GYMN-L Digest - 2 May 1996 to 3 May 1996

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Topics of the day:

  1. Sports Acrobatics
  2. Mo Huilan Ad
  3. Intro
  4. Phoebe Mills
  5. All Around magazine 2.03euro
  6. Regionals states (4)
  7. Host Country Music. (2)
  8. Level 10 National Championships
  9. Sorry
 10. New List Member/ Club Enrolment
 11. Cirque du Soleil Auditions in Las Vegas
 12. Karolyi's is Sold!!
 13. new email acct
 14. Karolyis
 15. Dianne Durham (4)
 16. Karolyi's is SOLD!
 17. FYI from Mihai
 18. IG and NBC Olympic Preview


Date:    Thu, 2 May 1996 12:45:58 +0200
From:    ***@INESC.PT
Subject: Sports Acrobatics

***@AOL.COM wrote:
 Hi!  I am rather new to this list.
 >I was wondering, though,  has anyone heard of Sports Acrobatics?  How many
 >have participated in it?

 Hi Jessica,
 Hi Gymners,

 My name is Alfredo. I'm Portuguese and  participated in
Sports Acrobatics since 1986 until 1996. I'm now retired but still a
national Judge Arbitrer.

 If you have a browser check out the Portuguese Acrobatic Sport, which
can be accessed at:

 This is still under construction but I'll try to work hard on it as I
can. Of course, I will appreciate any comments to perform it. This is
my first home page I ever made. I hope you like it.

 Best regards


Date:    Thu, 2 May 1996 09:25:33 -0500
Subject: Re: Mo Huilan Ad

>Does this bother anyone else that this is an advertisement
>for a "weight control" product?

Yes.  Very much.



Date:    Thu, 2 May 1996 10:20:49 -0400
Subject: Intro

Hey fellow gymners, my name is Connie and I am a gym mom as well as a former
gymnast.  I competed back in the dark ages (late 70's) when there were still
wooden beams (slippery vinyl was just coming out).  I competed in Maryland
for 2 teams--Tumbleweeds and Royal T's.  Nadia was the one who inspired me.

My daughter is a 10-year-old level 10 who competes for Gymstrada in Virginia
Beach.  It's great that we share the same enthusiasm for this sport.
My favs are Khorkina, Amanda Borden (I like her pleasant personality), Nadia
and, of course, my daughter!


Date:    Thu, 2 May 1996 08:41:20 EST
From:    ***@MAIL.FIRN.EDU
Subject: Phoebe Mills

Does anyone know how Phoebe Mills' diving career is going?  I haven't
heard much about it lately.


Date:    Thu, 2 May 1996 16:27:00 +0200
From:    ***@PI.NET
Subject: All Around magazine 2.03euro

All Around magazine  thursday 2 may 1996  edition: 2.03euro

        1. TV Alert

The European Championships for Men will be broadcasted on
Eurosport, Friday 10 May at 18:30 Central European Time.
Probably Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 it will be broadcasted
also. You keep you updated as more information
comes available to us.

This All Around magazine will be send to the Gymn Forum


Date:    Thu, 2 May 1996 10:57:28 EDT
From:    "***@EOS.NCSU.EDU
Subject: Regionals states

Greetings fellow Gymn'ers!

I was wondering if anyone could email a list of which states are in
which USAG Region.  I know North Carolina is Region 8 with SC, TN, GA,
FL, AL, MS, and LA.  But I'm not sure on the other Regions and what
states are in them.

Thanks in advance for any help,


Date:    Thu, 2 May 1996 10:09:01 -0600
Subject: Host Country Music.

You may object to this obvious tyrick, but some gymnasts can pull it off.
Anyone remember Romi Kessler (SUI) dancing to west side story in 1984?

BTW: I'm TOO YOUNG to remember this (yeah right!) but when worlds
were held in Texas in 1979, alot of gymnasts used US directed music,
such as the 'Yellow Rose of Texas'.

And, I think that Szabo put together one great routine in 1984 for
her gold medal on FX. It had everything, inculding rare front tumbling:
front handspring barani.


Dina, Dina, Dina.

P.S. Didn't Onodi use West Side Story in Indianapolis ('91)?


Date:    Thu, 2 May 1996 11:26:39 -0400
From:    ***@UNHF.UNH.EDU
Subject: Re: Level 10 National Championships

I'm also interested in results from Level 10 Nationals this weekend. Our club
has several girls going, and I'd love to post the results!


Date:    Thu, 2 May 1996 19:04:42 +-200
From:    ***@JET.ES
Subject: Sorry

Dear Gymners,

Excuse me for my last message. I have made a bad reply to the listserv. Sorry.



Date:    Thu, 2 May 1996 15:17:20 -0400
From:    ***@POST.QUEENSU.CA
Subject: New List Member/ Club Enrolment

I joined this list a week ago, and can see already that there is a
fascinating bunch of people out there. My name is John, my connection with
the sport is as a Dad -  I have a 9-year old competitive daughter- and as a
volunteer club executive. At the moment I am interested in how to keep young
gymnasts healthy, and how to keep gymnastics clubs healthy. I have lots of
questions I'd like to discuss with you folks. I'll start with one.

