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                          '94 RSG Worlds AA
            A Few Notes From The New "World Of Gymnastics"
                    Asian Games (M&W EF) (2 msgs)
                Asian Games (M&W EF Results) (2 msgs)
                     Asian Games (Misc.) (2 msgs)
                       Asian Games - Women's AA
           Australian Article on Gymnast's Health  (2 msgs)
                best names (roundup results) (2 msgs)
                          Challenge results
                      Compulsory vault (2 msgs)
   IGNORE MY PREVIOUS MESSAGE! Real results (sorry! was incomplete)
                           Kostina Memorial
                 More RSG AA News and Notes (2 msgs)
                  Petrova article from the French AP
                      Rhythmic Worlds : Clubs EF
                       Rhythmic Worlds Hoop EF
                       RSG GIF's on CompuServe
                       RSG Group Final (2 msgs)
                  RSG Worlds- (AP article) (2 msgs)
                  RSG Worlds Results (day 1 of team)
                    RSG Worlds Team & EF (Results)
                    Russian nationals (W) (2 msgs)
                           Temple schedule
                         Usage of JAP vs. JPN

This is a digest of the mailing list. 


Date: Fri, 07 Oct 94 16:04:51 EDT
From: ***
Subject: '94 RSG Worlds AA

Translated from the French AP ...

The Bulgarian Maria Petrova was able to hold onto her title at the World
Rhythmic Championships in Bercy today. With a total of 38.9 points she
skipped ahead of her nearest challenger by .05. Larissa Lukyanenko (Belarus)
and Russia's Amina Zaripova followed Petrova with a tie of 38.85 each.

The French Champion Eva Serrano, with a total of 97.975, finished in 7th
place in the general class [AA]. This is the best ever finish for France in
the RSG worlds.

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - -

Results: (hoop, ball, clubs, ribbon)

1.Maria Petrova (BUL) 38.900 (9.750, 9.700, 9.700, 9.750)
2(t).Amina Zaripova (RUS) 38.850 (9.800, 9.750, 9.650, 9.650)
2(t).Larissa Lukyanenko(BLR) 38.850 (9.650, 9.750, 9.750, 9.700)
4.Ekaterina Serebrianskaya (UKR) 38.725 (9.600, 9.700, 9.675, 9.750)
5.Olga Gontar (BLR) 38.675 (9.675, 9.725, 9.700, 9.575)
6.Elena Vitrichenko (UKR) 38.625 (9.700, 9.725, 9.675, 9.525)
7.Eva Serrano (FRA) 37.975 (9.500, 9.425, 9.550, 9.500)
8.Diana Popova, (BUL)  37.750 99.525, 9.400, 9.525, 9.300)
9.Yana Batyrchina (RUS) 37.425 (9.500, 9.250, 9.325, 9.350)
10.Magdalena Brzeska (GBR) 37.400 (9.350, 9.400, 9.450, 9.200)

   22.Ariane Lefebve (FRA) 36,200 (9.100, 9.050, 9.150, 8.900)
   29.Camille Martens (CAN) 35,925 (9.025, 9.025, 8.900, 8.975)
   31.Cindy Stollenberg (BEL) 35,825 (9.200, 8.950, 9.100, 8.575).



Date: Fri, 07 Oct 94 20:33:08 EDT
From: ***
Subject: A Few Notes From The New "World Of Gymnastics"

I realize that many of you get this magazine but for those of you who do not

A Few Notes of Import from the 69th FIG Congress:

1-A "pre-Olympic Competition" will take place in Atlanta on November 14-17

2-The dates for the '96 Peurto Rico Worlds are April 9th-16th.

3-The '96 RSG Worlds will be held in Budapest, HUN June 21st-23rd

4-An interesting quote I thought "Federations partcipating in the 1995
Artistic World Championships to be held in Sabae [JAP] were requested to send
only gymnasts who were able to perform the compulsory excercises at the high
level expected at World Championships" ... I guess Kuwait will not be coming
this time and Novikov is out of a job [anyone who was at Indy should get
that] ;-)

5-New federations approved: Turkmenistan (TKM), Azerbaijian (AZE) [too late
Belenky is already German], the Czech Republic (CZE), the Rebublic of Moldova
(MDA), and Slovakia (SVK). Is it just me or are they running out of three
letter codes? The number of fedrations under the FIG umbrella is now 117.
Barbados (BAR) and Bermuda (BER) [now there are some great places to hold
invites!] were also provisionally admitted pending approval at the '96 FIG
Congress in Atlanta.

Lastly, the new rules we all heard about were confirmed. Mainly that as of
'97 there will be no more compos and that the minimum age will be 16 (15 in
pre-Olympic years). As I mentioned some time ago both Acro Sports (Sport
Acrobats) and competitive Aerobics has been taken under the wing of the FIG
and the first FIG Acro worlds will be organised in '95.

And lastly (this time I promise on the "lastly" part), just for Amanda ...
Ivan's (Ivankov) father name is Alexander Ivanovich [I knew that BTW since he
said he was named after his grandfather in an interview so na na na boo boo
on you] which makes him "Ivan Alexanderovich Ivankov" ... Ivan Ivanov (BUL)
on the other hand really is "Ivan Ivanovich Ivankov".

Toodles All!


Date: Thu, 06 Oct 94 14:56:29 EDT
From: ***
Subject: Asian Games (M&W EF)

Gleaned from the News wires (AP, UPI, & Reuters) ...

