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Today's Topics:
                           American Classic
                         AP: NCAA Convention
                       Buckeye Classic results
              Gold Cup wins GymMaster's Invite (2 msgs)
                             help on BHS
                   High School Gymnastics (2 msgs)
                            HS Gymnastics
                    Index of Electronic Resources
                       Jennie Thompson (3 msgs)
                            list migration
                          Network Addresses
                       New moves (etc) (2 msgs)
                            Olympic videos
                   Questions re: floor dance music
                          RE : HS Gymnastics
                       Response on "new moves"
                       Shannon Miller Highway?
                Stanford - Cal Season Opener (2 msgs)
                            Upcoming meets
                       USAG announces Mall Tour
                            Washington Cup
                       What's available on ftp
                        Yale vs. Northeastern

This is a digest of the mailing list. 


Date: Wed, 18 Jan 1995 03:36:53 -0500 (EST)
From: ***
Subject: American Classic

More info on the American Classic

Daily Schedule - American Classic

Wednesday 2/15
        9:00am - 9:00pm         Arrivals

Thursday 2/16
        10:00am - 1:00pm        Training - Regions 1,2,3,4      Comp Gym
                                Training - Regions 5,6,7,8      Warm Up Gym
        1:00pm - 4:00pm         Training - Regions 5,6,7,8      Comp Gym
                                Training - Regions 1,2,3,4      Warm Up Gym
        4:00pm - 7:00pm         Open Training                   Comp Gym
        9:00pm                  Orientation Meeting             Parc Oakland
                                Competitive Draw

Friday 2/17
        9:00am - 12:00pm        Training - Sr. Int.             Comp Gym
                                Training - Jr. Int.             Warm Up Gym
        12:00pm - 3:00pm        Training - Jr. Int.             Comp Gym
                                Training - Sr. Nat.             Warm Up Gym
        3:00pm - 6:00pm         Training - National Level       Warm Up Gym
        4:00pm - 6:15pm         Warm Ups - Sr. Int.             Comp Gym
        6:30pm - 8:30pm         Compulsories - Sr. Int.         Comp Gym
        6:00pm - 8:30pm         Training - Jr. Nat.             Warm Up Gym
        8:30pm - 10:00pm        Training - Jr. Nat.             Comp Gym

Saturday 2/18
        9:00am - 11:00am        Training - Sr. Int.             Comp Gym
        11:00am - 1:00pm        Clinic - National Level         Warm Up Gym
        1:00pm - 4:00pm         Optionals - Jr. Int.            Comp Gym
                                Training - Sr. Int.             Warm Up Gym
        4:00pm - 6:00pm         Warm Up - Sr. Int.              Comp Gym
        6:30pm - 9:00pm         Optionals - Sr. Int.            Comp Gym

Sunday 2/19
        8:00am - 11:20am        Clinic - National Level         Golden Bear
               &                                                Gymnastics
        1:30pm - 4:00pm                                         UC Berkeley


Date: Wed, 11 Jan 1995 18:47:47 -0500 (EST)
From: ***
Subject: AP: NCAA Convention

> No, the Peter was Kormann and not Vidmar who was having dinner with Dick
> Aaronson, RON GALIMORE (who was forgotten), Fred Turoff,  and Roy Johnson.
> Peter Vidmar was just there to be interviewed I suppose, although he is not
> coaching a University team at this time (at least not to my knowledge -- if
> he were it would probably be BYU considering his background.)

Except he (Peter V.) lives in Irvine, CA (at least last I heard)



Date: Tue, 17 Jan 1995 22:07:44 -0700 (MST)
From: ***
Subject: Buckeye Classic results

I just called up Cypress to get these results:

Buckeye Classic
Columbus, OH

1. Cypress A 151.55 (Flammer, Pickens, Curry, Diaz, Rochelli)
2. American Twisters 149.55
3. Cypress B 148.675
4. CO Aerials 148.225
5. Buckeye 145.3

Sr. AA
1. Amanda Curry (Cypress) 38.025
2. Eileen Diaz (Cypress) 37.725
3. Jamie Graziano (American Twisters) 36.8
4. Rachel Rochelli (Cypress) 36.775
5. Missy Leopoldus (CO Aerials) 36.65

Jr. AA
1. Doni Thompson (CO Aerials) 38.075
2. Monica Flammer (Cypress) 37.95
3. Shannon Watt (American Twisters) 37.75
4. Andree Pickens (Cypress) 37.475
5. Kinsey Rowe (Cypress) 37.425

Event Finals
VT -- Anna Gardena (Buckeye) 9.6
UB -- Rochelli 9.8
BB -- (tie) Flammer, Theresa Kulikowski (CO Aerials), 9.525
FX -- Kristy Powell (CO Aerials) 9.875

Cypress had 20 of the 40 event finalists.



Date: Sat, 21 Jan 95 11:09:06 MST
From: ***
Subject: Gold Cup wins GymMaster's Invite

GymMaster's Invite
Houston/Texas City, TX
January 19-21, 1995

Hey Gymn!

