GYMN-L Digest - 27 Apr 1995 to 30 Apr 1995 - Special issue

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Topics in this special issue:

  1. silence
  2. DTB-Pokal RSG individuals (Petrova still here!)
  3. NCAA Womens Final
  4. Visa Chal-Bars Scandal!
  5. Locked box
  6. DTB-Pokal Karlsruhe (RSG)
  7. Visa Challenge (2)
  8. more SI
  9. Coaching/spotting while on the apparatus?
 10. No Mail
 11. Thoughts on USA-BLR-CHN
 12. VISA Challenge -- scores
 13. VISA Challenge Day 2 comments
 14. Addresses please?
 15. Coache's treatment
 16. Videos & Fan Clubs
 17. Bonus Questions (fwd)
 18. Novice Optional (fwd)
 19. Shoplifting
 20. 1st Junior African Championships
 21. VISA Challenge Day 1
 22. Addresses anyone?
 24. Novice Optional (2)
 25. Coaches treatment


Date:    Sun, 30 Apr 1995 18:33:02 -0500
Subject: silence

I haven't received any mail from this list in several days.  Is the list
just suddenly quiet, or do I need to figure out what's wrong?



Date:    Sun, 30 Apr 1995 21:16:39 BST
From:    ***@IC.AC.UK
Subject: DTB-Pokal RSG individuals (Petrova still here!)

DTB-Pokal Karlsruhe Grand Prix (Rhythmic), 30th April, 1995

(held in Germany)

Individual All-Around Final

=1. Ekaterina Serebrianskaya    (UKR)   39.100
=1. Olga Gontar                 (BLR)   39.100
 3. Elena Vitrichenko           (UKR)   39.025
 4. Larissa Lukianenko          (BLR)   39.000
 5. Amina Zaripova              (RUS)   38.950
 6. Maria Petrova               (BUL)   38.925
 7. Janina Batyrchina           (RUS)   38.900
 8. Nicole Gerdes               (GER)   37.625

Yes she's still here. Maria Petrova was well on her way to a medal
until she dropped a club in her first throw in the third rotation.
She looked a bit chunky than the other gymnasts but the general
skills are still there.

Overall this is quite an interesting meet, with lots of new routines,
especially since they have to do the rope now instead of the hoop
in the past couple of years. Many new routines too in the other

Magdalena Brzeska was due to compete but for some reason she didn't.
She was interviewed during the meet but of course I don't know what
she said (German). Nicole Gerdes her fellow countrywoman took her
place. Tatiana Ogrizko didn't qualify for this final eight. Alexandra
Timoshenko was there again for an interview, she speaks very good
German (or at least it sounded like very good German!)

The results were very close (except for poor Gerdes who was rooted
at the bottom). Serebrianskaya should have taken the title by right
but she dropped a club in her final routine, ended up in a tie
with improving Olga Gontar for top spot.

Next weekend is the Cottbus artistic meet (again in Germany)!



Date:    Sun, 30 Apr 1995 14:52:06 -0400
From:    ***@WAM.UMD.EDU
Subject: NCAA Womens Final

After seeing the NCAA finals on TV this weekend I was wondering if any
of those athletes are able to compete in USA Gymn nationals...

I know someone mentioned a couple of months ago that it was possible or
that it was going to happen....can anyone fill us in ...Ron would you happen
to know since you seem to have some close ties with the NCAA gymnastics



Date:    Sun, 30 Apr 1995 14:49:15 -0400
From:    ***@WAM.UMD.EDU
Subject: Visa Chal-Bars Scandal!

I'm sure this will start up some debates.....

I'm curious to see what everyone else who watched the Visa Chalenge
on TV this weekend felt about the controvery on uneven bars...

For those who didn't see the meen on of the Chineese women introduced
a one arm giant swing followed by a one arm Gienger. Kathy Johnson (the
announcer) mentioned that since it was a new skill the athlete had
to perform it for the judges to get a rating. Well the controvery is
that Kathy said it was assigned a very low value. She went on to say
that they was a sign from the judges in order to discourage this move.

What are your comments?

NExt questions does anyone out there know what value (A,B,C )
was assigned....

Next question..does anyone know if the judges were from different countries..
and by the way what gives them the impression that they can place boundaries
on a sport..i don't know much about the judging community but are they
the 'final' say on what can and can't be done....after all the code of point
s for women have some skill listed that no one has seen before right? So
whats the bid deal with this move....

there was also some mention on this telecast that the judges tried to do the
same thing when Olga Korbut first introduced was she
able to get around them and get the skills in...



