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  1. GYMN-L Digest - 25 Sep 1995 to 26 Sep 1995 - Special issue
  2. WORLDS: men, 1st day
  3. Worlds Results on WWW
  4. Worlds page (2)
  5. wow (men's standings so far) (2)
  6. WORLDS: women, 1st day, limited results
  7. Men's results
  8. RESULTS: Worlds, day 1
  9. WORLDS: more info from Day 1
 10. countries that have not yet competed
 11. Worlds pictures
 12. Women's worlds expectations, speculations, and wishes
 13. Olympic Tickets, 1976-style


Date:    Sun, 1 Oct 1995 23:25:20 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: GYMN-L Digest - 25 Sep 1995 to 26 Sep 1995 - Special issue

I just received my olympic ticket order list and was not very happy with what
I got.  While I did get tickets to Men's team finals and optional prelims, I
didn't get any women's tickets!

Does anyone have tickets they want to sell or trade? I am looking for Opening
Ceremonies (who isn't) and women's optionals.  I have tickets to swap.



Date:    Mon, 2 Oct 1995 06:49:58 -0600
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: WORLDS: men, 1st day

This is from the Reuters wire:

1995 World Gymnastics Championships
Sabae, Japan
2 October 1995

Standings after first day of men's compulsories (3 of the 9 sessions

     Men's team event:
     Standings after compulsory exercises:

  1. Japan          282.060 points (floor 47.087, pommel horse 46.475
                                    rings 46.675, vault 47.225,
                                    pbars 46.712, horizontal bar 47.886)

  2. China          282.048 (46.575, 47.100, 46.712, 46.800, 47.462, 47.399)

  3. U.S.           280.336 (46.675, 45.925, 46.687, 47.162, 46.700, 47.187)

  4. Romania        279.979
  5. Bulgaria       278.174
  6. France         277.225
  7. Italy          276.249
  8. Canada         274.762
  9. Argentina      262.350
  10. Kazakhstan    260.825
  11. Taiwan        199.700
  12. Ireland       190.425

Apparently the Chinese team is complaining about the scoring, nad
having to start their routines at 9am local time.  Excerpts from

     Chinese team leader Zhang Jian accused some judges of marking his
gymnasts down, calculating that each of his men scored an average 0.2
to 0.3 points lower than he expected.

     "Compared with last year's championships in Dortmund, our
gymnasts' scores are very low although we are sending much better
gymnasts to this event," said Zhang.

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Date:    Mon, 2 Oct 1995 09:42:44 EDT
From:    ***@EOS.NCSU.EDU
Subject: Worlds Results on WWW

For those of you who have WWW access, you can get results from the Sabae
Worlds at



Date:    Mon, 2 Oct 1995 07:52:22 -0600
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: Worlds page

Hey Gymn,

In case you mised Lani's post a little while back, I highly suggest
that you check out the World Championships WWW page.  They
already have a photo of Daisuke Nishikawa up and a short description
of the first day of competition.  It seems that the top 4 individual
men's spots right now are all held by members of the Japanese team.

The URL is:



Date:    Mon, 2 Oct 1995 10:04:24 -0400
Subject: wow (men's standings so far)

I'm really surprised by the results so far: Japan 1st, China 2nd, the _U.S._
3rd.  I totally expected the Europeans to be ahead right now.  Did anyone get
to see the compulsories live or on TV?


Date:    Mon, 2 Oct 1995 08:10:32 -0600
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: Re: Worlds page

I take that back, about the top four men being from the Japanese team.
The results are:

1. Li Xiaoshuang (CHN), 56.987
2. Tanaka (JPN) (9.725 in high bar, highest score of the night)
3. Nishikawa (JPN)
4. Hatakeda (JPN)

I'll send more when I know more (and if anyone else finds out more,
please send it in!)



Date:    Mon, 2 Oct 1995 08:22:38 -0600
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: WORLDS: women, 1st day, limited results

Here are women's results as I gleaned from a story on the AP.  I
haven't seen a list yet of all the scores:

1. USA 191.722
2. Hungary 184.745
3. Greece 182.857

USA women are in the top four spots.  Miller is first, and Moceanu is
2nd by .163.  Romania, Russia, and other teams of course have not
competed yet.

Jaycie Phelps' 9.8 on bars was the highest score of the first day.

On the men's side, John Roethlisberger was the 5th highest AA after
the first day.