Li Xiaoshuang became China's second triple gold medalist of the Games today
(Thursday) when he took the gold on the floor exercise - the same event on
which he is the reigning Olympic champion [wonder if he popped the triple?] -
with a 9.725. Just .125 points behind him was Kazak's Sergei Federochenko.
Toshiharu Sato (JAP) was third.

Pommel horse was a three way tie (a la Paris '92) with Huang Huadong (CHN),
Hatakada (JAP), and Lee Jang Hyung (KOR) all taking a share with equal scores
of 9.75 a piece. The three way win took no enthusiasm off the Japanese crowds
joy as 'their boy' performed last and finally secured the once undefeatable
Japanese men a gold medal at these games. Of the victory Hatakada said, "It's
my biggest win ever."   Huadong responded in kind saying "It was the best
result of my career."  Li Jing, a favorite to win, suffered an error and
'fell' out of the medals.

Fang Hongbin (CHN) took the rings gold ahead of  Xiaoshuang and You Ok Youl
(KOR) who shared the silver. It was the closest contest of the day: 9.75 vs
9.737. Fan says "When I went up off the floor I was sure I was going to win."

In the least surprising event of the day Liping outscored the crowd - again -
on p-bars with his amazing, almost un-human body line (C'mon the guy makes Li
Jing look bloated and unstable). LI Xiaoshuang, the busiest gymnast of the
day (though he still says that the AA was his best win ever), took the

Speaking of Li Jing, he rectified his mistake from the AA (where he fell) to
take the HB gold.  Doing so, he racked up the highest score of the day ...
9.812. Teammate Huang Liping took the silver  with 9.775 and Sergei
Federochenko (KZH) took the bronze.

The only one who could break the Chinese gold streak was 23 year old Yeo Hung
Chul of South Korea (9.643 average) who took the vault gold despite
"spraining his right ankle on dismount after his second vault" [guess after
the 2nd vault would be okay huh?]. Li Daushuang (Xiaoshuang's twin and fellow
Barcelona team member) had to settle for the silver with a 9.562 average. The
bronze was divvied up among Lee Joo Hyung and Li Xiaoshuang with a 9.549

Huang Yubin [old Huang sure seems the talkative one eh?], the CHN men's head
coach, said in a press conference after the EF "I'm very satisfied because we
won five golds and were able to show all of our abilities. We have worked
very hard at creating a good team atmosphere and eliminating problems." 

Of the team world's next month in Dortmund Yubin says "If all the gymnasts
perform well we can do well, but there are many good athletes from the former
Soviet Union so it will be difficult."

On the girl's side it was all Mo Huilan, whom the newspapers in Japan are
calling "Mighty Mouse." She swept the women's apparatus golds which must make
up for her disappointing (in that she was leading after team and expected to
win) AA  bronze. At 15 she is China's newest hero of these games where they
have dominated in the medal count overall.  The stats list little Mo as 1.31
meters tall [I'm too lazy to do the conversion but it sounds really *really*
small <g>].

Only in Asian Games can two Chinese girls (Ye Linlin was second) usurp Chussy
in the vault medals.  Frankly, Oksana with 2 falls should outscore Linlin by
about a point.

Mo's first [I'm sure it won't be her last ... but then again she *is* Chinese
... who thought that Bo's only beam gold would come in World Cup '90?] bars
title came with a 9.9. Liu Xuan (CHN) took the silver with a 9.862 and
Chusovitina shared with bronze and a 9.6 with Risa Sugawara [Ohmygawd she's
still competing! Who's next Kyoko Seyo?] of Japan.

Of the beam victory, where Mo fell yesterday essentially losing the AA, she
said "Today was a lot better than yesterday." I guess ... she scored 9.875 in
taking the gold. The women's AA champ,  China's Qiao Ya, competed only in the
BB today and took the silver behind Mo with a 9.85.

On floor Mo repeated her meet high performance of 9.925 from the night before
to clinch the sweep easily. She was followed by team-mate [and total babe ...
isn't that right George? ;-) ] Ye Linlin with a 9.812. Irina Edwikomova
(KZH), a two time world floor finalist, took the bronze.

With 14 gymnastics golds now given out China has won at least a share of 13
of them.



Date: Thu, 6 Oct 94 20:16:57 EDT
From: ***@BBN.COM
Subject: Asian Games (M&W EF)

Re: Mo Huilan:
1.31 meters is about 51 1/2 inches (4' 3 1/2 ").
That's certainly short, but I don't think it's the record for
the Chinese girls.



Date: Thu, 06 Oct 94 14:56:37 EDT
From: ***
Subject: Asian Games (M&W EF Results)

Asian Games

 Men's EF ...
 Floor Ex:
 1. Li Xiaoshuang (China)   9.750
 2. Sergei Federochenko (Kazakhstan) 9.600
 3. Toshiharu Sato (Japan) 9.425
Pommel Horse:
1(t). Huang Huadong (China) 9.750
1(t). Lee Jang Hyung (South Korea)  9.750
1(t). Yoshiaki Hatakada (Japan) 9.750
1. Fan Hongbin (China)   9.750
2(t). You Ok Yyul (South Korea)   9.737
2(t). Li Xiaoshuang (China) 9.737
1. Yeo Hong Chul (South Korea)     9.643
2. Li Daushuang (China)   9.562
3(t). Li Xiaoshuang (China)   9.549
3(t). Lee Joo Hyung (South Korea)   9.549
Parallel Bars:
1. Huang Liping (China)    9.787
2. Jung Jin-soo (South Korea)  9.725
3. Li Xiaoshuang (China)   9.700

Horizontal Bar:
1. Li Jing (China)     9.812
2. Huang Liping (China)   9.775
3. Sergei Federochenko (Kazakhstan)    9.675

Women's EF ...

