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  1. Shannon's Injury

  2. World coverage

  3. Aussie girls in 12th!

  4. Worlds: M. rothlesberger (sp?)

  5. Worlds: Mens All-Around Results

  6. Worlds: Womens All-Around (2)

  7. <No subject given>

  8. Worlds:Women's All-around

  9. Women's All-Around




Date:    Sun, 8 Oct 1995 00:00:18 -0400

From:    ***@DELPHI.COM

Subject: Shannon's Injury


     Shannon Miller deserves so much credit for her incredible performances

during the team optionals.  I really didn't care for Shannon before, but now

I have gained a deep respect for her and her abilities.  With her injury,

does that mean she'll scratch from the AA or EF?  I sure hope not!  Anyone



Gymnastically yours,

Dave :)




Date:    Sun, 8 Oct 1995 00:08:58 -0400

From:    ***@AOL.COM

Subject: World coverage


Is ABC not showing event finals?  This week their showing team comp. and next

week their showing all-around.






Date:    Sun, 8 Oct 1995 14:53:51 EST-11


Subject: Aussie girls in 12th!


I thought they wouldn't be able to do it but they did!


Congrats girls - well done.


Well done guys as well - 16th isn't bad - two go to Atlanta!!






Date:    Sun, 8 Oct 1995 01:19:32 -0400

From:    ***@AOL.COM

Subject: Re: Worlds: M. rothlesberger (sp?)


Yeah, its nice to see Mike do well.  He'll be in our gym Sunday October 22nd

to work with our boys team, and on Monday, he is doing exhibitions at three

area grade schools to help us develop further interest.  Here in Grand Forks,

NDak, everyone thinks their kid is going to be a first round NHL draft pick,

so all sports except hockey have an uphill recruiting fight until about 8th

grade//Mike's presence should be a good event for our city and club//Don




Date:    Sun, 8 Oct 1995 04:27:48 -0400

From:    ***@IC.AC.UK

Subject: Worlds: Mens All-Around Results


World Championships 1995



Sabae, Japan    1-10 October 1995


Mens All-Around Results



 1. Li Xiaoshuang       (CHN)   57.998

 2. Vitaly Scherbo      (BLR)   57.499

 3. Evgeni Chabaev      (RUS)   57.248

 4. Alexei Voropaev     (RUS)   57.212

 5. Valeri Belenki      (GER)   57.198

 6. Yoshiaki Hatakeda   (JPN)   56.999

 7. Yuri Chechi         (ITA)   56.861

 8. Jinjing Zhang       (CHN)   56.799


17. Rustam Charipov     (UKR)   56.312

18. Ivan Ivankov        (BLR)   56.612

23. Dimitri Karbonenko  (RUS)   55.849

25. Blaine Wilson       (USA)   55.750

30. John Roethlisberger (USA)   55.300

31. Jair Lynch          (USA)   55.262


Sherwin - just woken up... more details later.




Date:    Sun, 8 Oct 1995 08:10:02 -0400

From:    ***@IC.AC.UK

Subject: Worlds: Womens All-Around


World Championships 1995



Sabae, Japan    1-10 October 1995


Womens All-Around



I'm trying something new... this is live commentary. The

meet is on TV as I type... so this could be long I'm

afraid... and sorry if this is sketchy.


Rotation One:


Dom Moceanu started on beam followed by Shannon Miller's

floor. Both were fairly clean... small wobble for Dom

on her flick/layout/layout/layout.


Mo Huilan was very focused before the start, eyes closed,

oblivious to her surroundings. She went on beam... and

she sat on her dismount! Big disappointment since she

is certainly one of the favourites!


Nice smile from Tsavdaridou after her bars routine.


Khorkina beam - clean - 9.775. She's disappointed with the



Piskun on beam - BIG mistake on her full-twisting back

somi. She was nearly off but managed to stay on. However,

her arms and legs were everywhere, it was as good as a



Meng Fel fell off her Gaylord salto (or Mo salto) on bars.


Milosovici powerful on floor as always earns her 9.825.

She takes the lead.


Kochetkova 9.75 on beam.


