GYMN-L Digest - 8 Dec 1995

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Date:    Fri, 8 Dec 1995 01:49:14 -0400

Gees,  this is like a trivia thing.  Jeff asks:

>        3)Anyone seen Davidova or another gymnast actually land the full
>        on front off vault?

I've seen it once by an Ontario gymnast (can't remember who) and can't
remember if she landed on her feet.  If I get a chance to talk to Davydova
this weekend, I'll ask her.  It'd be cool if she were training a gymnast to
do it too, eh?  This is a 10.0 vault.

>        4)Can women do one arm vaults? Are they valued higher than the
>        two arm version?

They "can", but a vault performed with either one or no hands in the
support phase is invalid.

>        6)What is the highest rated vault with only involves twisting and
>        no somersaulting?

Without the FIG supplement, vault #1.501 is from a 10.0.  It's a 1.5 twist
on with full twist off.

>        7)Who is credited with performing the first tsukahara vault?
Mrs. Tsukahara?  ;^)  I don't know, but the first I ever saw it done was in
'76 and by then all sorts of women were doing it.  Nelli Kim would be my

>        and 10)Anyone seen a gymnast perform more than two twist (pre and
>        and post flight combined) in a vault?

Some Winstonette girl (Tanya Somebody?) used to throw a half on - double
twist off.  It was pretty good too.

Getting late...  Thanks for the vault homework...



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