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  1. Budget Rent a Car Inv.
  2. Life after college...
  3. European Cup Womens AA


Date:    Sat, 17 Jun 1995 00:48:55 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Budget Rent a Car Inv.

Does anyone know what Ukrainian women will be competing there? Sorry this is
very short notice since the meets tomarrow but I really wanted to know


Date:    Fri, 16 Jun 1995 23:11:01 PDT
From:    ***@CISCO.COM
Subject: Re: Life after college...

Well, I tried it for a while, despite college injuries that eliminated me
from a couple of events...

More than most sports, Gymnastics is based on continually improving;
learning new tricks, doing the old ones better, always going higher, or
faster, or whatever.  If you've had an active gymnastics career through
college, you've probably pretty much hit the top of the curve by the time
you graduate.  Past college, it's a struggle to hold on to what you used to
be able to do, whether this is merely because you no longer have the time
to work out 12+ hours/week, or whether it really is "old age" creeping up
on you.

Add to this that the sport is progressing even faster than you are
regressing, that you're probably surrounded by kids half your age who are
better than you, and that gymnastics requires a sort of intensive coaching
that isn't very compatible with adult attitudes (especially if your coach
is younger than you are), and I don't think that it's suprising that so
few people continue gymnastics past college.

In a bad mood


Date:    Sat, 17 Jun 1995 19:37:34 BST
From:    ***@IC.AC.UK
Subject: European Cup Womens AA

European Cup 1995       Rome, Italy     16-18 June, 1995

Womens All-Around Results

                                  VT     UB     BB     FX    Total
 1. Svetlana Khorkina   (RUS)   9.824  9.825  9.800  9.862   39.311
 2. Simona Amanar       (ROM)   9.787  9.850  9.675  9.875   39.187
 3. Yelena Piskun       (BLR)   9.787  9.762  9.775  9.775   39.099
 4. Lilia Podkopayeva   (UKR)   9.687  9.825  9.787  9.737   39.036
 5. Gina Gogean         (ROM)   9.812  9.837  9.187  9.875   38.711
 6. Irina Boulakhova    (UKR)   9.631  9.725  9.675  9.650   38.681
 7. Vassou Tsavdaridou  (GRE)   9.649  9.600  9.637  9.737   38.623
 8. Monica Martin       (ESP)   9.749  9.612  9.550  9.675   38.586
 9. Dina Kochetkova     (RUS)                 9.350  9.775   38.568
10. Cecile Canqueteau   (FRA)   9.581  9.612  9.587  9.712   38.492
11. Adrienn Nyeste      (HUN)   9.681  9.637  9.450  9.675   38.443
12. Maya Shani          (GRE)   9.587  9.725  9.212  9.512   38.036
13. Olga Yurkina        (BLR)   9.343  9.437  9.587  9.637   38.004
14. Laetitia Begue      (FRA)   9.550  9.775  9.637  9.037   37.999
15. Mercedes Pachecho   (ESP)   9.587  9.700  9.162  9.450   37.899
16. Elisa Lampretti     (ITA)   9.543  8.575  9.125  9.475   36.718


- Due to the delay of the rugby world cup semi-final between France
  and South Africa, EuroSport had to re-arrange their TV schedule in
  the last minute, so I was not able to watchn all of the routines
  and am sorry that I missed two of Dina Kochetkova's scores. I may
  be able to watch everything when the programme is scheduled to be
  repeated on either Monday or Tuesday.

- Svetlana Khorkina was very steady and stylish and won the European
  Cup title with room to spare.

- Gina Gogean fell on her front somi on beam, otherwise it would have
  been a very closer race (Compare Gogean and Khorkina's scores above,
  imagine a clean Gogean beam!... but Gina had not been doing well
  on beam lately... was that Dortmund experience still on her mind?)

- Dina Kochetkova also fell off beam (a jump into back flip combo).

- Lilia Podkopayeva rebounded off the floor on her final full-twisting
  double pike tumble.

- Simona Amanar was cool and steady to claim silver.

- Yelena Piskoun was very consistent (all scores in the 9.7s) to claim

- Laetitia Begue nearly sat in one of her front somersaults on floor.

- Defending European Cup holder Oksana Fabrichnova was not there
  because Khorkina and Kochetkova qualified in front of her and only
  two gymnasts per country were allowed in the competition.

Event finals taking place tomorrow.



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