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  1. Mary Lou's Victory
  2. <No subject given>
  3. August and Gymn
  4. Trashing MLR?
  6. Regional Qualifiers (4)
  7. computer games and books
  8. NBC/Olympics
  9. Qualifiers - STANFORD/IOWA ???????
 10. International subscribers
 11. Nationals, Books, Mary Lou and Newsletter
 12. Bela's Book
 13. TV coverage
 14. Univ. of Georgia
 15. POP QUIZ: We have a winner
 16. Fwd: Bela's Book
 17. Help I am Mixed Up
 18. IOWA info
 19. TV Note
 20. Leah brown, TV Coverage, and Olympic Selection
 21. Qualifiers for Nationals
 22. Weedend  gymnastics @ Stanford


Date:    Sun, 6 Aug 1995 22:09:55 -0600
Subject: Mary Lou's Victory

I have to agree that "What if" is hard to talk about, even though I
started a trivia question list all about "what if". But the fact remains that
I think that Mary Lou would have held her own against Yurchenko (after all,
she did beat her at the Chunchi Cup after Natalia won Worlds.) However,
I think that Olga would surpassed Mary Lou, but I think that the REAL champ
would have been Szabo. She was in the best form of her life during those
two weeks and a freek mistake caused her to settle for silver (hard to believe
that she screwed up on bars, where she was co-silver medilist with Agache
at the time and she was great on beam, which is like her achiles heel at times-
follow her career record and see for yourself that she gave it away many
times on beam.)

Yes, the soviets were not there, but Szabo was and she was fantastic and
in my book, one of the all time greats. Had we had all the athletes in
Los Angles, I think that Mary Lou may have been fightimg for a bronze with
Natalia or Shushunova, but the gold would have been fought over between
Olga and Szabo. After all, these were two child prodogies who had a battle
going for "Number One" since the 1982 Junior Europeans, which Szabo won, and
rememberm, Szabo was the current world FX champ and she had two silver medals,
also (V and UB). She was IT!

Mary Lou was a good gymnast, too. She didn't compete in Budapest against Olga
and Natalia at worlds, but she beat Natalia in Japan. And she was a 2 time
America's Cup winner during the Olympics, though we know that is kind of a
biased competition. She may not have been perfect, she may not have been the
picture of the frail gymnast, but she was pretty good. I give her credit, since
we'll never re-write history for those 2 week in July in 1984.



Date:    Sun, 6 Aug 1995 23:19:36 -0400
From:    ***@UMICH.EDU
Subject: <No subject given>

Hey all:

I remember someone inquiring about 1996 U.S. olympic team trials info.
In the USA gymnastics magazine, I came across an ad:
It will be in Boston, Mass. June 25-30.
For more information call 617-443-4909

Also, I just found this out if anyone was interested:
FYI:  Chelle Stack is now competing for Oklahoma.
She won the NIT title on Bars and the team placed 2nd.



Date:    Sun, 6 Aug 1995 21:40:02 -0600
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: August and Gymn

Hey Gymners,

As most of you are aware, USA Championships begin in about 10 days.
Because of this, I wanted to take a few moments to make a few special
requests of Gymners.

First, American Gymners, please remember that Gymn is an international
forum.  Not everyone saw the routines that you saw on NBC, so do not
assume so when you are posting.  Take the time to explain what you are
commenting on.  Non-Americans, we appreciate your patience with the
dominance of American discussion on Gymn.  I know I speak for many
when I say that we would love to get more international reports.
Don't think that we're not interested!

Second: please be considerate of other Gymner's mailboxes.  We're
already getting 20,30+ messages a day, and if USA Nationals is like
any other major comp, Gymn will discuss it like there's no tomorrow.
THE "FLUFF".-- I do not need to explain what "fluff" is...  because
I'd get into more trouble if I tried to define it than if I
didn't. (grin) If an opinion has been expressed before -- please don't
post the infamous "me-too" reply (the 2-3 liners where you don't
really say much of anything other than to agree with the first

Third: Please don't quote an entire previous post.  We're all on Gymn,
we've all seen if before.  Quote relevant parts only.  Quoting an
entire letter is seemingly minor -- until you consider the digest
subscribers, who often have to wade through long passages of quotes to
get to the "real stuff".

In my past experiences, Gymn has been "at it's best" when discussing a
major comp like USAs.  Breakdowns of routines, lots of athlete
information, interesting side discussions, contrasting opinions, etc.
Let's try to highlight these threads as opposed to losing them in all
the Gymn-side clutter.