Our club had a significant decline in recreational level enrolment this
year, as did a "brother " boys club, despite a very successful competitive
team, lots of special effort,  advertising ,promotions, etc to keep
enrolment up. Is this just us, or is this a national or international trend?
If it's just us, we'll have to fix it ourselves; but if it's global, is
there anything we can do about it?


Date:    Thu, 2 May 1996 15:35:35 -0400
From:    ***@INTERLINK.NET
Subject: Cirque du Soleil Auditions in Las Vegas


JUNE 3rd 1996, LAS VEGAS


Is your specialty artistic or rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline, sport
acrobatics, tumbling or diving ? Are you a dancer with a strong background
in modern or ballet ? Are you a percussionist ? To register for an audition,
send us a resume and a videocassette before May 28th, 1996 :
Cirque du Soleil Auditions
c/o Sally Dewhurst
Treasure Island at the Mirage
3300 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89109
2595, Place Chasse
Montreal (Quebec)
Canada H1Y 2C3
(514) 527.1480 Ext. 435
(514) 527.7522


Date:    Thu, 2 May 1996 15:11:55 -0600
From:    ***@SCS.TAMU.EDU
Subject: Re: Karolyi's is Sold!!

I do know James Holmes, and have mixed feelings about him.  My
daughter was at his gym for a couple of years, and we still live in
College Station and compete against Acrofit so we get to see her
former teammates often.  My daughter is also friends with several of
them outside of the gym, (from school).  The Acrofit team has grown
both in strength and numbers since James bought the gym in 1992 or
'93.  The level 6 girls won the state championships last fall with,
I believe, 7 girls scoring above a 37.00.  These girls now form a
very strong level 8 team.   I don't know if there are any Acrofit
parents on the list or not, and we haven't been in the gym for a
couple of years, so I don't have a lot of first hand knowledge of
what goes on in the gym.  I know the girls work *very* hard, but for
the most part are happy and really enjoy gymnastics.  I've seen
people who relate to kids better than James does, though.

There are several girls in the gym who have made remarkable
progress, but I, and other parents, have often wondered in he was
always in search of the champions and neglected the kids who were
not quite as promising.  He was Jenny Thompson's main coach at
Karolyi's before moving to College Station to buy Acrofit, which was
primarily a recreational gym, and many parents felt that their child
did not fit in with his way of doing things. The interest and level
of gymnastics has significantly increased in Bryan-College Station
since he took over Acrofit.   When my daughter left Acrofit, it was
not because of James, but rather because of one of the coaches he
had working with the level 5 girls.

Starrla Craig

> from:   Eric and Karen
> Here is the letter we received from the Karolyi's today.
> May 1, 1996
> Dear Gymnasts and Parents:
> The summer schedule will begin June 1, 1996, under the direct
> management and ownership of our long time associate James Holmes, owner
> and director of Acrofit Gymnastics Center in College Station.  In the
> meantime, please pay your tuition by May 5 to Karolyi's Gymnastics.
> In light of the past 15 years of exciting and rewarding experiences
> with your children, we want to thank you for your loyalty to Karolyi's
> Gymnastics.  At the same time assuring you that the new management will
> provide the same valuable high quality instruction in the coming up
> years.  We are very confident that James, who was our associate,
> coaching for more than 10 years in our program, will run the same
> quality program as we have been striving for.
> We wish everybody the best of luck and an enjoyable athletic career in
> the most beautiful sport in the world... "Gymnastics".
> We will always be proud of you.
> Bela & Martha Karolyi
> 50-75% of the coaches will not work for James, we do not know James, we
> do not know anything about his coaching abilities or who he will be
> getting to replace the other coaches.  After selling our house to move
> closer to the gym and give our daughter the opportunity to train in one
> of the best programs in the world, we can only wait and see what the
> future holds.
> The Karolyi's have every right to retire, unfortunately, the coaches
> left behind, the stability of the program and the future of the kids
> that have invested hundreds of hours and lots of money to be with the
> Karolyi's is now uncertain.
> The Karolyi's are probably not on this list so if you want to wish them
> luck at their ranch, here is the address..
> Karolyi's Gymnastics
> 17203 Bamwood
> Houston, TX 77090
> (713) 444-6595.
> Starrla


Date:    Thu, 2 May 1996 16:26:50 -0400
Subject: Re: Regionals states

At 10:57 AM 5/2/96 EDT, you wrote:
>Greetings fellow Gymn'ers!
>I was wondering if anyone could email a list of which states are in
>which USAG Region.  I know North Carolina is Region 8 with SC, TN, GA,
>FL, AL, MS, and LA.  But I'm not sure on the other Regions and what
>states are in them.
>Thanks in advance for any help,
I am in Region 7 which comprises of Virignia, West Virginia, Maryland,
Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.  As far as I know, those are all the
states in that region ( I may have missed one)


Date:    Thu, 2 May 1996 16:39:44 -0400
Subject: new email acct

I will be geting a new email acct in a few weeks. How do I notify the
listserver of this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



Date:    Thu, 2 May 1996 14:33:26 -0700
From:    ***@IX.NETCOM.COM
Subject: Karolyis

                            Someone posted something about Karolyis
being sold.  I forgot to save the message. Could someone please tell me
when they are retiring and why? What about his athletes? Dom , Kerri,



Date:    Thu, 2 May 1996 17:46:55 -0400
From:    ***@YORKU.CA
Subject: Re: Host Country Music.

