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Topics of the day:

  1. Pan Am Games (2)
  2. Schmiden International (Rhythmic)
  3. Intro (includes 'meet coverage' idea)
  4. PR: Stormy Eaton
  5. Where is Jennie Thompson?
  6. "meet coverage idea"
  7. Pan Am scores (2)
  8. Olympic Ticket info
  9. Olympic Ticket Prices
 10. Eaton's death
 11. Arizona gymnastics news


Date:    Sun, 19 Mar 1995 11:16:02 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Pan Am Games

Did anyone ever find any TV coverage of this meet? I know that is was
supposed to be carried on the Liberty Sports Network (which we on the West
coast do not get). Also, I check all of Telemundo's (Hispanic Station)
coverage and they had nothing but the opening ceremonies, diving, boxing, and
tons of "futbol" (soccer). Anyone else find anything else?



Date:    Sun, 19 Mar 1995 18:13:07 GMT
From:    ***@IC.AC.UK
Subject: Schmiden International (Rhythmic)

Schmiden International (Rhythmic)

Germany's Magdalena Brzeska won most of the medals on offer. There
aren't many big names at all there, Russia's three representatives
were Inessa Gisikova, Olga Michalskaya and Viktoria Anikina.

Alexandra Timoshenko the '92 Olympic champ was there to give a TV
interview in German. She's looking very well.



Date:    Sun, 19 Mar 1995 13:51:03 EST
Subject: Pan Am Games

I haven't found coverage either. We have Sports South here in Atlanta, and they
are covering the Pan Am Games, but there is no detailed listing of event
coverage in my weekly TV mag (like Wide World of Sports) and I haven't seen
gymnastics when I've checked. Frankly, considering that gymnastics always sell
out (and that ACOG sees fit to charge $1600 for Olympic tickets to the 15
events) I'm FED UP with the constant lack of TV coverage. We should start a
ground-swell movement - or an all-gymnastics satellite station.



Date:    Sun, 19 Mar 1995 13:52:46 EST
Subject: Intro (includes 'meet coverage' idea)

I'm a 38-year old male. I live with my family in the Atlanta area (hey Gymn -
read on, I'd love to cover the '96 Olympics Women's gymnastics).

I'm a computer project manager by day out of necessity, and a freelance writer
(pen name J.R. Lakeland) and gymnastics enthusiast by night out of love. I've
been in love with women's gynamstics ever since the '68 Olympics. I'm not quite
sure what it is, but I find myself consitantly mesmerized. I'm so-so on men's
gymnastics ever since high school when my hands slipped as I hovered over one of
the pommels on the horse.

With the Olympics coming I'm attempting to get credentials as a freelancer to
justify spending every day at the arena, but being such a largely commerical
event I'll probably hit a stone wall not representing a particular publication.


Date:    Sun, 19 Mar 1995 14:49:05 EST
Subject: Re: PR: Stormy Eaton

> Ellis was flying low over a friend's home when the plane became caught
> in electrical wires and crashed, Sheriff's Sgt. Kathy Paleski said.

This is another sad thing about the crash -- it didn't have to happen.  It's
against FAA regulations to fly a plane that low; that is to say, it's illegal.
The pilot knew better, but did it anyway, which really frustrates me.  It was
just two days ago in a seminar I was in on helicopter flight that the teacher
said, "When a pilot says, 'Watch this,' it's time for you to ask for the pilot
to land so you can get out and watch from the ground.  'Watch this' causes an
immense number of accidents in private aviation, none of which should happen."



Date:    Sun, 19 Mar 1995 16:53:59 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Where is Jennie Thompson?

   was Jennie t. in american Classic?
       If not, what is going on with her?

                   practice makes perfect


Date:    Sun, 19 Mar 1995 15:18:38 -0700
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: "meet coverage idea"

| With the Olympics coming I'm attempting to get credentials as a
| freelancer to justify spending every day at the arena, but being such
| a largely commerical event I'll probably hit a stone wall not
| representing a particular publication.

This seems like a good opportunity to explain credentialing through

Gymn sometimes gets credentialed to cover various gymnastics meets.
The Gymn reporter is obligated to send relatively complete scores and
a description of the competition and press conference to Gymn in a
timely fashion. Everyone is encouraged to send their comments to Gymn
about any competition they attend, regardless of if they are the Gymn
reporter.  The benefit to Gymn of having a reporter credentialed at
the meet is that we obtain access to the scoresheets, press
conferences, and any other information distributed by the host of the
competition (bios, notes and quotes, etc).