Thanks muchly,
Gymn Mgr.

ps. Several Gymners will be participating in USA Nationals as an
athlete, coach, or parent.  Good luck!


Date:    Mon, 7 Aug 1995 00:58:55 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: Trashing MLR?

I'm not going to post this to everyone, because the subject does not deserve
as much space as this has received already.  Only in Gymnastics are athletes
so young expected to handle so much.  Mary Lou was, as most artistic gymnasts
are, an infant.  She didn't have anything to do with the situation she was
placed in.  She also didn't have anywhere near the systems machinery to
support her in the way her international competitors from the communist bloc
did.  Like all American athletes, Mary Lou had to carry at least three lives
forward, a personal family life, a student's life and the life of a gymnast,
and, while I don't know her personally, I'll bet there was a fourth spiritual
life that was strong as well.   Yet when the cards were dealt, regardless of
the situation, Mary Lou handled all with as much class as any U.S. adult
Olympian has in recent years.  Doubt that? Just look at the U.S. skaters--now
that's a disgrace worth your spending some internet flame on.  I can't even
remember our bimbo silver medalist because I forced myself to block my memory
of the way she treated her young Gold medalist victor on world television. We
should have lowered the national flag to half mast out of shame!  The
communist block athletes compete to's their only way out.  They
are pushed, abused, driven, and allowed no distractions--in effect, they are
athletic mutants, not the first class champions you depict.  Their major
redemption is that it is NOT their fault, any more than it was Mary Lou's
that she had to compete against a sterile field.

Know this and drill it into your heart, giving thanks each and every night:
Mary Lou single handedly rescued U.S. gymnastics as a national showcase. Many
club owners can tell you that Mary Lou pulled their rears out of bankruptcy
at a time when gymnastics had plateaued and many NCAA teams had folded.  Mary
Lou COULD have done what has become typical for US athletes who go big and
get lots of money for it...she could have had a fling with coke and proudly
told us how her "recovery" was going on Oprah or Ricky Lake, she could have
married a bisexual "artist" and posed in group scenes  for PLAYBOY--hey, she
could have notched some prison time for sex offenses or hiring hit men to
eliminate her competition!

 I don't know how old you are, but if you think gymnastics would be where it
is today in the U.S. with out Mary Lou and the way she handled herself after
1984, you are sadly, and perhaps irretrievably mistaken.

If any of my children become half what Mary Lou has in their chosen
endeavors, athletic, professional, whatever, I'll feel very proud.

If you ever get the chip off your shoulder and develop some respect for the
full range of what others contribute, perhaps you'll be worthy of commenting
on their accomplishments.  See you then!



Date:    Sun, 6 Aug 1995 23:21:55 -0700
From:    ***@ENG.SUN.COM
Subject: POP QUIZ

Free '96 Olympics Gymnastics pin (it's really pretty tasteful) to the
first Gymner to correctly answer this question:

        Quo die XXVI Olympiad incipit?

Didn't think I would make it *too* easy, did you?

Send answer only to me.  If you win I'll email you back and ask for a
mailing address.  Sorry, I have only one pin.

Yours in Gymnastics,



Date:    Mon, 7 Aug 1995 08:59:21 -0400
Subject: Regional Qualifiers

1995 USA Eastern Region Qualifiers

Pearson Hall, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
August 5 - 6, 1995

AA Team 1996 Compulsory and Optional

                FX      PH      R       V       PB      HB      Total

Tony Pansy      8.75    8.25    8.75    9.15    8.10    8.10    51.100
Penn State
Optionals       8.65    7.75    8.15    8.90    8.95    8.25    50.650
Jasom Katsampes 8.40    9.05    8.40    8.75    8.70    7.15    50.450
Optionals       8.20    8.50    7.25    8.75    8.15    7.80    48.650
Bill Roth       9.35    9.20    6.55    Did not compete         25.100  Temple
Optionals       Did not compete                                 0.000

Team 2000:  19 & Over

Kenny Sykes     9.40    9.10    8.15    8.65    8.15    9.15    52.600  1Temple
Aaron Vexler    8.95    8.65    8.95    8.55    8.60    8.70    52.400
Steve Marshall  8.95    9.00    7.95    9.20    8.45    8.80    52.350
Dave Frank      8.50    8.25    9.20    8.35    8.90    9.05    52.250
JM Michel       9.10    8.85    8.90    8.75    8.60    6.50    50.700
5Penn State
Tony Pansy      8.65    7.75    8.15    8.90    8.95    8.25    50.650
6Penn State
Kyle Zak        7.90    6.80    6.80    8.50    7.00    7.10    44.100
Tom Ellefson    7.00    8.10    8.35    8.05                    31.500
8Penn State