1. Mo Huilan (China)   9.756
2. Ye Linlin (China)   9.693
3. Oksana Chusovitina (Uzbekistan)    9.631
Uneven Bars:
1. Mo Huilan (China)    9.900
2. Liu Xuan (China)   9.862
3. Oksana Chusovitina (Uzbekistan)   9.625
1. Mo Huilan (China) 9.875
2. Qiao Ya (China)  9.850
3. Irina Edwikomova (Kazakhstan)  9.525
Floor Ex:
1. Mo Huilan (China)   9.925
2. Ye Linlin (China)  9.812
3. Irina Edwikomova (Kazakhstan)  9.762

-posted by Susan


Date: Thu, 06 Oct 94 19:06:30 EDT
From: ***
Subject: Asian Games (M&W EF Results)

1. Mo Huilan (China)   9.756
2. Ye Linlin (China)   9.693
3. Oksana Chusovitina (Uzbekistan)    9.631

This, I desperately want to see...



Date: Thu, 06 Oct 94 14:56:04 EDT
From: ***
Subject: Asian Games (Misc.)

CompuServe has 2 GIF's/JPEG's of gymnastics from the Asian Games currently
available in the Reuter's New Pictures forum for downloading purposes if
anyone is interested.  They are of Li Xiaoshuang on the medal stand and Qioa
Ya on the beam ... both are only okay in quality and I must say they missed
the timing on Qioa's BB leap by about a mile.



Date: Thu, 06 Oct 94 19:23:42 EDT
From: ***
Subject: Asian Games (Misc.)

Just a note the Reuter's News Pictures Forum on CompuServe has somewhat
redemed itself ... they now have a really nice shot of Mo Huilan in a one arm
handstand on beam ... looks like the photographer finally grasped the term
"focus."  :-) If you're interested just go to the forum and search by the
keyword "Asian Games" over the past week.



Date: Fri,  7 Oct 94 23:17:00 UTC
From: ***
Subject: Asian Games - Women's AA

Here are the women's AA results:
 1. Qiao Ya (CHN)                          38.750
 2. Yuan Kexia (CHN)                       38.700
 3. Mo Huilan (CHN)                        38.687
 4. Oksana Chusovitina (UZB)               38.675
 5. Risa Sugawara (JPN)                    38.387
 6. Mari Kosuge (JPN)                      38.375
 7. Irina Evdokimova (KAZ)                 38.237
 8. Masumi Okawa (JPN)                     37.887
 8. T. Toropova (KYR) [Tatiana?]           37.887
 10.Olga Kim (KAZ)                         37.862
 11.Han Na-Hung (KOR)                      36.612
 12.Anna Zaitseva (KAZ)                    36.437
 13.Hu So-Young (KOR)                      36.262
 14.Park J. (KOR)                          36.125
 15.A. Dzyundzyak (UZB)                    36.050
 16.Wut Fung Yin (HK)                      32.350
 17.Wong Ka Li (HK)                        23.712
Also, I read on the AP wire that Mo won all 4 event finals...


Date: Thu, 06 Oct 94 14:56:48 EDT
From: ***
Subject: Australian Article on Gymnast's Health

>From the AAP "Young Gymnasts Short but not Bone Deficient" (direct quotes
noted) ...

"Young female gymnasts had stronger bones than other girls but may sacrifice
height" so said the International  Conference of Science and Medicine in
Sport report.

34 pre-pubescent elite female gymnasts with an average age of 10.3 years were
compared to 37 girls of similar "bone age" by Shana Boss and a research team
from the University of Melbourne endocrinology and pediatrics departments.
"It found the gymnasts it studied displayed increased bone  mineral density
over other girls but reduced longitudinal growth. The gymnasts' height, trunk
length and leg length were two to three centimeters less than those of the
other girls. Their overall  weight was about 5 kg less, their lean mass was
the same, their fat  mass was more than 5 kg lighter and their bone mass was
slightly  greater. Comparing bone density, the gymnasts measured 13 per cent
higher  for the arms and lumbar spine, eight per cent higher for legs, four
 per cent higher for the trunk and pelvis and no difference in the  skull."
 Splitting them into age groups seemed to pinpoint the age where they grow in
instead of up (so to speak) between 9.7 and 12.1 years. Girl's between the
ages of 6.5 and 9.7 years seemed to be no different then the control group.

A similar study looking at rowers determined that "the women had fewer
menstrual periods  compared with a group of non-rowers, but this dysfunction
was  primarily during the competitive season. She said when exercise was
combined with menstrual dysfunction,  the benefits of exercise on bone
density may be eroded. Rowers with  only three to nine periods each year had
some bone loss in their  lower spine compared with rowers with at least 10
periods a year."

-posted by Susan


Date: Thu, 06 Oct 1994 16:14:05 -0400
From: ***
Subject: Australian Article on Gymnast's Health

>>  and no difference in the  skull.

You can't prove that by my 12 yr old gymnast! :)


Date: Fri, 07 Oct 1994 00:23:19 -0700 (MST)
From: ***
Subject: best names (roundup results)

In my "poll" of the wildest and wackiest names, there wasn't really a
winner because only four gymnasts got more than one vote!

