gymn Digest                 Sun, 28 Aug 94       Volume 3 : Issue   5

Today's Topics:
                 4 Men Petition to World Team Trials.
                       Commonwealth rhythmic AA
                       Commonwealth rhythmic EF
                      Commonwealth rhythmic team
                      Kerri's Worlds Eligibility
                     Men's Event Finals at Champs
                     Men's Optionals - Nationals
                            Men's Trials?
                             NBC coverage
                   nbc coverage of nat'ls (3 msgs)
                      re Alexandrov at Karolyi's
                            Re Japan News
                          Some Women's notes
                   Spoiler: Top Women AA finishers
                     Spoiler: Women's EF Results
                            US Men's Sr's
                      Women's 5th place finisher
                         Women's AA thoughts
                          Women's Interviews
                             Women's Sr's

This is a digest of the mailing list. 


Date: Sun, 28 Aug 94 01:12:34 EDT
From: ***
Subject: 4 Men Petition to World Team Trials.

I read on Prodigy that Chainey Umphrey, Drew Durbin, Chris Waller, and Jair
Lynch have petitioned onto the World Team Trial in October.



Date: Sat, 27 Aug 94 11:11:23 BST
From: ***
Subject: Commonwealth rhythmic AA

Commonwealth Games rhythmic gymnastics Individual All-Around Results:
(Top Eight)

1. Kasumi Takahashi   (AUS)  36.850
2. Camille Martens    (CAN)  36.600
3. Debbie Southwick   (ENG)  36.350
4= Leigh Marning      (AUS)  35.550
4= Aicha McKenzie     (ENG)  35.550
6= Gretchen McLennan  (CAN)  35.520
6= Joanne Walker      (SCO)  35.520
8. Belinda Moore      (NZL)  35.100

14-year old Kasumi Takahashi became the youngest Gold medallist at these
games (She's younger than Annika Reeder) with some very mature performances
which defies her age. Camille Martens kept the home crowd happy with solid
routines to win silver, and Debble Southwick became the first English rhythmic
gymnast to win any medal in a 'major' competition, watched by HRH Prince
Edward in the stadium.



Date: Sun, 28 Aug 94 10:59:59 BST
From: ***
Subject: Commonwealth rhythmic EF

Commonwealth Games rhythmic EF Medal winners:

1. Kasumi Takahashi  (AUS)  9.300
2. Lindsay Richards  (CAN)  9.050
3= Aicha McKenzie    (ENG)  8.900
3= Joanne Walker     (SCO)  8.900

1. Kasumi Takahashi  (AUS)  9.200
2. Camille Martens   (CAN)  9.000
3= Aicha McKenzie    (ENG)  8.800
3= Gretchen McLennan (CAN)  8.800

1. Kasumi Takahashi  (AUS)  9.400
2. Camille Martens   (CAN)  9.150
3. Leigh Marning     (AUS)  9.000

1. Kasumi Takahashi  (AUS)  9.200
2. Camille Martens   (CAN)  9.050
3. Gretchen McLennan (CAN)  9.000

14-year old Australian Kasumi Takahashi not only became the youngest gold
medal winner at these Commonwealth Games, but also became the most successful
competitor in these Games (in all sports) with 5 Gold medals and 1 Silver.
(Gold in AA and all EFs, silver in team).

That's all for the Commonwealth Games 1994. The next major event that I'll post
on will be the Birmingham Classic at the end of September.


PS I wonder if there's anybody out there who's reading this?


Date: Sat, 27 Aug 94 0:13:51 BST
From: ***
Subject: Commonwealth rhythmic team

Commonwealth Games Rhythmic Gymnastics Team Results:

1. Canada       106.90  (Gretchen McLennan, Camile Martens, Lindsay Richards)
2. Australia    105.30  (Kasumi Takahashi, Leigh Marning, Katie Mitchell)
3. England      103.30  (Debbie Southwick, Aicha McKenzie, Linda Southwick)
4. New Zealand  101.80
5. Cyprus        97.50
6. Scotland      94.60
7. Malaysia      88.60



Date: Fri, 26 Aug 94 18:30:53 EDT
From: ***
Subject: Kerri's Worlds Eligibility

>Kerri is apparently not competing at this meet.  I don't think she is 100%
percent back yet from her scary fall at Classic.  Apparently they will
show that fall during the coverage on TV, you know, just to be extra tacky.