Date:    Sun, 30 Apr 1995 10:00:22 -0400
Subject: Locked box

My box was locked because it was too full.  I got new mail today, so I
think I'm back.  If there's any mail from the last couple of days I
should see, could someone resend it?



Date:    Sun, 30 Apr 1995 12:46:18 BST
From:    ***@IC.AC.UK
Subject: DTB-Pokal Karlsruhe (RSG)

DTB-Pokal Karlsruhe (Rhythmic), 29th April, 1995

Groups Results

 1. Russia      38.975
 2. Bulgaria    38.825
 3. Ukraine     38.350
 4. Germany     38.225
 5. China       37.975
 6. Spain       37.825
 7. Czech Rep.  37.625
 8. Netherlands 36.625

This is run under the new rules of five gymnasts per group
instead of the old format of six. The two apparatus sets
are five hoops for one, and three balls with two ribbons for
the other.

I do enjoy watching group rhythmic routines, the choereography
is always interesting and the interchange between them is always
incredible, especially the major exchanges.



Date:    Sun, 30 Apr 1995 01:18:50 -0400
Subject: Visa Challenge

   I was nowhere near a TV today, can anyone give me quick rundown on the
Visa Challenge?


Date:    Sun, 30 Apr 1995 00:57:47 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: more SI

Has anyone seen the new SI with Cal Ripken Jr on the cover?  Anyway there's
no gymn article but there is an advertisement with a full-page picture of
England's Annika Reeder.  The ad is for Atlanta tickets.


Date:    Sat, 29 Apr 1995 23:20:34 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Coaching/spotting while on the apparatus?

During the USA-BLR-CHN meet, Bela seemed to be coaching his athletes through
several of their routines.  I was under the impression that this was a 0.2
neutral deduction.

Also, a Chinese coach spotted Meng Fei (?) during her releases.  Isn't this
0.5 or 1.0 per instance?

Can officials agree beforehand not to take deductions for these things?

Judges on the list?



Date:    Sat, 29 Apr 1995 22:28:42 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: No Mail

For the last 2 days I haven't recived any mail. Did I somehow become
disconnected? I still want to be on I don't know how I could have been taken


Date:    Sat, 29 Apr 1995 21:19:29 -0500
Subject: Visa Challenge

Date sent:  29-APR-1995 21:18:27
Could only tape one thing today, so I took a gramble and
taped the NCAA's for the women (good choice, Aimee Trepanier's
floor routine was GREAT!!!!!) But...does anyone have results
from the VISA Challenge?



Date:    Sat, 29 Apr 1995 20:03:29 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Thoughts on USA-BLR-CHN

Looked like it would be a fascinating meet at which to watch workouts.

A few thoughts about the meet. . .

-It was nice to see Svetlana not only back but looking great, particularly on
beam and vault.  I wonder if she'll keep that vault as her first vault,
though, since it's being devalued.  In a way I hope she does, as she's right
up there with Pod in terms of form.  Certainly looks [if political issues can
be resolved], as if she could still be in the top 3 in Belarus.

-There must be an intense level of competition amongst the Chinese girls
hoping for Atlanta, but something suggests to me that these may not be the
top of the younger girls undoubtedly preparing for that meet.  Any thoughts
on this subject are appreciated.

-Good to see Dom D back competing, and probably wise of her to 'skip lightly'
her first time out.

-Meng Fei's triple-full on floor looked so "easily done" [I know, I know]
that I half expected her to continue out of it like Kolesnikova used to do!

-I don't normally like cutesy routines, but Katie Teft's had charm.  Even
though she gets little 'mainstream' media coverage [like anyone in gym gets a
lot!], this meet only reinforces her positive results of the past year.

-Boginskaya and Piskun may wear the exact same leo, but it looks totally
different on Svetlana.  Very similar to their gymnastic styles.

-Kellee Davis has the dynamics and height on her vault, it seems, to try
adding a full twist to it. . .  Off the top of my head, I can't remember if
she's signed a Letter of Intent.  Does anyone know?  She'll certainly be an
asset to whichever team gets her.

-The floor music here really doesn't suit Svetlana.  The style does, but the
music didn't seem to 'click' [for lack of a more precise definition].  Dom
M's set was cutesy, but with minimal charm.  It looks like a rehash of a
rehash of much stuff we've all seen before -- you know of what I speak,
detail isn't necessary.  I think an upbeat jazz set would really suit her
style and personality [as long as there's no piano-playing allowed. . .].
 It's great to see the tremendous effect Sveta has had on Dom in terms of
dance movement, though.

