GYMN-L Digest - 13 May 1995 to 14 May 1995 - Special issue

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Topics in this special issue:

  1. GYMN-L Digest - 11 May 1995 to 12 May 1995
  2. Older Competitors - Need Questions
  3. Tickest to upcoming events
  4. USAG announces Women's Collegiate coordinators
  5. USAG Congress info
  6. USAG Video List
  7. USAG Order Form
  8. Electronic Club Directory
  9. Book Bashes Gymnastics (3)
 10. Junior Olympic Nationals
 11. JO National Champs - Event Finals


Date:    Sun, 14 May 1995 01:18:01 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: GYMN-L Digest - 11 May 1995 to 12 May 1995

In a message dated 95-05-12 23:17:01 EDT, you write:
A recent issue of a trade magazine for the publishing industry previewed a
book due out in June. The book is called "Little Girls in Pretty Boxes: The
Making and Breaking of Elite Gymnasts and Figure Skaters."

By the look of the review, I will not kid you--gymnastics, along with figure
skating, is in for a serious bashing.


Dear David,

I haven't yet read the book, but saw an article about the book in the
May 10th Los Angeles Daily News by Ron Rapoport titled "Coaches,
parents in gymnastics are off balance beam".

Ron R. sums it up saying things like "A basic point about gymnastics
is that there are no rewards" and "'why do gymnasts sacrifice their
health, stint on their education and forgo every pleasure of
childhood?  Why do parents go deep into debt, disrupt their living
arrangements and destroy all semblance of family life?  There can only
be one answer, really.  Their sport is out of control."

It appears that a few pushy and negative coaches and a couple of
catastrophic injuries and illnesses have been used to paint a very
negative picture of gymnastics.  We all know that these things have
happened, but with the effort that USAG has put into the Safety
Certification and PDP training's over the last 6 years, the sport is
improving and coaches knowledge and understanding of child psychology,
health and safety is increasing.

Those of us who have derived so much joy and reward from our
gymnastics experiences must speak out in support of gymnastics and
against this damaging book and the media hype that is following it.
There are thousands of children and families who have experienced the
many benefits of gymnastics training with no injuries or negative
experiences that this book apparently claims are abundant in the



Date:    Sun, 14 May 1995 11:30:22 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Older Competitors - Need Questions

With the encouragement of several Gymners, since this is Trivia Set #30 (also
known as the BIG 3-0), our topic is 'Older Competitors'

I'll let you take that to mean whatever you choose it to mean, just send me
your questions!

Private e-mail of course, to

Happy Mom's Day to all



Date:    Sun, 14 May 1995 09:26:30 -0600
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: Tickest to upcoming events

My last tour of USAGO! was particularly fruitful!  Here is the first
of several items that I thought Gymners would be interested in:

TO:    Gymnastics Fans and Supporters
FROM:  Susan Baughman, USAG Events Department
DATE:     May 12, 1995
RE:    Ticket Information for 1995/1996 Events

To get more information on tickets for:

  BASS Ticket Outlet (1-800-225-BASS)

  (Prime F. Osborn Ctr)
  Sessions 1 & 2 are FREE admission
  Sessions 3,4 & 5 $5 for adults, $3 for kids
  You can purchase tickets on-site, event day.

  New Orleans, LA (Superdome)
  TicketMaster (1-800-488-5252)
  Jay Cicero, Greater New Orleans Sports Found.
    (504) 525-5678 phone number
  Ticket orders by mail:
    1995 Coca Cola National Championships
    c/o Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation
    1520 SugarBowl Drive
    New Orleans, LA 70112

  NOTE: USA Gymnastics Congress attendees should use the Order
  Form in _Technique_ magazine (issues March, April, May, June).
  Congress attendees have a "first-come-first-served" priority
  block of seats... some at special reduced prices.

  Wang Center (Rhythmic) and the Shawmut Center (Artistic)
  Contact: Bob Colarossi, 617-443-4909 phone

1996 OLYMPIC GAMES, Atlanta, GA
  Call ACOG
  404-744-1996, or 404-546-4099


Date:    Sun, 14 May 1995 09:29:43 -0600
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: USAG announces Women's Collegiate coordinators

Kathy Feldmann and Sandy Thielz have been named Women's Collegiate
Coordinators for USA Gymnastics.

Feldmann has a 26-year history as a gymnastics professional. Most
recently she is self-employed and works as a gymnastics consultant,
judge, clinician and meeting planner.

After 21-years of coaching, Thielz recently retired as the women's
gymnastics coach at West Chester University. She currently serves as a
gymnastics coach and consultant.