Podkopayeva 9.812 on bars, with a little hop on her landing.


Risa Sugawara of Japan - I think she's underated - came on

floor. Good tumbles including whips to double twists punch



Anna Mirgorodskaya of Ukraine. The most eye catching new

star of the meet, I'd say. Excellent bars, including a

sky high Jaeger, and a Tkatchev in reverse swing (I guess

this skill must have a different name...). Only 9.712...

her score will only go up in future meets as people get

to know her.


Rotation Two already (time flies when you're having fun)

Haven't got the current standings... they were showing



Pachecho on vault. Good but nothing extraordinary.


Gogean on bars... another one gone! Couldn't hold the

handstand on the top bar, she actually fell on the bar

but managed to escape falling onto the floor in a heap

by grapping the bar tight enough to let herself gently

down. In the replay it showed that she lost grip of her

left hand during that handstand.


Khorkina on floor. Like her little tumble which she

included a new little leap in the middle of it (sorry

it's difficult to describe some of these moves). No

mistakes from her. All smiles from her. 9.687 - seems

a little low to me.


Gogean's bar score : 9.037.


Piskun follows on floor. Triple twists... 2 and 1/2

twists punch front... oh I missed the final tumble.


Milo VT (can she win an AA at last?) 1/2 Yurchenko.

Power power power. Only 9.662! The scores are definately

low today.


Oh hi Boguinskaya... forgot she existed since they

(surprisingly) didn't show her routine in the first

rotation. She's on floor now. struggling with her

tumbles a bit. The crowd loves her (as expected).


Pods on beam. Clean so far... little break on a jump,

but otherwise very solid. Yes, she's happy. 9.787.


9.612 for Bog's floor... only 9.387 in her beam in

the previous rotation!


Kerri Strug on bars - piked Jaeger... Tkatchev... full

twisting double back. Good 9.762.


Advert break... Boo.


We returned to the studio for some reason and Dagmar

Kersten was today's studio guest. Bla bla bla etc etc etc.

Anyone for German?

They're replaying Mirgorodskaya's bars... they obviously

like it... or maybe Dagmar's saying "hey that skill is

mine!" :)


Ah-ha we're back. Amanar's VT. DTY Double twist Yurchenko.

Plopped like a sixpence. 9.862!! (9.837 and 9.887)


Dom Moceanu gets ready for floor. "Let's Twist Again"

and cutesey style that... oh she stepped outside the area

off her punch front.


Shannon on vault. 9.7 for her first one... second vault...

that familiar "yeah!" from Steve Nunno on what looks a

pretty good 1/2 twisting Yurchenko.


Mo on floor. Still the same typewriter music as last year.

She's a bit off today, bouncing off the floor on the

landings of her tumbles... and nearly fell backward in her

last tumble but managed to keep her balance and stayed on

her feet. She is not happy though. The bag she's carrying

is bigger than her.


Current standings:

Amanar in the lead followed by Pods, Milo, Kochet, Khorkina,

Grosheva, Strug... Moceanu's 9th and Miller's at 10th after

two rotations. This is exciting!


Third Rotation:


Piskoun's VT. DTY. 9.687 for her first (slight hop on

landing) 9.625 for her second.


Bogie's VT. She's smiling despite a step on landing

(yurchenko 1/2). think she's having fun. 9.512 for her 1st.

Oh she had two big steps after her second.


Milo on bars. No mistakes! She's on course. 9.862!


Podkop Pie on floor. double front... with half twist! That's

new. She didn't fall off either! She's got a chance. 9.850.


Mao's beam. The usual Chinese difficulty including the

Yang Bo jump. 9.812.


Grosheva was nervy on beam, I didn't see all of it (they

were in an advert break) 8.875.


Only 9.449 for Kochet on VT.


Little Dom is preparing for vault, by far her weakest event.

Hey wow it was good. Stuck 1 & 1/2 Yurchenko. 9.712 for her

first. Not too bad in her seonc either, it was longer but

had to take a step.


Amanar the leader on bars. Tight legs, good form, Geinger,

Tkatchev, little hop on dismount. 9.775


Mo on VT, still she's a bit off it, a noticable side step.