When I heard Kerri was not competing, I looked up the qualifying guidelines
in Technique.  According to the rules, Kerri (as a 1993-94 National Team
member) is eligible to peition into World Trials (October 15-16).  Yes!



Date: Sat, 27 Aug 1994 18:03:26 -0400 (EDT)
From: ***
Subject: Men's Event Finals at Champs

1. Jeremy Killen 9.275
2. McCain 9.1
3. Mark Booth 8.925

1. Bagiu 9.637 (domination)
2. Hanks 9.225
3. Keswick 9.125

1. Keswick 9.625
2. Blaine Wilson 9.45
3. Kip Simons 9.225

1. Wiley 9.112
2. McCain 9.075
3. Klaus 9.025

1. McCain 9.600
2. Bagiu 9.250
2. Killen 9.250

1. Keswick 9.525
2. Bryan 9.225
3. Bagiu 9.175

Roth had to scratch most of his events because he was ill this morning... sick
to his stomach.



Date: Fri, 26 Aug 1994 12:15:35 +1000
From: ***
Subject: Men's Optionals - Nationals

        Here is the team - I don't have any scores, I just got a phone call
from a very excited gymnast, and since nothing has been posted so far -- I
thought that I would at least give the news --

1       Scott Keswick
2       Bill Roth
3       Steve McCain   
4       John Rothlisberger
5       Mihai Baigu
6       Casey Bryan
7       Kip Simons

Mihai got an 8.4 on rings, missed vault and did 2 intermediate swings on PB
to drop to 5th.
John R. got an 8.0 on FX because of spraining his ankle during warm-ups.
Chris Waller did not compete because of a bad back, not the tendon problem.
Bill Roth got the highest Optional score to move to 2nd place.
Jair Lynch did not compete due to a broken finger from last week.

That is all I know - anyone there who would like to fill in the major gaps
- I would love to hear them.



Date: Sun, 28 Aug 94 02:34:31 EDT
From: ***
Subject: Men's Trials?

>I read on Prodigy that Chainey Umphrey, Drew Durbin, Chris Waller, and Jair
Lynch have petitioned onto the World Team Trial in October.

I thought the Worlds trials were only for the women...???



Date: Sat, 27 Aug 94 23:47:25 EDT
From: ***
Subject: NBC coverage

To fill you in on the begining of the coverage, they had girls on the events
 falling off and some crying and saying how tough it was
for girls.
 They did not mention Christy or anorexia/bulimia. It also had poses of
Jennie, Marianna, Shannon, Dom, etc.


Date: Sat, 27 Aug 1994 18:03:53 -0700 (PDT)
From: ***
Subject: nbc coverage of nat'ls


I missed the very beginning of NBC's intro and it looked like they were doing
some soul-searching about the whole "young girls as competitors" business.  Did
they mention eating disorders?  Christy?  Please fill me in.



Date: Sat, 27 Aug 1994 21:25:31 -0700 (PDT)
From: ***
Subject: nbc coverage of nat'ls

> Help!!
> I missed the very beginning of NBC's intro and it looked like they were doing
some soul-searching about the whole "young girls as competitors" business.  Did
they mention eating disorders?  Christy?  Please fill me in.
>         --Abby

I tuned in after the paper said they were showing US nationals.
After about 5 min or so of yammering about how in order to make it in gymn,
a girl has to be bothe smaller that average and still stronger than the others
her size. They finally went into the actual showing of the events.
At that point, they anounced that there were only showing the girls stuff.

I reread the paper and it didnt say they were only showing one gender.

I said some really nasty things, turned off the TV, and logged into my
favorite obscene BBS.

Now I will be the first to say that oftentimes women get a bad shake when it
comes to rights in this here world.  But I also fume when the only coverage
the guys get is during the olympics and even then its lousy coverage.

(Cue: Blood curdling scream )



Date: Sun, 28 Aug 1994 07:30:58 -0400
From: ***
Subject: nbc coverage of nat'ls

Texx writes (in part):

>> ...I missed the very beginning of NBC's intro and it looked like they
>>were doing some soul-searching about the whole "young girls as
>>competitors" business.  Did they mention eating disorders?  Christy?
>>Please fill me in.

According to an item I saw in USA Today late last week, someone from NBC
indicated that eating disorders/Christy would be addressed at some point
during the coverage.  Since I doubt that last nite's intro was it, look for
something in tonight's coverage.