Reporting for Gymn is a lot of fun but a lot of work too. Interested
people are encouraged to contact me. Unfortunately, we cannot apply
for credentialing for all interested people, so please do not be
disappointed or mad if it doesn't work out. Generally, this is what we
look for in a Gymn reporter:

 * A "visible" Gymner for awhile, contributing positively to
   the forum
 * Age --> at least 21 years old (exceptions can be made down to 18)
 * Ability to report "objectively".  Not easy with a subjective sport,
   of course, but the reporter is expected to more of a journalist
   than a "general Gymn poster".
 * Gymnastics knowledge (technical understanding helpful)
 * While Gymn's informality is its asset, we look for the reporter
   to maintain a professional manner during the meet and demonstrate
   the true spirit of gymnastics.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



Date:    Sun, 19 Mar 1995 15:24:47 -0700
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: Pan Am scores

Well, this is the best that I could dig up after being off line for a
week.  I don't know why I'm missing the latter three events of men's
event finals, or the 9th place on down for women's all-around finals,
but I guess this is better than nothing!


(From a variety of sources)

March 12, 1995
Women's Team Finals

1, United States (Mary Beth Arnold, Sparks, Nev.; Amanda Borden,
Cincinnati; Amy Chow, San Jose, Calif.; Shannon Miller, Edmond, Okla.;
Kristy Powell, Colorado Springs; Katherine Teft, Grand Rapids, Mich.;
Doni Thompson, Colorado Springs), 388.475

2, Cuba (Yuresy Bermudez, Mayludis Bombino, Lisandra Cardeso, Leyanet
Gonzalez, Lidia Hidalgo, Arazay Jova, Annia Portuondo), 369.125

3, Argentina (Laura Alvarez, Ariadna Argiotia, Ana Destefano, Nancy
Diorio, Romina Mazzoni, Romina Plataroti, Aldana Simone), 368.450

4, Brazil 356.875
5, Canada, 337.950
6, Bolivia, 292.825

March 13, 1995
Men's All around Finals

1, Erick Lopez, Cuba, 56.375
2, John Roethlisberger, U.S., 55.725
3, Lazaro Lamelas, Cuba, 55.400
4, Damian Merino, Cuba, 55.350
5, Kristan Burley, Canada, 54.925
6, Peter Schmid, Canada, 54.450
7, Stephen McCain, U.S., 54.300
8, Mihai Bagiu, U.S., 54.150
9, Diego Lizardo, Puerto Rico, 53.375
10, Isidro, Ibarrondo, Argentina, 53.175
11 (tie), Travis Romagnoli, Canada, and Victor Colo, Puerto Rico, 52.800
13, Marco Montiero, Brazil, 52.750
14, Jose Marzago, 52.650
15, Marcelo Palacio, Argentina, 52.625
16, Eduardo Haro, Mexico, 51.800
17, Fabricio Olsson, Brazil, 51.375
18, Jose Solano, Mexico, 51.100
19, Sebastien Alvarez, Argentina, 50.950
20, Andres Sanchez, Mexico, 50.175
21, Manuel Bejarno, Venezuela, 50.125
22, Milciades Santiago, Dominican Republic, 49.525
23, Alexander Rangel, Colombia, 49.150
24, Gabriel Chevere, Puerto Rico, 41.650

March 14, 1995
Women's All-Around Finals

1.  Shannon Miller, USA       38.587
2.  Amanda Borden, USA        38.575
3.  Amy Chow, USA             38.375
4.  Annia Portuondo, CUB      37.600
5.  Romina Plataroti, ARG     37.450
6.  Jennifer Exaltacion, CAN  37.275
7.  Soraya Carvalho, BRA      37.212
8.  Shanyn MacEachern, CAN    37.150

March 15, 1995
Men's Event Finals

1, Damian Merino, Cuba, 9.625
2, Bill Roth, Philadelphia, 9.500
3, Kristan Burley, Canada, 9.487
4, Fernando Menghi, Argentina, 9.275
5, Travis Romagnoli, Canada, 9.200
6, Erick Lopez, Cuba, 9.125
7, Marcelo Palacio, Argentina, 9.075
8, John Roethlisberger, Minneapolis, 8.750

