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  1. NCAA Rankings - Women
  2. AC Prelims and Misc Stuff (was Re: American Cup notes)
  3. 95 ScAm Cup-Prelims report by yours truly
  4. '95 French Nationals
  5. Congrats to Unv. Alabama
  6. 2 ?'s & 1 comment (2)
  7. Chinese at AC
  8. scAM Cup 1990
  9. double posts/ not subscribed


Date:    Tue, 7 Mar 1995 21:50:53 -0700
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: NCAA Rankings - Women

I will post both the men's and the women's rankings again at the end
of the season (partly so that they will be archived in the digests,
for posterity's sake).  -Rachele

N A T I O N A L   Ranking For - All Around - By Regional Qualifing Ave.
     7 March 1995

  1  Jenny Hansen        39.612   KENTUCKY, U. OF SE
  2  S. METZ             39.450   UTAH, U. OF     MW
  3  Jennifer Wood       39.387   LOUISIANA STATE C
  4  Lori Strong         39.269   GEORGIA, U. OF  SE
  5  Kim Kelly           39.250   ALABAMA, U. OF  C
  6  Kristen Guise       39.187   FLORIDA, U. OF  SE
  7  S. WOOLSEY          39.119   UTAH, U. OF     MW
  8  Kristy Savoie       39.106   LOUISIANA STATE C
  9  stella umeh         39.044   CALIF- L.A.     W
 10  T. SOMMER           38.975   UTAH, U. OF     MW
 11  Kim Arnold          38.887   GEORGIA, U. OF  SE
 --  Julie Ballard       38.887   GEORGIA, U. OF  SE
 13  Heather Brown       38.862   AUBURN UNIV.    C
 14  heather kabnick     38.787   MICHIGAN, U. OF C
 15  T. Poggemeyer       38.762   ARIZONA, U. OF  MW
 16  K. DELANEY          38.756   UTAH, U. OF     MW
 18  wendy marshall      38.687   MICHIGAN, U. OF C
 19  ANGIE GUNNELL       38.675   S. UTAH STATE   MW
 20  Kim Baker           38.669   IOWA, U. OF     C

N A T I O N A L   Ranking For - TEAM TOTALS - By Regional Qualifing Ave.
     7 March 1995

                              Aver.  Region  High

  1  GEORGIA, U. OF      1 SE 195.731 196.337 197.300
  2  ALABAMA, U. OF      1 C  195.403 195.875 197.200
  3  UTAH, U. OF         1 MW 195.619 195.850 196.375
  4  LOUISIANA STATE     1 C  194.728 195.344 196.175
  5  MICHIGAN, U. OF     1 C  193.987 194.737 196.450
  6  FLORIDA, U. OF      1 SE 193.514 194.219 195.650
  7  CALIF- L.A.         1 W  192.733 194.112 195.425
  8  OREGON STATE        1 W  192.891 193.419 194.375
  9  ARIZONA, U. OF      1 MW 192.581 193.331 194.075
 10  PENN STATE          1 NE 192.725 193.062 194.300
 11  ARIZONA STATE       1 MW 192.334 192.875 195.700
 12  KENTUCKY, U. OF     1 SE 192.564 192.856 195.675
 13  OKLAHOMA, U. OF     1 MW 190.975 192.244 193.425
 14  S.E. MISSOURI       1 C  190.758 191.981 194.625
 15  WASHINGTON, U.      1 W  190.981 191.975 192.900
 16  NEBRASKA, U. OF     1 MW 190.981 191.750 192.575
 17  STANFORD UNIV.      1 W  190.411 191.744 192.325
 18  BRIGHAM YOUNG U     1 MW 191.264 191.625 192.625
 19  UTAH STATE          1 MW 190.194 191.400 193.950
 20  WEST VIRGINIA U     1 SE 190.411 191.294 193.600


Date:    Wed, 8 Mar 1995 05:41:41 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: AC Prelims and Misc Stuff (was Re: American Cup notes)

Rachele said ...
>Kristy Powell is outstanding and is beginning to really hit her stride.  She
>did not compete her Jaegar with 1/2 out tonight but she hit the rest fine,
with >amazing air sense.

Actually that skill belongs to another  - often over-looked but very talented
- Colorado Aerial; Theresa Kulikowski.

Rachele said ...
>| 2. The international field was weak on the men's side, and only a mite
>| better on the men's.
>Yes, I was quite tired last night.  Anyways, that should be "only a
>mite better on the women's".