Team 2000:  18 & Under

Lindsey Fang    8.50    8.80    7.85    8.30    8.65    8.60    50.700
Scott Vetere    7.95    8.30    8.30    8.15    8.70    8.25    49.650
Jason Katsampes 8.20    8.50    7.25    8.75    8.15    7.80    48.650
Jason Krane     8.30    7.85    8.15    8.45    8.70    6.95    48.400
A. Petrocelli   8.75    8.50    7.45    8.45    7.30    7.75    48.200  5IG

Todd Bishop     8.35    7.50    7.10    8.55    8.00    8.60    48.100
6World Class
S. Finkelstein  8.15    8.70    7.05    7.90    7.50    7.35    46.650
Eddie Seng      8.65    6.80    8.00    8.35    7.65    6.75    46.200
Adam Benas      7.60    7.10    6.85    8.20    6.55    8.55    44.850
9World Class
Mike Quarress   8.05    7.05    6.45    8.50    7.20    7.45    44.700

I have heard a few scores from other areas --
Blaine Wilson 56.00
Kip Simons 55.something
Comp & Optionals
Casey Bryan 54.4  combined 110.1
Jarrod Hanks 52.75 combined 108.1
Mike Racanelli 53.65 combined 107.75
John MacCready 106.something
Mike Williams 105.95
Rick Kiefer 104.8
Lou Dutillo 104.55
Jeremy Killen has had shoulder surgery and is not competing
Scott Keswick had back surgery July 25 on the L1 & L2

If anyone has more accurate scores, please post them.


Rachele commented that
Pommel Horse was a disaster here in the east.



Date:    Mon, 7 Aug 1995 09:20:57 CST
Subject: Regional Qualifiers

     I don't know which region we are in, but I've got the results for the
     region to which OU belongs:

     The group that competed compulsory and optionals placed as follows:
     1.- Casey Brian    110.1
     2.- Jarrod Hanks   108.1
     3.- Mike Racanelli 107.75
     4.- John MacReady  106.0
     5.- Mike Williams  105.95
     6.- Rick Keiffer   104.8
     7.- Lou Datilio    104.55

     The top five of the group called Team 2000 (18 and under) placed as
     1.- Scott Hrnack   50.9
     2.- Daniel Furney  50.75
     3.- Todd Strada    50.75
     4.- Chad Conner    50.4
     5.- Guard Young    50.35

     The group called Team 2000 (19+) placed as follows:
     1.- Andrew Peliggi 50.7
     2.- Mike Emmons    49.2
     3.- Michael Pena   48.1
     4.- Daniel Fink    35.75
     5.- Shane Evangelist 16.85

     Daniel Fink did not do floor nor vault due to a broken bone on the
     foot (I think he has already qualified anyway).

     Shane Evangelist had a pretty ugly fall on floor and was taken to the
     hospital, the only events he completed were PH and SR. At the end of
     the competition I asked Ed Burch (Shane's coach) if he was OK, since
     he had talked to the person who took Shane to the hospital. Ed said
     they were taking X-rays but that they thought he would be fine.

     We had two specialist but I only remember the scores of one of them
     (my favorite). Daniel Stover received a 9.675 on floor and would have
     received a 9.875 but his routine was too short, I guess he better work
     another trick into it!!! Daniel also had a 9.0 on vault. Sorry I don't
     remember who the other specialist is, or what he made (I think on



Date:    Mon, 7 Aug 1995 11:19:10 -0400
Subject: Re: computer games and books

> Years ago I had a Sega game called Summer Olympics, or something like
> that.  It had gym on it but only girls vault.  The only skills I
> could get the gymnast to do were variations on a handspring or 1/2
> turn on back salto off.  I think the most difficult skill I ever made
> my gymnast do was a 1/2 on, double back salto with a full twist off!!

I had that game on my Commodore 64 when I was in fourth grade or
something.  It was made by Epyx, I think.

> I've also read a book about Nadia published in early 1977, but I can't
> remember what it was called.

I think it was called "Nadia" appropriately enought  A teammate gave it
to me (along with a whole bunch of IG's and USAG's from the late '80's --
really cool!) a while ago and I read it, but I don't remember much about
it.  Maybe I'll try to dig it up again.

I read "Mary Lou: Creating an Olympic Champion" also, and I really liked
that.  Also read parts of "Feel No Fear" last year at gymnastics camp,
and got really into it, but then I had to give it back to the owner ;).