9.812 though, good score. A foreard step for her second.

9.825 for that.


Shannon on bars. Retaining the title should be out of reach

by now... oh she's lost the swing altogether, and had to be

regenerate it by putting in extra swings. And a step on

landing. Nunno looks away...


Gogean, with a strapped right kneecap, comes on beam. She's

waiting... and waiting...


Only 9.362 for Shannon's bars.


Gogean's still waiting to come on whilst the judges are

having a telephone conference... OK now's ready. Gogean's on.

Sharp movements on beam are Gina's trademark. She stayed on

and it was clean. 9.700.


Khorkina goes on vault. Clean and complex for 9.756.


Simona Amanar was pretty happy, whereas Podkopayeva seemed

a little tight. They're waiting for the last rotation to get

under way. Irina Evdokimova has still got to go on floor in

this rotation.


Current standings:

Pods in the lead! Followed by Amanar, Milo, Khorkina, Moceanu,

Strug, Kochet, Mao and Mo. Can Pods put it together?!


Fourth Rotation:


Pods went first on vault - Pretty solid first vault. 9.762.

Second vault... she goes... and she hits! She's crying with

joy! C'mon judges, give it to her, she certainly deserves it.

Patiently waiting... 9.837 for her second making an overall

score of 9.799. Amanar was expressionless.


Pods is pretty cool now. Quietly observing the others. She's

got the advantage since recent previous champs always finishes

on vault!


Mao on floor. Quite good.


Sugawara on beam... and immediately she's off it. Other from

that fall it was pretty solid.


Moceanu, with a chance of a medal, comes on bars. It was fast...

and sharp, and clean! Loud applause.


Immediately we switch to Simona Amanar just starting on beam.

Flick/layout/flick/layout, no wobbles. Little adjustment on

the front somi. A little step on double back dismount...


Mo on bars, caught her Mo salto. A little step on her

landing but otherwise very good. 9.862.


Simona waves and smiles to the cameras... only 9.637 for her

bars though, she's in second at the moment behind Pods.


Miller on beam... a bit low on her landing but the rest were

pretty good. She's of course disappointed with this meet.


Pods is quietly confident. Amanar seems content with second.


Tsavdaridou's VT. Little jump on the ladning but she's happy

with it.


Khorkina's bars, could she snatch it? She's certainly excellent

on bars on paper. Here she goes... the crowd holds its breath.

Complex twisting movements on the bars and a perfect dismount!

Waiting for the score... 9.912 and she moves into second! Sveta

screams with joy and embraces her coach. Nice moment.


Piskun goes on bars. Flawless routine but too late of the day

Elena. Tarasevich was helping Elena to blow off some chalk in

her eye. 9.825 for the routine.


Boguinskaya next on bars (not a favored apparatus of hers). A

Tkatchev that she didn't use to do before she "retire"! She's

happy with the routine with a broad grin on her face... hugs

Moceanu her (ex?) club mate. 9.787


Pod's smile is getting wider by the minute. Only Milo can

change things now.


Here she is preparing for the beam. And the green light is on

and off she goes. Steady... calm... and yes! It was clean all

the way from start to finish with a stuck double back. Even

Lavinia is crying now! She waits... 9.737 and it is third

spot for her yet again.


Pods celebrates her victory with a quiet kiss with her coach.

Everybody is congratulating her. No less having a nice hug

with her pal Elena Piskun. Pods is now overcome with emotion

and weeps much in joy, shaking every person's hand

in offer. OH, she's happy alright!


My video tape just finishes (phew that was close).