Pommel Horse
1, Erick Lopez, Cuba, 9.450
2, Mihai Bagiu, Albuquerque, 9.350
3, Richard Ikeda, Canada, 9.300
4, John Roethlisberger, Minneapolis, 9.275
5, Jason Hardabura, Canada, 9.100
6, Gabriel Chevere, Puerto Rico, 9.050
7, Abel Driggs, Cuba, 8.725
8, Higinio de la Barrera, Argentina, 8.625

1, Damian Merino, Cuba, 9.725
2, John Roethlisberger, Minneapolis, 9.550
3, Erick Lopez, Cuba, 9.500
4, Alan Nolet, Canada, 9.325
5, tie, Sergio Alvarino, Argentina, and Diego Lizardi, Puerto Rico, 9.275
7, Chris Waller, Albuqurque, 9.075
8, Isidro Ibarrondo, Argentina, 8.875

March 16, 1995
Women's Event Finals

1, Amy Chow, San Jose, Calif., 9.718
2, Shannon Miller, Edmond, Okla., 9.706
3, Annia Portuondo, Cuba, 9.662
4, Shanyn MacEachern, Canada, 9.443
5, Arazay Jova, Cuba, 9.381
6, Ana DeStefano, Argentina, 9.325
7, Soraya Carvahlo, Brazil, 9.193
8, Romina Plataroti, Argentina, 8.850

Uneven Bar
1, Shannon Miller, Edmond, Okla., 9.812
2, Amy Chow, San Jose, Calif., 9.725
3, Annia Portuondo, Cuba, 9.650
4, Eileen Diaz, Puerto Rico, 9.587
5, tie, Romina Mazzoni, Argentina, and Soraya Carvahlo, Brazil, 9.312
7, Lena Degteva, Canada, 9.187
8, Ana DeStefano, Argentina, 8.887

1, Amanda Borden, Cincinnati, 9.612
2, Annia Portuondo, Cuba, 9.600
3, Leyanet Gonzalez, Cuba, 9.500
4, Katherine Teft, Grand Rapids, Mich., 9.478
5, Soraya Carvahlo, Brazil, 9.450
6, Jennifer Exaltacion, Canada, 9.012
7, Marleen Lavoie, Canada, 8.562
8, Romina Plataroti, Argentina, 8.337

1, Shannon Miller, Edmond, Okla., 9.812
2, Amanda Borden, Cincinnati, 9.787
3, Leyanet Gonzalez, Cuba, 9.387
4, Jennifer Exaltacion, Canada, 9.375
5, Annia Portuondo, Cuba, 9.187
6, Romina Plataroti, Argentina, 8.850
7, Ana DeStefano, Argentina, 8.775
8, Soraya Carvahlo, Brazil, 8.725.


Date:    Sun, 19 Mar 1995 19:02:36 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: Pan Am scores

>2, Cuba (Yuresy Bermudez, Mayludis Bombino, Lisandra Cardeso, Leyanet
Gonzalez, Lidia Hidalgo, Arazay Jova, Annia Portuondo), 369.125

Isn't this practically the same team [at least 50%] that they had in Santiago
in 1991?  I seem to recall, Cardeso, Gonzalez, Jova & Portuondo (injured)



Date:    Sun, 19 Mar 1995 16:55:13 -0700
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: Olympic Ticket info

This is from r.s.o, in turn from IBM pages on the WWW:
The following was gleaned from an IBM press release as published at

   TIMELINE:     -- May 1, 1995 -- ticket brochures available/tickets
                     on sale to the U.S. public.
                 -- May 1-June 30, 1995 -- Ticket requests postmarked
                     between these dates are eligible for FairTix.
                 -- September 1995 -- Mail-order customers receive
                     ticket confirmation.
                 -- January 1996 -- Customer service for mail-order
                     customers; i.e. mail-order customers may buy
                     additional tickets and request OAF tickets.
                 -- December 1, 1995 -- Last day new mail-orders
                 -- Winter 1995 -- Phone sales begin.
                 -- Summer 1996 -- Box office locations open.

See the original document for more detailed information about how the
ticketing system is being developed!


Date:    Sun, 19 Mar 1995 19:25:07 EST
Subject: Olympic Ticket Prices

>(and that ACOG sees fit to charge $1600 for Olympic tickets to the 15 events
>>Is that definite?  Have you seen a preview of the brochure?