I attended the GymMaster's invitational "Open Team" competition last
night. GymMaster's (previously Gymnast Factory) is a gym about one
mile from Rice University (where I went to school), but this is the
first meet of their's that I've attended.  This meet also served as a
qualifier to the US Winter Cup Challenge.


--Mihai won despite botching his Arabian double front on floor and
many other smaller skills. He was the top gymnast (only National team
member) and Gold Cup was the top team, so he wasn't exactly fighting
for landings and such. His Kovacs was awkward, somehow, perhaps
because it opened little, if any, out of the tuck position. He had a
nice Manna to double front pike on pbars.

--Gold Cup had classy pbars and high bar, as a team. Good form (toe
point!), nice skills, smooth routines, etc. Mike Williams threw a
Gaylord 2 (missed regrasp, but nice form and flight) on high bar. I
wasn't there for Gold Cup's floor, so I don't know if he's throwing
his triple or not (he is the first American to throw a triple back on
floor). Gold Cup won every event except rings, which was won by

--Jarrod Hanks (what a cutie) is coaching at Bart Conner Gymnastics
Academy. The gymnasts were wearing (you guessed it) Milano
International. I never thought of them making men's competitive
clothing, somehow, with all of those Nadia ads.

--Mark Booth had interesting choreography on floor but fell there and
other places to only finish fourth. He was certainly capable of
breaking the Gold Cup sweep, though.

--A Cypress gymnast wrapped himself on high bar (where the grip locks
in place but the gymnast keeps swinging around the bar) -- but somehow
he managed to not break his wrist. I don't know much about it, but
isn't it almost better to have a clean break rather than stress the
wrist that badly?

--I don't know his name, but there was a gymnast who was 30 years old
(according to someone in the audience), a midget, and a rings
specialist. He was VERY popular with the crowd-- after he finished, a
judge from another event turned around and yelled across the floor
"hey! I missed it! Do it again!"

--GymMasters did not award tropies and medals except in the team
events. Rather, for the individuals, they gave places 7-10 a pair of
shorts; 4-6 received a "GMI '95" cap; and 1-3 received GMI'95
sweatshirts and money (1st-$500, 2nd-$300, 3rd-$150).


1. Gold Cup, 215.25
2. GymMasters, 203.05
3. Houston Gymnastics Club, 197.45
4. Cypress, 193.85 (?)
5. Buffalo Grove, 191.50
6. Atlanta School of Gymnastics, 188.35

1. Mihai Bagiu, Gold Cup, 54.85
2. Mike Williaams, Gold Cup, 54.55
3. Robby Kieffer, Gold Cup, 54.35
4. Mark Booth, Stanford, 52.35
5. San Juan Jones (?), Tallahassee, 52.10
6. Ritchie Ellis, HGC, 50.8
7. Shawn Townsend, GymMaster's, 50.6
8= Craig Nesbitt, Springfield, 50.35
8= Tim ?, International, 50.35
10. Justin ?, Gold Cup, 50.30

Sorry for the question marks -- I got these results as the announcer
read them, and with all the talking around me, it was a bit fuzzy...

Individual event finals tonight!

Yours in gymnastics,


Date: Sat, 21 Jan 1995 15:00:06 -0500 (EST)
From: ***
Subject: Gold Cup wins GymMaster's Invite

> --I don't know his name, but there was a gymnast who was 30 years old
> (according to someone in the audience), a midget, and a rings
> specialist. He was VERY popular with the crowd-- after he finished, a
> judge from another event turned around and yelled across the floor
> "hey! I missed it! Do it again!"

Could this possibly have been Mike Matzek?  Mike was a friend of mine at
Stanford, is very short, good on rings, and has to be closing in on 30,
though I'm not sure exactly how old he is.  Last I heard he was coaching
in Arizona somewhere, but that was several years ago, and I lost track
of him.  If anyone knows where he is, could you let me know?



Date: Sat, 21 Jan 1995 01:27:49 -0500
From: ***
Subject: help on BHS

Can someone help on a problem of roundoff backhandsprings?  I can't seem to
get legs together or whip enough.  I also go crooked.  Part of this may be I
never took gymnastics lessons.  My standing backhandsprings or okay, but I
need help w/ the RO BHS.  Please post or private e-mail me at:


Date: Thu, 19 Jan 95 09:47:53 EST
From: ***
Subject: High School Gymnastics

Hi all!

I don't know how other states run high school gymn meets, but things are
kinda screwy here in North Carolina.  The North Carolina High School
Athletic Association doesn't conduct a State Championship in gymnastics,
but teams still compete, and have their own State Championship (which is
next weekend here in Raleigh), which they kind of run themselves.

Another odd thing:  you can't throw any D moves.  If you do, it's an
automatic five point deduction.  That's right, 5 full points, NOT 0.5
points.  I found this out on Tuesday when I was talking to my friend
Emily who is on her high school team.  (Emily and another girl make up
the team.)  Emily's dad told me that other parents complain the team
since Emily goes to Helen Paesler Academy, which is run by her gym,
Gymcarolina.  Other parents say that it's not fair that they can go to
the gym everyday.  Tough, I say.  A lot of the other gymnasts on the
Raleigh area high school teams went to Gymcarolina at one point anyways.

