GYMN-L Digest - 8 Feb 1996 to 9 Feb 1996

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Topics of the day:

  1. T.V. ALERT (2)
  2. Suzanne Yoculan
  3. Donnie...
  4. basic bars qs
  5. GYMN-L Collegiate Update vol. 1, no. 11
  6. Club Hours and Prices
  7. trial ticket anyone?
  8. Trials Tickets
  9. California Gymnastics Clubs
 10. USA Gymnastics Federation
 11. Life after Complusories.
 12. Yelena Piskun
 13. Chelle Stack
 14. Trivia Questions Needed:  American Cup
 15. Attention Digest Users!
 16. Las Vegas Gymnastics Invitational


Date:    Thu, 8 Feb 1996 08:16:20 CDT
From:    ***@PROCTR.CBA.UA.EDU
Subject: T.V. ALERT

Just a reminder, the Georgia/Alabama meet from this past weekend will
be on Prime Sports(SportSouth), Feb. 9th, not sure what time though.
It may just be broadcasted in the south, don't know how they do that.



Date:    Thu, 8 Feb 1996 08:59:01 CDT
From:    ***@PROCTR.CBA.UA.EDU
Subject: Suzanne Yoculan

Does anyone know the details behind the reason that Georgia coach
Suzanne Yoculan and Assistant coach Jay Clark got reprimanded for
recruiting violations?  What did they do wrong?  That's twice she
gotten reprimanded.



Date:    Thu, 8 Feb 1996 10:11:51 -0500
From:    ***@GNATNET.NET
Subject: Re: T.V. ALERT

The meet is broadcast only in places whose cable companies offer Prime
Sports.  I live in Georgia, and I don't even get to see it.  Would
anyone be willing to give me a copy if I send you a tape?

 > Just a reminder, the Georgia/Alabama meet from this past weekend will
 > be on Prime Sports(SportSouth), Feb. 9th, not sure what time though.
 > It may just be broadcasted in the south, don't know how they do that.
 > Shawn


Date:    Thu, 8 Feb 1996 10:36:35 EST
From:    ***@MMC.MARYMT.EDU
Subject: Donnie...

Hi guys,
    I have two quick questions.  First, does anyone know what happend
to Donnie Thompson?  The second, I was wondering if anyone could tell
me what the requirements are for level 8.  (How many A's, B's, C's,
flight elements etc...).  I need to know for all events.  If anyone
has information, and could E-Mail me privately, I would really
appreciate it.




Date:    Thu, 8 Feb 1996 09:57:06 +0000
From:    ***@IGC.APC.ORG
Subject: basic bars qs

Would someone please tell me what is:
1) a Shaposhnikova
2) a Markelov
3) a german giant (different than a front giant or

Private e-mail appreciated if these are too elementary
(I could have sworn the german giant was defined here
before, but couldn't find it in the digests).  Thanks.

Mary Lynne


Date:    Thu, 8 Feb 1996 09:30:21 -0800
From:    ***@ENG.SUN.COM
Subject: Re: GYMN-L Collegiate Update vol. 1, no. 11

CAL vs. Washington:  .025 difference in the final score.  Whoa that one
could have easily gone either way.

Spoke to Michelle Campi briefly after the meet.  She says she's been working
some on floor and hopefully will be competing this event.



Date:    Thu, 8 Feb 1996 12:35:50 -0800
From:    ***@SCE.COM
Subject: Club Hours and Prices

Nancy Hazen wrote:
>        I also have some  naive questions.  My daughter's level 5 team works
>out 4 hours per day, 4 times per week.  This seems like a lot to me.

Didn't someone on this list gather information on clubs hours and prices?
I remember sending information to someone and I'd like to get a copy of the
data (club prices and hours are generally not considered confidential).


Date:    Thu, 8 Feb 1996 16:07:03 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: trial ticket anyone?

Hello All,

I was just (finally, after several months) charged on my credit card for the
three Gold Circle Seating tickets I ordered for the 4 days of the Olympic
Trials in Boston at the end of June, so I assume I'll eventually get the
tickets.  Unfortunately, one of my friends can no longer make it.  Is there
anyone out there interested in one of the tickets?  The price was $190 for
all 4 days.  If you're interested, you can e-mail me at




Date:    Thu, 8 Feb 1996 17:22:18 EST
Subject: Trials Tickets

Anyone know what the deal is with Trial Tickets?  To get individual
tickets (not the 4-day package) I've been told that they haven't gone on
sale yet, that they are sold out, that I'd get sent a brochure,
bla bla bla.  What's the story??