Speaking of the intro, who was the other male besides Nunno doing much of
the on-camera talking (as opposed to Tom Hammond on the voice-over)?  I
didn't recognize him.

>I tuned in after the paper said they were showing US nationals.
>After about 5 min or so of yammering about how in order to make it in gymn,
>a girl has to be bothe smaller that average and still stronger than the others
>her size. They finally went into the actual showing of the events.
>At that point, they anounced that there were only showing the girls stuff.
>I reread the paper and it didnt say they were only showing one gender.

It may have been in the same article cited above, but Tim Daggett was
quoted as saying he hoped NBC would be able to squeeze in a few minutes
(seconds?) of men's highlights.  I sure hope so, given what I'd read this
past week!



Date: Sat, 27 Aug 94 01:10:44 EDT
From: ***
Subject: re Alexandrov at Karolyi's

>Alexander Alexandrov is coaching at Karolyi's now!

I think hell just froze over...


Date: Fri, 26 Aug 94 22:32:00 UTC
From: ***
Subject: Re Japan News

>>This year's NHK Cup was also the trials for the Asian Games and Dortmund
>If one competition served as trials for both, why are the teams slightly
 >different?  Was there different criteria for each team?
I don't have a clue!  However, I'll try to find out exactly how each team
was selected.


Date: Sat, 27 Aug 1994 13:21:06 -0400 (EDT)
From: ***
Subject: Some Women's notes

Well, I don't have time t type up all my notes from yesterday.  I'll send that
in later.
However, until then:

Dom -- absolteutely fantastic!  I've never seen her do such an awesome
Shannnon -- G   stuck her vaults, fell on beam dismount (well,
put her hands down)
Amanda -- really improved
Jennie -- great beam
Amy Chow -- gosh almight!  What difficulty
6. Jaycie Phelsps -- loved            iked her style.  Like Miller.
Martha Grubbs -- threw a double Yurchenko!!


Date: Sat, 27 Aug 94 00:31:30 EDT
From: ***
Subject: Spoiler: Top Women AA finishers

Hi everyone -

I found this at the Mercury Center on AOL. Dominque Dawes won the AA. Shannon
came in second and Amanda Borden in thrid.
Here are the individual scores that I have;
                          (Vault #1, Vault #2, Uneven Bars, Beam,Floor)
1 Dawes - 78.00  (9.9, 9.825, 9.85,?,9.925)
2 Miller - 77.76   (?, 9.95, ?, 9.4, 9.9)
3 Borden - 76.77

That's all it said except that Shannon had a poor landing on her dismount.
>From the score, it looks like she probably fell.



Date: Sun, 28 Aug 94 01:12:28 EDT
From: ***
Subject: Spoiler: Women's EF Results

Hi all -

I haven't seen any postings of this yet on gymn., so.....

I found these results over on Prodigy. Dominique Dawes became the first US
women to win every event final. Shannon Miller won silver on every event. I
don't know who finished in third, the article didn't mention that.



Date: Fri, 26 Aug 1994 18:41:20 -0400 (EDT)
From: ***
Subject: US Men's Sr's

Sorr I didn't send this earlier -- I'm having a devil of a time getting a hold
of a line that will hook up to my accounts.  The hotel modem              
phone line can't
recongnize moe   dems or something like that.  Anyways, here's what I wrote
for men's

Men's Senior Nationals
Optional Session
Thursday, Aug 25 1994
Municipal Auditorium
Nashville, TN

Final results:
1. Scott Keswick, 111.820 (9.25, 9.30, 9.65, 9.15, 9.45, 8.90)
2. Bill Roth, 110.780 (9.60, 9.20, 8.95, 9.40, 9.30, 9.90)
3. Steve McCain, 110.320 (9.10, 9.15, 9.05, 9.45, 9.50, 9.00)
4. John Roethlisberger, 110.200 (8.00, 8.45, 9.65, 8.75, 9.30, 9.45)
5. Mihai Bagiu, 109.620 (8.90, 9.55, 8.40, 7.85, 8.80, 9.30)
6. Casey Bryan, 108.560
7. Kip Simons, 108.480
8. Jeff Lutz, 108.340
9. Blaine Wilson, 108.050
10. Josh Stein, 107.440

For more detail, email me directly...