Date:    Mon, 7 Aug 1995 11:27:37 -0400
From:    ***@PANIX.COM
Subject: NBC/Olympics

The financial channel CNBC just announced that NBC has won TV rights from
the IOC to broadcast the Sydney and Salt Lake Olympics.  Now for the
interesting part. :)  The announcer said that NBC will show the Games on
all 3 of its channels (NBC, CNBC and America's Talking).  I do not know if
this applies to the Atlanta Olympics, though.  Does anyone have better



Date:    Mon, 7 Aug 1995 12:20:37 -0400
Subject: Re: Regional Qualifiers

I thought that I would mention that the fall taken by Shane was on his neck
after doing a tucked Thomas -- so they are not the safest things in the
world.  Thought this was interesting considering the thread that had been
on here before.


>     Shane Evangelist had a pretty ugly fall on floor and was taken to the
>     hospital, the only events he completed were PH and SR. At the end of
>     the competition I asked Ed Burch (Shane's coach) if he was OK, since
>     he had talked to the person who took Shane to the hospital. Ed said
>     they were taking X-rays but that they thought he would be fine.

>     Com


Date:    Mon, 7 Aug 1995 12:22:50 -0400
Subject: Re: Regional Qualifiers

The second specialist was Chris LaMorte --  once again reported as having
the most level invert, actually below the rings.  He is training with Ed
Burch, if I am remembering my 2 am conversation correctly.


>     We had two specialist but I only remember the scores of one of them
>     (my favorite). Daniel Stover received a 9.675 on floor and would have
>     received a 9.875 but his routine was too short, I guess he better work
>     another trick into it!!! Daniel also had a 9.0 on vault. Sorry I don't
>     remember who the other specialist is, or what he made (I think on
>     rings).
>     Com


Date:    Mon, 7 Aug 1995 12:31:23 -0400
Subject: Qualifiers - STANFORD/IOWA ???????

Anyone at Stanford or Iowa with even close results (110.something)
would be of a great deal of help.

PLEASE email me privately.




Date:    Mon, 7 Aug 1995 12:10:12 CDT
From:    ***@UA1VM.UA.EDU
Subject: International subscribers

If anyone has more information on international people, could they please post,
for example, information on the German gymnasts(bio information) Could you
clarify location also. For example, where is Adelaide in Australia. I am
interested in the World Championship souvenir shirts and posters. Could
more info be posted mailing costs?


Date:    Mon, 7 Aug 1995 12:15:55 -0500
Subject: Nationals, Books, Mary Lou and Newsletter

First of all, thanks to everyone who is helkping with the newsletter.
I also heard back from UCLA this weekend, so that's two of six, and I just got
email from someone at georgia who assures me that they will be helpful once
 theyget the request. I'm absolutely stunned by the outpouring of help I
am receiving, since our Div. III school SID doesn't seem to know what day
it is most of the time. :) Thanks again all.

Second, I have also read "The Fortunate Few," and I actually found it
really interesting. Who cares that it makes Bristain into a world power
in gymnastics? I thought it reasonably well written, and was more about
 characters than gymnastics, anyhow. I liked it. I'd also recommend it.

Regarding Mary Lou, plain and simple, she earned her title in 1984. Screw
the boycott, and anything else. It's over. She won. She did great. let it.
Err......let it go...:)

And, to the coaches and athletes that will be involved in nationals, good
luck to all. May injuries for go you, and success come your way.


Date:    Mon, 7 Aug 1995 12:17:43 -0600
Subject: Bela's Book

Does Bela address these issue in his book:

1) His return to coaching after his rather publicized retirement?

2) The role Marta plays in coaching. She's down there on the floor, so I
hope he credits her.



Date:    Mon, 7 Aug 1995 11:07:47 -0700
From:    ***@ACCESSNV.COM
Subject: Re: TV coverage

> I would love to see more coverage of gymnastics, but I have to give the
> networks credit for, in my opinion, at least making an effort.  In the past
> year they've broadcast the Goodwill Games, Nationals, World Team Trials,
> World Championships, American Cup, Mixed Pairs, Nadia's Return to Romania,


> I don't really have too many complaints about the number of competitions that
> are aired, but, rather, how long they are on.

> I know they can't show everyone, ...


I agree with you on what you say.  TV does cover gymnastics pretty well.
Most of the major meets are on.  The point of my post with the hours is
that if they can cover an entire tennis tourniment or an entire golf
tourniment for days at a time, hours a day, and sometimes even half hour
updates during late night, then they can cover the major gymnastic meets
in their entirety.  Almost all gymnastics coverage is during shows like
"Wide World of Sports" with little snippits here and there.  I get real
upset when I'm ready to watch a meet, they show 10 min. plus 5 min. of
PROFILE and then they cut to boxing or a horse race or something else for
45 min. and then come back for 10 more min. of the next rotation.