Lyudmilla Stovbchataiahhhhhhhhhhh!  was the champion with a whole three

Li Li           \
Zsuzsa Csicztu   >  got two votes each
Wang Dong       /

Honorable Mentions:

Anje Wilkenloh
Mark Oates
Kylie Shabolt
Ildiko Dragoner
Aleftina Priakhina
Eka Zeturidze
Olga Bicherova
Liliya Podkopayeva
Huang Huandong
Elvira Saadi, Mistress of the Dark


Date: Sat, 08 Oct 94 10:01:27 EDT
From: ***
Subject: best names (roundup results)

I forgot to send anything in, but I think my favorite has to be the Greek guy
who was listed in Brisbane simply as "Demosthenes".

Oh, and there's a certain world champion's name in its French form --
Bitcherova.  Yikes.



Date: Thu, 06 Oct 94 17:10:23 EST
From: ***
Subject: Challenge results

For Susan and anyone else interested in the World Gymnastics Challenge...

Info. from Oct 2 issue of Toronto Star; Headline-
"Romanian women polish golden image at gym meet"

 "....Romania's Gina Gogean defended the title she won at the
inaugural event last year in Toronto, while 14-year-old teammate
Anamaria Bican showed the future is bright with a strong third-place finish."

Results:        Gina Gogean             39.50
                Lilya Podkopayeva       39.25
                Anamaria Bican          38.875

Russia's Dina Kochetkova, world champion gold medalist on floor withdrew
from the event because of an injury.

The article goes on to quote Elfi Schlegel as being impressed by the dedication
shown by the Romanians in practice, and Canadian Gymnastics Fed. Pres.
Slava Corn on how the Romanian program has survived the tumult in the former
East Bloc countries.

Despite the low turnout (7,100, down from 8,200 last year), the Federation is
"committed to holding the event annually".

(apologies if the above sounds "stream of consciousness", I'm at work and
need coffee...or maybe I'm tired of the screen colors- green on lavender)


Date: Sat, 8 Oct 1994 17:10:13 -0400
From: ***
Subject: Compulsory vault

Somone mentioned recently  that the compulsory vault for worlds is
a pike Tsuk...what was it for the 92 Olympics and how do they differ?


Date: Sat, 08 Oct 94 22:34:32 EDT
From: ***
Subject: Compulsory vault

To all of Gymn in case anyone else wants to know:

>Somone mentioned recently  that the compulsory vault for worlds is
a pike Tsuk...what was it for the 92 Olympics and how do they differ?

The compulsory vault for the '92 Olympics was a Yamashita 1/2.  A Yamashita
is a variation of a handspring.  In a handspring, the gymnast goes from the
springboard forward directly to her hands, so she's in a handstand on the
horse, and then she goes from her hands back down to her feet on the other
side of the horse.  The body goes through the vertical.  She lands facing
away from the horse.  A Yamashita begins just like a handspring, but then
after the gymnast pushes off the horse, her body pikes (her body bends in
half at the waist with her knees straight) and then opens up again before she
lands.  A Yamashita 1/2 adds a half twist after the gymnast has opened up
from the pike position, so she lands facing the horse.

The current compulsory vault, as you know, is a piked Tsukahara.  The gymnast
goes from the springboard to her hands with a half twist, so that she lands
in a handstand on the horse, but because of the 1/2 twist, she is facing the
other way from the way she was facing during the Yamashita.  When she pushes
off the horse, she doesn't go straight to her feet; rather, she does a back
flip and then lands.  The body does 1 1/2 rotations, because she is starting
from her hands and landing on her feet.  She lands facing the horse.  The
flip is done in the piked position.

I hope this made some amount of sense.  Maybe someone with the time and
ability to do a drawing can help.  Maybe I'll give it a shot later.



Date: Fri, 07 Oct 1994 00:31:17 -0700 (MST)
From: ***
Subject: IGNORE MY PREVIOUS MESSAGE! Real results (sorry! was incomplete)

In my "poll" of the wildest and wackiest names, there wasn't really a
winner because only five gymnasts got more than one vote!

Lyudmilla Stovbchataiahhhhhhhhhhh!  was the champion with a whole three

Li Li=           
Zsuzsa Csicztu=              >  got two votes each
Wang Dong=      
Deliana Vodientcharova=

Honorable Mentions:

Anje Wilkenloh
Mark Oates
Kylie Shabolt
Ildiko Dragoner
Aleftina Priakhina
Eka Zeturidzhe
Olga Bicherova
Liliya Podkopayeva
Huang Huandong
Elvira Saadi, Mistress of the Dark
Svetlana Ivanova Todorova
Ivan Ivanovich Ivankov
Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov


Date: Thu, 06 Oct 1994 22:56:40 -0700 (MST)
From: ***
Subject: Kostina Memorial

>From FFG Bulletin: 

      "From June 24-26 the emotion was brewing in the town of Irkoustk,
Russia, for the first Oksana Kostina Memorial.  The people, even the
authorities, of the late rhythmnic gymnast's hometown were considerably
moved, around Olga Bouyenova, coach of the beautiful Oksana, for
organizing this international tournament of high prestige.  The best RSG
nationas in the world were there...and it was Russian Yulia Rosliakova who
took the tournament.
      But, among the most vibrant tributes, one will certainly hold
always the rock-opers of Vladimir Sakelov, who had composed the music for
Oksana's ball routine, "for her talent and beauty", and the ten minute
standing ovation was another peak of this tribute, during the handing over
of the trophy to the 1992 Rhythmic World Champion's mother."