Womens All-Around Results: (Top 18)



 1. Liliya Podkopayeva  (UKR)   39.248

 2. Svetlana Khorkina   (RUS)   39.130

 3. Lavinia Milosovici  (ROM)   39.086

 4. Simona Amanar       (ROM)   39.049

 5. Dominique Moceanu   (USA)   38.886

 6. Huilan Mo           (CHN)   38.754

 7. Kerri Strug         (USA)   38.749

 8. Dina Kochetkova     (RUS)   38.686

 9. Yanling Mao         (CHN)   38.630

10. Yelena Piskun       (BLR)   38.530

11. Irina Boulakhova    (UKR)   38.462

12. Shannon Miller      (USA)   38.386

13. Laetitia Begue      (FRA)   38.299

14. Gina Gogean         (ROM)   38.280

15. Vassou Tsavdaridou  (GRE)   38.267

16. Svetlana Boguinskaya(BLR)   38.261

17. Jana Juarez         (ESP)   38.217

18. Elvire Teza         (FRA)   38.199


I'll leave you with Podopayeva produly standing on top of

the award podium with the Ukranian anthem ringing loud

around the arena.






Date:    Sun, 8 Oct 1995 08:19:05 -0400

From:    ***@UMICH.EDU

Subject: <No subject given>


I think do not  Shannon Miller is the only gymnast who should be commended

but all of the girls and boys who

competed in this competion with injuries of all kinds and stuck with it.

Also to those who

worked hard with injuries like Dominique Dawes who participated in all of

the trails even though they were hurting.  Also to those who were down

from last place pr whatever and worked hard to become second, third, or

fourth. i.e. Russians.  Also I like to commend those who did not make the

team because of injury but were smart not to go and make the injury

worst.  It took a lot of guts and mental toughness to forgo this

championship.  I hope that no one  is hurt next year and 96 will be a fun





Date:    Tue, 26 Sep 1995 09:54:32 PDT

From:    ***@LSS.CO.ZA

Subject: Re: Worlds:Women's All-around


Yeah Pod!!! I'm so happy for her! I'm glad Khorkina got 2nd too! What a pity

about Mo's beam! It could have been 1/2 for her! I'm glad some of the more

'underrated' gymnasts came out tops.

Thanks Sherwin for the commentary. I felt like I was there!!

Off to celebrate!


Helen.    :-)




Date:    Sun, 8 Oct 1995 09:52:33 -0400

From:    ***@CORNELL.EDU

Subject: Re: Worlds: Womens All-Around


        Wow.  Hooray for the Pod!

        As for the running-commentary format of your post, Sherwin, I like

it!  Felt like I was watching.  It's maybe a bit deserving of a spoiler

notice at the top, since we probably won't be getting a broadcast here for a

week or so, but I probably would have found out anyway.  And, it appears

that British TV is somewhat better than ours for getting in coverage of

routines; from the list of people you saw, there seemed to be more

competitors shown regardless of how they came out in the end.  (Americans?

How does this compare to ABC?)

        There has been that trend in the past, though, of the last year's

womens' world champion to not end up on the top of the medals stand at the

Olympics?  (Though trends tend to be broken.)  Maybe a bit of a jinx on Pod,

but the field's open for, say, Milo.  Unless you don't believe in luck.

        [Back to lurk mode.]


  Piskoun's VT. DTY.


P.S.  What does this mean?  (Or am I just not getting enough sleep to get it? :)





Date:    Sun, 8 Oct 1995 09:18:12 -0500


Subject: Re: Women's All-Around


Date sent:  8-OCT-1995 09:12:58


I'm shocked. Really shocked. I'm going to compare Lilia to Paul Wylie, in

that she was always one of the best on the floor but was never able to put

it together. Well, she finally did. Gratz to Podkopayeva, who remains one

of my favorites.


I'm a little disappointed ,with what I saw of the scoring though. It seemed

to be wildly inconsistent, at least with comparisons to the routine

discriptions. Oh, well, I'll know more when I see it. Since I'm sortaflying

blind right now, I can't really complain.


And gratz to Dom and Strug, who obviously put together steady performances.

I feel for Shannon, who went out much the way Silivas did in 1989. Let's

hope her career isn't over, too. The US needs her in Atlanta.


And, finally, while I will not dispute the Romanina victory, the

congratulations have to go to the Chinese women, who were always seemingly

stuck in fourth. I'm really thrilled to see them finally pull out of the

rut. The high score of the sesion for a CHINESE on VAULT??? Boy, times have

changed, and I'd say for the better. Atlanta should truly be a four team





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