I want time devoted to the sport exclusively.  I am a consumer also, and
there are a lot of us out there that will spend just as much money as
others who watch these other sports.



Date:    Mon, 7 Aug 1995 13:19:50 CDT
From:    ***@PROCTR.CBA.UA.EDU
Subject: Univ. of Georgia

My local newspaper has printed 2 stories on the University of
Georgia's football program.  The paper said that UGA was being
investigated regarding the recruitment of a high school defensive end
from Florida for this year, and, regarding a recruit from last year
and that Georgia gymnast Leah Brown was involved with both.  Does anyone
know anything more about this?



Date:    Mon, 7 Aug 1995 12:26:56 -0700
From:    ***@ENG.SUN.COM
Subject: POP QUIZ: We have a winner

>         Quo die XXVI Olympiad incipit?

On what day does the 26th Olympiad begin?

While the official opening ceremony is July 19th, we'll give a nod to
Anne who said the 20th, which is when the actual
events will start.  Anne, please send me your mailing address.

Thanks to all that bothered to struggle with the Latin.  And I was afraid
some Latin scholar would jump in and grab up the prize.  (Rachele, didn't
the Pope join gymn a while back?  I hear the Vatican video library has a
full collection of high caliber gymnastics events ;^)

The pin is polished metal (probably steel) with a stylized inset in red of
a gymnast doing a planche.  Outside the polished circular interior is a laurel
leaf design, the bottom of which says "Atlanta 1996".  It's in a plastic case
with the ACOG holographic logo on top.  I picked it up in Atlanta when I went
to visit me Mum.

I'll probably grab another trinket when I get out there again.  (Think of it
as a bribe to get people to read my posts ;^)

Yours in Gymnastics,



Date:    Mon, 7 Aug 1995 12:25:23 -0700
From:    ***@IX.NETCOM.COM
Subject: Fwd: Bela's Book

I read Bela's book a while ago. I am not about your first question but
he does talk about Marta a lot but mainly himself and gives a lot of
cedit to himself. Hope that helped. Bye!


Does Bela address these issue in his book:

1) His return to coaching after his rather publicized retirement?

2) The role Marta plays in coaching. She's down there on the floor, so
hope he credits her.



Date:    Mon, 7 Aug 1995 15:46:51 -0400
From:    ***@NETINS.NET
Subject: Help I am Mixed Up

Hello everone.  I have been reading alot of gymnastics books these days and
they all explain the Olympic slecting process in different ways.  Can
someone the true way it is done to me PLEASE!!
                                            Not So Smart Emily


Date:    Mon, 7 Aug 1995 15:55:26 -0400
From:    ***@NETINS.NET
Subject: IOWA info

Hello everone. (AGAIN) Some one said some thing about IOWA. I do not know
much about Collage Gymnastics.  But last year I went to there MEN'S
UNIVERSITY OF IOWA GYMNASTICS CLINIC.  My teacher Alex from Russia he was
the alternate for some Olmpics.  I was also coached by JAY THORTEN(I think
that is the way to spell it any way I am only 11) a little bit on the floor.
I could not believe how good Alex was, he was surpurb (my way of saing the
best that I have ever see)  Does any one know any thing about Alex?  I got
his autograph but I cant read his last name.  I live in IOWA if you were
                                            Not So Smart Emily

P.S. Sorry To who ever wrote about Iowa I dont know much about it.

Date:    Mon, 7 Aug 1995 16:57:50 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: TV Note

Just a reminder ...

US Nationals will air on NBC Saturday August 19th & Sunday the 20th in 2 one
hour shows during prime time (starting at either 8 or 9 PM each night).
Coverage will mainly be of the Sr. Women's AA & EF.



Date:    Mon, 7 Aug 1995 16:14:33 -0500
Subject: Leah brown, TV Coverage, and Olympic Selection

1) According to a friend of mine who goes to Georgia, leah brown went
  to visit someone who was a football recruit. She is claiming it
  was personal, nothing more. NCAA is investigating it. That's
  all I know.

2) No offense to anyone, but while ESPN may show more gymnastics and
  more meets, I'd rather watch less coverage because Maura Driscoll is
  the worst announcer I've ever heard. She ranks right up there with
  Dick button, right down to the "if I talk loud enough and fast enough
  it doesn't matter how many mistakes i make or people I piss off." I
  woulda enjoyed the aforementioned gerogia vs alabama meet if she'd
  simply have shut her mouth once in a while. I could barely hear
  the floor music, for christ's sake.