A few thoughts on the ABC coverage. . .

-I would be interested to get clarification on the statement made by Dom M's
father.  He said that he promised himself that his oldest daughter would be a
gymnast.  There are two ways to take that -- (1) that since she wanted to do
it, he would do everything possible to help her; or (2) it was his goal from
before he even had children.

-Cute idea to have the competitors introduce themselves

-Is it just me, or does Dom M seem convinced that she will win '96 Olympic
Gold, become wealthy from it, and never have to work again? [see profile
piece in the middle of the program]

-*What* were the values assigned to the one-arm giant and one-arm Geinger?  I
realize they probably didn't want to get into the Code, but they could have
said "It was rated a C (or B, D, whatever), which is considered medium
difficulty."  Don't leave us hanging! [particularly by one arm]

-We're not going to discuss the camera work, but I luvved the shot where we
got to pretend we were watching bars from the cheap seats. . .

-Considering the World Champions from China (as well as the #4-ranked
Belarussians) were competing, I hope they show the men in the near future.
 They did a remarkable job of keeping the men out of the camera shots!

-I would have enjoyed seeing the Chinese on vault, as well as the other
Belarussians on any event!

I'm finished now <g>,



Date:    Sat, 29 Apr 1995 12:37:03 -0600
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: VISA Challenge -- scores

VISA Challenge
Fairfax, VA
George Mason University - Patriot Center
April 27-28, 1995

1. USA 115.300 (28.725, 29.025, 28.725, 28.825)
2. BLR 113.599 (28.599, 28.375, 28.450, 28.175)
3. CHN 112.899 (28.699, 28.350, 27.825, 28.025)

1. Dominique Moceanu    USA  38.700 (9.600, 9.650, 9.675, 9.775)
2. Meng Fei             CHN  38.425 (9.575, 9.500, 9.650, 9.700)
3. Katie Teft           USA  38.100 (9.550, 9.575, 9.300, 9.675)
4. Svetlana Boguinskaya BLR  38.087 (9.762, 9.500, 9.725, 9.100)
5. Julia Sobko          BLR  37.712 (9.237, 9.325, 9.500, 9.650)
6. Olga Yurkina         BLR  37.312 (9.412, 9.550, 9.225, 9.125)
7. Kellee Davis         USA  37.275 (9.575, 9.475, 8.850, 9.375)
8. Liu Xuan             CHN  37.262 (9.637, 9.225, 9.100, 9.300)
9. Bi Wenjing           CHN  37.212 (9.487, 9.625, 9.075, 9.025)
10.Julia Yurkina        BLR  36.950 (9.425, 9.000, 9.125, 9.400)
11.Sang Lan             CHN  35.325 (9.050, 8.850, 8.800, 8.625)
12.Dominique Dawes      USA  29.087 (9.537, 9.800, 9.750, 0.000)

1. Bill Roth            USA  56.150 (9.55, 8.95, 8.95, 9.50, 9.45, 9.75)
2. Vitaly Rudnitsky     BLR  56.050 (9.15, 9.50, 9.45, 9.15, 9.35, 9.45)
3. Chainey Umphrey      USA  55.775 (8.95, 9.25, 9.40, 9.15, 9.50, 9.525)
4. Chris Waller         USA  55.700 (8.85, 9.55, 9.25, 9.10, 9.40, 9.55)
5. Wang Dong            CHN  55.500 (8.80, 9.40, 9.50, 9.25, 9.45, 9.10)
6. Li Bo                CHN  55.200 (8.85, 9.40, 9.40, 9.10, 9.10, 9.35)
7. Alexander Belanovsky BLR  55.150 (8.75, 9.60, 9.20, 9.05, 9.25, 9.30)
8. Dong Zhong           CHN  54.300 (8.80, 8.50, 9.20, 9.20, 9.40, 9.20)
9. John Macready        USA  54.000 (8.95, 7.90, 9.25, 9.40, 8.95, 9.55)
10.Ivan Pavlovsky       BLR  53.350 (9.35, 8.60, 8.85, 9.20, 8.65, 8.70)
11.Shen Jian            CHN  18.650 (0.00, 9.35, 0.00, 0.00, 9.30, 0.00)



Date:    Sat, 29 Apr 1995 12:35:08 -0600
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: VISA Challenge Day 2 comments

VISA Challenge
Fairfax, VA
George Mason University -- Patriot Center
April 27-28, 1995

Well, as everyone knows, I missed the first day of the meet, but I did
hear some news from Thursday night. Everyone was talking about the
Chinese women on bars -- apparently one did a one-arm giant to one-arm
Gienger, and another did a Gaylord I -- from inverts! Can't wait to
see this on TV.