Hmm ... the Int'l men's field was far deeper then the women's with Dmitri
Vasilenko, Rustam Sharipov, & Valeri Belenky who are all gymnasts of the
highest caliber. Heck that's a 1/4 of the '92 Oly. gold medal team plus a Jr.
Soviet Champion. Not even mentioning, Alexander Shostak, who didn't perform
all that well here but was a soild third best (beyond Scherbo & Ivankov) on
the BLR team in Dortmund. He has great pommels, p-bars, and rings and is
decent elsewhere (great Y-scale on FX ... very flexible). Sasha did say that
he felt tired and "didn't want to compete"  which might explain his
lackluster performance. You also can't overlook Zoltan Supola, who is quite a
gymnast (nudie video and all <g>) remember that he defeated Scherbo only a
month or so before the Barcelona Games (ok so it was in Budapest  - '92 Euros
where Supi was 2nd AA - and Scherbo fell but still) and is a two time World
HB medalist.

Also present was Alexander Kolyvanov (2 time Jr. Euro champ & '92 Unified
Team alternate) - who is  probably a better gymnast then any other in the
meet IMO -  and he was only there to *coach* Jay Thorton (sp?) who's all of 3
years younger then Sasha. Aren't coaches supposed to be old and decrepit? :-)

Rachele said ...
>Lena Degteva (CAN) faced her Yurchenko (-full?) vault, her first
>event, and injured herself (they did not say exactly how), and did not
>attempt a second vault or continue with the competition.

She actually didn't hurt herself too badly (according to her CAN team-mate
Derren Bersuk who didn't fare as well when he tore his ACL in Mixed Pairs -
not that that kept him from the party afterwords ;-) she just wanted to save
herself for Pan Am's which she was scheduled to compete in.

Lena was born in Ukraine (at least I think she was born there it was
somewhere in the ex-USSR ... anyway she lived in UKR at least) and her
parents coached Yulia Kut (a brilliant -  but little known -  Sov from the
late '80's). She's been in Canada since about '90 and has been working on
getting citizenship and the abiltity to compete for them ever since. Her
parents coach her (along with Alex Bard) and this is her first year competing
Int'l for Canada. At 18 she's "over-the-hill" in gymnastics speak but she's
determined to make up for those lost prime years where she was in nationality

Rachele said [about Ji Liya of CHN] ...
> I only caught the very end of her first floor pass, but surprisingly, she
looked >quite good and I might even say she was doing a double layout (I am
not at
> all sure of that one).

Yep we've seen it all now, a Chinese girl who's strengths are vaulting and
tumbling. Double layout mount and full-in dismount. Also it's important to
note that this was only Ji's second Int'l meet (the recent Pacific Alliance
where she was 2nd AA) and that she's just 13 years old.

Rachele said ...
>I had problems watching Zoltan Supola, HUN, b/c it was difficult for
>me to watch him after having watched the Hungarian "nudie gym" video
>and seeing him perform in there.

I wasn't able to follow all of men's prelims since I was busy working on
other areas (after Shannon fell of BB the men were kinda' fazed out for TV -
not that much of any of the prelims stuff got shown) but I do know that
Zoltan told us he was having a lot of trouble with the time difference and
the equipment (umm... gymnastics equipment that is ... *not* a "Power &
Grace" pun <g>) in general. Shostak, Belenky, Sharipov, Bulkahova,
Tsaravitch, & Vasilenko (who said "I got here yesterday ... no, the day
before ... I don't know it was dark" when we first saw him at 7 AM Wednesday
morning "I don't want to be on TV I just want to sleep") all made similar
comments. During one training session I know that Zoltan went over to the U W
and worked out on their HB because they had a pit where he could work on his
triple (which he also does off rings which is super cool ... anyone else
remember when Sergei Kharkov had the ankles, kness, and other misc. genuine
body parts to do that?).

Misti Clifton said ...
>1.Does anyone know how or what injury Dominique Dawes has suffered?

She had a stress fracture to her third metatarsal on her left foot. She was
in Seattle on Wednesday morning to receive her award from McDonalds and
seemed in high spirits until Billy Roth started telling her he'd the same
injury (4th metatarsel) and how much it had hurt him getting back into
training. Then again, what injury hasn't Bill had? :-)

Adriana said ...
>Also, at some meets (I don't know about this one), the host country invites
>judges from elsewhere and pays for their expenses, so they end up feeling
>obligated to the hosts.

Well the USAG does pay for athletes and coaches but *not* for foreign judges
(the US judges get airfare and hotel) which makes it extremely unlikely that
a country with the budget of say Russia or Belarus is going to send a judge.