Highlights of the meet:

Mihai's floor was good, although he overrotated an Arabian double front.  The
crowd *really*
liked his Manna.

Scott Keswick hit every single routine except for high bar, where he missed his
Kovacs.  For the
most part, he was pretty tight, and looked well prepared.  The Kovacs looked
good, too, even
though he missed it.

Kip Simons had a really nice rings with a piked full-in dismount -- 9.70.

Chainey Umphrey scratched due to an ear infection.  Other scratches: Heather
Brink, Tanya
Maiers, Larissa Fontaine (yes, I know those are girls).

Both Keswick and Roth had nice moves to one bar -- Scott did a particularly
good job of holding
his back Stutz's to one bar (Roth's were back tosses).

Roethlisberger, when doing pommels, missed his hand or something and ending up
doing a back
spin on the pommels -- gotta hurt with those pommels in the way...!

McCain had a long pommel routine (a little loose on the scissors) but fell on
Tkatchev/Gienger combo (missed the recatch for the Tk).  His line is really
awesome.  He did hit,
however, a really great toe-on piked Tkatchev.

The routine of the NIGHT was Roth's high bar.  His Gaylord II is a treat for
all, and his 9.9 was
the highest score of the night, easily.  He had a really nice Stalder full
pirrouette at the beginning,
too, and a great full-twisting double layout dismount.

Hanks had an interesting  Xiao Ruzhi on high bar caught in mixed grip with some
strange twist
afterwards, to get out.  Not very smooth, but probably the most interesting
element of the meet.

Roethliberger apparently injured himself in warmups on floor.  He said his foot
kept swelling
larger and larger.  He really had a tough time of it on vault -- the event
nearly killed him.  He
made it through floor, however, with a lot of guts.  Had to hurt.

Trent Dimas is an asst. coach at Gold Cup.  And, Alexander Alexandrov is
coaching at Karolyi's

Mihai hit a really  weak layout Yurchenko (sort of an open tuck, almost)  -- he
really looked
apathetic about it.  Not sure what was up with that.

Blaine Wilson two full hops in a row on HB.

Richard Grace had nice front giants on high bar; and a nice full out (half in
half out?) dismount.

Keswick 's double front to Maltese on pbars was really cool.  Another cool one
was when Josh
Stein did a double on rings -- between crossed straps! Roethlisberger had an
interesting double
pike front with a half twist out on rings for his dismount.  Stein threw a
vault that consisted of a
roundoff to board, half turn to horse, and a piked front off.

Grace's floor was, surprise, cool also.  He did a double double mount, and a
running double front
for this third pass (I think his third), and also and interesting 1.5 front
twist to back extension for
his side pass.

Mike Morgan of ? (will look it up tomorrow) was obviously the best junior.  He
had a much more
controlled and tighter style of gymnastics than all the other juniors, not to
mention a higher level
of difficulty on just about every event.

---From the interviews---

In attendance: John Roethlisberger, Steve McCain, Scott Keswick, Bill Roth

Q: How were you (John) injured?

A: Doesn't know what happened, but it happened during floor warmups; his foot
(left) kept
swelling; his competition floor routine was very watered down; he is 90% sure
that he won't
compete on Saturday.

Q: What does this meet mean to you (Scott)?

A: This meet has been his #1 priority; he trained through the Goodwill Games
for this meet -- as
a result, his performance at Goodwill was "as expected"; he's glad he took
advantage of the
opportunity to do well here.

Q: Were you surprised to finish as high as you (Bill) did?

A: He didn't hear the standings as they were being announced because he wore
headphones in
between routines; it wasn't until rings (his 5th event) that he knew how pretty
he was sitting.  He
didn't bother listening to the placings because "it didn't matter to me". 
What's more important to
him rather than placings is that he has fun.  He's really happy about this meet
because it was his
first one in 4.5 years without any braces, aches, or pains. "I can't describe
how great I feel right
now."  He was glad to hit 6-for-6.

Q: What does this mean for you (Scott) and 1996?

A: This meet is a big confidence builder but anything can happen in two years.
He's not really
thinking about the Olympics right now but rather is pushing for the Dortmund
Worlds.  It will be
strictly a team event and he thinks that it's "time to make our [American]
mark, that's where it's
gonna begin."  He plans to take it down for awhile right now and then build it
back up for Worlds.
(The top 7 men tonight qualify for Worlds.)