-posted by Amanda

(I translated it really fast so it may not flow right!  Sorry)


Date: Fri, 07 Oct 94 12:22 PDT
Subject: miscellaneous

I think we should add Khabrina Khabrova to the cool names list.  ANyone
who has not seen her Bolero FX from 88 Olympics, go check it out.  She gets
into her music as only a Bulgarian can.  Go ask Mitova, I think she'll know.

I am taking a poll of your favorite FX performances.  Please list your top
three (if you can narrow it down to three).. if not then listmore.  Whatever
works for you.  Please send them to me by 6:00pm Tuesday.  I will happily
post the results.  Feel free to rank them in order if you can, as I will
post which routines get the most 1st place votes as well.  These can be
Compulsory or OPtional... whatever routine has moved you.

Have a groovy day,



Date: Sat, 08 Oct 94 02:37:51 EDT
From: ***
Subject: More RSG AA News and Notes

Gleaned from the Newswires ... (AP,& Reuters)

Maria Petrova, now 18,  became a two time world champion yesterday (Friday)
at the World Rhythmic championships and then immediately said it would be her
last major competition. Maria ... "It's my greatest victory but also my last
since I am leaving the competition. I am not thinking of defending my title.
I am tired and I continued this season only to help my team. I want to go to
the university to study."

Petrova (38.9) edged Lukyanenko and Zaripova (38.85) who tied for 2nd.
Petrova's main strength was her consistancy in scoring 9.7 or 9.75 in each
event (ball, hoop, clubs, and ribbon ... rope is currently on haitus).
 Zaripova scored the top mark of the day with a 9.8 in the ball [IMHO,
Amina's ball is the quientiessential RSG routine ... ever ... it's a total
must see even for non-Rhytmic fans].

As usual Eastern European athletes dominated this event. The top Western
finisher was France's Eva Serrano who finished 7th.

More then 250 athletes from 33 countries will contine competition through
Sunday.  Petrova will try to defend her titles in three of the four events.

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - -

There was a really weird atricle from Reuters that called Petrova "tall" and
her rivals "pocket sized" ... Actually Maria is 5' 6" and Zaripova 5' 9"!
That was only one error so this next statement is under some doubt as well.
This same article stated that Zaripova placed second and Lukyenko third even
thouh they scored the same. I have no idea if they break ties in RSG or not.

The AP "results" insist it's a tie while the Reuters "results" say that
Zaripova took silver and Luk bronze. Anyone really know?

Lastly, if anyone is interested CompuServe has some RSG GIF's currently in
the Reuters News Pictures Forum (Lukyenko and Petrova for now ... they'll
probably have more later)



Date: Sat, 08 Oct 94 10:02:10 EDT
From: ***
Subject: More RSG AA News and Notes

>I have no idea if they break ties in RSG or not.

Not to my knowledge, but after they had a few 3-way ties with scores of
40.00, maybe they changed the rules...or maybe they should?

On Zaripova, I've only ever seen her during GWG this summer, but I found her
gross, to be totally frank.  I enjoy the freakiness of rhythmic gymnasts, but
this one looked like she belonged in a circus sideshow.  It wasn't only her
mutant flexibility and her thighs two inches around.  It was also that I
didn't think she danced well at all.  It seemed to me that she went from
trick to trick and contortion to contortion, just stringing them all
together, without any real choreography (my sister, who is a ballet dancer
and usually loves the rhythmic gymnasts, thought she was awful too, so I may
not be crazy).  The routines I saw just didn't seem a unified whole
composition.  One of them was just an insult to the "Giselle" music she used
(my favorite ballet).  My favorite routine is Kostina's '92 ball to blues
music.  Kostina is (yes, is, not was) just my favorite, period.

Just my $0.02 (sorry if this discussion already happened during GWG while I
was gone).



Date: Fri, 07 Oct 1994 14:37:13 -0700 (MST)
From: ***
Subject: Petrova article from the French AP

      PARIS (AP) Bulgarian Maria Petrova proved that she is still the
uncontestable queen of rhythmic gymnastics, in defending her all-around
title Friday at these 18th World Championships at the Palace Omnisport at
      Already crowned at Alicante last year, Petrova, aged 18, went up
to the highest point on the four apparatus: hoop, ball, clubs, and
ribbon- in order to be ahead .5 point, two tenths (?) ahead of Russian
Amina Zaripova, who credited the highest score of the whole contest with a
9.8 earned with the hoop, et the Belarussian Larissa Lukyanenko reigned
over the clubs and the ball (both 9.75).
      "This time I mean it, I'm definitley retiring," Petrova declares,
after her two consecutive titles.  "I'm too tired, I continued this
season only to help my team, and wasn't even thinking about finishing
first in the AA.  Now I want to concentrate on my studies at college." 
Her final scores will always be both 9.75 with the hoop and ribbon, and
both 9,7 with the ball and the clubs.  (38.9 points total)
      The most anticipated performance were those of the young 16 year-old
French gymnast, Eva Serrano, who finished a successful seventh (37.975)
and her best finish ever.  She placed right behind Ukrainian Ekaterina
Serebrianskaya, Belarussian Olga Gontar, and the other Ukrainian, Elena
Vitchrichenko (4th, 5th, and 6th respectively).
      The French gymnaste went through eight scores on each event to
qualify for the four individual event finals Saturday and Sunday (ranked
seventh on each but on hoop is ranked eigth).  It is another big step for
French rhythmics gymnastics, never have we had such a successful outing.
      "I still lack the work needed to catch up to the best," declares
the modest Eva Serrano, also seventh after the two first rounds ended
      The long-legged young blonde (1.65 meters, 38 kilos) resisted the
immense pressure thanks to an infallible "trick": "Thursday I didn't want
to know my ranking, and thus I slept well that night," she reveals.  With
notes of 9.55 for the clubs, 9.5 with the hoop and ribban, and only *(here
we go agin!)* a 9.425 on the ball, considered her best event *(oops- I
translated it as her worst event in the previous article-sorry)* the
young French gymnast progressed enormously, especially since her 12th
place outing from the recent European Champs in Greece.  " With the ball,
I was really under pressure, without a doubt that's why it didn't go so
well"...The second gymnast from France, Ariane Lefebve, took 22nd place
(36.2 points). 
      The biggest surprise came from the silver-medalist from Alicante,
Ekaterina Serebrianskaya, second after Thursday's preliminaries, when she
could only manage a fourth place after dropping her hoop Friday.  The
Russian, Zaripova, made a point of her talent, showing of her exceptional
flexibility with the hoop and ball, in order grab second place.  She had
been third in Alicante last year.
      The second group exercise will be Friday night, and is up for
grabs between the Russian and the Bulgarian groups...
      The event finals, which  will be showcased Saturday and Sunday, will
provide one last mission for the brown-haired Petrova before she
retires.  At Alicante, she won gold medals on the hoop, the ball, and the