Melissa Levy said ...
>Does anyone know who the French girl in fourth place was?

Cecile Canqueteau was the highest non-Eastern European finisher at last years
Women's Euros (9th AA) she also made vault finals (*great* Hristikeva -
totally laidout - and then a very weak Pike Tsuk for her 2nd V ... guess she
never expected to make finals). She was also a part of the impressive French
women's team in Dortmund. Rachele, mentioned her music not suiting her now,
but in Dortmund she performed to a Disco re-mix of the Village People's
"YMCA" ... talk about bizzare.

Rachele said ...
>March 3rd was both Ana Maria's birthday, and her coach's birthday.
>Just thought that was interesting.

Yep, Ana Maria was 15 and her coach 40. Elena Doglopolova (RUS) gave her a
little gift at training (quite sweet). Several other athletes had birthday's
falling right around the Cup. Alexander Shostak (BLR) turned 21 on the 1st
(they "celebrated" after prelims) and there were some others I remember
seeing from doing bios but I'm too lazy to go look them up.

Kathy Godfrey said ...
>Did Belenky injure his right shoulder in his fall off PB?  He looked like it
>causing trouble in his HB routine.

Yes  - slighty  - he pulled out of Mixed Pairs but isn't seriously hurt.

On another Belenky note ... I personally liked the red velvet leo. As long as
we don't have to see like Oliver Walther and Jan-Peter Nikiferow in them too
... or god forbid the utterly pigmentless Mario Franke <eek!>.

You know speaking of ancient German men ... Belenky also said that Sylvio
Kroll still competes on a regular basis for his club. And we all thought that
Energizer Bunny had a long life!

Back to fashion for a sex (umm ... Freudian slip ... I meant to type *sec*),
 Ukraine's new warm-up's (courtesy of Gymkin) make me long for the old subtle
neon pink/blue/yellow number. These new ones are blinding electric blue with
oh-so-subtle flourescent yellow lettering and highlights. You can see them
coming from about 10 miles off which made Rustam really easy to find in a
crowd but I'm not sure that's an adaquete plus. They should come with some
sort of warning label like "Don't stare directly into the jacket without
protective eyewear" (Hey Beth, that could explain Rustam's interesting
optical purchase).

Oh yeah a note about Svetlana Tsaravitch ... after prelims she sat with ice
on a *very* red and swollen ankle for quite some time so I think that more
then just jet leg kept her from top form ... though I'm sure that was part of


PS - please forgive any mis-spellings and typos ... it is *so* late (early?)!


Date:    Wed, 8 Mar 1995 06:04:42 -0700
From:    ***@ASU.EDU
Subject: 95 ScAm Cup-Prelims report by yours truly