Q: How was this meet for you (Steve)?

A: His goal was to make Worlds; he came in and did his routines and ended up
with "by far the
best meet I've had in a long time."

Scott then mentioned how this is the end of a very long season that began in
February.  Bill
agreed with him, and then pointed out that he thinks that Worlds will "bring
the best out of all of

Scott also mentioned that anytime you get involved in a sport that has judges,
each time you do
well, it helps you that much more to do better the next time because the judges
remember you.
"You leave an impression in the judge's head."  [Not sure if he was talking
about himself at
Nationals or his hopes for the team at Dortmund.]

John jumped in here to say that he has some "strong feelings about how the
men's program is
perceived."  He mentioned that he would read issue after issue of "this
gymnastics magazine"
that slams men's gymnastics.  (If you haven't figured itout, yes, the "
magazine" is Gymn.)  He
said: "The men have gotten the shaft, and I'm pissed off." He feels that the
athletes need more
respect "because we're damn fine athletes".
Well, that's it for men's seniors.  I'm afraid the report was a bit lackluster,
but I wanted to get it
out tonight instead of waiting until whenever...


_sorry about that horribl spacing -- I know how anonying it is!------


Date: Sat, 27 Aug 94 13:01:18 EDT
From: ***
Subject: Women's 5th place finisher

Hi everyone -

I read in an article that Amy Chow came in fifth, so I assume Jenny Thompson
came in fourth. Does anyone have the final standings?



Date: Sun, 28 Aug 94 00:24:33 EDT
From: ***
Subject: Women's AA thoughts

A few assorted thoughts about the Women's AA:

Overall, something tells me the US team in Dortmund will be stronger than
some people think...

I continue to be extremely impressed by Amy Chow.  In terms of difficulty and
going for stuff, she's the US version of Tatiana Groshkova.  IMHO, she's
going to develop the consistency that will save her from Groshie's fate...
 It was also nice to see Borden being consistent in a major AA

Where did Dom D get that leo?  I didn't know they had quilting bees in
Tennessee <g>.

They really need to downvalue the Hristakieva vault

Only the mantle of World Champion protected Shannon from falling farther
behind Dom D (perhaps by .1 more per event). 

Even if the telecast was only an hour, it was great to see it packed with
lots of routines and minimal fluff.

Tim Daggett (on Jennie Thompson): "She made the decision to (go to Senior)."
  Did Jennie really make that decision, Tim?

On the topic of commentators, I loved the comment that Dom D turns down the
sound when watching gymnastics.  Obviously Stanford didn't admit her for no

Jennie had some lovely UB transitions

It just occurred to me that Dom D is the first black US women's champ since
Dianne Durham in 1983.  Wonder what Dianne's thinking now...

Did anyone see the NBC camera push Kim Z and Betty O out of the picture while
zooming in on Dom M?  Interesting commentary on the longstanding value of
gymnasts, perhaps?

Does anyone have EF results?

Interesting that Wendy Bruce finished one place (18th) behind her clone,
Jenni Beatherd.

Flames can be directed to



Date: Sat, 27 Aug 1994 12:58:18 -0400 (EDT)
From: ***
Subject: Women's Interviews


(I had batteries for my tape recorder today...)

In attendance: Dominique Dawes, Amanda Borden, Jennie Thompson,
Shannon Miller, Steve Nunno, Kelli Hill

First to Dom:

Q: Can you talk about the win and how you felt tonight?

A: I felt really good about my win but I was mostly excited about how I
worked with everything throughout the workouts and throughout the

Q: Were you discouraged after World Championships in April and have
any lack of motivation after you returned?  You look better than ever.

A: Thanks. Usually when I make a mistake I am discouraged; I was pretty
much upset because it was the same thing I did wrong in '93. So I was
discouraged about that.

Q: When you got back was it hard to get motivated?

A: It was hard to get motivated with that vault again.  I had a lot of
troubles with it.  But I came over it.

Q: Do you feel like you've beaten some kind of barrier by beating Shannon
in the all-around?

A: My goal wasn't really to go out there and beat Shannon; it was just to do
the best job that I could. So I haven't broken a barrier at all; I just did my
job, and I was really proud of it.

Q: But still, with this win, it's good verification that you were working on
all the events....

A: Yeah, I feel like I didn't perform well because I had a little bit of
in the compulsories and the optionals.  But I felt I did pretty good.