A little side note:  Emily competed at the Dynamo Invitational in
Oklahoma City and was able to see Shannon's new routines.  She didn't
say a lot about them, just that she had saw them.  I'll try and find out
anything more later.



Date: Thu, 19 Jan 1995 09:31:59 +0600
From: ***
Subject: High School Gymnastics

> I don't know how other states run high school gymn meets, but things are
> kinda screwy here in North Carolina.  The North Carolina High School
> Athletic Association doesn't conduct a State Championship in gymnastics,
> but teams still compete, and have their own State Championship (which is
> next weekend here in Raleigh), which they kind of run themselves.

In Minnesota, this was the case for boys' gymnastics for the last
few years that it even existed, because of lack of teams. The coaches'
association sponsored a state competition. 1991 was the last year
this was held, and there were only 5 or 6 teams.   :(

In contrast, girls' gymnastics is going strong. There are even separate
championships for the big schools (class AA) and little schools (class A)
sponsored by the Minnesota State High School League.
> Another odd thing:  you can't throw any D moves.  If you do, it's an
> automatic five point deduction.  That's right, 5 full points, NOT 0.5
> points. 

That does seem weird. Dumbing down / lowest common denominator?
Insurance problems?

Last year here, one girl threw a Jaeger (sp?) in her bars set. This year,
I've seen one bars set with a reverse Hecht. There are lots of kids
with giants. On beam, I've seen a few standing backs. I have no idea
how those tricks are rated, but they seem to be the upper bound of
difficulty in high school routines here.

By the way, some Minnesota gymnasts are exceptions to the rule that
high schoolers don't get onto college teams. But it is true that
most of these kids were on club teams exclusively until their last
year or two of high school. On the other hand, it seems that clubs
support gymnasts on high school teams with off-season instruction.



Date: Thu, 19 Jan 95 14:38:28 EST
From: ***
Subject: HS Gymnastics

> > A little side note:  Emily competed at the Dynamo Invitational in
> > Oklahoma City and was able to see Shannon's new routines.  She didn't
> > say a lot about them, just that she had saw them.  I'll try and find out
> > anything more later.
> >
> Please, Brent...tell us Shannon has a new floor routine!?!  I think everyone is
> sick of that same tired piece she's been using since before Barcelona!!!
>   Cole Holmes

If I remember correctly, she has new routines on floor and beam. 



Date: Sat, 21 Jan 1995 13:32:41 -0700 (MST)
From: ***
Subject: Index of Electronic Resources

Following is what I have compiled thus far... please write me with
suggestions or corrections if you have any within the next week. 

List of Electronic Gymnastics Resources
last updated: 21 January 1995

The following is an index of all known electronic resources for the
sport of gymnastics.  Suggestions concerning both content and format
are welcome!  If you use one of these resources, and notice a mistake,
please write to me as I use only a couple of these resources

This latest version of this file is archived at

Please write <> to update, add, or delete a resource
from this index. While every effort is made to be accurate, the
information in this article changes often and is not guaranteed.

[1] America Online
[2] Compuserve Information Service
[3] Gymn
[4] NorCal BBS
[5] Other GIFs
[6] Prodigy
[7] Usenet
[8] USA Gymnastics Online! 
[9] WWW sites

[1] America Online (AOL)

How to access the resource: Join AOL. (800) 227-6364

Fees: $9.95/month for five hours, plus an additional $2.95 for each
extra hour. Trial offer: First 10 hours free.

Description: AOL has gymnastics in its Grandstand area. Find
"Keywords" on the menu and type in "Grandstand". Then double-click on
the "Sports Message Boards" icon, "Other Sports", "List Topics", and
then finally, "Gymnastics". After you've navigated this far, reaching
the end of the folder to read the most recent msgs will still take
awhile. From the Grandstand screen, you can also double-click on the
"Sports News" folder, "More Sports", and then "Gymnastics"-- this will
give you a few wire stories. Additionally, you can access many
newspapers and TV networks; for example, the ABC Sports Board has
gymnastics items in its "Wide World of Sports Section." Or, you can
search the "Datatimes Sports Section" by keyword "gymnastics" to find
sports news from local papers around the country. AOL provides you
with fairly complete Internet access (mail, gopher, Usenet, etc).

[2] Compuserve Information Service (CIS)

How to access the resource: Join Compuserve. (800) 848-8199

Fees: The basic fee is $9.95/month, but many of the gymnastics-related
areas are "extras" beyond this fee that add up quickly. Its nickname
of "CI$" is not an accident!

Description: Compuserve does not have any area dedicated to
gymnastics. Some infrequent discussion happens in the Sports Forum (GO
FANS). Occasionally, GIFs are distributed on the Reuters
Wire. Compuserve offers an "Executive News Service" (GO ENS) which can
be used to "clip" wire stories based on key words you provide;
"gymnast*" works best. However, ENS is $15 per hour. Several libraries
have gymnastics GIFs: GO ARCHIVES (Sports/Fitness/), GO CORNER (People
& Portraits), GO GALLERY (Wisconsin Hist. Soc.), GO QPICS (DTP &
Clipart, People & Portraits), GO WPUSER
(Present'ns/Graphics/). Compuserve offers Internet mail (but a fee is
charged for each msg) and ftp (fees unknown).

