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Date:    Thu, 29 Jun 1995 00:42:43 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Help!

I gave someone these directions for subscribing to GYMN, but they didn't
work.  Are these right:

Send mail to

In body of message write:  subscribe gymn-l  Full Name

Is there a new way, or someone I could direct this person to for help?

Ann Marie


Date:    Wed, 28 Jun 1995 12:20:32 -0700
Subject: Intro

Date: Wed, 28, Jun 95' noon PDT
To: Multiple recipients of list GYMN-L
 Sub: Intro

Greeting to all Gymn Member,

        My name is Henry, I just joined this club few days ago and
here I'm to let all of you know I'm here and a little bit about myself,
but first of all I like mention that this a wonderful club to be in, I
enjoy all the mail I get.  My deepest gratitude to everyone who put this

        Now about myself, I'm 22, I live in Vancouver, B.C. Canada.  My
country of origin is Taiwan.  It is there where I started gymn, my career
was short live.  I have not touch it again ever since I left my country, but
never of less I enjoy gymn very much as a spectator, I enjoy the strength, the
power, and the grace of gymnastic.  Currently I'm a student and a
full-time amateur athlete in the sport of sprint kayaking, in some ways it
is similar to gymnastic, it require hours of training each day, building
on strength, power, refining technique, and many Km of paddling to build
endurance.  I enjoy going fast on water, but it is watching gymn where I
find peace.  Well I guess that's about it, have a nice day everyone.


Date:    Thu, 29 Jun 1995 09:03:49 -0400
Subject: Re: men's regional qualifiers

This is a small dialogue that Laura and I have exchanged and I thought that
some of you might be interested in Scott Keswick's progress and the 5, 6,7
rule used in team competitions (internationally)

>>> Laura -
>>> have no idea if anyone ever responded to your question about Scott - so
>>> According to his coach  he hyperextened his back
>>> was on crutches and unable to really get around for about 24 hours - he is
>>> now moving around without aid, but doing minimal work - mostly strength- in
>>> the gym about 2 hours per day so as not to lose everything.  The fact that
>>> he is considering even attempting any routines as early as Aug. is a true
>>> testament to his dedication.  He should be up to par to petition for a
>>>position on the
>>> world team, but they aren't sure what they are going to do there due to the
>>> 5,6,7 rule.
>>       What is this 5,6,7 rule??  I know it's been talked about on gymn,
>>but I don't think it was ever really  explained.  Thanks!
>>Laura :)

>Laura -
>5, 6, 7 rule -- a country may send 7 people andALL 7 people are eligible
>to compete --> this is the BIG change - the coach then decides which 6 of
>the 7 will compete on each event, then 5 of those 6 scores count.   Under
>the old rules you brought 7 people, but ONLY 6 were eligible to compete,
>so before the meet started (whole thing, not just a session) the coach had
>to declare which 6 people were competing - in other words, the 7th person
>was there in case one of the other 6 got injured before the meet started
>(if you want to compete hope someone gets injured in practice -- a pretty
>lousey way to get in a meet in my opinion.) -- below are a couple of
>This is great if you have a specialist whose score can bring you over the
>top and have 5 really strong all arounders, and then your 7th guy can have
>a weaker event - kind of like don't put up Mihai Baigu or Bill Roth if you
>can have Paul O'Neil there for rings.
>This was good for the women at world's this year at Dortmund, since they
>were able to bring Shannon as their 7th person, use her in compulsories,
>but not worry that she wouldn't be there for optionals - under the old
>rules you had to declare which 6 gymnasts were going to go up and it
>always had to be the same 6 people, and once the competition started if
>one got hurt, you couldn't substitute in with your alternate (#7) even if
>they were at the competition
>I hope this makes sense - it is much easier to follow after being at a
>meet and seeing it implemented than trying to read it .



Date:    Thu, 29 Jun 1995 08:39:13 CDT
From:    ***@SC1.TAMU.EDU
Subject: Re: intro and question

Yesterday I posted a question about requirements to move up to the
next USGF level, and I was asked to post any responses I received.
So, here's what I have so far. Thanks Leesa and Lori for responding!

        <Date: Thu, 29 Jun 1995 00:28:49 -0400
        <Subject: Re: intro and question

    <Hi Starrla, I'm a coach in Nor. California. They aren't supposed
   < to be moved without the 31.00 but it is done by some clubs and
    <nobody really keeps track- at least around here. We require 2
    <32.00's to move from level 5 but I will advance a kid to the next
    <level if she is a hard worker and very competent at the skills of
    <the next level.

    <Hope this helps,  Leesa

        <Date: Wed, 28 Jun 1995 15:24:46 -0400
        <Subject: Re: intro and question

    <Hi Starrla,

    <For your question as to whether or not your daughter can advance
    <to level 6, she has to score a 31 or higher at a sanctioned meet
    <to advance.  In others words, she can train at level 6, compete
    <one meet at level 5 and as long as she scores at least a 31, she
    <will advance. That is if her coach allows her to move up.

    <A good coach is the best one able to tell if she is ready to
    <advance but she has to score out.



Date:    Thu, 29 Jun 1995 16:53:51 GMT
Subject: Introduction

Hi, my name's Rob and I've just joined the GYMN Mailing list.
I live out in the sticks in the wilds of Berkshire, England and I'm
24 years old (mental age 2 or thereabouts ;-) !!!!)

I'm in the insurance business (I don't sell it though !!!) and I've been
a fan of gymnastics since the 1988 Olympics.  Until I got hold of a
satellite dish a couple of years ago, I only saw the sport once a year
(If lucky) on the "National" TV channels here in the UK.

I don't actually do the sport myself, apart from being totally the wrong
shape, you're more likely to find me running around a football pitch like
a lunatic.

My other interests include listening to very loud music (I'd also say
headbanging but I've not got enough hair for that !!!) and watching / reading
everything Sci-Fi (X-Files, Trek etc).


P.S -  Anyone getting to the end of this message may see a URL for a Gym page.
Don't try this yet cos there's nothing there.  I'm in the process of putting
together three or four pages containing mini-profiles of a few gymnasts with
some pictures of them and others.  I have a video digitizer so nearly all the
pics available will never have been seen before.  I'll post a message to the
group when it's up and running.

P.P.S - Don't expect great things from the page or the pics.  I've only got a
1 mb space and some of that's already used and, whilst the pics look OK on my
colour TV, I'm not sure what they'll be like on a posh Monitor (All offers of
a Monitor so I can see how they look gratefully accepted ;-) !!!)

P.P.P.S - I think I'll finish the P.S's now ("Good Idea", everyone shouts !!!)

            - Rob


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