3)Someone said they've read plenty of books on the Olympic Selection
  process, and there are different ways and now she is confused. Well,
  so are we! :) They've changed it each of the past three Olympics. 1984
  it was the top four athletes, then two of the next four. In 1988 it
  was simply the top six. In 1992, they entire group went thropugh a
  training squad, cutting eight down to seven, and then the top six
  in podium training competed (made moot because Campi got injured). I
  similar methods to 1992 will be used next year.


Date:    Mon, 7 Aug 1995 17:27:49 -0400
Subject: Qualifiers for Nationals

Compulsories and Optionals

1, Blaine Wilson, 113, OSU
Nat. Team, Josh Stein, 111, Stanford
Nat. Team, Kip Simons, 110.35, OSU
2, Mike Moran, 110.3, Daggetts
Nat. Team, Casey Brian, 110.1, OU
3, Jeff Lavalee, 109.5, Daggetts
4, Mark Booth, 109.05, Stanford
5, Jair Lynch, 108.3, Stanford
6, David St. Pierre, 108.3, Stanford
7, Jarrod Hanks, 108.1, OU
8, Jamie Ellis, 108.05, Stanford
Nat. Team, Brian Yee, 107.85, Minn
9, Mike Racanelli, 107.75, Bart Conner
10, Jason Christie, 106.9, Neb.
11, Mike Morgan, 106.05, Queen City
Nat. Team, John MacReady, 106.0, OTC
12, Mike Williams, 105.95, Gold Cup
13, Jim Foody, 104.85, UCLA
14, Rick Kieffer, 104.8, Gold Cup
15, Brent Klaus, 104.7, IG
16, Kyle Asano, 104.6, Stanford
17, Lou Datillo, 104.55, OTC
18, Chris Young, 104.3, Carolina TW
19, Mark Oliver, 103.85, Washington

--------------------- top 19 qualify

20, Doug Stibel, 102.65, Independent
21, Trent Dimas, 102.25, USA Gym World
22, Tony Pansy, 101.75, PSU
23, Tim Elsner, 99.6, Northbrook
Nat. Team, Keith Wiley, 99.4, Stanford
24, Jason Katsampes, 99.1, Parkettes

19 & Over
Josh Birckelbaw 54.8    Cal
David Kruse     54.25   Cal
G. Sincharoen   53.95   Cal
Tyler Vogt      53.05   Iowa
Aaron Cotter    52.7    Iowa
Marty Larson    52.6    ASU
Kenny Sykes     52.6    Temple
Aaron Vexler    52.4    Temple
Steve Marshall  52.35   USMA
Dave Frank      52.25   Temple
Jim Koziol      52.1    Neb
Andrew Mason    51.85   Cal

18 & Under
Freddie Umall   51.65   Top Flight
Scot Hrnack     50.9    Rich. Gym
Daniel Furney   50.75   S. Texas Gym
Todd Strada     50.75   Atl. School
Lateef Crowder  50.75   Cal Sprots Cen
Lindsey Fang    50.7    Gymnastrum
Chad Conner     50.4    Metroplex
Guard Young     50.35   Bart Conner
Danny Boots     50.25   Gym Masters
Kerek Leiter    50.25   NSG
Clay Baimbridge 50.2    Gym Masters
Scott Vetere    49.65   Gymnastrum
Mike Canales    49.25
Jason Katsampes 48.65   Parkettes
Jason Krane     48.4    Temple
An. Petrocelli  48.2    IG
Todd Bishop     48.1    World Class
Sean Contreras  48.1    NSG


Date:    Mon, 7 Aug 1995 16:39:54 -0700
From:    ***@NETCOM.COM
Subject: Weedend  gymnastics @ Stanford

This past weekend had a rather therapeutic effect on me
Keep reading and be patient.

Last couple weeks have been abysmal for me.
Much has been wrong in my personal life.
I have been VERY upset, on top of that my several time a year
depression hit at the same time.
(Bipolar disorder I think its called in polite circles. I just say
"I go crazy about 3-4 times a year")
I was like a walking zombie the last couple weeks.

"Crazy Dave" Juzczyk
(My boss in daytime, and nightime he's one of Stanford's asst coaches)
stops by my office "Hey you coming up to Stanford this weekend ?"
"Huh? Waahh?" I blubber.
I really have been a mental vegetable last couple weeks.