Kormann: "I'm so happy for those guys. They've felt so lousy for so

# # #


Date:    Mon, 2 Oct 1995 10:30:43 -0500
Subject: Men's results

Date sent:  2-OCT-1995 10:29:05

Ummm...I was half-asleep when I read my email this morning, so I accidently
deleted the post about the men's results. Could someone please forward them
to me? I know that Ken Allen would really like to read them. He, like
myself and I'm sure quite a few others, are pleasantly shocked and VERY
happy, for the USA men's team. Way to go, John.


Date:    Mon, 2 Oct 1995 11:35:37 -0400
Subject: Re: wow (men's standings so far)

Stupid me. The big European teams haven't even competed yet.  Duh.


Date:    Mon, 2 Oct 1995 10:17:02 -0600
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: RESULTS: Worlds, day 1

For completeness, I am including the men's team again:

From AP, Reuters, and the '95 Worlds WWW pages:

Men's Team
 (After 12 of 24 teams)
   Compulsory exercises
1, Japan, 282.060
2, China, 282.048
3, United States, 280.336
4, Romania, 279.974
5, Bulgaria, 278.174
6, France, 277.225
7, Italy, 276.249
8, Canada, 274.762
9, Argentina, 262.350
10, Kazakhstan, 260.825
11, Taiwan, 199.700
12, Ireland, 190.425

 All-Around Qualifying

(After three of seven groups)
   Compulsory exercises
1, Li Xiaoshuang, China, 56.987
2, Hikaru Tanaka, Japan, 56.800
3, Daisuke Nishikawa, Japan, 56.661
4, Yoshiaki Hatakeda, Japan, 56.512
5, John Roethlisberger, Minneapolis, 56.500
6, Jordan Jovtchev, Bulgaria, 56.412
7, Nistor Sandro, Romania, 56.337
8 (tie), Zhang Jinjing, China, and Yuri Chechi, Italy, 56.237
10, Toshiharu Sato, Japan, 56.125.

15, Jair Lynch, Stanford, Calif., 55.800
18, Blaine Wilson, Columbus, Ohio, 55.425
50, Kip Simons, Columbus, Ohio, 46.612
56, John Macready, Colorado Springs, 45.950
68, Mihai Bagiu, Albuquerque, N.M., 37.749
72, Joshua Stein, Stanford, Calif., 37.050.

 (After 8 of 26 teams)
   Compulsory exercises
1, United States, 191.722
2, Hungary, 184.745
3, Greece, 182.857
4, Bulgaria, 180.196
5, Brazil, 178.807
6, Uzbekistan, 177.695
7, South Korea, 177.419
8, Israel, 176.621.

 All-Around Qualifying

  Compulsory exercises
1, Shannon Miller, Edmond, Okla., 38.699
2, Dominique Moceanu, Houston, 38.536
3, Jaycie Phelps, Cincinnati, 38.337
4, Kerri Strug, Colorado Springs, 38.012
5, Oxana Chousovitina, Uzbekistan, 37.862
6, Adrienne Nyeste, Hungary, 37.536
7, Vasiliki Tsavdaridou, Greece, 37.461
8, Soraya Carvalho, Brazil, 37.199
9, Lambrini Apostolidou, Greece, 36.949
10, Eszter Ovary, Hungary, 36.824.

46, Donielle Thompson, Colorado Springs, 28.650
47, Theresa Kulikowski, Colorado Springs, 27.661
54, Mary Beth Arnold, Sparks, Nev., 18.925.


Date:    Mon, 2 Oct 1995 10:37:27 -0600
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: WORLDS: more info from Day 1

Quotes from the AP article:

Jair Lynch: "We didn't miss a routine today. We did our job. We'll ...
see where we place. I think it will be in the top six."

Lynch scored a 9.55 on pbars, one of the US team's highest scores.

Kip Simons: "The whole team was on fire."

Miller scored a 9.787 on floor; Moceanu had 9.737 on floor and beam.

Karolyi, re USA team: "I'm pleased with the overall performance."

AP says that Moceanu (which they constantly misspell "Morceanu")
overrotated on "one turn on the uneven bars" costing her approximately
.3.  (I guess she went too far on a handstand, maybe?)

Karolyi, re Moceanu: "Dominique is very young. She has great
prospects, even though she had a mistake tonight."