Their duties and responsibilities include increasing the number of
collegiate gymnastics programs, maintaining relationships with the
NCAA, Athletic Directors and various coaching and sports relations
communities, administrating the two existing collegiate championships
that are sponsored by USA Gymnastics, acting as liaison to the
Collegiate Coaching Committees, advising collegiate coaches on
opportunities, and formulating an employment network for coaching
positions, just to name a few.

# # #


Date:    Sun, 14 May 1995 09:44:39 -0600
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: USAG Congress info

Some of you may be interested in the following TENTATIVE list of
presenters and topics for the National Congress (held in conjunction
with the National Championships) that I gleaned from USAGO!.  I
attended Congress last year and was really pleased with some of the
sessions -- very informative.  (And in Ed Burch's high bar session, he
showed a video of Trent Dimas training a Kovacs into immediate Gaylord
II -- wow!)



This listing is tentative and subject to change! It is offered here to
give you an idea of the fantastic scope of Congress sessions that will
be presented in New Orleans.

The Congress staff is "hot and heavy" into confirmations of
presentations. Steve Whitlock and Jennifer Gallahue Lee are now
preparing the first draft of assigments of presentations to days and
time blocks. A more detailed listing will be provided in June

    To be announced

John Wojtczuk, Joan Duda, Dan Benardot, Gary Warren, Kathy Kelly,
Muriel Grossfeld, Tammy Biggs, Artur Akopyan, Tammy Biggs, Vladimir
Artemov, Myra Elfenbein, Jan Greenhawk, Tom Koll, Connie Maloney,
Muriel Grossfeld, Roe Kreutzer, Steve Nunno, Peggy Liddick, Mary Lee
Tracy, Bryon Hough, Darla Franz, Mike West, Kelli Hill, Steve Elliott,
Gheza Poszar, Jackie Fie, Kathy Feldmann, Sandy Thielz.

Basic uneven bar composition; Sports psychology and sports nutrition:
interrelationships of data collected on the national TOPs gymnasts;
Judges' survey results; TOPs; Coaching abroad (Olympic Solidarity);
Stress fracture risk: an exploration of nutritional and physiological
factors; Time-line energy intake analysis: a new way to think about
calories; Nourish-Check Athlete software: Computer assistance in
assuring nutrient and energy adequacy in your gymnasts; Basic
composition on beam and floor exercise; J.O. program update; Basic
alignment for beam and floor; Elite national level program; Positive
motivation ideas; Motivating your athletes and staff; Basic uneven
bars: progressions and drills; Basic balance beam: progressions and
drills; Basic tumbling; How to spot; Twisting vaults; Flipping vaults;
Expressive presentation; Judging JOE; NCAA support; USAG club and
collegiate programs: creating a synergy.

Jackie Fie, Audrey Schwyer, Marilyn Cross, Cheryl Hamilton, Linda
Beran, Judy Schalk, Steve Elliott, Karen Wisen, Marian Dykes, Cindy
Sielski, Elaine Wulf, Cindy Sielski, Connie Maloney, Joanne Pasquale,
Carolyn Bowers, Carole Bunge, Maria De Cristoforo, Carole Bunge, Judy
Dobransky, Kathy Feldmann, Marian Dykes, Linda Beran, Connie Maloney,
Sharon Weber, Linda Mulvihill, Linda Chencinski, Cheryl Hamilton. Don

FIG technique video, parts 1 and 2; To give or not to give: balance
beam; To give or not to give: floor exercise; Multiple twists and
saltos: vault, bars, and tumbling; Get a grip (Don Peters); Jr.
National Elite testing.

Compulsory levels 5-6-7 vault and beam; Compulsory levels 5-6-7 bars
and floor; J.O. optional vault and beam; J.O. Level 8 optional vault
and beam; J.O. level 9 optional vault and beam; J.O. level 10 optional
bars and floor; J.O. level 8 optional bars and floor; J.O. level 9
optional bars and floor; J.O. level 10; Elite optional vault and beam;
Practice judging: elite optional bars and floor.

Nora Campbell, Gloria Balogue, Paula Hilliker, Galena Grib, Catherine
Yakhimovich, Lana Lashoff, Andrea Schmid-Schapiro, Ron Morgan, Joni
Spada, Efrossina Anguelova.

Working with parents; General membership meeting; Basic group
activities; Mental training for the gymnast; Level 1-4 class; Class
planning; Training the level 5/6 gymnast; Group training; Training the
level 7 gymnast; Developing level 8 optional routines; FIG update;
General gymnastics.

Jackie Scherrer, Diane Massad, Maureen Broderick, Ellen Nyemcsik,
Norma Zabka, Alla Svirsky, Marina Davidovich, Helena Greathouse.