Date:    Thu, 8 Feb 1996 14:36:12 -0800
Subject: California Gymnastics Clubs

     I'm a member of the Cal Poly Gymnastics Club in San Luis Obispo,
California.  We're a recreational club with competing Men's and Women's
teams.  Our problem is, though, we cannot find too many schools that can
and wish to compete at our level.  (ie:  not too great)  We are looking for
any meets in California (that we can drive to due to lack of funds) for men's
or women's or both competitve levels.  I would really appreciate it if
you have any information, or can lead me in the right direction.  my
e-mail is listed below, Thanks for your help.....


Date:    Fri, 9 Feb 1996 10:09:59 WST
Subject: USA Gymnastics Federation

     Can someone please provide me with the internet address to the US
     Gymnastics Federation, I have been looking for ages and cannot find

     Also does any one know if there are any Elite Junior Men's Gymnastics
     competitions happening that it would be possible for our gymnasts in
     Australia to attend during the next financial year. We are looking to
     set our next budget pretty soon and need to start planning now.




Date:    Thu, 8 Feb 1996 21:14:57 -0600
Subject: Life after Complusories.

I have been wondering about something. HOw will national (US, RUS, CAN, etc)
federations handle their national champs and other events without
compulsories? Will there be just a one shot, optionals only event, or
will it be a series of competitions? This has me wondering how they
will do this, since most use INTERNATIONAL rules (kind of) to establish
winners. Anyone know what will be happening in a federation near you?



Date:    Thu, 8 Feb 1996 22:28:10 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Yelena Piskun

>Okay, how in the world can some gymnasts train here in the US  ...
>Yelena Piskun?

Umm, Yelena Piskun does *not* train anywhere but in Belarus, as far as I

Oops, that what I meant.  Bogi is here in the US and she is still back in
Belarus.  Sorry.



Date:    Thu, 8 Feb 1996 22:29:24 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Chelle Stack

She competed at the Reese's?  What events?  When was she "big"?  With Kristie



Date:    Thu, 8 Feb 1996 23:12:04 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Trivia Questions Needed:  American Cup

My apologies for the lapse in Trivia Quizzes lately.  All I can say is that I
have been very busy at work.

Our next trivia topic will be the American Cup.  Please send your questions
(with answers) to me via private e-mail.  Yes, YOU!



Date:    Thu, 8 Feb 1996 22:24:35 -0700
From:    ***@RMI.NET
Subject: Attention Digest Users!

Digest Gymners,

When replying to a message for the entire list, please edit your
subject headings such that they do not state "Re: GYMN-L Digest - Feb
7 1996 to Feb 8 1996" or such.  Many Gymners use the topic index in
the digest to quickly scan the digest and decide with msgs to read.
You limit this capability by not editing your subject to reflect the
real content on your message.

Actually, all Gymners, please be sure to use descriptive phrases for
your subjects.



Date:    Thu, 8 Feb 1996 23:38:15 -0800
From:    ***@ACCESSNV.COM
Subject: Las Vegas Gymnastics Invitational

I have been getting inquiries regarding the 1996 LVGI so I thought I
would post a quick note to the list.

Due to problems in obtaining a location for the meet (among other things)
the 1996 Las Vegas Gymnastics Invitational has been cancelled.  The
Desert Academy of Artistic Gymnastics who have been hosting this meet for
the past 10 years regrets the cancellation but is actively searching for
a new location for the 1997 LVGI.

This is an exciting meet in which over 700 gymnasts from around
the country participated last year.

The 1997 LVGI will take place sometime during the 1st quarter of the
year, usually around the end of February.  If you have questions or would
like to be put on our Info list (when it is sent), you can E-Mail me at

I will give your questions and requests to the head coach and get back to
you.  You could also write us at:

Desert Gymnastic
1924 Rock Springs
Las Vegas, NV 89128

Thanks for you time and hope to see you next year.

Gregory Young

PS. the LVGI competes all levels from 5 to Elite.


End of GYMN-L Digest - 8 Feb 1996 to 9 Feb 1996