[3] Gymn

How to access the resource: Email a subscription request to Also, use ftp or gopher to access the archives.

Fees: None (beyond Internet service provider's fees).

Description: Email forum with a variety of people (fans, coaches,
judges, gymnasts) who discuss gymnastics. Traffic ranges from 0 to 40
messages per day. Content includes scores; discussion of competitions,
technique, rules, and personalities of the sport; interviews; trivia
contests; personal anecdotes; etc.  Gymn archives and other files
(addresses, subscription cards, calendar, etc) can be found at:
<>. Also, there is an additional site
for GIFs at: <>.

[4] NorCal BBS

How to access the resource: Dial-up BBS.  (Directions below)

Fees: None (beyond long distance fees).

Description: This BBS is up and running 24 hours a day except when
offline for maintenance.  Baud: up to 14,400; Nodes: one at (707)
585-7441.  Content includes lots of news from USAG Online! and posts
from the Gymn Forum in the message area. Files for download include
latest committee minutes from USAG, gymnastics results, and a small
but growing collection of GIF's. The sysop is Ben Corr, voice line at
(707) 585-7448.

[5] Other GIFs

How to access the resource: Use ftp or gopher to access the site.

Fees: None (beyond service provider's fees).

Description: More GIFs!

[6] Prodigy (*P*)

How to access the resource: Join Prodigy. (800)-PRODIGY

Fees: Plans are either $9.95 or $14.95/month, but the gymnastics area
is not covered in the monthly fee.  Your time in the gymnastics area
is charged at $2.95/hr.

Description: To navigate to the gymnastics area: Press J (For JUMP);
then "Sports BB"; then there are graphics on screen to direct you to
the correct topic and subject headings. Go to SELECT TOPIC and choose
GYMNASTICS. Then go to the line marked READ SELECTED NOTES. *P* then
gives a list of the notes and from which the users picks the ones to
read.  Material on the forum is exclusively women's gymnastics, and
has a strong collegiate audience.

[7] Usenet

How to access the resource: Use your favorite newsreader to go the
specified groups.

Fees: None (beyond Internet service provider's fees).

Description: Several newsgroups have gymnastics discussion, but there
is not one that is dedicated to gymnastics.  Newsgroups carrying
occasional gymnastics discussion include,, and clari.sports.olympic.

[8] USA Gymnastics Online! 

How to access the resource: Join Delphi. (800) 695-4005.  Or, by
modem: (800)-365-4636. Press [return] 3-4 times. At the password, type
"GYMNASTICS".  (You can still contact USGF electronically if not a
Delphi member; see below).

Fees: Typically $10 to $23/month, depending on your usage. Connect
charges apply during business hours, except if "telnetting" from the
Internet. Trial offer: First five hours free.

Description: From the Delphi main menu, just type "GR USA".  USAGO!
offers libraries, articles from Technique and USA Gymnastics, press
releases, forum discussion, conferences, athlete registration,
merchandise ordering, and more.  This is the official online service
of USA Gymnastics, the national governing body for the sport of
gymnastics in the United States.

Even if you are not a member of Delphi, you can send email to the USAG
office via Internet email; the address is In the
subject, name the USAG employee or Department you wish to contact,
such as "Attn: Women's Program." The USAG sysop delivers email
messages daily to the appropriate persons/departments.

[9] WWW sites

How to access the resource: use the World Wide Web on Internet

Fees: None (beyond Internet service provider's fees).

1994 Asian Games:
1994 Commonwealth Games:
1994 Goodwill Games:
1994 Goodwill Games:

Information on gymnastics is scattered throughout the various pages of
the sites.

Thanks to everyone who helped to compile this info!

Compiled by Rachele:
preferred address: ***
other addresses: RACHELE [Delphi]
                 72263,1767 [Compuserve]

Copyright (c) 1995 by Rachele Harless, all rights reserved.  This
article may be posted to any USENET newsgroup, on-line service, or BBS
as long as it is posted in its entirety and includes this copyright
statement.  This article may not be distributed for financial gain.


Date: Thu, 19 Jan 1995 21:26:07 -0500
From: ***
Subject: Jennie Thompson

>Sure, but going from Dynamo to Karolyi's back to Dynamo back to Karolyi's
back to Dynamo (or did she start at Karolyi's?) may be a little
excessive, no?  She may have perfectly legit reasons, but those on the
>outside can't help but wonder and speculate.

Yes, she may have legit reasons for making so many moves (if in fact she has
changed several times - I don't know nor do I care).

What is important is that, for whatever reason, a student and parent may
"hire" any instructor or coach to advance her training at any time.  If the
"client" feels that better "service" can be found somewhere else at any time
than so be it. 

The instructor/coach, on the other hand, always has the opportunity to refuse
to accept a student.