Level 5 judging course; Level 6 judging course; Level 7/8 judging
course; National judging course.

Dr. Bill Sands, Dr. Joan Duda, Dr. Robert McKelvain, Dr. Dan Benardot,
Dr. Larry Nassar. Jeni McNeal, David Adlard.

The biomechanics of twisting: a systematic look at advanced bar
skills; A new and exciting system for the teaching of gymnastics
skills; Exercise physiology, nutrition, biomechanics, and sport
psychology; Flexibility training; Medicine ball tra ining for
gymnastics; A minimal approach to conditioning; Injury prevention
training; Weight training for the prepubescent gymnast: CORE

Randy Smith, Mary Beth Ruskamp, Tom Burgdorf, Frank Sahlein, Steve
Greeley, Jeff Metzger, Steve Cook, Jeff Lulla, Steve Whitlock, Rachele
Harless, Patti Komara, Sarah Jane Clifford, Gary Anderson.

Class and team guidelines: what everyone else is doing!; Guarding your
athlete's NCAA eligibility; Handling customer complaints; Pulling it
all together: utilizing your facility to its maximum by increasing
sports activity offerings; How to make your staff more responsible;
Principles of business success; Advertising and public relations; USA
Gymnastics Online!; Online tips; Promoting your gym during Olympic
fever; If I build it, will they come?; I built it--they came!;
Birthday parties.

Tracey Callahan Molnar, Barbara Davis, Patti Komara, Jeff Lulla,
Sharon Scherr, and Jennifer Gallahue Lee. Lisa Shuck, Jeannie
McCarthy, Nicki Geigert, Lorei Galimore, and Gary Thibodeau.

USAG preschool accreditation program; Flexibility; Preschool
gymnastics progressions: Creating success, Fun and fitness through
movement; Parent-tot; Theme weeks; Healthy discipline techniques for
those difficult teaching moments; Understanding the components of a
developmentally appropriate movement program for preschoolers; Rhythms
and dance for preschoolers; Creating and incorporating themes.

Karen Bucaro, Chris Calvert and Jim Lord, Sue Ammerman.
Cheernastics; Cheer-Safety; Teaching actual belay and seat skills.


Melissa Caito, Roe Kruetzer, Dave Moskovitz, Julia Thompson-Aretz,
Jack Swarbrick.

Report from the USAG membership task force; Membership update; USAG
code of ethics; USAG budget; USAG Strategic Plan; USAG club
gymnastics; USOC coaching education plan; USAG men's task force;
Events task force; Eating disorder task force.


Date:    Sun, 14 May 1995 09:46:22 -0600
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: USAG Video List


To order any USA Gymnastics Merchandise, use the form on page two of
any issue of _Technique_ magazine.

To order via e-mail, use the USAG ORDER FORM (available on USAGO! or
on Gymn's ftp,gopher,www sites.)

Level 4 Women's Artistic

    From warm-up to the handspring vault. From a beam complex to kip
cast handstands. Many of the skills and preparations that you need to
produce a gymnast ready for Level 4. Meg Warren and Richard Kearns are
the coaches. A Charles Minster production.

    Item #: 2190
    Price:  $29.95

Still Coaching Women's Artistic

    A video to assist the teaching of advanced skills and techniques
for women's artistic gymnastics. Thirty-nine skills with more than 185
progressions including Tsukahara, double backs, giant circles and back
handsprings on beam. This video carries on from Series 1. Colin and
Christine Still are the coaches. Skills are presented in an easy to
follow manner. A Charles Minster production.

Vault--Handspring; handspring with full twist; 1/2 on 1/2 off;
  Tsukahara; handspring front salto.
Bars--Kip to cast; cast to handstand; straddle back to handstand; layout
  flyaway; layout flyaway 1/1; top change; blind change; clear hip
  circle to handstand; back giant; front giant; double flyaway.
Beam--Beam complex; spins and turns; hands to feet - landing; back
  walkover; flic flac; handstand to flic flac; flic flac, flic flac;
  flic flac layout salto; RO; and RO tuck back salto.
Tumbling--Flic flac; round-off; backward salto; backward salto tucked;
  double back salto tucked; layout back salto with 1/2 twist; layout
  back salto with full twist; hand supporting the twist action; layout
  front salto with 1/2 and 1/1 twists; full and double twist;
  handspring; handspring with salto; handspring + salto with 1/2 twist;
  handspring + salto with full twist.
    Item #:  2450
    Price:   $29.95

