardson.
Date:    Mon, 9 Oct 1995 17:57:48 -0400
From:    ***@UMICH.EDU
Subject: Re: 60 Minutes-Help!
I am curious as well.
Checked the CBS homepage and nothing was there.

> [This message is converted from WPS-PLUS to ASCII]
> Well, I can't believe that there is not more talk about this on
> Gymn today.  Thus far, I have been approached by three people
> asking me what I thought of the _60 Minutes_ segment last night.
> I need to get hold of a copy of the show or a transcript so that
> I can defend against what was said.
> Does anyone have the address of the company that distributes
> transcripts for _60 Minutes_?  Better yet, did anyone have their
> VCR running last night when the show aired?  If you watched the
> show, maybe you can post a synopsis of the segment (who was
> interviewed, how one sided was it, etc).  Please let me know
> soon, I expect a lot of questions when I get to the gym tonight.
> TIA,
> Jim
Date:    Mon, 9 Oct 1995 15:41:45 -0700
From:    ***@DANA.UCC.NAU.EDU
Subject: Sveta's bars
        9.787, eh? Anyone remember when bars was her *weakest* event?
Man, give her another year and she'll be right up there...
        Also, who else thinks that Khorkina's beam is one of the most
outrageous routines of all time? I mean, she doesn't even do one trick
that anyone else does. Even the rulfova is performed in combination!
        My tape ran out after Mo's bar routine!:( Does anyone feel like
pitying me and arranging for a loan or trading? i would be *very*
appreciative. :) i have cool meets on tape, including the famous ESPN
coverage of the team finals for '89 worlds.
Date:    Tue, 10 Oct 1995 08:59:50 +1000
From:    ***@STUDENT.GU.EDU.AU
Subject: Oz TV Watch
Australians may want to watch the Fashion Design awards on Wednesday
night at 8:30pm on Channel 7.  Two of the nations top sub junior elites,
Jessica Auld and Kristy Browse will be performing with the Gladiators, as
an introduction to the Sportswear section.
Date:    Mon, 9 Oct 1995 16:29:02 -0700
From:    ***@ENG.SUN.COM
Subject: Worlds quotes
Courtesy USAG
Mihai Bagiu (regarding his 5th place finish on Pommel Horse):
"I was pleased with my routine.  I didn't expect to medal because my routine
is worth a 9.80.  I onlay had 0.15 decuctions, so I was very happy!  Next
year I'll have a 10.00 routine."
John Roethlisberger (Still Rings):
"It was on of the highlights of my career, making rings finals.  I had a
great time!  I hope I get to do it again.  It was nice to end the World
Championships on a good note."
Shannon Miller (Uneven Bars):
"I was a little conservative on my routine.  I'm going to go home and work
a new dismount and maybe some new skills."
Jaycie Phelps (Uneven Bars):
"I was happy I hit, but I was disappointed that I left out an element in my
routine.  I was over the bar too much and I coudn't get turned quickly
Assistant Coach Mary Lee Tracy:
The level of difficulty and execution in bar finals was outstanding.  Jaycie
shoud be very proud of herself."
Date:    Mon, 9 Oct 1995 21:31:28 -0600
Subject: Re: THE BOOK...and coaches
I think that it would be really interesting to hear from Strug now. She was
coached by Bela and left him and now is doing great. I am sure that she would
be able to say something real about his method of teaching and motivation. I
don't think that it would be harsh, but interesting. I thought about this
Bela was telling the team that they should be happy about their medal.
I looked at the screen and I wanted to say "Look what got away Bela!"
Must be weird seeing your "child star" peaking not under your influence and
then having to coach her. Perhaps.
BTW: Mary Lou Retton (this is NOT really gymnastically related!) was a guest
VJ for VH1's latest installment of their show "The Big 80s." Her show was
themed "Women of the 80s." I only say the little bit of the intro which
ended with Mary Lou's vault and her bubbling over at the end of the runway
when she see's her score and then they cut to her on the set. Nostalgia.
Am I old or what?
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