GYMN-L Digest - 29 Jun 1995 to 30 Jun 1995

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  1. Minnesota gyms
  2. INTRO


Date:    Fri, 30 Jun 1995 10:39:01 -0700
From:    ***@ENG.SUN.COM
Subject: Minnesota gyms

        Does anyone out there live in the Mpls-St Paul area?

        My daughter, Rita, and I will be in the Twin Cities
        for a week and Rita wants to do some drop-in workouts.

        Does anyone recommend a gymnastic club?



Date:    Fri, 30 Jun 1995 21:25:23 EST
Subject: INTRO


     My name is Linda. (*** from my Italian born
     father, and *** from my Dominican born husband-not related to Joan).
     I am a biochemist, living in Brooklyn, and a 43 year old parent of a
     10 year old level 6 gymnast.
     Having access to the Net only on my work computer, my browsing time
     doesn't take place in the comfort of home. Nevertheless I've enjoyed
     listening to you all converse.
     My primary reason for joining was to find a "parents of gymnasts"
     resource. There are often times that I cannot get answers to questions
     I have from our local gym or coaches. In particular, I have found it
     hard to assess training techniques. I also have questions related to
     the psychology of the sport. My parental alarm buttons are sensitized
     to movement that can lead to injuries and wonder how to address safety
     It was as an undergraduate at SUNY Buffalo that I had my only first
     hand gymnastics experience: one semester of phys ed. I spent lots of
     extra evening hours that semester working on a back hip circle on bars
     and a forward roll on beam. I stand amazed at the skills even the
     young gymnasts accomplish and appreciate the work that goes into them.
     It's a pleasure to be among you all!



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