The official video magazine of USA Gymnastics
Contents of Vol. 1, No. 1, April 1995:
Competition Highlights--Men's 1995 Winter Cup Challenge, Colorado
  Springs, Colo.; Women's 1995 American Classic, Oakland, Calif.; 1994
  Rhythmic Challenge, Colorado Springs, Colo.; and 1995 American Cup,
  Seattle, Wash.
Club Tour--West Valley Gymnastics
Athlete Spotlight--Amy Chow
Other--How do you warm-up? International Protocol Summit.
    Item #:  2466
    Price:   $14 (single issue price)

    Item #:  2466
    Price:   $55 (4-issue subscription price)


    The Home Trampoline Safety Video addresses important safety
considerations including: proper equipment set-up, supervision, safety
rules and procedures, trampoline storage and security, the use of
progressions, and emphasis on non-somersaulting skills.

    This video is recommended for all families who currently own or
are considering the purchase of a home trampoline. It is also a
valuable resource for gymnastics clubs and schools that use
trampolines in their programs.

    The suggested retail price for single copies of the Home
Trampoline Safety Video is $19.95. To encourage gymnastics clubs and
pro-shops to distribute the video to their clients, a "Club Pac" of 10
videos for $120 is being offered for a limited time.

    ITEM #:  2490
    PRICE:   $19.95 (single orders)

    ITEM #:  2491
    PRICE:   $120.00 (Club Pac orders)


1994 Coca-Cola National Championships, Nashville, Tenn., August 1994.
(SP, two tapes, 2:56)
    ITEM #:  2142
    PRICE:   $24.95

    ITEM #:  2192
    PRICE:   $19.95

    ITEM #:  2191
    PRICE:   $19.95


1995 MEN'S AMERICAN CUP, Seattle, Wash.
Preliminaries and Finals.
    ITEM #:  2246
    PRICE:   $19.95

1995 MEN'S PAN AMERICAN GAMES, Mar del Plata, Argentina
Preliminaries and finals.
    ITEM #:  2247
    PRICE:   $19.95

1995 MEN'S WINTER CUP CHALLENGE, Colorado Springs, Colo.
Three tapes: SLP format, all-divisions, compulsories and optionals.
    ITEM #:  2245
    PRICE:   $19.95


Two tapes. Includes Finals and Children's floor.
    ITEM #:  2390
    PRICE:   $24.95

1994 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS, Tesalonika, Greece.
Two tapes. Senior individual finals and Junior group (1st rotation top 26).
    ITEM #:  2391
    PRICE:   $24.95

1994 RSG World Championships, Paris-Bercy, France, October 1994.
Two tapes, SP, 4:00.
    ITEM #:  2398
    PRICE:   $24.95

1994 RSG World Championships, Paris-Bercy, France, October 1994.
One tape, SP, 2:00.
    ITEM #:  2399
    PRICE:   $16.95

To order any USA Gymnastics Merchandise, use the form on page two of
any issue of _Technique_ magazine. To order via e-mail use the
Merchandise Mart order form.


Date:    Sun, 14 May 1995 09:46:46 -0600
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: USAG Order Form


To order any USA Gymnastics Merchandise, use the form on page two of
any issue of _Technique_ magazine. To order via e-mail include the
following information:

Day telephone:

Item name:
   Item #:
   Price:     $
   Sub-total: $

(copy above for each additional item)

Sub-total:    $
+ S&H*:       $
TOTAL:        $

Credit card information:
MC:  ___
Card number:
Card holder name:
Expiration date:

*Shipping & Handling charges:
  orders $15 & under    add $4
         $15.01-$50     add $5
         $50.0-$100     add $6
         $100.01 & over add $9

  Delphi address:    USGF
  Internet address:


Date:    Sun, 14 May 1995 11:16:55 -0600
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: Electronic Club Directory

This is pretty short right now, but I am sure that it will grow pretty
quickly!  --RH

Electronic Club Directory

All addresses listed are in the USA unless otherwise noted.
Submissions are welcome.  See directions at the end.


Blue Hen Gymnastics (Paula)

331 Newark Shopping Center
Newark De. 19711
tel. (302) 292-1444
Head Coach: Jim Mott / Paula Mann


Brown's Gymnastics Central

740 Orange Ave
Altamonte Springs, FL  32714
tel. (407)869-8744
Head Coach: Rita Brown, Ray Gnatt


Family Fun Gymnastics Center

Montgomery Commons Shopping Center
1200 Welsh Road
North Wales, PA 19454
tel. 215-362-0333
fax 215-362-6961
Head Coach: Gene Speer (Mr. 'Spot') Head Coach


Fit'N Fun Gymnastics (Boz Mofid, Owner)

19209 Chennault Way
Gaithersburg, MD  20879
Head Coach: Irina and Igor Federov
Aurelia Dobre-Mofid (Choreographer)


Fun & Fit Gymnastics Centers

1919 W. Burbank Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91506

tel. 818-845-0700
fax 818-845-3514
Head Coach: President, Jeff Lulla (this is a non-competitive gymnastics
organization - so there is no head coach).