If a student respects the instructor enough to  discuss concerns and reasons
why a move is desired, and the instructor is mature enough to not take it
personally and respect that some times the best thing for the student is a
change, they may both benefit from the seperation.  After all, how do you
know if the grass is greener at another gym if you haven't seen it?  You may
discover that you had it great where you were and only needed a different
perspective to appreciate it.



Date: Sat, 21 Jan 1995 02:26:52 -0500
From: ***
Subject: Jennie Thompson

>What is important is that, for whatever reason, a student and parent may
"hire" any instructor or coach to advance her training at any time.  If the
"client" feels that better "service" can be found somewhere else at any time
than so be it. 

By that logic, a child should be able to change schools back and forth



Date: Sat, 21 Jan 1995 14:51:06 -0500
From: ***
Subject: Jennie Thompson

Until you have had to change gyms or coaches as a gymnast, it is difficult
for you to criticize/explain the move.  For what ever reason she may have
moved so many times, you have to assume it was for the better.


Date: Fri, 20 Jan 1995 00:27:28 -0700 (MST)
From: ***
Subject: list migration

Due to the growth of Gymn, and prompted by the welcome suggestion of a
couple Gymners, we have been looking around for a "true" listserv.
Penn State has offered to be the new Gymn host.  Many thanks to Gymner
Dan Bernitt for getting this together!  He was the one who facilitated
our ftp/gopher site too, so we're quite in debt to him now!

I don't have much info to pass along yet.  I just wanted to let you
all know the goings-on.  As soon as I know more, I'll send it to Gymn.



Date: Thu, 19 Jan 1995 09:51:57 EST
From: ***
Subject: Network Addresses

Email addresses addendum.  Forwarded from stumpers-l



NBC News=
ABC News=
CBS isn't included.

> [snip...] At any rate, here are the
> addresses of the broadcast and non-premium cable networks
> most likely to show gymnastics.  If you want to praise,
> complain, or plead, here's where to do it:
> 77 W. 66th St.
> New York, NY  10023
> 51 W. 52nd St.
> New York, NY  10019
> ESPN [or ESPN2, I assume]
> ESPN Plaza
> 935 Middle St.
> Bristol, CT  06010
> 30 Rockefeller Plaza
> New York, NY  10112
> TNT or TBS
> One CNN Center
> P.O. Box 105366
> Atlanta, GA  30348
> Cheers,
> >>Kathy


Date: Tue, 10 Jan 1995 11:32 -0600 (CST)
From: ***
Subject: New moves (etc)

  Greetings from summer down-under
  Thought folk might be interested in the new elements
  submitted for women at Dortmund.  Not all were performed -
  or performed well enough to be recognised and therefore
  officially "in the code".
  Shannon Miller/Jaycie Phelps  No. 3.505  Start Value 10.00
  1/2 turn on - 1/2 turn with stretched salto forward off
  Amy Chow  Group 2  Value D
  Stalder backward to handstand with 1 1/2 turn either as 1/2
  turn in handstand phase and 1/1 turn after handstand phase
  or 1 1/2 turn after handstand phase.
  Adrienn Nyeste  (Hungary) Group 5  Value D.
  Straddled Gienger
  Yuka Arai (Japan)  Group 8  Value E
  Circle swing down forward between both bars in eagle grip to
  double salto forward tucked with 1/2 twist dismount.
  Zita Lusack (GBR)  Connection D  + D  (+ 0.20)
  Back uprise to handstand, healey turn, back straddle to
  Elena Grosheva (Russia) Group 2.309  Value C
  Split jump with 1/2 turn
  Claudia Presecan (Romania) Group 2  Value D
  Side split jump (180o split) landing in front lying support
  or similar (Shushunova)  Similar to 1.312 on floor
  Stratmann (Germany)   Group 2  Value E
  Straddle jump or Side split jump with 1/1 turn
  Leyanet Gonzalez Group 2  Value E
  Side split jump with 1/1 turn
  Kerri Strug Group 8 Value D
  Stretched gainer salto backward to scale, 1/2 turn to
  balance on land leg, other leg bent forward, toes touching
  Svetlana Hcorkina No. 8.502  Value E
  Gainer 1/1 twist salto
  Stratmann (Germany) Connection  C + D  + 0.20
  Leg Change (switch) leap immediate tucked side salto
  Andrea Leman  Group 2  Value D
  Change leg ring leap with 1/2 turn
  Amy Chow USA  Group 2  Value D
  2/1 turn with free leg held forward above 90o from start to
  end of turn
  Elena Grosheva (Russia)   Group 8  Value E
  Double front salto
  Worner (Germany)  Connection  Supplement to 7.202
  Roundoff, 1/2 turn flyspring (B) front salto stretched with
  1/1 twist front salto tucked  (Direct connection BDA)
  BD + 0.20  DA + 0.20
  Did you know that the team size of 7 maximum with 6 up on
  each event and the highest 5 scores on each event was
  superseded before it was even trialled at Dortmund?  From
  now on the team size is maximum of 6 with 5 up on each event
  and highest 4 scores to count.
  After Atlanta, the age for international competition e.g.
  Worlds and Olympics will be turning 16 for women, and for
  Juniors - turning 13.
  The 1996 Artistic Worlds will be in San Juan Peurto Rico 15-
  21 April.  The 1997 Artistic Worlds will be held in
  Lausanne, Switzerland.
  The first Aerobic World Championships will be conducted by
  the French Gymnastic Federation in Paris end of November or
  beginning of December 1995 (under the auspices of the FIG).