Speaking of TV, ABC was here covering the meet. Their cameramen were
always standing in my line of vision -- I mean, even the guy just
holding the *cord* was always standing in my way.  There's no reason
that at least the cord guy couldn't have kneeled down.  NBC always is
courteous of this (thanks DM) and I don't think I fully appreciated it
until ABC was so obtrusive.

Well, perhaps the biggest news of the meet was that Svetlana
Boguinskaya, former everything (World Champ, Olympic Champ, etc), had
made her first full return to competition.  In the press conference we
learned that she paid for her entire trip to Fairfax because the
Belarussians would not put her on the team until they'd seen what she
could do.  They held an intrasquad and she came out on top and so they
replaced Inna Poklonskaya with her.  USA Gymnastics didn't even know
officially that she would be competing until Wednesday night, when the
lineups had to be submitted.

The split format (half of the events on Thursday and half on Friday)
lead to a more relaxed -- perhaps too relaxed -- atmosphere.  The
gymnasts seemed less stressed but on the other hand the crowd seemed
more restless. This did make it easier for the reporters, however, to
follow the competition.  (Btw, the beloved Ed M. Swift sat two chairs
to my right.)

Anyways, on to the competition.  The first women's competitor of the
night was Dominique Moceanu (who was, ironically, also the last
women's competitor of the night).  She pulled in a 9.675 for beam
which included a cool mount of a pirrouetting shoulderstand.  She had
a check on her ff to three layouts but hit the rest of the routine
pretty well.  Interestingly, her score was initially a 9.537, but this
was corrected to a 9.675 because of an error on her start value.
Katie Teft fell on her beam mount which began with a layout on, ff --
it was at this point she fell off so I didn't know what she had
planned.  I thought she was overscored at a 9.3 with that fall.  The
rest of her routine was good, but not a 9.8 relative to the other
routines.  Kellee Davis also fell off beam on a ff, layout, layout
pass.  She threw a Popa, front aerial, and tour jete (not in sequence,
of course) though for some unique beam elements.  Her dismount (double
tuck) produced several steps back -- 8.85.

Dominique Dawes on beam -- much improved form on her flip flops!  Her
legs were quite together.  She said in the press conference that she
had suffered a slight foot injury which is why she didn't do her floor
exercise.  However, she hopes to be back up to speed by her next
competition.  She watered down her routine with a double tuck
dismount, though she did knock out a ff to three layouts pass, and a
sky high punch front.  (Btw, her foot was injured in January -- she
took off 8.5 weeks to let it heal and is now back in the gym building
everything back up.)

Speaking of skyhigh, the Chinese women were head and shoulders
(figuratively, of course) above the competition on beam.  Breath-
taking layouts to two feet from Bi Wenjing and Liu Xuan, who
unfortunately fell on hers.  Bi included an interesting leap from from
feet to her hands as did Sang Lan (with 1/4 twist) -- sort of a
Shushunova leap but on beam.  All included leaps with their head back
(I counted five, from the four competitors).  Unfortunately, however,
the Chinese women were not consistent (in the competition -- warmups
did go pretty well for them) on beam with three falls and one amazing
save (Sang Lan did a ff, layout, ff, and the last ff teetered first to
one side, then to the other, and yet she managed to stay on).  The
only one who was clean on beam was Meng Fei, who really was
outstanding.  She included a punch front with 1/2 twist in her
routine, which I'm not sure I've ever seen before.  Her leaps were
outstanding and her tumbling (ff layout layout) was also a treat.  The
only mistake I recorded for her routine was a step on her double tuck
dismount.  She scored a 9.65.

The Belarussians hit beam pretty well, particularly Boguinskaya with a
9.725.  Her routine is practically the same as when she left.  Her
split handstand to ff to two layouts was gorgeous and her maturity at
22 years old, with a decade plus of competition experience, showed
when she quickly and neatly saved a double turn that was off balance.
And she *smiled* on beam -- not just a pasted on smile, but a "I can't
help but smile" type of smile. Julia Yurkina was the only fall (on a
side aerial).  She and her sister Olga throw many of the same elements
-- layout on; ff layout layout; "oak tree"; and a double pike
dismount.  Julia Sobko did fine on her tumbling (ff, L, L) but
strangely enough had checks on her dance moves.  I thought she wasn't
going to make her punch front -- she landed with her hips far behind
her feet -- but somehow (I'm still trying to figure this out) she made