The Fun & Fit Gymnastics Program is licensed to over 80 gymnastics
clubs. It involves training videos and curriculum cards for
instructors to monitor and track their student's progress and posters
and stars for the kids to take home to track their own progress.


Indiana Gymnastics Training School

122 East Miller Drive
Bloomington, IN 47401
tel. (812) 336-7469
fax (812) 855-5656
Head Coach: Scott Andrews w/ co-owner Tom Swayzee


Sport Seneca (Elite) School

Seneca College Sports Centre
Newnham Campus
Finch Avenue E
North York, Ontario
tel. (416) 491-5050
Head Coach: (Men's) Andre Vallerand
(Women's) Brian McVey
(Rhythmics) Liliana Dimitrova
(Skating) Robert O'Toole

Sport Seneca is a combination academic and sport centre for elite
competitors from Grades 3 - 8 (ages 9 and up). The average school day
consists of four hours of training and 5-1/2 hours of academics. We
are "home" to world- class Gymnasts Luisa Portocarrera, Leah Homma,
Monica Covacci, (in Rhythmics) Madonna Gimotea and Erin Burkett.


Wake Forest Gymnastics & DanceWorks Studio

1921 S. White St.
Wake Forest, NC. 27587
tel. 919-556-5445
Head Coach: Gene Leone


YMCA Gymnastics Center

1530 Northway Drive
St. Cloud, MN 56303
Head Coach: Jill Behrendt

Our program is primarily a recreational program. We do have a Team and
a prep team, working with levels 1-7. We also offer high school and
high school prep programs which are non competitive. Most of our
gymnasts, however, are pre-schoolers, beginners, etc.


To add, update, or delete an entry, send email to with the
subject "Electronic Club Directory".

If you are adding an entry, please include the following information:

Required: Club Name, Email, and Address
Optional: Head Coach, Phone, and Fax

# # #


Date:    Sun, 14 May 1995 14:30:51 -0400
Subject: Book Bashes Gymnastics

I agree, books which sensationalize the lives and hard times of a few
athletes could do damage. There was a HUGE report in the Atlanta
Journal Constitution a few weeks ago which did the same thing. (Kind
of Unfair, IMHO, since the AJC is the biggest paper in America's
Olympic City!)

I find it hard to believe that anyone can say that the benifits of
gymnastics are little. If you only look at the few cases where great
injury or death occurs, then yes. But I can't believe that anyone
could say that gymnastics is out of control. By far, the majority of
people who do perform it learn alot about body control, physical
health, and coordination.  I could say far worse for other sports
(football, basketball) that do not teach that but only focus on the
monetary rewards of their sport. I am surprised that someone doesn't
write a book which calls for the banning of pee-wee football, since it
only leads to false dreams of making it to the NFL, which is a 1 and a
million chance (it seems) and does not lead to better overall body
conditioning than gymnastics (IMHO, I did both.)

besides, the far majority of gymnasts world wide will never compete in
the Olympics and only a couple have made money off the sport (Cathy
Rigby, Retton, Kathy Johnson, Tim Dagget...and most only through
commentary jobs.)  Other sports have injuries but people flock to them
for the dream of money.

Just my 2 cents.



Date:    Sun, 14 May 1995 11:41:33 -0700
From:    ***@ENG.SUN.COM
Subject: Junior Olympic Nationals

Greetings from Oakland, CA, gymnastics center of the world.  Okay,
maybe I'm exaggerating a tad.  But it seems that lately I've been
able to just walk right into these cool national meets.

Friday afternoon I inexplicably found myself at the Junior Olympic
National Championships.  Doing my part for men's gymnastics I
bought an all-session pass, but no T-shirt.  (They sold out of
X-large - the kids snatched them all up barely before the first
session even started.  Don't they know by now that everybody buys

The schedule for the event was as follows:

Wednesday, May 10th     Open Training

Thursday, May 11th      Open Training
Thursday, May 11th      Opening Ceremonies

Friday, May 12th    Session 1  Junior Elite 1 and 2 Qualifiers
                    Session 2  Junior Elite 1 and 2 Regional Teams

Saturday, May 13th  Session 3   Class 3 Regional Teams and Qualifiers
                    Session 4   All Around Finals (Top 54 JE1 and 54 JE2)

Sunday, May 14th    Session 5 Event Finals

A lot of gymnastics, don't you think?