Date: Thu, 19 Jan 95 13:06 PST
Subject: New moves (etc)

>   Adrienn Nyeste  (Hungary) Group 5  Value D.
>   Straddled Gienger

  Isn't this Deltchevy...  Am I to assume its done with no break in hips?

>   BEAM
>   Elena Grosheva (Russia) Group 2.309  Value C
>   Split jump with 1/2 turn

  Didn't Potorac do this (Ok, not very well, but I know she did it)


Date: Thu, 19 Jan 1995 20:33:39 -0500
From: ***
Subject: Olympic videos

I am very much interested in obtaining videos of the women's gymnastics
competition (team, all-around, and event finals)  from the 1992 Olympic Games
in Barcelona.  Anyone who taped these segments from either NBC or Triplecast
and is willing to sell them (or copies), please E-Mail me with descriptions
and price.  I am willing to pay fairly for them.  Thank-you!

Ann Marie


Date: Thu, 19 Jan 1995 02:07:39 -0500
From: ***
Subject: Questions re: floor dance music

In answer to a question about when orchestration of floor ex. music was first
allowed I said ...

"1981 was the first year that orchestrated music was used in the World

Now immediately after I sent that I began to think that I remember hearing
orchestration in both the '79 Worlds (remember Nelli's bad disco beat) and
the '80 Olympics (most noteably Davidova's Egyptian beat) too. No-one has
corrected me yet but it actually was the *1979* Worlds where full
orchestration was first allowed. Many people did still use the live piano

My logic in originally saying it was '81 (not that this excuses my error or
anything) was that I was thinking that they wouldn't change in mid-Olympic
cycle (which always begins the year after the Olympics). Sorry for the goof
... it was  a bad day for facts overall for me earlier that day I listed
"Buenos Aries" as a *country*! Oops  ... I think I need more sleep ... or
less sleep ... or something like that. =)



Date: Thu, 19 Jan 95 9:37:29 CST
From: ***
Subject: RE : HS Gymnastics

> A little side note:  Emily competed at the Dynamo Invitational in
> Oklahoma City and was able to see Shannon's new routines.  She didn't
> say a lot about them, just that she had saw them.  I'll try and find out
> anything more later.
Please, Brent...tell us Shannon has a new floor routine!?!  I think everyone is
sick of that same tired piece she's been using since before Barcelona!!!



Date: Fri, 20 Jan 1995 22:03 -0600 (CST)
From: ***
Subject: Response on "new moves"


  >>   Adrienn Nyeste  (Hungary) Group 5  Value D.
  >>   Straddled Gienger
  >  Isn't this Deltchevy...  Am I to assume its done with no break in hips?
  The wording on the original submission read:
  Basic position:  Handstand on the high bar, swing down between the bars,
  swing forward, salto BACK with straight body, with straddled legs,
  turn 180 degrees with closing legs, grip (catch) on the high bar in hang
   .. swing forward.
  It would appear that the body is stretched and that there is more
  backward salto before the half turn. 
  It could well be interpreted to be a Deltchev, perhaps a little later
  with the turn. so that the turn is more back than forward.  Most judges
  would just assume a release and call it "D"
  >>   BEAM
  >>   Elena Grosheva (Russia) Group 2.309  Value C
  >>   Split jump with 1/2 turn
  >  Didn't Potorac do this (Ok, not very well, but I know she did it)
  I'm not sure why the element was submitted at all, as it is in the
  Code already with a number (2.309).  Maybe they did not realise it was
  already listed and were hoping for a higher evaluation.
  If the legs had been straddled rather than split, it would be D value


Date: Thu, 19 Jan 1995 19:00:06 -0700 (MST)
From: ***
Subject: Shannon Miller Highway?

The AP wire reports that city officials in Edmond might honor Shannon
Miller by renaming a main thoroughfare after her.

Mayor Randel Shadid: "We've had suggestions about either naming a
street or putting her name on a water tower. I think we'd probably
prefer to name a street."

The resolution designating the Broadway Extension in Edmond as
"Shannon Miller Highway" was supposed to have been considered Monday,
but the agenda item was pulled until next month's meeting.

Mayor Shadid also said: "We need to visit with merchants and her
agent. We are going to do something in her honor, but we want her to
be involved."

Renaming Broadway Extension would require approval from the state
Transportation Department.