        Actually, the only meet that I know of where Henrietta used West
Side Story was Paris worlds 1992.  She changed her routine before Barcelona
to a Hungarian piece as I recall.


Date:    Thu, 2 May 1996 13:56:41 EST
From:    ***@MAIL.FIRN.EDU
Subject: Dianne Durham

Dianne Durham injured her knee at the 1984 Olympic Trials, and there was a
big controversy over her not being put on the team.  She and Bela were
apparently told that she could petition onto the team using scores from the
U.S. championships (sound familiar!) and were later told differently.  You
can read all about in the book about Bela and Kim, "No Fear."  I am doing
going to start a debate about what happened by stating what he says in the
book.  I remember she and Bela sitting in chairs at the trials and Dianne
crying.  I think it is so unfortunate to train all your life and then be
injured at the last meet to make the team (Durham,Mar,Yamashiro,others).
Does anyone have any footage of Dianne competing?


Date:    Thu, 2 May 1996 17:55:22 -0400
From:    ***@YORKU.CA
Subject: Re: Dianne Durham

        According to Mary Lou's book (the title escapes me now), it said
that after Dianne Durham was injured on the vault, they used her scores
from the remaining two events from USAs (where she had been only 7th as I
recall) and that these scores dropped her to 9th overall, and off the
team.  I think that one of the reasons why the selection procedure was
allowed to be the way it was in 1992 was due to what happened to Dianne
in 1984.  I don't have any actual footage of Dianne competing (but will
be acquiring some very soon), although during the Skating and Gymnastics
spectacular show on NBC in 1992, they interviewed her and showed her
vault at the trials (it was a layout Tsuk full) where she landed low and
I believe she twisted an ankle.


Date:    Thu, 2 May 1996 17:11:27 -0500
From:    ***@MAIL.MYRIAD.NET
Subject: Re: Karolyi's is SOLD!

From: Nicole, a gymnast in C.S. at Acrofit

I am coached by James Holmes.  We don't know how things here are going to
go, but
I personally think James is a very good coach and do not want to lose him. I
have been here for two years and have learned a lot from here. Karolyi's
will be lucky to have him taking over.


Date:    Thu, 2 May 1996 18:08:30 -0600
Subject: Re: Dianne Durham

BTW: Diane also won the Pre-Olympics gala in LA in 1983.

She was good. I can still remember Bela and her back in '82. She was
strong and powerful. I only saw her in 'real life' in 1985 at a training
camp, but she was past her peak and she looked tired of the sport.

Yes, I agree that it is sad about her not being on the team, but we can't do
anything about her experiences, except hope that they don't happen to anyone
in the future.

And, I just thought I'd say that things with Moceanu seem strange. Retton
wqas out there competing against the big guns prior to the olympics. I hope
that Moceanu's absence doesn't hurt her. Is she still injured?


Date:    Thu, 2 May 1996 17:16:39 -0600
From:    ***@CSN.NET
Subject: Re: Regionals states

Region 3:

Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado & New Mexico


Date:    Thu, 2 May 1996 17:17:46 -0600
From:    ***@CSN.NET
Subject: Re: Regionals states

Region 3:

Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado & New Mexico
Oops, plus Wyoming 8-0


Date:    Thu, 2 May 1996 19:13:13 -0700
From:    ***@IX.NETCOM.COM
Subject: FYI from Mihai

For all of you who've been writing to Mihai, he's no longer on AOL.
You can catch him at our new address: ***

You can also write to him at his club:

Mihai Bagiu
c/o Gold Cup Gymnastics
6009 Carmel NE
Albuquerque, NM  87113



Date:    Fri, 3 May 1996 01:18:30 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: IG and NBC Olympic Preview

The IG Olympic preview will be up and running in the next couple of days on
NBC's Olympic web page if you want to check it out

What was up there already was some basic information about the sport from the



Date:    Fri, 3 May 1996 19:48:38 +1000
From:    ***@OZEMAIL.COM.AU
Subject: Dianne Durham

According to the August 1984 issue of IG, Dianne Durham did not make the
Olympic team due to an ankle injury sustained during the trials.  Because
she did not finish the meet, and had not competed at 1983 Worlds, she could
not meet the criteria for selection in the Olympic team.

Have a look at the picture on p12 of that issue if you want to see a truly
devastated gymnast.



End of GYMN-L Digest - 2 May 1996 to 3 May 1996