# # #


Date:    Mon, 2 Oct 1995 14:15:00 -0400
Subject: countries that have not yet competed

From the WWW:

 Countries that have not yet competed. (Men)

          Brazil , Puerto Rico , Repubic of Korea , Hungary , Czech Republic
          Switzerland , Belgium , Netherlands , Croatia , Uzbekistan
          New Zealand , Greece , Australia , Slovakia , Lithuania, Cyprus
          Denmark , Cuba , Armenia , Thailand
        Mexico , Kuwait , Barbados , Indonesia , Venezuela, Ecuador
          Georgia , Russia , Belarus , Germany , Ukraine , Norway
          Austria , Morocco , Great Britain , Finland , Slovenija

      Countries that have not yet competed (Women)

          Japan , Portugal , Denmark , Lithuania , Canada
          Puerto Rico , Norway , Morocco , Guatemala , Ecuador
          Ukraine , People's Republic of China , France , Belarus, Czech
          Rumania , Germany , Kazakhstan , Switzerland , Netherlands , Poland
          Thailand , Great Britain , Mexico , Spain , Australia , Argentine
          South Africa , Belgium , Russia , Italy



Date:    Mon, 2 Oct 1995 14:12:49 -0400
From:    ***@IC.AC.UK
Subject: Worlds pictures

For those of you who have access to Compuserve, there already
are a few photos from the Sabae Worlds available in the
Compuserve Reuters News pictures forum area, including
Miller, Moceanu, Roethlisberger and Li Xiashuang. And they're
very nice and clear as always from Reuters.



Date:    Mon, 2 Oct 1995 16:39:14 -0500
Subject: Women's worlds expectations, speculations, and wishes

Team:  I'd give Romania the best chance of winning team gold, but I
wouldn't rule out the Russians.  I kinda hope the US _doesn't_ make it to
the podium because that would mean that the Chinese didn't get _way_
underscored.  Of course if the US could get there on the team's merits,
that would be fine with me.

AA:     First, a wish.  I'd love to see either Milo or Podkopaeva win gold.
I don't think it's likely in either case, but I'm hoping.  Lilia is
artistically my favorite contemporary gymnast, and I keep hoping she'll
learn the mental discipline she needs to be the best in the world.  Does
anyone know whether she has a vault that's worth a 10?  If not, AA gold is
going to be tough.

        As for Milo, isn't it time she took AA gold at a really big meet?!?
Again, does anyone know what her vault is likely to be?

        My picks for top ten (in no particular order) are:  Milo, Gogean,
Khorkina, Kochetkova, Miller, Podkopaeva, Mo Huilan, Piskun, another
Romanian, and another Russian or Chinese gymnast.  I don't think Strug has
a chance; her form has been awful.  If there's another American in the top
tem it will be Moceanu or Phelps.  The Russians and Romanians are so strong
that it could be almost anyone else on those teams.

EF:     Are there going to be event finals?  If so, I'll make some bold
(and probably wildly inaccurate) predictions:

        Vault:  1.  Gogean
                2.  Khorkina
                3.  Piskun

        UB:     1.  Mo
                2.  Khorkina
                3.  Podkopaeva or Kotchetkova

        Beam:   1.  Miller
                2.  Podkopaeva
                3.  Khorkina

        FX:     1.  Podkopaeva
                2.  Milo
                3.  Kotchetkova

My EF wishes are:

        1.  Donnie Thompson makes it to beam finals.
        2.  Phelps makes it to floor finals.
        3.  Moceanu makes it to floor and vault finals (she could medal in
either of these).
        4.  Some of the medals are won by relative unknowns.

Anyone else have predictions?


Date:    Mon, 2 Oct 1995 17:28:09 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Olympic Tickets, 1976-style

This is my first post to this list, although I've been a "lurker' for about 6
months.  I attended the '76 Olympics in Montreal, and although they were a
little more accessible to the "common man", the ticket-buying experience
wasn't much different from what many of you disappointed orderers are
experiencing today. We ordered a year ahead of time, and didn't get anything
we wanted -- no swimming, no gymnastics, etc.  However, when we got to
Montreal (and I believe the same has been true for subsequent Olympics)  we
found a major industry going in trading and selling tickets.  On the first
day there, I purchased gymnastics tickets for FACE VALUE (I think it was $16
at the time!) and was seated about 10 rows up next to the bars when Nadia got
her forst 10!.  i have it on film, which I have transferred to tape.
Anyway, just being at the games paid off in lots of unexpected ways.  Even in
the  events we hadn't chosen, we saw future stars of the NBA, for example,
and Leon Spinks and Sugar Ray Leonard in boxing.  Also, we bought diving
tickets from someone up there, and Queen Elizabeth and the whole royal family
came in and sat down about 10 rows in front of us -- a great thrill in
itself.  So even if you don't get what you want, just go -- you never know.
 I will add, though that I think they have taken accessibility of the
Olympics right out of reach for the ordinary person, in general, and all of
the tickets are being parcelled out to big-money corporate-types who can
write them off.  I give Montreal credit, in that they specifically refused to
do that.


End of GYMN-L Digest - 1 Oct 1995 to 2 Oct 1995 - Special issue