Q: Where did you have some trouble?

A: Compuslory bars and beam; and optional bars because Idon't have a real

Q: The crowd really seemed to warm to you in the floor exercise. Did you
feel that?

A: Usually, for the floor exercise, most of us try to get the crowd involved;
that's what I tried to do and I was really pleased with how the crowd

To Kelli Hill
Q: Did Dominique's win tonight erase some frustrations tonight for you
from the last couple of years?

A: Oh I haven't been frustrated the last couple of years. We've had our ups
and downs, but I wouldn't call it a frustrating couple of years.  I think she's
been very successful in both 93 and 94; to be ranked 4th and 5th in the
world... I don't think that's too frustrating. We've made our  mistakes, but
it's nice to come back tonight.

To Shannon:

Q: You were really close to keeping your title; what kind ofmade the
difference tonight?

A: Well, my dismount off beam, I touched my hands.  I made a mistake
and I knew that for the last two events I had to come back and do really
well, to kind of redeem myself from the last event.

Q: You were hot on the vault; you must be happy with that; was that the

A: Probably yeah; vault and floor were.  I've never stuck my vault in a
competition, so that was really exciting for me.

Q: How are you feeling? You had the Goodwill Games last month; is it
hard to do that and then come back rather quickly?

A: I think it's usually not that hard except this time we had to do
compulsories also, so we did a lot of training in compulsories when we
came back from the Goodwill Games.

To Amanda:

Q: You told me before the meet that you felt like this was your time to
shine.  Are you pleased with the results?

A: Very pleased.  I had a great day today. Compulsories went really good
also except I had that mistake on vault. But today I went out and hit my
routines to the best of my ability, so I was really pleased.

Q: Is it a big breakthrough for you to move into a medal position?

A: It was a goal to move up from 4th last year, so it was.

To Steve:

Q: Do youthink that Shannon's heavy schedule this year took some of her
competitiveness away?

A: I don't know if it took her competitiveness away. Obviously, a sign of
the competitive edge would be, on the last event, if you can hammer out,
when you're down... she came out, she didn't lose any wind out of her sail,
came back 9.9, 9.95 on the last two events. So, her competitive edge is still
there.  She was a little modest in explaining the transition from the
Goodwill Games to this competition. It was very difficult.  I *know* it was
difficult for the coaches, even to just come back from a trip like that. To get
up for the National Championships, after you've been in a big international
meet, it's almost anticlimatic. For some of the kids.  And it showed; it
showed a little bit in the training. And it was going to come out in the
wash, I was just hoping to get through.., and they did. But I think that had
a little bit to do with it, I mean, I think the desire was there. I think it
was a
little bit because they came from the travel, and being up for two meets in
the same month.

To Jennie:

Q: You're keeping good company at such a young age; what worked for

A: Well, it wasn't one of my better meets.  In compulsories I had a pretty
good meet; I pretty much set myplace.  Today I had a couple of mistakes.

To Steve:

Q [I asked this one, so it's a Gymn question, heh heh] : At the Goodwill
Games you had made a mention that you might not bring Shannon to the
World Championships, Dortmund Worlds....

A: Right...

Q: What is your stance on that right now?

A: Well, it's a little discouraging to find out that the World Champion from
the USA had to requalify for the team  world championships in the same
year, only 5 months later. And that's what she has to do.  She'd have to go
in *another* meet to qualify, the Trials, and it was just really discouraging
to find out she'd have to be in another competition before the World
Championships. So, right now we're hedging towards not competing in the
team championships. And also, you know, Shannon has a major goal, a
larger goal, of competing at the Atlanta Olympics. As we found out here, if
you compete in too many meets, you can, as one journalist reported, could
possibly lose your competitive edge. So, we don't want to. We don't wanna
lose that. So I'm going to have to pace Shannon, and I'm sure that Kelli is
going to do the same with Dom, into the Olympics Games. As they get
older, they can't compete in every single meet. Both of these girls have
competed in an enormous number of meets. So I think this is something
that Shannon will possibly... ; Shannon will share in the decision making
in this thing.  Right now we want to keep healthy and happy.  And we also
was a little bit of time to train some things.  She'd like to the opportunity
train some of the things the other kids are training.

To Amanda:

Q: Nadia said after the meet, that Shannon and Dominique trading places
at this meet, it gives the younger girls hope that things can change if they
work harder.  Is that true?