Date: Fri, 20 Jan 95 05:07:00 UTC
From: ***
Subject: Stanford - Cal Season Opener

Here is a copy of a report that I wrote for Gymnastics Insider.
                     STANFORD - CAL SEASON OPENER
        Friday the 13th was the season opener for both Cal and Stanford.
Friday the 13th was a charm for Stanford and a hex for Cal.  From the
opening rotation it was Stanford all of the way.
        Stanford opened on vault while Cal was on bars.  Stanford's vaulters
performed 2 layout Tsuks, 3 handspring fronts and a handspring front-piked.
Opening night jitters and early season rustiness was apparent in several of
the vaults.  Katie Jennings and Jene Elzie had uncharacteristic falls on
their vaults.  Dispite their problems Stanford came out of vault with a
        Cal's bar set showed how much the missed two of their strongest all-
arounders, Candace Kwok and Christine Nishimoto.  They were both out with
minor injuries.  Opening night jitters got to sophomore Jennifer Wang.  Her
reverse-grip giant to a piked geinger ALMOST made it.  She was just an inch
too high and too far from the bar.  The potential for a great routine was
clearly apparent.  Sophomore Mindy Ornellas turned in the team's high score
of 9.60. With only five competitors on bars, all scores (including one fall)
counted for a set score of 45.825.
        Trailing by 1.475 points, Cal moved to vault while Stanford went to
bars.  Now Stanford sung bars like they owned them.  All six competitors had
at least two release moves.  It is only the beginning of the season, so
there were some minor form breaks and they had to count a fall on Katie
Jenning's full-twisting double back dismount.  Jene Elzie turned in the
highest bar score of the night (9.825) with a double back dismount that
floated down out of the sky!  With every Cardinal score of 9.8 or better, a
Mizuno tee-shirt was tossed into the crowd.  The crowd loved it.
        Cal had some rough luck on vault.  Warm-ups were great, but several
vaulters choked under presure.  The high point of the set was Lisa
Washington's 9.90 for her handspring front-pike.  Another notable vault from
the Cal Bears was Mindy Ornellas' full-twisting Tsuk (9.70).
        After the second rotation, Stanford had stretched their lead to 2.85
points.  (95.35 vs. 92.50)
        The third rotation brought Stanford to beam and Cal to floor.  Cal
showed upgraded routines this year with every Bear having a double back in
their routine.  The start of the season showed some rough edges, but the
choreography is novel and exciting.  Unfortunately, Erin Power, injured her
ankel on her opening pass and so the bears had to go with five competitors
on floor and beam.  Mindy Ornellas had a strong routine that featured a
front through to a double back mount and a double back for her second pass.
Mindy's 9.675 gave her a second on floor for the night.
        Stanford dominated the beam.  They had to count one fall and had
some ragged wobbles, but they fared better than Cal.  The full-twist
dismount was the order of the day, except for the amazing freshman, Keri
Monahan.  Keri not only threw a layout-layout pass, but dismounted with a
strong double back.  She earned the top score on beam (9.75) for her effort.
        Stanford moved to floor with a comfortable 3.8 lead.  Stanford
showed a wide range of choreographic styles that were entertaining and well
performed.  Everyone performed double backs, everyone made them and some did
it twice!  The difficulty level has gone up for Stanford, too.  Top scorer,
Jene Elzie, opened with a layout front through to a full-twisting layout-
front, followed by a double back and ending with another layout front.
        Cal strated out shakey on beach and ended up having to count 3
falls.  Sophomore Jennifer Wang showed great potential with a series of two
solid layouts.  Two other Cal Bears came close to nailing their layou-layout
series, but unfortunately in this sport, close doesn't cut it.  Cal slipped
further behind Stnaford to finish the evening 6.375 points behind a
victorius Stanford. (190.575 vs. 184.20)
        The Cardinal fans that filled Burnham Pavillion got the victory they
came for and a whole lot more.  A mid-meet pizza delivery to the lucky
winner of a door prize added to the high spirits.
        The Stanford Cardinals had a good season opener that showed promise
of taking them to Nationals. (I hope)
Kathy E.


Date: Sat, 21 Jan 1995 09:26:57 -0500 (EST)
From: ***
Subject: Stanford - Cal Season Opener

Kathy -- thank you so much for posting the article on Cal and Stanford!  For
all you folks out in the Bay Area -- I'd love to hear any and all
information you have on Stanford's season, men and women!  Btw, is that
190.575 a Stanford record for the first meet of the year?



Date: Mon, 9 Jan 95 21:12:45 -0500
From: ***
Subject: Upcoming meets

Has anyone heard any news about the Buckeye Classic (i.e. what teams are going,
etc.) that is coming up this weekend?  Also, is the format the same as it
was several years ago when the team prelims were Friday and Saturday and
finals were on Sunday?  I am trying to decide if it is worth the drive home
this weekend (I just got back to school today).

Also, does anyone know about getting tickets for the International Mixed
Pairs in Seattle in March or should I call Ticketmaster in Seattle?



Date: Fri, 20 Jan 1995 17:14:53 -0700 (MST)
From: ***
Subject: USAG announces Mall Tour

A Press release from USA Gymnastics Online!:

Date: January 13, 1995

Luan Peszek, Director of Public Relations
Ramonna Robinson, Coordinator of Public Relations

USA Gymnastics, the National Governing Body for the sport of
gymnastics in the United States, has created a National Mall Tour to
debut in the spring of 1995.