Women's floor -- Belarussians were tops in choreography, Americans
were top in tumbling, and the Chinese tipped the scales on the "cute
factor."  Julia Sobko (BLR) had nice dance but rarely lifted her eyes
or her head from the floor.  Boguinskaya -- wow!  She threw an Arabian
double front on floor but landed on her butt (she made it in warmups
though).  She had a difficult-looking double turn- turning leap - cat
leap combo in the corner (I'm pretty bad with identifying leaps,

Twisting really dominated women's floor at the VISA Challenge.  I
added up the twists in my notes and came up with at least 55 twists
(front, back, Rudi...).  Triple twists were thrown by: Meng Fei, Li
Xuan, and Bi Wenjing, all China (and possibly Sang Lan, but my view of
floor was quite obstructed by ABC).  A front double twist was thrown
by Katie Teft (USA).  All the others just kind of blend together.
There were eight double saltos of some sort in the competition:

Arabian double front            Bogi, O. Yurkina (BLR)
double layout                   Sang Lan (CHN!), Kellee Davis (USA)
tucked full-in                  Kellee Davis, Katie Teft (USA)
piked full-in                   Dominique Moceanu (USA)
double tuck                     Kellee Davis

Kellee was the only gymnast to do double saltos in her second and
third passes.

Meng Fei was really a surprising tumbler, with four passes.  She
started with a triple twist, tumbled back the other way with a 2.5,
punch front, included a middle pass of front hs, front twist, punch
front, and ended with either a double or triple twist (cameraman).

Because Dominique Dawes did not compete floor, and Bogi landed on her
butt on her Arabian double front, Dominique Moceanu easily won.  She
seemed a little overwhelmed to win but took it all in stride.  At the
press conference the only words she could muster were "excited,"
"happy," and other such delighted expressions.  Her wordlessness
however was due more to the fact that she was so happy, and her mind
was elsewhere, rather than the fact that she's shy or anything like
that.  *Everyone* likes Dominique, and she pretty much seems to like
everyone back.

Belarus and China had a hard time trying to compete against the US
because Belarus had only three men, and China's fourth man, Shen Jian,
only competed two events (PH, PB).  So these teams had to count lots
of mistakes.  However, if the USA had competed only their top three
guys, they still would have prevailed by over a point and a half.

Vault was a fairly ho-hum affair.  Tsuk-fulls and Kasamatsu's were the
norm with over half of the competitors performing this vault.  Of the
six performing this vault, the scores were 9.05 (Belanovsky), 9.10
(Waller, Li Bo), 9.15 (Rudnitsky, Umphrey) and 9.2 (Pavlovsky).  Dong
Zhong had a pretty good layout Cuervo for a 9.2, and then we move up
to Wang Dong with a Kas-1/2 (might have been a Tsuk-1.5 -- I can now
tell the difference between these two (thanks Ken) but I'm still a bit
iffy about it) with a 9.25.  John Macready threw an excellent
Yurchenko full for a 9.4, and Bill Roth had a nice Tsuk 1.5 for a

Parallel bars was confusing to me because despite the fact that the
Chinese threw seven double backs compared to the Americans who threw a
total of two (both Umphrey), the Americans won pbars over the Chinese
by .20.  One of the judges remarked though, afterwards, that the
Chinese had mistakes that could only be picked out if you knew the
code.  For instance, one stopped in a handstand five times in his
routine, whereas the maximum number of stops is three.  Two of them
had breaks in their press to handstands.  One didn't connect his
consecutive Healys and so didn't receive connection bonus, etc etc.
The general impression seemed to be that the skills were fantastic but
the connections were lacking.

Other than that, pbars seemed to be pretty regular.  Belanovsky had a
nice Diamadov 1/4 turn to one bar. Rudnitsky did a variety of moves
with flairs at the end of the bars facing out, a Healy Healy hop-1/2,
a Stutz, a back toss -- etc etc.  Waller did a Stutz with an extra 1/4
turn (I think) to one bar; Bill Roth had his Manna (the crowd goes
wild), and his two back tosses to one bar, the second of which was a
bit off but he saved it well.

Everyone dismounted pbars with a double pike except for Shen Jian, who
used a double tuck.

