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Date:    Tue, 27 Jun 1995 22:28:22 EDT
From:    ***@PRODIGY.COM
Subject: To Carl!! Re:Small World

Wow! That's so awesome that you competed for Gymnastrum!
Yep, I know who Kip Simons is... I think I remember his HB
from NCAA Men's Championships one year... did he compete for
Ohio State? Yes, we do compete against Berks too. I go to
Prestige Gymnastics in Lancaster. Well, I guess it really is
a small world! Are you still involved in gymn?
Anne :)


Date:    Wed, 28 Jun 1995 09:27:45 +0100
From:    ***@VNET.ATEA.BE
Subject: Introduction

Hi GYMNers,
After some 13 weeks (someone superstitious around ? :-) ) of
GYMN-membership, I finally got round to writing an introduction (sorry to
keep you waiting).
I am Erik from Belgium and I am 29 years of age. Although my name
sounds French (it should be pronounced something like 'lo-rawn'), I am
Flemish, i.e. from the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium.
On the professional side, I am a software engineer and I am working for
ATEA, a Belgian company belonging to the worldwide Siemens-corporation. I
am part of a team that designs, writes and tests software in the area of
mobile communications.
As for my interests, I try to divide my spare time between electronics,
computers, music and gymnastics.
My gymnastic carreer isn't that spectacular. It only started at the age of
10. It was (and still is) mainly recreational. My skills are limited to A's
and B's. Now and then I even succeed(ed) in doing the occasional C.
5 years ago I started teaching the basics of gymnastics (recreational that
is) to 6 to 9-year olds.
About at the same time I also got involved in our club's organizational and
administrative work. My main task is the membership administration.
At this point I think I have to mention that our club (and in fact most of
the clubs over here) is neither a privately owned commercial club, nor a
college-based one. It's more like a cultural organisation that thrives on
the dedication of a few (to sometimes very few) volunteers, who are foolish
enough to put lots of their spare time into it (yes, I am one of those
_fools_ :-) ). Even the coaches are not paid real wages; merely some kind
of expense allowance. Gosh, do we love our sport !
I must admit that it's not always easy to find enough people and, even more
important, the right people to keep the club going, but we are managing.
The main goal is to give as many kids as possible not only a fun time, but
also a healthy and educational kind of after-school activity. Of course, we
also have some groups of adults. We are even thinking of organising a
men-over-30 competition between some clubs in our region. Although the
level won't be that high (the final scores will probably be somewhere
between 30 and 35 out of 60), at least we will be having lots of fun.
And now for something completely different (quote stolen from some funny
Brits), how I did find out about Gymn. A fellow-gymnast that works at
Hewlett-Packard in Belgium had the opportunity to surf around the web. By
chance he came across the Gymn calendar and forwarded it to me. At last I
had some gymnastics-related internet address. I had been hoping to find one
for some time. In fact I was looking for people from all over the world
that would come to the Gymnaestrada in Berlin.
BTW John 'Mr. Calendar', I don't think I have ever thanked you for
forwarding my message to GYMN (shame on me !). So, thank you very very very
very very very much (that ought to do it :-) ). Also, I promissed you to
that I'd post you the events that I'd find in some Belgian gym-magazines.
As it is, the ones I found were already in the GYMN-calendar.
Up until now, my request resulted in one contact (Hi Helen). So, if there
still are some Gymners out there who are planning to come to Berlin between
9 and 15 juli, you have about one week to make yourself known.
-- OOPS -- I crossed the 50 lines mark. Sorry for that.
As this intro is getting a bit too long, I'll have to end. I still have one
thing to say: GYMN is fantastic. I wish still more people will get to know
it and join in. It's a small world after all (I think I stole this quote
too; just can't remember from where ... :-) ).

CU all on GYMN,



Date:    Wed, 28 Jun 1995 11:11:21 EST
From:    ***@ABBSMTP.ABB.COM
Subject: Re: Introduction

         Erik wrote an intro about himself in this e-mail

         Is it customary to do this on this group?




Date:    Wed, 28 Jun 1995 10:44:36 CDT
From:    ***@SC1.TAMU.EDU
Subject: intro and question


I've been lurking for about a month now and I finally have time to
write a brief intro.

I've been interested/involved in gymastics most of my life. I started
when I was three and continued thru high school. I competed in club
gymnastics and then for my high school in South Dakota. Now I am mostly a
and a parent of a gymnast. My daughter just turned 13 and spends every
minute she can in the gym. She also enjoys reading  the gymn messages.

My daughter's gym competes both USGF and AGA. Last year she competed
level 5 USGF. This is where my question comes in. Does anyone know if
there is a way for a gymnast to advance to the next level if she did
not qualify to move up the previous season? My daughter missed the
qualifying score to move to level 6, but after doing AGA optionals
last spring, she has improved tremendously and is now capable of doing
all of the level 6 skills. Does she need to compete level 5 again
this fall? Or is there a way for her to move to level 6? I sent an
email to USGF and received a message back that my question would be
answered by women's programs, but I never received a reply. Hopefully
someone on the list knows the answer.

I enjoy the discussion in this group and hope to get more involved in
the future, but for now I'll just sit back and "listen" some more.



Date:    Wed, 28 Jun 1995 15:36:51 -0400
Subject: European Cup video

 Hope I'm not being a pain, but I am really bummed about missing
ABC's coverage of the European Cup on 6/24.  Would anyone be willing
to send me their tape of it?  I'd make a copy and send it back to you
immediately.  And pay all costs, and make you a copy of any meets
I've taped (many) and be eternally grateful  :-)

thanks -- Kiki


Date:    Wed, 28 Jun 1995 16:06:04 -0500
From:    ***@SWOSU.EDU
Subject: USAGymnastics

I am curious if it is possible to hook up through the internet to USA
Gymnastics by using Delphi.  I don't know a thing about Delphi .  I had
heard we can get info through there.  Don't even have the address.  Can
anyone help???




Date:    Wed, 28 Jun 1995 17:32:37 -0700
From:    ***@MCN.ORG
Subject: Re: USAGymnastics

>I am curious if it is possible to hook up through the internet to USA
>Gymnastics by using Delphi.  I don't know a thing about Delphi .  I had
>heard we can get info through there.  Don't even have the address.  Can
>anyone help???
As far as I know Delphi is the *only* way to connect with USA Gymnastics, so
you need to subscribe to Deplhi to access it. I have an ad that explains how
to join and get 5 free hours that was in USA Gymnastics magazine. I don't
have the instructions with me, but e-mail me if you want the info.



Date:    Wed, 28 Jun 1995 20:49:06 -0400
Subject: Re: USAGymnastics

AS far as I know this is the current situation:
Delphi is an internet provider with its own interest areas (for fees)
similar to Compuserve, AOL, or Prodigy.  They are probably 4th in size after
Additionally, in order to get information on line from USA Gymnastics, one
would have to sign up and become a subscriber with Delphi.  I know of no way
to access their information otherwise; they don't advertise ftp or other
free connections. Delphi and USAG are both in business.

USAG's e-mail address is  You can put the person you are
writing to in the subject line, and Steve Whitlock (postmaster general, etc)
will forward it to that individual.

Would'nt FTP be nice for professional members?  I'm going to write to Steve
and ask him about the idea.


>I am curious if it is possible to hook up through the internet to USA
>Gymnastics by using Delphi.  I don't know a thing about Delphi .  I had
>heard we can get info through there.  Don't even have the address.  Can
>anyone help???
>Marci Grant


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