-Translated by Amanda (really really fast-excuse any errors!), received
from Susan


Date: Sat, 8 Oct 94 17:25:45 BST
From: ***
Subject: Rhythmic Worlds : Clubs EF

Rhythmic Worlds 1994

Individual Clubs Final:

 1. Ekaterina Serebrianskaya  (UKR)  9.900
 2. Maria Petrova             (BUL)  9.825
 3. Amina Zaripova            (RUS)  9.800
 4. Larissa Lukianenko        (BLR)  9.750
=5. Elena Vitrichenko         (UKR)  9.700
=5. Olga Gontar               (BLR)  9.700
 7. Eva Serrano               (FRA)  9.650
 8. Diana Popova              (BUL)  9.600

It's the same eight qualifiers as the Hoop final (not surprisingly).
This time Serebrianskaya won the Clubs title outright, with Petrova
second and Zaripova third. Lukianenko had a drop of a club during a
relatively simple turning small throw. Vitrichenko too had a drop in
her last double throw. She was in tears whilst waiting for her score.

Group Hoop/Clubs Final: (4 hoops & 4 clubs)

 1. Bulgaria    (BUL)  19.550
 2. Russia      (RUS)  19.400
 3. Spain       (ESP)  19.325
 4. Belarus     (BLR)  19.200
 5. Japan       (JPN)  19.125
 6. France      (FRA)  19.050
 7. China       (CHN)  19.000
 8. Greece      (GRE)  18.825



Date: Sat, 8 Oct 94 16:22:41 BST
From: ***
Subject: Rhythmic Worlds Hoop EF

Rhythmic Worlds 1994

The Individual Apparatus Finals is today and these are the results
for the "Hoop" exerices (the comp just finished seconds ago.)
(Being broadcasted live by DSF):

=1. Maria Petrova             (BUL)  9.875
=1. Larissa Lukianenko        (BLR)  9.875
=1. Ekaterina Serebrianskaya  (UKR)  9.875
 4. Elena Vitrichenko         (UKR)  9.825
 5. Olga Gontar               (BLR)  9.750
 6. Diana Popova              (BUL)  9.575
 7. Eva Serrano               (FRA)  9.525
 8. Amina Zaripova            (RUS)  9.525

Petrova's routine cause a bit of controversy as after she finished
the score was flashed up as 9.825 (Lukianenko and Serebrianskaya had
already scored 9.875 before her). There were boos and jeers from the
crowd and later on her score was changed to 9.875 to give the Hoop
title a three-way tie. I don't know why they change the score (DSF
is a German channel so even if the commentator had said something I
couldn't comprehend... I do wish I know German...) Zarpiva let her
hoop dropped to the ground in a simple one leg balance just seconds
into her routine and finished last.

These rhythmic scores are definately on the rise (on the same trend
as artistic).

Will report on the rest of the apparatus later as they take place.


BTW, DSF is now showing some highlights from the Goodwill Games as
the rhythmic meet take a rest in the proceedings.


Date: Sat, 08 Oct 94 02:50:45 EDT
From: ***
Subject: RSG GIF's on CompuServe

Wow ... just looked at them and must say they are quite nice. Very clean,
large, high quality ... Also caught them at good moments (both at top of leap
with good face shots).



Date: Sat, 08 Oct 94 02:37:58 EDT
From: ***
Subject: RSG Group Final

Translated from the French AP ...

Russia held onto it's title in the team competition today. After Round 2
Russia and Bulgaria were tied for first place. Russia maintained that lead
today with a total of 38.925 points. Spain was 2nd with 38.7 points and
Bulgaria dropped to third with 38.675.  The podium looked the same as last
year in Alicante (Spain).

Six Russian gymnasts confirmed their superior compsition in an excercise with
4 young girls with hoops ("cerceaux" in French FYI ... I took the time to
look it up and will damn will share it with you all for my trouble <g>) and 2
with "pairs of clubs" ("massues" in French).

The six French gymnasts, five with ropes and one hoop, finished in sixth
place with 37.85 points. They finishedjust behind of Belarus and Japan.

