GYMN-L Digest - 6 Aug 1995

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  1. 94 Worlds signed posters
  2. TV Coverage


Date:    Sun, 6 Aug 1995 22:48:44 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: 94 Worlds signed posters

I am really excited about the posters!!!! They sound AWESOME!!! I would pay
$1,000 too for one!!!! I absolutely can not wait!!!

responding to:
is anyone as excited about these posters as I am? I am thrilled to
death. Personally I would pay about $1000. Okay I am exagerating a bit,
but that is a good price. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!


Date:    Sun, 6 Aug 1995 19:52:48 -0700
From:    ***@IX.NETCOM.COM
Subject: Re: TV Coverage

I have to agree with you. There is a lot of time when the networks are
"off the air" in which they could show a competition. I tmight cost a
little more but the World team was PITIFUL!!!!! Did they not remember
that there was more to the US team than Shannon Miller, Amy Chow, Kerri
Strug. It might not have killed them either to show a few more
Romanians. After all they did win the competition. I agree about the
vaulting replays. If they didn't replay the same vault over and over
again then we could see some other routines. I especially was very
disapointed in the American cup in '94 when all they did was show a
glimpse of Vassou Tsvaridou and said that "she is having a terrific
meet today". Goodness! She won a medal!  The US Champs wasn't a real
pleaser either. All they did was show the top gymnasts. I know they
have other sports and thay have done a good job covering some meets but
i have to have someone to complain to.: )
One of my favorites was the Budget in '94 which I was stupid enough to
lose the tape to. Not only did they show all of the competitors (evn
though there were only 2 teams) they showed cool stories of the
Romanians and there home life. I thought that was cool. Unfortunatly I
didn't see the Olympic Triplecast but it sounds cool. I would be in
gymnastics heaven to see a meet like that. Well I guess I toook enough
of your time and I guess 10:52 PM is a good time to go to bed.:)

Margi :)

-----------------------------responding to-----------------------------
I must agree that it is not so much the number of competitions that are
shown, but the limited number of routines provided in a given
broadcast.  It
seems that the only decent coverage is provided by cable networks such
TBS, TNT, HTS, ESPN, etc.  NBC is probably the best of the major
and even then you have to wonder about who selects which routines to
(I'm thinking specifically of the '94 Team Worlds).  With only so many
competitions in a given year, you would think that it would not be such
hardship to show as much of the whole thing as possible.  I have to say
I would not mind a competition being broadcast at 3:00 am, if it was a
*complete* broadcast.

I can't say I have any preference as far as commentators---I figure I
mute someone if they start to annoy me.  One thing I would personally
like to
see is the start values of the routines. With vault, of course, you
know, but with the other events sometimes all you can do is make is an
educated guess.  I can't tell you the number of times I've watched a
competition with a casual observer, and he/she will say, "Wow, that was
pretty well done---why such a low score?", not knowing that every
doesn't automatically start at a 10.   With a posted SV, you can get a
accurate sense of how a routine was scored, and would be more
enlighting both
to the serious fan and the general public.

Another thing that would be great is a snippet reel of new and/or
skills, similiar to what is done in IG.  I, for one, would love to
see Chris LaMorte's ring routine, or Ajaz Pegan's Gaylord 1/2, or that
Guy's (sorry, forgot the name) handspring 2 1/2 twists(!).  Something
that could easily be integrated in the program, and perhaps we could
say, a few less instant replays.



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