Could only stay but a hot minute at session 1, since I had an eye
exam.  Came back for session 2, but could only make out general shapes
since they had put those drops in my eyes!  (That sounds pathetic.)
I'm sorry to say that I missed Session 3 (Class 3) entirely, but I got
to see the AA finals (session 4) for Classes 1 and 2.  I might catch a
glimpse of the event finals later today.

General Impressions -

The meet was run incredibly efficiently.  60 seconds (I'm not
exaggerating) after the National Anthem, gymnasts had rotated to their
events and the first gymnasts were saluting the judges.  There were
two Pbars set up.  When one gymnast was done the next was there
saluting the judges.  As soon as a rotation was complete, there was no
standing around.  It was on to the next rotation.  I got sore just

The skill set varied widely.  I saw a few gymnasts that struggled with
relatively basic skills.  And then you would see someone attempt a
triple off of highbar.  I love meets like this.  If everybody's
picture perfect, it tends to lull you (well, me, at least) into a
complacency, thinking gymnastics is pretty easy.  When someone
struggles on something like an eagle, it makes you realize, "Yes,
swinging around on a bar 9 feet in the air with both of your shoulders
dislocated, hey, that's pretty crazy..."

The spectators were an intimate, knowledgeable crowd, Judging from all
of the yellow and green passes around everyones' necks, the place was
packed with gymnasts and family members.  I was probably the only one
that paid to get in!

The standard vault that most guys looked to be throwing was a laid out
front, although there were other, more difficult vaults.  Actually,
the laid out front vault is uncluttered enough that you can really
appreciate it.  The problem I usually have with vaulting is that the
gymnast is doing so much twisting and such I have a hard time seeing
what's going on.  But with this vault you get a good sense of how good
the block is, the gymnasts body position and amplitude in the air, and
how well they stick the landing.  And we all know that "that's the
last thing those judges see..." ;^)

The mount of preference on highbar was the wrong-way endo.  Seems like
at least 50% of the gymnasts were mounting in this manner.  Release
skills I saw included a Veronin, Tkatchevs, Giengers, a few Kovaks,
Gaylords and a Gaylord with a half twist, if I really saw what I think
I saw.

Lots of mounting the Pbars perpendicularly, which I think is cool.
Seems like most gymnasts were capable of doing a back toss, a Stutz,
Healy twirls and Diamodovs.  Seems like the Stutz gave more people
trouble than anything else.  I guess it's easy to get out of line with
it.  One guy caught it with his body at least at a 45 degree angle to
where it should have been.  Thought for sure he would have fallen off,
but he pulled it out, to applause.  For a second there I thought he
was going to pull the bars over!  But I guess that doesn't happen.
The dismount of choice was a double tuck, though there were others.

Didn't see too much floor, rings or pommels, though I did see some.

Odds and Ends -

This looked to be a good scouting opportunity for the colleges.  Saw
Stanford's and Cal's coaches there, though I'm sure there were others.
I was going to congratulate Sadao on winning Nationals, but I'm sure
he would have said, "Thank you.  Who are you?"  Maybe I could have
told him I know Rachele. ;^)

Here are some scores.  I'm sorry, but I only have the total scores for
the top 10 in classes 1 and 2.  The top 8 make up the National Team.
The top 4 get to go to the Olympic Festival.

                                        Class II

1 - Freddie Umalii      Top Flight              Region 1        54.45
2 - Scott Vetere        Gymnastrum              Region 7        52.50
3 - Yewki Tomita        Gymnastics World        Region 1        51.925
4 - Sean Townsend       GymMasters              Region 3        51.40
5 - Anthony Pettroeli   International           Region 7        51.05
6 - Jason Burgoon       Atlanta Gymnastics      Region 8        50.725
7 - Ryan Roberts        AGS                     Region 9        50.725
8 - David Eskildsen     Spitz Gymnastics        Region 1        50.6
9 - Jason Furr          Capital                 Region 7        50.55
10- Jamie Natalie       Diamond                 Region 7        50.55

                                        Class I

1 - Lindsey Fang        Gymnastrum              Region 7        54.60
2 - Derek Leiter        Nebraska Gym            Region 4        54.50
3 - Guard Young Bart Conner Academy     Region 3        53.85
4 - Sean Contrares      Nebraska Gym            Region 4        53.675
5 - Chad Conner         Metroplex Gym           Region 3        53.475
6 - Ryan Waggener       Citadel Gym             Region 3        53.40
7 - Izy Mlay            Top Flight Gymnastics   Region 1        53.30
8 - Todd Strada         Atlanta Gymnastics      Region 8        53.30
9 - Joel Vaughn         CA Sport Center         Region 1        53.275
10- Scott Finkelstein   Gymnastrum              Region 7        52.825