The American men ran away with high bar placing 1.2 over the second
place Chinese men.  Releases were high flying on this event with a
Gaylord II from Bill Roth; consecutive Tkatchevs (gorgeous) from John
Macready; layout Tkatchev and Tk-Gienger from Chris Waller; a four
release combo (piked Tk, Tk, Tk, Gienger) from Chainey Umphrey; one
Kovacs from Li Bo; a Kovacs and Tk from Dong Zhong (who bent his arms
muscling his way at the end of the giant after each release); and two
_very_ high Kovacs from Rudnitsky.  The dismount of choice was a
layout full-in (performed by six guys, though Pavlov was so piked that
it's really a piked full-in).  Dong Zhong did impress with a double
double laid out (Waller did a 2/2 tucked), and Belarus played around
with double front barani outs (Belanovsky, Rudnitsky- piked).  Some
other notable high bar skills were Roth's Stalder- full, Waller's
pirrouetting 1-arm front giant, and Rudnitsky's mixed grip back uprise

All in all, I was impressed with the Chinese team -- very clean
gymnasts.  Rudnitsky seems to be well above the level of his
teammates and on a different day could have put it together to
win the competition.

Yours in gymnastics,


Date:    Sat, 29 Apr 1995 16:01:13 +0200
From:    ***@MAIL.LSS.CO.ZA
Subject: Re: Addresses please?

Hi guys!
Guess what! Ifound a whole lot of addresses of gym federations while
tidying my room! Here they are:

Esplanadnaya Street 42, 252023 Kiev, Ukraine

Kirov Street, 8/2, 220600, Minsk, Belarus

P O Box15, Ul. Poltoratskogo,83 Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Lujnetskaya Nabereynaya 8, Moscow 119.270, Russia

Str. Vasile Conta 16, 70139 Bucaresti, Romania

Suite 510, 1600 James Naismith Drive, Gloucester, Ontario K1B5N4,

Rue Tiyukuan 9, Beijing, People's Republic of China

Deutscher Turner-Bund, Otto-Fleck-Schneise 8, 6000 Frankfurt-am-Main 71,

Magyar Torna Szovetseg, Dozsa Gyorgy ut 1-3, 1143 Budapest, Hungary

Pan American Plaza, #300, 201 S. Capitol, Indianapolis, IN 46225, USA

Cincinatti Gymnastics Academy:
3330 Port Union Road, Fairfax, OH 45014

Karolyi's Gymnastics:
17203 Bamwood, Houston Texas 77090

Brown's Gymnastics:
740 Orange Avenue, Altamonte Springs, Florida 32714

Dynamo Gymnastics:
P O Box 270535, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73137

Hill's Angels Gymnastics:
7557 Lindbergh Drive, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20879

Parkettes Gymnastics:
401 Lawrence Street, Allentown, Pennsylvania 18102

Desert Devils:
7800 E. Pierce, Scottsdale, AZ 85257

Pozar's Gymnastics:
2709 El Camino Avenue, Sacramento, California 95821

That's all,


Date:    Sat, 29 Apr 1995 00:00:22 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: Coache's treatment


When a coach hits a student it is probably due to his/her lack of skill in
being able to deal with the students beheavior or performance in a more
constructive, effective professional or proper manner.  It is wrong and, in
many places, illegal.

My thoughts are with you - you don't deserve to be hit.



Date:    Fri, 28 Apr 1995 23:56:08 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Videos & Fan Clubs

2 Questions:

1)  Could someone please tell me about F.I.G. videos?  Do they include
commentary, or are they just raw footage?  How is the quality and, also, what
format would I order for U.S VCR's?

2)  Are there any gymnastics fan clubs out there?  I know Shannon Miller has
(or at least HAD) one, but are there any others?

Ann Marie


Date:    Fri, 28 Apr 1995 17:37:44 -0400
Subject: Re: Bonus Questions (fwd)

Never got this one either, so try #2.


On Thu, 27 Apr 1995, Brian wrote:

> I have a few questions about what's considered combination bonus and what's
> not.  Is a half-turn right into a straddle Yaeger worth 0.2?  Or is it not a
> combination and worth 0.1?  How about a half-turn right into a double front?
>  Is it worth 0.3 for a combination?  Or 0.2 for the "E" dismount?  I was also
> wondering if Pod's FF into a piked Chen received bonus?  It seems with the
> trend of routines that you need two ff's before an element to get bonus (i.e.
> Piskun's two ff's to layout  to two feet)  Thanks for any help.---Brian

By a half-turn do you mean a giant-1/2 (blind change)?  If the 1/2 is
completed by the handstand, it's a twisting C, so added to the D Jaeger,
it has 0.1 bonus.  Added to the E double front, it also has 0.1 bonus.  If
the E is extra (if all the difficulty requirements have been fulfilled
without it) it gets 0.2 bonus in addition to the 0.1 for the connection
to the giant-1/2.  On bars:

C+C/D/E = 0.1
D+D/E = 0.2

*if* the C-element has a twist or flight.  Btw, if the 1/2 turn is after
the handstand, it is a B-element, and there is no bonus on bars
for connections using B's.