So it turned out that Qualifiers for Nationals in New Orleans were being
held @ Stanford. (Properly pronounced "Nahlins" for all you yankees out there)

So I arrived Just as things were starting Saturday afternoon.
Instead of being in Burnham Pavillion, they were in the practice gymn in
Ford Centre.  It was a warm afternoon, exit doors propped open to gather
what little breeze there was.  Ford is behind Burnham connected by a hallway.
Marvelous new gymn.  As you walk down the centre hallway of Ford Centre
you walk past several gyms all with 3 story glass walls between tham and
the hall.  Really nice airy architecture.

In the practice gym, rebound floor is FLUSH with the rest of the floor.
Some areas have pits set into the floor with the
gooeyest mats I EVER walked on (waded through?)  The gymn boosters were
set up in the back of the room.  Selling what ranged from healthy snacks of
fruit & fruit juices, to soda and nachos.  (Truly I love nachos despite
their poisonous effects on the temple of the human body)

Instead of taking a seat in the small area of plastic chairs, (I hate 'em )
my friend "Z!" (his nick is prounounced zee-bang)
and I ended up with some other guys perched on stacks of spare mats.

Now THIS is how gymnastics is SUPPOSED to be DONE !
Kids, it just dont get any better than THIS!

So, mood set, here we go !

Most of the guys were NOT in team uniform so I had trouble with some
of the names.
Should be pretty easy to read.  My notes contain some commentary as well.
Dont take anything negative and dont read between the lines.
Take all comments literally!

In some cases, I had to derive the scores by counting the clicks on the
flashboard when they changed it for the next competitor.
I also wasnt wering my glasses

Most of these guys were all doing the same routine.


9.2  FX J Lynch (Only a 9.2 ? Jair !  We KNOW you're better than that !)
8.5  PH D St Pierre (He wasnt THAT bad !)
     FX J STein  (Brat running around, I missed the score !)
5.35 PH (I think his name is George Perry, colossal wipeout)
8.5  FX K Asano (I thinks hes frosh)
8.1  PH T Dimas (I was disapointed in performance, but hey! it still rot1
                he fell off too)
9.3  FX J Ellis (as I had expected)
7.5  PH Foody (Will you PLEASE keep your &^%$ feet together !?!)
9.3  FX M Booth (OK dude so far, so good, keep it up, dude..)
6.5  PH Oliver (just couldnt stay on)
9.3  FX K Wiley (damn this guys getting better and better)


8.9  PH J Stein (Geez Dave J is getting nit picky {Dave J was judging PH})
8.5  FX G Perry
8.5  PH K Asano
9.3  FX T Dimas (Now THATS more like it!)
8.5  PH J Ellis
9.2  FX Foody
8.5  PH M Booth (Dont crumble on us NOW dude !)
9.0  FX Oliver
9.1  PH K Wiley
9.2  FX D St Pierre (OK, finally a decent score)
9.3  PH J Lynch

Up until now I was watching PH right assccross the FX so it was easy to
grab scores.
Now it was going to be very hard because next 2 events I was going to have
to deal with being at 90 degree angles to me, much head turning,
snap head when u hear him get near the springboard.  Like that.
LOTS of childeren playing on the mats in front of me as well.
ARGH! (Kids are cool, but not when they disrupt the event for me)


9.2  SR K Asano (getting warmed up finally)
9.3  VT T Dimas
9.1  SR J Ellis
     VT Foody (Kids blocked the score again!)
9.3  SR M Booth (hold it together dude, hold it together...)
9.4  VT Oliver (really clean, too)
9.1  SR J Lynch (What the ...?
                 & He's only one so far with a decent iron cross!
                  everyone else has been too high or too low!)

     VT D St Pierre (More kids running around blocking view)
9.0  SR J Stein
9.4  VT G Perry
K Wiley on SR was a "scratch" due to bicep injury this week.


9.2  VT J Ellis
8.9  SR Foody (Hold them rings STILL!  Willya ?)
9.4  VT M Booth (Way to GO dude!)
9.1  SR Oliver
9.4  VT K Wiley
8.7  SR D St Pierre (Even BETTER iron cross than Jair !  Score unfair !
                     Attack the judges !)

9.5  VT J Lynch (Somebody HAD to break 9.5.....
                 Cute noise me made as he landed too!)

8.4  SR G Perry (This dudes not having a good meet.  Hes not that bad.)
9.3  VT J Stein
9.0  SR T Dimas
9.2  VT K Asano

OK now its gonna get easier.
I can watch HB & PB without moving my head.
I LOVE being able to sight right down the HB axis !