Here is the poop as published as of 3/17.  Tickets go on sale May 1 (no requests
postmarked before 5/1, and no express mail as destination is a P.O. Box) - one
request form per person.

All non-final events for artistic are $27, $38 and $80. Each day (2) of men's is
divided into three events, each women's (2) into two. The final event on the
second day is the team finals, and the prices for those are $80, $106, $212.
The individual all-around finals are a single event, men one day and women the
next, and they are priced the same as the team finals, and the apparatus finals
are are the same as well, but spread over two days, being divided into: day 1
(men's floor, horse, rings, women's unevens, vault) and day 2 (men's vault,
parallel bars, high bars, women's beam, floor).

A 'season ticket' can be requested which brings all 15 events (a gymnastics
exhibition as well, which for some reason costs $106, $133, $265) - the sticker
is $1610. The kicker is that if the season tickets are sold out you don't get
any individual event tickets unless you request (and pay for them) in addition
to your request for the season ticket.

Rhythmic are $25, $32 for the preliminaries, $35, $53 for the group and
individual finals, and $30, $43 for the individual semi-finals.



Date:    Sun, 19 Mar 1995 18:05:03 -0700
From:    ***@DANA.UCC.NAU.EDU
Subject: Eaton's death

        Sorry I wasn't around a computer when the news came out about
Stormy. Since no one else has posted anything personal, I guess I will. I
went to his summer camp, Supercamp, way back when in the early 80s ('82,
I think) which is where I first met him. I saw him over the years at
various other meets.
        Stormy was, above all else, fun. He always considered gymnastics
a really tough sport and that his job was to:
        A) Motivate
        B) Encourage
        C) Break the tension and monotony as much as possible by playing
funky loud music, joke around and bribe gymnasts who were having problems
with a new, difficult trick. Getting out of strength workouts, free stuff
from the pro shop and that sort of thing.
        I remember how much pride he took in teaching us old sing-alongs
and setting up _the best_ haunted trail many of us would ever hope to go
on. I and two other girls in my cabin stole his red underwear and ran it
up the flagpole. I think most other coaches would've killed us, but he
took it in great fun!
        One of the neatest things about him was that he was crazy and
took risks and led by example. One time my coach in Tucson was talking to
him about new studies that had come out about how if you learn tricks on
your bad side (different hurdling legs, etc.) then it will greatly
improve those tricks on your regular side. So our coaches had us doing
all the basic roundoffs, walkovers, handspring stepouts on our bad sides.
He talked to Stormy about this, and Stormy replied "Oh yeah - I have my
kids doing double fulls that way!" Turns out they could throw most
everything the other way....
        If his gymnasts had to run, he ran with them. In fact, he did the
Ironman Triathlon in the mid-'80s, finished, and to prove he still wasn't
done, threw a roundoff, two backhandsprings on the _asphalt_. He promised
that the next time he did the Ironman, he would do an entire floor
routine when he was finished.
        He was the unusual combination of a deadicated, top-level coach
who knew how to have fun and instill that attitude in his gymnasts. I
think many of you could tell that in his announcing during top events.
Last year at the Reese's Cup, he was in top form, teasing the gymnasts and
having the audience look under their seats to see if they'd won a brand
new Stingray Corvette -- windshield wiper blade!!!
        Needless to say all 4000 of us were caught with our behinds in
the air, looking under our seats...
        Stormy was one of those people I could never imagine growing old,
and in a way, it was sort of fitting the way he went, buzzing low to
suprise a friend who lived in the boonies. My deepest condolences to his
gymnasts, their families and the families of David and Stormy. They were
wonderful people who positively touched thousands in our community, real
or virtual.
         The mother who was injured is at the hospital in town. If
anyone wants to send a flower or card or something, I can easily forward



Date:    Sun, 19 Mar 1995 18:09:48 -0700
From:    ***@DANA.UCC.NAU.EDU
Subject: Arizona gymnastics news

        Found a couple of items:
        -Kerri Strug fans take heart - she decided to rest through the
American Cup and Pan Ams to recover from an inner ear infection. No big
injury or major problem to report.
        -ASU defeated U. of Arizona in a dual meet this week, but Arizona
was without the services of Becky Bowers and could only field five
routines on bars. She is out with a strained elbow ligament. Sorry,
didn't get details - the meet was held in Phoenix.


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