This is the last championships in which groups of 6 will be allowed ... in
Vienna '95 and Atlanta '96 no more then 5 gymnasts will be allowed per



Date: Sat, 08 Oct 94 20:33:05 EDT
From: ***
Subject: RSG Group Final

>"pairs of clubs" ("massues" in French).

Do you suppose this is the origin for the word masseuse/masseur? I can just
imagine those clubs pummeling up my spine...<g>



Date: Fri, 07 Oct 1994 13:54:06 -0700 (MST)
From: ***
Subject: RSG Worlds- (AP article)

      PARIS (AP)-- NOthing surprised on the first day of the 18th RSG
World Championships, that are being held in the Palace Omnisport @
Paris-Bercy, w/ the first preliminary ranking going to Bulgarian Maria
Petrova, defending her title, in front of Ukranian Ekaterina
Serebrianskaya, who was second last year @ Alicante.
      After two rounds, these two gymnasts were within two tenths of a
point: Petrova at 19.194 and Serebrianskaya at 19.375.  The finals two
rounds will be this Friday.
      The third ranked gymnast at this point is Belarussian Larissa
Luyanenko.  Eva Serrano, ranked #1 nationally in France, had a suberb
competition to so far and she is in seventh after an excellent 9.5 with
the ribbon*.  She would have liked to have found her self ranked higher at
this point, but was betrayed by a slight leg bobble during her nemesis,
the ball exercise, which could thus only merit her a 9.45.  (I love how a
9.5 is "excellent" but a 9.45 is "only"!)
      If as forseen Russia and Belarus take the first two spots in the
group contest, France still has succeeded in making history:  the six
members of the French group are currently ranked in fifth in the rope,
behind Spain and Belarus.  The conclusion of this story will play out
Friday in the group contest consisting of four balls and two hoops.**

* I think this is ribbon.  I don't have my French dictionnary w/ me but
the word is "cerreau" if anyone knows differently.
**Likwise, I think this is the hoop.  The word is "massues".

-from Susan, translated by Amanda


Date: Sat, 08 Oct 94 10:01:51 EDT
From: ***
Subject: RSG Worlds- (AP article)

>* I think this is ribbon.  I don't have my French dictionnary w/ me but
the word is "cerreau" if anyone knows differently.
**Likwise, I think this is the hoop.  The word is "massues". <

My guess is that "massues" is clubs (I don't know the French, but in Spanish
clubs are "mazas")



Date: Thu, 06 Oct 94 19:09:29 EDT
From: ***
Subject: RSG Worlds Results (day 1 of team)

>From the AP ...
Results from the first day of team competition at the Rhythmic Worlds that
started today at the Palis Omnisport in Bercy (just outside of Paris),
France. The '92 Artistic EF Worlds were also held there. The top 12 teams
qualifiy into next year's Vienna worlds which is itself the qualifier for the
Atlanta Olympics.

Team (After two rounds):
1(t). Russia 19.425
1(t). Bulgaria 19.425
3. Spain 19.350
4. Belarus 19.150
5. France 19.100
6. Japan 19.025
7(t). Greece 18.850
7(t). China 18.850
9(t). Ukraine 18.725
9(t). South Korea 18.725

- Susan


Date: Sat, 08 Oct 94 16:57:25 EDT
From: ***
Subject: RSG Worlds Team & EF (Results)

translated from the French AP ...

   1(t).Ekaterina Serebrianskaya (UKR) 9.875
   1(t).Maria Petrova (BUL) 9.875
   1(t).Larissa Lukyanenko (BLR) 9.875
   4.Elena Vitrichenko (UKR) 9.825
   5.Olga Gontar (BLR) 9.750
   6.Diana Popova (BUL) 9.575
   7.Eva Serrano (FRA) 9.525
   8.Amina Zaripova (RUS) 9.475
   1.Serebrianskaya (UKR)  9.900
   2.Petrova (BUL) 9.825
   3.Zaripova (RUS) 9.800
   4.Lukyanenko (BLR) 9.750
   5.Vitrichenko (UKR) 9.700
   5.Gontar (BLR) 9.700
   7.Serrano (FRA) 9.650
   8.Popova (BUL) 9.600
 Group (4 with hoops &  2 with clubs)
   1.Bulgaria 9.550
   2.Russia 9.400
   3.Spain 19.325
   4.Belarus 19.200
   5.Japan 19.125
   6.France 19.050
   7.China 19.000
   8.Greece 18.825

Team (Friday):
  1. Russia  38.925
  2. Spain  38.700
  3. Bulgaria  38.675
  4. Belarus  38.250
  5. Japan   37.925
  6(t) France    37.850
  6(t)China   37.850
  8. Greece    37.775
  9. Ukraine   37.525
  10. Germany  37.437

-posted by Susan


Date: Fri, 7 Oct 1994 14:35:40 -0400 (EDT)
From: ***
Subject: Russian nationals (W)

Hi everyone,
     Here's a lunchtime translation of a Sovetsky Sport article
about Russian Nationals, women's comps. Don't ask me why the
author implies this is the last time compulsories will be
performed (and then goes on to contradict herself anyway!) I'm
just a translator! I could have gotten the compulsory vault
wrong, because I have to admit to having no idea what it is. The
Russian literally said "Bend-unbend," which I guessed to mean
"pike-open," but I could be wrong. Kochetkova is not mentioned
AT ALL, so I guess she must still be injured. I haven't heard
much, if anything, about the girls who finished 1-2 and 6. I also
don't know if this competition is a trials for worlds. I should
have the optional results next week IF the newspaper prints them
and IF I receive the newspaper (you never can tell with the
Russian mail service). I'll post them if I get them.


