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  1. US men's team
  2. grivech, vaults, amd trivia
  3. USA College Nationals


Date:    Sun, 16 Apr 1995 14:27:33 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: US men's team

All this talk of '96 olympic hopefuls got me thinking...

Wouldn't it be a slap in the face if the US men's team didn't even make it to
the Olympics.I mean they placed 9th and teams 10-13 weren't too far behind.

I FINALLY got around to seeing the Dortmond coverage.I cannot *believe* Scott
appeared on camera and whined about getting no respect.I think it would have
been a better idea to get someone who doesn't average 3.5 falls out of all
the worlds and olympics he's been to.Scott,in my opinion, is the only gymnast
from the US who can medal in international meet with big names in
attendance.WHEN he hits,which isn't too often.(meets *OUTSIDE* of the US that
is.John's Roethlisberger's win at American Cup was a joke.Last years p-bars
and this years high bars scores are prime examples of out and out
cheating.Come on,JOHN actually going head to head with Scherbo.John could hit
6 for 6 routines and Vitali could fall 2 or three times and STILL be ahead of
him.)I think Scott should have kept his mouth shut and done a few more kovacs
on high bar or flairs on floor in practice.It would've helped the team alot

What was this about the women getting more respect than the men.The US women
are at a much higher level internationally than the men are.Almost all the
women from the US team have routines that start in the 9.8-10.00 range.There
aren't many from the men's that start that high.Why doesn't someone tally the
medals that the men have won since '84 and compare them to the
women's.There's your answer right there!

Oh,and one more thing.I believe one of the men's team members was to have
said that he was happy with the team's performance.I think if they're happy
with a mediocre performance and don't set they're expectations a little
higher,they're going to continue losing.

My .02(and then some)



Date:    Sun, 16 Apr 1995 20:39:10 -0400
Subject: grivech, vaults, amd trivia

1) whoever flamed about hilary grivech should really stop to think about
the fact that she had a goal and was doing her best to achieve it-she did
not flaunt her mediocrity. do you reall yhtink bela would have let her
compete for him if she weere as bad as you let on???

2)i once learned the full on full off vault-its A LOT of twisting thats
all i can say-i takes a long time to figure out where you ar ein the air etc

handspring double full was much easier! still alot of twisting thoguh-i
learned that one too! i LOVE vault! even though its hard to be original
one can try several different kinds of vaults instead of doing the average
yurchenko, tsuk, etc

3) this is a forum to discuss things-do we really need to fillour boxes
with pointless trivia that only 2-3 people reply to anyway!

that's my nickel!adrienne


Date:    Sun, 16 Apr 1995 21:13:05 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: USA College Nationals

  Here are some off the head stats on the USA College      Championship.


1 =  WILLIAM & MARY               220.00
2 =  USAF                                216.00
4 =  SOUTHERN CT.                 190.00
5 =  UNIVERSITY OF VT.           185.00
6 =  MIT                                    178.00


1 = UCLA                 224.00
2 = ARIZONA           220.00
3 = WASHINGTON   208.00

As expected Steve Mccain from UCLA won the club devision AA

An individual from Air Force won the team AA

Josh Brady from Springfield College received senior athlete award

This post is just off the head.  I will post the individual event winners and
all other scores when I have a score sheet.

                           Peace :o)

PS Texas Woman Univ.  won by   .1


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