GYMN-L Digest - 3 Jan 1996 to 4 Jan 1996

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  1. GYMN-L Digest - 2 Jan 1996 to 3 Jan 1996
  2. AOL charges: if not on AOL, don't read!
  3. RSG world champion
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Date:    Wed, 3 Jan 1996 08:39:19 -0600
From:    ***@CARLETON.EDU
Subject: Re: GYMN-L Digest - 2 Jan 1996 to 3 Jan 1996

Someone just mentioned about the compatibility of video tapes and I just wanted
to add that  Japan is the same as US and Australia is the same as Europe.  We
have a mulitsystem VCR/TV that we got when we lived in Japan and they are
great. especially for people like my family who move a lot.



Date:    Wed, 3 Jan 1996 22:35:57 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: AOL charges: if not on AOL, don't read!

I apologize for taking up space on a non-gymnastics related issue.  But in
the interests of accuracy:

Several days ago this appeared on the list:

>There will be a strike against AOL on the 2nd of January to protest the
>pricing structure, and their arrogance. Please do not use AOL on the 2nd of
>January, and help make this protest a success.
>AOL is raising the price to access AOL NET to $6.00 an hour not including
>$2.95 an hour you already pay above the five free hours each month.

Then Texx wrote:

>You must realize that AOL was never meant to connect to the internet.
>Customer demands forced them to install internet gateways.

>Unfortunately, the original equipment was fine for original installation but
>new internet connection and the required interoperability to use the net,
>required replacement of some hardware.  Got an idea why they are jacking up
>your rates ?  Yup you got it !  Thats how they finance the replacement of
>gear now that their users have demanded internet interaction.

First of all, the person who sent the original message was inaccurate.  I
checked out the information listed under AOLNET.  The only changes being made
are for people who connect to AOL via AOLNET toll-free numbers.  Those people
*will* have a $6.00 surcharge.  But people connecting via regular access
number will *not* have an increased fee.  Yet, anyway.  And, in fact, Steve
Case promises (so how much does that mean?) that there will be a "heavy
users" pricing option added later this year.

I hope nobody on the list boycotted AOL on the basis of inaccurate
information.  There may be other reasons to boycott AOL, but this one wasn't
one of them.  (Unless, of course, you're accessing via a toll-free number!)


Date:    Wed, 3 Jan 1996 19:28:31 -10
From:    ***@ALOHA.NET
Subject: RSG world champion

RE:  your post on the Ukrainian TV coverage of gymnastic champions
"and the Rythmic World champion who is also from Ukraine (but
I cannot recall her name at the moment.)"

FYI her name is Ekaterina Serebrianskaya.  She is coached by her
mother Lyubov and attends the famed Deryugina School of RSG in Kiev.
BTW she shares the world title with Maria Petrova of Bulgaria.

My question to you or others who would know is how would one find out
if he or she has a multisystem VCR.  The owner's manual perhaps.  Now
if only I can find where I stashed mine!!!!


Date:    Thu, 4 Jan 1996 02:29:12 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: unsubscribe

Can you please take me off your mailing list.

If you begin one with 'Technical Notes' Only, let me know.

Thanks -- Karl


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