Russian Championships in Artistic Gymnastics: DAY ONE FOR
THE LAST TIME. (By Natalia Kalugina. Sovetsky Sport, Sept.
24, p. 4.) Strange as it may seem, it was the first day of
competition at Round Lake that was the most significant. What
we saw today was the swan song of the compulsory program.
Gymnasts will have to perform it until the Atlanta Olympics, but
no one will ever compose a new one. At the decision of the
Internation Gymnastics Federation (FIG), compulsories will be
abolished in 1997.
     Of course, specialists assess this event in the life of
gymnastics in different ways. For instance, Natalia Tokareva,
coach of Yevgenia Roshchina, the winner of this portion of the
competition, believes: "On the one hand, it's good that the
'school exercises' have been abolished. We spent a very great
amount of time on them. It could have been devoted to
optionals. After all, it is in the optionals that gymnastics can be
seen best of all. On the other hand, compulsory requirements
should exist. It could happen that the athletes will lower the
quality of their work in pursuit of self-expression or difficulty."
     But let's come down from the skies to the earth of Round
Lake. The superiority of the assembled competitors is beyond
question. Although they did make some mistakes. Esepcially in
the vault. In the end, the FIG's Women's Technical Committee
decided to make things "unpleasant" for the athletes and named
the "pike-open" as the compulsory vault. Its difficulty consists in
the fact that each phase must be demonstrated very precisely,
which not everybody could do.
     It would be all right if only the girls themselves suffered
from this. At the World Championships in Dortmund, where
only a team competition will be held, the team finalists (there
will be only seven) will be determined on the basis of the sum
of the compulsories and the optionals. So it now becomes a
problem of high-level politics on the podium.

Results of women's compulsories, Sept. 23, Round Lake:

1. Yevgenia Roshchina (Moscow) - 38.45
2. Natalia Ivanova (Cheboksary) - 38.025
3. Elena Grosheva (Yaroslavl) - 37.9
3. Svetlana Khorkina (Belgorod) - 37.9
5. Oksana Fabrichnova (Moscow) - 37.575
6. Elena Dolgopolova (Volzhsky) - 36.8


Date: Fri, 07 Oct 94 15:26:40 EDT
From: ***
Subject: Russian nationals (W)

>I could have gotten the compulsory vault wrong, because I have to admit to
having no idea what it is.<

It's actually a Piked Tsuk ... like Nadia's in '76. Most girls are showing
how "easy" it is for them by opening out of the pike. Actually with the
advent of Yurchenko's (which require far less power then traditional entry
vaults) a Pike Tsukahara is a pretty tough vault for some of the smaller
weaker kids. A Tsuk full while worth the same as a Yurhcneko full (same vault
except the Yurchenko adds a RO entry) is actually *far* more difficult for
girls who don't naturally have the leg strength of most men.  It's the
opposite on the men's side where the length of the horse makes the Yurchenko
(or at least that's my understanding) more difficult.

>Kochetkova is not mentioned AT ALL, so I guess she must still be injured<

I'm not sure when these were held but Kochet was in Toronto last week for the
"Challenge of Champions" but withdrew from the actual comp. due to that
lingering injury (foot I think).



Date: Fri, 7 Oct 1994 08:49:02 +1000
From: ***
Subject: Temple schedule

I am posting the Temple University Men's Gymnastics Competition Schedule.

I will post Penn State's and the Temple women's when I have them, but as of
right now this is what I have so ...

Sat     Dec. 3  7:00p   @ UMass Invitational

Sun     Jan.8   3:00p   Varsity v. Alumni (in practice gym @ Temple)

Fri     Jan. 13 7:00p   @ West Point Open - team & AA
Sat     Jan.14  2:00p   @ West Point Open - compulsories
Sat     Jan.14  7:00p   @West Point Open - finals

Sun     Jan. 22 1:00p  Southern Connecticut, CCNY

Fri     Jan. 27 Eve     @ Winter cup in Colo. Springs
Sat     Jan. 28 Aft.    @ Winter cup in Colo. Springs

Fri     Feb. 10 7:30    @ Army (West Point)
Sat     Feb. 11 7:00p   @ UMass

Sat     Feb.18  1:00p   @ Pittsburgh w/ James Madison

Sat     Feb. 25 2:00p   @ Springfield

Sun     Mar. 5  1:00p   Syracuse, Penn State (alumni homecoming)

Sat     Mar. 11 7:00p   @ Michigan Invitational (team) and
                noon/7:00p      ECAC @ UMass (individuals)

Sat     Mar. 18 7:00p   Navy & Pittsburgh

Fri     Mar. 24 7:00p   EIGL @ Syracuse - team & AA
Sat     Mar. 25 7:00p   EIGL @ Syracuse - event finals

Sat     Apr. 8  7:00p   Eastern Regionals @ Penn State

Thu     Apr. 20 7:00p   NCAA @ Ohio State - prelims, AA finals  
Fri     Apr. 21 7:00p   NCAA @ Ohio State - team finals  
Sat     Apr. 22 7:00p   NCAA @ Ohio State - event finals  



Date: Sat, 8 Oct 1994 14:35:32 -0700 (PDT)
From: ***
Subject: Usage of JAP vs. JPN

A notice to all:
The abbreviation for Japan is JPN, not JAP. I think that it's because JAP
is like the pejorative word for the Japanese. So take care and make sure
you don't use JAP.



End of gymn Digest