FF to piked Chen has no connection bonus.  To get connection bonus for back
tumbling series, the series has to have at least 3 elements.
Certain series of two elements can get bonus if they are side and
forward tumbling or if they have direction changes.  Certain series of
two mixed or gym elements also have bonus.  But you can get 0.1 for the
piked Chen itself because it is a D (if difficulty requirements have been
fulfilled without it).

If there is interest, I can post the rules for connection bonus on each



Date:    Fri, 28 Apr 1995 17:35:35 -0400
Subject: Re: Novice Optional (fwd)

I never got this, so I assume others didn't either.  Sorry if you get
this twice.


On Thu, 27 Apr 1995, Theresa wrote:

> hurt my back really bad I must have pulled something. I have one question
> about an element. I don't know what is called but it is a drop from high bar
> to low bar with a half turn to the low bar so when you get back on the low
> bar your back is facing the high bar. If anybody could tell me what kind of
> difficulty level that it is I would be very grateful.

If it is what I think you're talking about, it's just a transition; it
has no value.



Date:    Fri, 28 Apr 1995 19:35:50 BST
From:    ***@IC.AC.UK
Subject: Shoplifting

I was flicking through a London magazine when I came across this article
on "shoplifting" and these two lines are within:

"Visitors to London seem particularly susceptible to shoplifting. Among
those tempted and convicted in recent months have been Maltese and Italian
nuns, Russian gymnasts and a Romanian rugby team."

Oh dear.


PS Funny how I only glanced at that page for one second and I was able to
   spot the word "gymnasts" out of a thousand words which are on that page.


Date:    Fri, 28 Apr 1995 17:14:55 +0200
From:    ***@MAIL.LSS.CO.ZA
Subject: 1st Junior African Championships

Regrets - only women's results.

No individual competitionwas held in Namibia, but excellent results were
still achieved. Nadine de Kock established herself as the one to beat
while Tanya Lebi also performed well for South Africa. Hjaiba of Morrocco
and Rita Ghatas of Egypt showed up well and it looks like African
gymnastics is on the rise.

1-South Africa

VAULT:                                  BAR:
1 - R.Ghatas    EGY     9.250           1 - Kock   RSA     9.200
2 - D.Hjaiba    MOR     9.150           2 - D.Hjaiba    MOR     8.700
3 - T.Lebi      RSA     9.000           3 - T.Lebi      RSA     8.150
3 - Kock   RSA     9.000           4 - N.Zayed     EGY     8.050

BEAM:                                   FLOOR:
1 - Kock   RSA     9.400           1 - Kock   RSA     9.300
2 - T.Lebi      RSA     8.400           2 - D.Hjaiba    MOR     9.250
3 - N.Awad      EGY     8.050           3 - R.Ghatas    EGY     9.100
4 - F.Franks    NAM     8.000           4 - T.Lebi      RSA     9.000


Date:    Fri, 28 Apr 1995 05:04:15 -0600
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: VISA Challenge Day 1

VISA Challenge
George Mason University - Patriot Center
April 27, 1995

The following are results I learned from the AP wire.  Initially
Debbie was going to be our reporter for the meet but she was
unable to attend at the last minute.  Tonight I will be her
replacement -- but I will be without computer -- so I will phone the
results to Debbie at the end of the competition and she'll send them
in.  I'll write up a synopsis when I return to a computer on Sunday.

   1, Vitaly Rudnitsky, Belarus, 28.100 points.
   2, Wang Dong, China, 27.700.
   3, Chris Waller, Mount Prospect, Ill., 27.650.
   tie, Li Bo, China, 27.650.
   5, Chainey Umphrey, Albuquerque, N.M., 27.600.
   6, Alexander Belanovsky, Belarus, 27.550.
   7, Bill Roth, Mohegan Lake, N.Y., 27.450.
   8, Ivan Pavlovsky, Belarus, 26.800.
   9, Dong Zhong, China, 26.500.
   10, John Macready, Los Angeles, 26.100.
   1, United States, 83.100.
   2, China, 82.700.
   3, Belarus, 82.450.
   1, Dominique Dawes, Silver Spring, Md., 19.337.
   2, Svetlana Boguinskaia, Belarus, 19.262.
   3, Dominique Moceanu, Houston, 19.250.
   4, Katie Teft, Grand Rapids, Mich., 19.125.
   5, Bi Wenjing, China, 19.112.
   6, Meng Fei, China, 19.075.
   7, Kellee Davis, Cambria Heights, N.Y., 19.050.
   8, Olga Yurkina, Belarus, 18.962.
   9, Liu Xuan, China, 18.862.
   10, Julia Sobko, Belarus, 18.562.
   1, United States, 57.750.
   2, China, 57.049.
   3, Belarus, 56.974.