Yours in Gymnastics,

- George


Date:    Sun, 14 May 1995 15:29:10 -0400
Subject: Re: Book Bashes Gymnastics

> coordination. I could say far worse for other sports (football,
> basketball) that do not teach that but only focus on the monetary rewards
> of their sport. I am surprised that someone doesn't write a book which
> calls for the banning of pee-wee football, since it only leads to false
> dreams of making it to the NFL, which is a 1 and a million chance (it
> seems) and does not lead to better overall body conditioning than
> gymnastics (IMHO, I did both.)

> Jeff

Besides, other sports (football especially) claim a huge number of injuries
each year, many of them paralyzing.  Very little is ever said about that,
and even if something is, it's usually not a scream for the banning of that

I still think it's a gender bias thing.


Date:    Sun, 14 May 1995 15:54:54 -0400
Subject: Re: Book Bashes Gymnastics

I remember reading, sometime in the last year, that there had been
four football-related deaths in the previous year.  I think that
included both high school and college.  I wish I could remember more
specifically what it said about whether this was less than previous
years or what.  Beyond that, I don't know what the figures are for
injuries among football players and how they compare to injuries among
gymnasts (although it seems that football is always listed #1 and
gymnastics #2), taking into account the number of people participating
and at what level.  Does anyone know?  One thing I don't think we can
do is bring pro football into the comparison, because it involves
athletes who are of age, can be presumed to know and be assuming the
risk, and are well compensated for taking that risk.



Date:    Sun, 14 May 1995 19:27:07 -0700
From:    ***@ENG.SUN.COM
Subject: JO National Champs - Event Finals

Here are the results of the Event Finals:

                        Class I


1 - Sean Contraras      Nebraska School         9.70
2 - Ryan Waggener       Citadel Gym             9.40
3 - Danny Beigel        Macey's                 9.00
4 - Jaon Tremain        Cascade Elite           8.90
5 - Mike Quarress       Parkettes               8.80
6 - Steven McSparren    Ocean State             8.65


1 - Lindsey Fang        Gymnastrum              8.80
2 - Huy Ly              Bart Conner Academy     8.55
3 - Derek Leiter        Nebraska School         8.35
4 - Greg Gabel          Columbus Gym            8.20
5 - Joel Vaughn         Calif Sports Center     7.70
6 - Justin Delahunt     Gold Cup                7.40


1 - Joel Vaughn         Calif Sports Center     9.30
2 - Danny Beigel        Macey's                 9.30
3 - Joseph Mortelli     Tim Daggetts            9.20
4 - Peter Landry        Andy Valley             8.90
5 - Guard Young         Bart Conner Academy     8.75
6 - Todd Strada         Atlanta School of Gym   8.75


1 - Lateef Crowder      Calif Sports Center     9.50
2 - Sean Contraras      Nebraska School         9.40
3 - Steven McSparren    Ocean State             9.35
4 - Danny Beigel        Macey's                 9.20
5 - Todd Strada         Atlanta School of Gym   9.05
6 - Tim Elsner          World Cup NJ


1 - Huy Ly              Bart Conner Academy     9.45
2 - Derek Leiter        Nebraska School         9.35
3 - Joel Vaughn         Calif Sports Center     8.95
4 - Todd Bishop         World Class             8.70
5 - Sean Contraras      Nebraska School         8.50
6 - Izy Mlay            Top Flight Gym          8.40


1 - Sean Contraras      Nebraska School         9.50
2 - Derek Leiter        Nebraska School         9.40
3 - Mike Hinman         Buff Grove Gym          9.30
4 - Lateef Crowder      Calif Sports Center     9.20
5 - Lindsay Fang        Gymnastrum              9.00
6 - Ryan Waggener       Citadel Gym             8.85

                        Class II


1 - Cody Casey          US Gym Training         9.45
2 - Daniel Furney       South Texas             9.00
3 - Kevin Roulston      Positive Fitness        8.90
4 - Tommy Housley       Peach State             8.90
5 - Anthony Petroceli   South Texas             8.75
6 - Clayton Kent        New Hampshire           8.75


1 - Daniel Furney       South Texas             9.05
2 - Freddie Umali       Top Flight Gym          8.70
3 - Adam Berkenbile     Gold Cup                8.20
4 - Andrew Leis         Tim Daggets             8.15
5 - Jamie Natalie       Diamond                 7.90
6 - Jonathan Plante     Atlanta School of Gym   7.90