Something interesting about the P-Bar routine, it involves mounting from the end
via springboard, swing, kip up then later on you swing around
and swing into the bar from the side, then swing back and push up.
Many of the guys were really fighing to push up and many stalled and just
held there 1/2 way up before completing the push.  This cost them many points!


9.0  PB M Booth (Mark!  What IS THIS ?  Dude you OWN P-Bars!)
9.1  HB Oliver
8.6  PB K Wiley (Really had to fight his way up, kinda shaky too
                 cant understand why, upper arms like tree trunks)
9.4  HB D St Pierre (Nice routine, FINALLY some respect for the guy)
9.6  PB J Lynch (Who ELSE would get a 9.6 on PB ?)
9.4  HB G Perry (Finally decent score for this guy)
8.8  PB J Stein (Ooops!)
9.5  HB T Dimas (This is what I was expecting from him!)
8.7  PB K Asano (Just not enough muscle yet)
9.4  HB Foody
9.0  PB Ellis (Again fighing his way up, I KNOW he can do it,
               must be tired)


8.8  HB K Wiley ("pinged" man that HADTA hurt!)
8.9  PB D St Pierre (Was getting tired, I could read it in him.
                     Struggling with some of the moves)
9.3  HB J Lynch
7.7  PB G Perry ( I felt for this guy, really had a bad meet)
9.3  HB J Stein
7.5  PB T Dimas (Fell, hit upper arm, I HEARD the imapact,
                that HAD to hurt!  Guy kept a poker face whole time,
                finished up.  Never saw the pain on his face,
                never saw the pain in the rest of the routine.
                AMAZING !  Gutsy guy!)

They sure had him hustled outta there in a heck of a hurry though!)

8.7  HB K Asano (that landing could NOT have been fun!)
9.1  PB Foody
9.4  HB J Ellis (WHAT ?!? No double twisting Kovacs? I been ROBBED !)
8.5  PB Oliver (Fighting the bar)
9.5  HB M Booth (He even beta Jair !  Wow !)


I was expecting Jair to ace the whole thing & was surprised that he didnt.
I was also expecting higher scores for Trent Dimas and Josh Stein.
I was afraid Mark Booth would crumble, but he did consistantly well
except for PH.  Really best consistancy Ive seen from him in a LONG time.
I was thrilled.
I felt that Dave St Pierre was harshly scored.
When conversing with Dave St Pierre I admitted to being an "Over the hill"
gymnast.  He admitted to being 28 and we both comiserated over the whole
attitude that gymn is a young persons sport.  Really nice guy.

Jair is still dealing with the groin injury that has been plaguing him
awhile.  I dont know what was more painful, seeing where he was keeping
the icepack or knowing why it was there.
"Jair, please tell me that you put the icepack there for convenience and not out
 of neccesity"
"Nope, its there for a reason"

Steve De Nucci was up but did not compete.  A recent wrist injury has him
sidelined. He thought he had recovered but this week it suddenly got worse
so he showed up to watch.  Hes wearing a splint right now.  I almost didnt
recognize him with his new gotee.

Dave Ludlow and Scott Finglestein will be joining Stanford this year.
Dave has been spending the week at the home of Sadao (Stanford head coach)
Sadao had been doing the announcing with a wireless mike all day.
Dave was teasing him about being the man of a thousand talents.
Just wait till September arrives, he'll REALLY know about Sadao's talents
BWAHAHAHA! (CAn you say "meat grinder" ?)

Final scores:

J Lynch     56.00
M Booth     55.05
J Ellis     54.65
J Stein     54.45
D St Pierre 54.10
Foody       53.30
K Asano     52.90
T Dimas     52.15
Oliver      51.85
G Perry     46.40
K Wiley     45.50

I was surprised not to see Tim Dalyrimple or Andrew Manson.
I figured they'd at least show up to watch.
Tim I could imagine might be busy with other things.
But where the *&^%$# was MANSON ?
I can tease young Mr Manson, for he is on this very list!
Andrew! Tag ! Your're "it" !

Most shocking was the absense of Patrick Tower and his infamous
white camera lens.  By the way, Patrick, if you get this, feel free
to correct any names or scores and repost to the list.

Im POSTITIVE I have some errors in is SOMEWHERE !

Sunday's meet I will post later.  By the way, this weekend of gymnastics
seems to have pulled me out of my depression.  The other thing is that
someone GAVE me an old SOLOFLEX machine.  Its missing a few parts but I
got MOST of it.  (No more training excuses)

Not bad, in less than 24 hrs I was taken from being borderline suicidal to giddy
as any hyperactive child you ever met...




End of GYMN-L Digest - 6 Aug 1995 to 7 Aug 1995 - Special issue