A: Well, anything's possible. It depends on the competition and how
everyone does at that meet.

To Jennie:

Q: What about you, were you encouraged that everyone can move up?

A: Well, like Amanda said, anything can happen. It just depends on who
hits and who doesn't.

To Steve:

Q: What about you, Steve, is that good for the girls in your gym? [This
reporter obviously wanted a meaty answer to this question.]

A: [Laughter].  Well, it's not good for *all* the girls in my gym, you can
ask her right now. Not one of the girls in my gym. [laughing again, both
reporters and Nunno]. No, actually, I think it was encouraging for
Shannon. If Shannon's going to lose to anybody... Dom is a great gymnast,
and I think we were really happy... both of us were ... right after Shannon
made a mistake, and she knew that Dom was going to come in and really
take the all-around. We're happy for Dom. We think that she'd done an
enormous amount for the country. No one else deserves it more than
Dominique Dawes.  To win a championship like this, and I'm happy for
her coach as well.  I think  it's a feather in her cap; she's just a phenomenal
trainer. As far as we're concerned, Shannon beat herself; I don't think it
was discouraging at all.  She knows she made a mistake, that's why she
lost. We'll carry it in with the younger kinds; I think the younger kids,
they're gonna see... well hey, Jennie Thompson trains with us, and she
ended up 4th in the competition. We're gonna be in the hunt as well, and I
think Jennie feels very encouraged. She's right on track in accomplishing
her goals as Shannon was when she was Jennie's age.

Q: I'm not trying to imply that 2nd was a loss...
A: And we're not taking it that way.  I think Shannon, she's been in so
many competition. She's been on the high end of the stick every time. She's
been on the top end in every competition. Dominique had a great training
at World Championships both years, and we were there and ended up on
the short end of the stick. We knew eventually Dominique was going to
have her day, and today's her day. We're happy for her. But Ithink also
Shannon feels that she really wanted to represent the country well at the
Goodwill Gams and have a good experience in Russia; Dominique chose to
not do that competition and train for this meet.  And I think it shows, the
intelligence of both sides.


Me to Steve Nunno, who is wearing a black T-shirt that says "NCAA, vote
Yes" on it.  (A bit more writing than that, actually, listing the number of a

Q: Can you explain to me what your shirt means?

A: The shirt I'm wearing right now, it means save the men's
championships. The men's programs for NCAA... they're thinking about
being discarded. I was a male gymnast, so I competed in the National
Championships, and I'd like to see them continue. I think it's a great sport
for kids and a great sport for collegiate athletes,and I'd like to see them
keep it.


Date: Sat, 27 Aug 1994 13:09:51 -0400 (EDT)
From: ***
Subject: Women's Sr's

Here are the results:
1. Dominique Dawes (9.9, 9.85, 9.85, 9.925) 78.000
2. Shannon Miller (9.95, 9.75, 9.4, 9.9) 77.760
3. Amanda Borden (9.625, 9.750, 9.400, 9.900) 77   6.770
4. Jennie THompson 75.660
5. Amy Chow 75.500
6. Jaycie Phelps 75.140
7. Kellee Davis 37.800
8. Kristin McDermott 74.350
9. Summer Reid 74.170
10. Marianna Webster 73.730
11. Martha Grubbs 73.700
12. Karay Fry 73.950
13. Sarah Balogach 73.470
14. Soni Meduna 73.360
15. Ashlvey Kever 73.350
16. Amanda Curry 73.310
17. Jenni Beathard 37.75               73.000
18. Wendy Bruce 3   72.860
19. Kristi Lichey 72.780
20. Rachel Rochelli 72.770
21. Sarah Cain 72.570
22. Jessica Ws   ashburn 72.300
23. Katie R   Fits   zpatrick 72.200
24. Cara Lepper 72.190
25. Laura French 72.080
26. Jamie Martini 71.730
27. Wendy Ellsberry 71.220
28. Karin Lichey 70.950
29. Eileen Diaz 70.590
30. Lanna Appisukh 70.170
31. Lisa Gin   anni 69.710
32. Denise Jones 68.600
33. Beth Amelkovich 62.090
34. Sammie Muhleman 50.600
35. Mohini Bhardwaj 49.040
36. Larissa Fontaine 43.170
37. Heather Brink 40.290
38. Tanya Maiers 38.640


End of gymn Digest