1 - Jason Furr          Capital                 8.80
2 - J.G. Ketchen        Knoxville Gym           8.75
3 - Scott Vetere        Gymnastrum              8.70
4 - Sean Townsend       GymMasters              8.50
5 - Kevin Roulston      Positive Fitness        7.85
6 - David Eskildsen     Spitz Gymnastics        7.60


1 - Freddie Umali       Top Flight Gym          9.25
2 - Kevin Roulston      Positive Fitness        9.05
3 - Adrian Barnhart     Columbus Gym            8.70
4 - Cody Casey          US Gym Training         8.55
5 - Jamie Natalie       Diamond                 8.45
6 - Schan Daniel        Richardson Gym          8.00


1 - Freddie Umali       Top Flight Gym          9.80
2 - Daniel Furney       South Texas             9.20
3 - Jason Furr          Capital                 9.15
4 - Sean Townsend       GymMasters              8.75
5 - Anthony Petrocelli  International           8.55
6 - Jason Burgoon       Atlanta School of Gym   8.55


1 - Adam Benas          World Class             9.35
2 - Walter Jaramillo    Gold Cup Gym            9.30
3 - Freddie Umali       Top Flight              9.10
4 - Jason Furr          Capital                 9.10
5 - Sean Townsend       GymMasters              8.90
6 - Yewki Tomita        Gym World Inc           8.85

                        Class III


1 - Brett McClure       Cascade Elite           8.45
2 - Tyler Mariatt       Cascade Elite           8.35
3 - James Lee           Multnomah               8.30
4 - Paul Hamm           Swiss Turners           8.15
5 - Zach Roberts        South Cal               8.10
6 - Shannon Carrion     Tallahassee Gym         8.05


1 - Stephen Smith       Top Flight              7.70
2 - Michael Ashe        Atlanta School of Gym   7.50
3 - Kris Zimmerman      Buff Grove Gym          7.15
4 - Brett McClure       Cascade Elite           7.10
5 - Paul Hamm           Swiss Turners           7.10
6 - Sterling Richards   USA Gym World           6.85


1 - Kris Zimmerman      Buff Grove Gym          7.85
2 - Brett McClure       Cascade Elite           7.65
3 - Matt Metzger        Queen City Gym          7.60
4 - Raj Bhavsar         Cypress Gym             7.30
5 - Joey Korecki        Surgents Elite          7.25
6 - Jason Moresi        International Gold      7.05


1 - James Lee           Multnomah               8.05
2 - Cory Burch          Spartan Gym             8.00
3 - Sterling Richards   USA Gym World           8.00
4 - Eric Steele         Knoxville Gym           7.75
5 - Zach Roberts        South Cal               7.70
6 - Brett McClure       Cascade Elite           6.90


1 - Kris Zimmerman      Buff Grove Gym          8.10
2 - Joey Korecki        Surgents Elite          8.00
3 - Sterling Richards   USA Gym World           7.90
4 - Clay Strother       Gymnastics Etc          7.85
5 - Heath Muller        Bart Conner Academy     7.80
6 - Bryan Barriger      Indy School of Gym      7.50


1 - Brett McClure       Cascade Elite           8.35
2 - Paul O'leary        Gymnastics Pacifica     8.20
3 - Everette Bierker    World Cup NJ            8.15
4 - Sterling Richards   USA Gym World           8.00
5 - Kris Zimmerman      Buff Grove Gym          7.80
6 - Duke Van Vleet      Apollo School           7.75

Random things that caught my eye -

Freddie Umali (Class II - Top Flight) threw a textbook set of Pbars
(9.80).  Excellent extension.  Beautiful back tosses and Diamodovs.
Dart in the ground dismount.  He's definitely someone to watch for.

Jason Furr (Class II - Capital) Nice laid out Tkatchev on high bar.

Joel Vaughn (Class I - California Sports Center) That guy is a beast.
Incredibly muscular set of rings and Pbars.

Sean Townsend (Class II - GymMasters) Nice Tkatchev/Gienger combo.
Laid out double/double dismount (at least I don't think he piked.)

There were no falls on release skills on high bar.  Pommels and Pbars
didn't fare quite as well.  A couple of steps out of bounds, but I
don't recall any major gaffes on floor.

You have to envy those little guys in Class III.  So young and already
doing some difficult skills.  They've got so many years of gymnastics
left before they peak.  It's unfair, I tell you. ;^)

I'm sorry but I didn't get the AA final results for Class III.  If
anyone gets ahold of them feel free to post them.

Yours in Gymnastics,



End of GYMN-L Digest - 13 May 1995 to 14 May 1995 - Special issue