The Mall Tour will showcase current National Team members and
Olympians in gymnastics exhibitions, clinics and autograph signing
sessions. The Mall Tour is designed to help introduce children to the
sport and assist gymnastics clubs in increasing enrollm ent, as well
as promote current National Team members leading up to the 1996
Olympic Games.

"The Mall Tour is probably one of the most important marketing steps
we can take for our sport," said USA Gymnastics President Kathy
Scanlan. "Not only will this benefit our membership, but it will
create viable promotional opportunities for our sport an d sponsors."

The first two sponsors to come on board are L'eggs and Reebok. USA
Gymnastics hopes to conclude its sponsor roster in the next 30 days.

"The Mall Tour is a great way to introduce children to the sport and
to highlight Reebok's commitment to sports and fitness for all ages,"
explained Chester Wheeler, Sr. Director of Global Sports
Marketing. "We think this is a great way to showcase the fun and
excitement of gymnastics."

 The tour will stop on Saturday and Sunday in 20 cities across the
country including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston and Atlanta.
The tour will begin in late April of 1995 and conclude in September
1995. Most of the malls where the gymnasts will perform are managed by
Simon Property Group, one of the nation's leading developers and
managers of shopping centers.

The centerpiece for the Mall Tour is a 20' by 20' stage that will
showcase all of the gymnastics exhibitions, clinics, aerobic and
cheerleading demonstrations, as well as the planned fashion
shows. Additionally, sponsors have individual booths to conduct
various retail and gymnastics promotions, as well as distribute
product samples and premiums. A mechanism to secure a database of
visitors is planned and will be shared with sponsors.

"Our involvement in gymnastics allows us to focus our Olympic
Games-related promotions at the grassroots level," said Howard
Upchurch, L'eggs Director of Sheer Hosiery. Upchurch said the planned
1995 activities set the stage for brand promotions that lea d into the
1996 Olympics. "Gymnastics will help us maintain momentum in
extracting the value of our Olympic Games sponsorship," he said.

#   #   #


Date: Sat, 21 Jan 1995 19:16:30 -0500 (EST)
From: ***@mv.MV.COM
Subject: Washington Cup

Is anyone familiar with the Washington Cup.  Like where exactly is it being
held and where would be a good place to look for Hotels.  This will be our
first time competing there.  Any info about it would be appreciated.



Date: Sat, 21 Jan 1995 13:44:38 -0700 (MST)
From: ***
Subject: What's available on ftp

Just a note to update any non-frequent ftp/gopher'ers as to what's the
latest on our ftp site:

A file called "About.Gymn" -- a general description of Gymn that you
can send to people who want to know more about the forum.

A directory for Addresses, that contains files for US Clubs,
International federations, the TV networks, and collegiate men's and
women's programs.

A directory for "Ascii-Art", mostly populated by David's fancy

A directory called "Calendar" which splits up the calednar posted to
Gymn into files of individual months.  (By ftp, this is still only one
file -- the gopher program will thread this one file into the various
months, which is why there's a difference.)

A directory for "Digests", which has megs and megs of old issues of
Gymn's digest.

A directory for Gymnastics Results, which has just about everything
(thanks to Debbie for all her typing!)

A directory called "Resources" -- within here, there is a directory
called "Print" which contains everything that our Publications
directory used to (descriptions of magazines, 1993 indexes of USA
Gymnastics and Technique, and subscription cards for: _IG_, _USA
Gymnastics_, _Technique_, _Gym Stars_, "The Gymnastics Insider").

"The Gymn Reporter" directory, for when we were thinking of making
special digests just for our competition reports (but interest died
out, and I didn't have time!)

There are also a couple other small files (How to subscribe to Gymn,
disclaimer, etc), but not really worth the effort to ftp jsut for
those files.  =)

SOON, we will have the index of trivia sets uploaded too.  Mara has
already sent me her list and once I have added the digests that the
sets can be found in, I will post the index to Gymn and add it to the
ftp site.

And, not as soon, but in the next couple of months, we should have the
FAQ uploaded too!



Date: Sat, 21 Jan 1995 15:16:51 -0500 (EST)
From: ***
Subject: Yale vs. Northeastern

Just got back from this meet.  It was a lot more fun than last week's,
because Northeastern is much better than Brown and MIT, and there were
only two teams instead of three (there are only two sets of judges, so
last week's meet took forever).

Yale and Northeastern are remarkably well-matched teams, so the
competition was close.  NE won V and FX by slight margins, Yale BB by a
slight margin, but it was a pretty bad day for NE on UB, and that really
made the difference.  Interesting stuff -- attempted handspring double
full on V; two Healys of sorts on UB (like S. Miller does); several of
those pike/tuck jumps with full twists (some more full than others) on
BB, also ro-straddle jump very well done.  Nothing special that
I recall on FX, but somebody's music was the same as Joyce Wilborn's from
'86 (whatever that song is called).  Oh well, at least it wasn't
"Rocky".  One other gripe -- I cringe to watch full-grown women stand on
the low bar!

One more home meet -- vs. Vermont on Feb. 18.



End of gymn Digest