# # #


Date:    Fri, 28 Apr 1995 11:55:59 BST
From:    ***@IC.AC.UK
Subject: Re: Addresses anyone?

> I would like some addresses, too, but the one thing that I wonder about is
> how good their English is.  I'm sure many foreign gymnasts know English, but
> what if we want to write to someone that doesn't?

Yes many do know English and of course if you know Romanian/Russian, etc.
then it's a better bet that they'll reply in their native language. For
those who doesn't know English and you write him/her a letter in English,
I'm sure they'll have somebody to translate them for you. Most gymnasts
do love receiving letters so keep them going!

As to whether they'll reply you it'll depend on the individuals themselves.



Date:    Fri, 28 Apr 1995 11:48:06 BST
From:    ***@IC.AC.UK
Subject: Re: EUROPEAN CUP?

> When is the European cup?  How would one get tickets if they just might
> be in Rome this summer.

The Mens and Womens artistic European Cup are both in Rome in June. (Can't
remember the exact date off the top of my head...) The Rhythmic European
Cup is in Telford, England, also in June. As to how to get the tickets...
no idea! Sorry! Try contacting the FIG in Switzerland.



Date:    Thu, 27 Apr 1995 23:56:26 -0400
Subject: Re: Novice Optional

On Thu, 27 Apr 1995, Theresa wrote:

> hurt my back really bad I must have pulled something. I have one question
> about an element. I don't know what is called but it is a drop from high bar
> to low bar with a half turn to the low bar so when you get back on the low
> bar your back is facing the high bar. If anybody could tell me what kind of
> difficulty level that it is I would be very grateful.

If it is what I think you're talking about, it's just a transition; it
has no value.



Date:    Thu, 27 Apr 1995 21:25:35 -0700
From:    ***@SEATTLEU.EDU
Subject: Re: Novice Optional

That element is an A.  It was in the last supplement or a recent issue of

On Thu, 27 Apr 1995, Theresa wrote:

> To all Gymners that responded to my questions about older gymnasts Thank you
> I think it helped a lot I gauss I have more confidence now ore at least I am
> doing a lot better. One person who responded to my E-Mail explained what
> Novice Optional was and they were right that novice optional was suppose to
> be that way but it is not turning out that  way. It is turning out to be a
> very competitive level. It is a breaker level to get people ready for
> optional. I thought that there would be more older girls in this level but
> including myself there were only 3 girls in ages 16 and up. I was very
> disappointed. This was at a sectional meet. I qualified for states but I
> hurt my back really bad I must have pulled something. I have one question
> about an element. I don't know what is called but it is a drop from high bar
> to low bar with a half turn to the low bar so when you get back on the low
> bar your back is facing the high bar. If anybody could tell me what kind of
> difficulty level that it is I would be very grateful.
> Thanks for listening.
> Sally


Date:    Fri, 28 Apr 1995 01:02:47 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: Coaches treatment

      I would like to share some painful memories with you in hopes you don't
take the same path.  I had a coach who was at the time one of the best in the
business, but he would at times become angry when we did dumb things.  His
rage became abusive and he hit us. I thought as you did I deserved it.  His
ethics were never questioned because he put out top notch gymnasts.  Let me
remind you of this you are not a adult and should not be treated as one a
teacher in school can not hit you even if you are in the wrong and the same
goes for a coach a coach is nothing more than a Teacher of gymnastics.  This
Coach of yours if he hits you at all I don't care if it leaves a bruse
deserves to be locked as did mine.  I went to college and my new coach not
only coached us he laughed with us and my gymnastics as well as the hole
teams grew at a incredable rate.  My college coach was also a on the National
Team 3 years in a row and on a NCAA championship team.  My college team won
our nationals 3 out of 4 years I was on the team and I won the all-around one
of those years.  Doesn't this tell you something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Please talk to your parents on this issue this coach could be a hazard to
your health.  PS your Coach should never make you loose weight.  This can put
your life in danger. Please Consider your options Trust one who has been
through it.

                                                                 (((   Concern
ed  )))


End of GYMN-L Digest - 27 Apr 1995 to 30 Apr 1995 - Special issue