        One score sums up the 1995 American Cup: the perfect 10.00 given
to "Tumbles," USGF mascot, for a comedic high bar routine in which he fell
off a few times, etc (sort of a Paul Huntesque routine--the foreign
athletes and the crowd *really* liked it btw).  In case you've never seen
"Tumbles," he sort of resembles a McNugget on crack.
        This was my first American's Cup, though I was prepared.  Yes, it
is the ScAm Cup.  I thought I'd write up my impressions of the meet, no
holds barred.  If you don't like what I have to say, then dismiss it as
the opinion of one lunatic who was there.  Roughly quoting one athlete,
"This is America and I can do what I want!"
        It was said that the men's field was weak, and the women's only a
bit stronger.  I disagree, it should be the other way around.  The
women's field had the top Americans (minus Dominique), of course, but
most of the other countries did not send their best.  Boulakhova and
Taresevich were sent instead of Piskun and Podkopayeva (the latter two
having both competed here several times and knowing what it's like to be
screwed--plus I believe there was the French Int'l, a prestigous meet,
this weekend) and both were not at their best, failing to even qualify.
Li Jiya of China was also inexperienced and didn't qualify either.
        There were more notable particpants on the men's side.  Belanki
and Sharipov, both 92 Olympians, were there, as well as Vasilenko from
Russia.  These are all big names in the the sport, and favorites for
all-around competition.  Overall the men's field was more impressive, I
mean, you look at the men's roster, and if you know gymnastics you're
going, "Okay. . .  92 AA bronze, 94 World medalist and Chunichi Cup Champ,
94 Goodwill Games Gold medalist, etc, etc.  You look at the women's
roster, and when you get past the Americans you're going, oh, hopefully
they won't fall too many times and since only two Americans are allowed,
they might sneak in to finals.  Well, first you look at the roster and you
wonder if it is worth it to go to a meet *sans* Khorkina, then you're
wondering, is it worthwile to have any meet without her?  But then you're
relieved, because you know if she had come, like USAG was promising (ha
ha), she could have hit every routine and the judges (see below!) would
have found a way to screw her out of any first places.  And then you would
have been *really* mad!  Go ask Stobvchataya, I think she'll know.
        Preliminaries were Thursday night.  The men started on floor and
pommel horse.  Chainey Umphrey was the only American man to throw a
double layout.  Sloppy work overall, and below 9.00 was his score
although I believe he did not fall.  Fan Bin fell off pommels but I
believe he still scored a 9.25 or the like, to the credit of the Chinese
mastery on pommel horse.  Shostak and Vasilienko also fell I believe.
Roethlisburger hit all his tumbling on floor, including his tucked
double-double mount, which is, stupidly enough, an E along with a LAYOUT
double-double (at least I think--anyone have a men's code?).  It's not
like one is any harder or anything.  A double layout should be equal to a
double tuck, no question about it.
        After men's pommels and floor the women came in and I focused on
them instead.  The so-called judging was a joke, the American judges
comprising most of the jury.  Bican was not underscored, however, the
Americans were overscored.  There was a Romanian judge,Maria Simonescu,
VP of the WTC of the FIG.  She must carry some weight, no wonder Bican
sqeezed into second place between the Americans.  Then there was the
judges from Ukraine, Canada, Mexico, and Luxembourg.  Luxembourg, that's
a powerhouse gymnastics country for sure.  I hear they have a gym.  None
of the female gymnasts from Canada, Mexico, nor Ukraine advanced to
finals.  My question is, why wasn't every country represented?  No
Russian judge, nor Belarussian, nor Spanish, nor Hungarian, nor Chinese
judge was present.  USAG and the sponsors I believe, pay for the
athletes, coaches, and delegation head perhaps, to travel, stay, and eat
here (Russia optional on the last one ;-)).  I am betting a judge is not
thrown into that package.  Could it be that I am suddenly hearing Okana's
music?  Cheap, cheap, cheap.  Well that could be it, but of course,
having each country represented would be unfair to the Americans, which
is obviously the true reason.  Plus it is much easier to give Americans
victories with no foreign judges demanding justice for their athletes.
        Muriel Grossfeld was the head judge I believe, and her scores
stick out in my mind.  My God who gave this women accredidation?  Oh
yeah, the USGF, how could I forget?!?  Let's see, yes, Muriel, a 9.9
vault of round-off half twist on, front pike off, with great distance,
form, height, and a small step, deserves a 9.45 at the American Cup.
Maybe it was 9.35.  Whatever it was, it was from Yelena Dolgopolova, and
we can't have any foreign athletes going home with any prize money!  No
way.  Especially not those Commie Reds.  However, Muriel's Draconian
attitude towards hops on landings seems to have miraculously disappeared
by Borden's vault.  A 9.8 vault (hand front pike) with a hop, let's see,
umm, 9.7!  Yes!  No problem there.
        The women started on bars, with Powell going up last with a big
Gienger to secure the gold.  In any case Dolgopolova was screwed big time
(try to imagine someone getting screwed at the American Cup, go ahead,
TRY!).  She had the best bars of the meet, no question.  Beautiful Def
(legs together, toes pointed) immediate shoot half.  Her handstands were
gorgeous, can this girl cast or can she cast.  Plus piked Jaeger to Pak,
stuck double front (tight form).  A crime was committed: 9.65, I
believe.  The 95 ScAm was off and running on schedule.
        Miller did hop full Gienger, transition move of slip-grip straddle
back to handstand, back on HB giant full (really giant half, half
pirouette, her giants fulls have always been choppy imho) to reverse hecht
(a bit sloppy, legs not locked out like before), and a beautiful half-in
half-out dismount.  Contrary to other reports, she did not do a full-in,
she did not do a full-out, she did a half-in half-out!  Her score was 9.8,
I believe, for a boring and blah routine.  Borden did her usual routine,
her form has improved but she is still very sloppy.  Her handstands and
casts are average until you see someone like Dolgopolova, and then the
differences are striking.  Toe point is apparently optional for Amanda,
and that cowboyed double front that never gets deducted for is driving me
        Mina Kim is Gwang Suk's cousin, it's scary.  All she needs is an
electric blue leo and to lose the hair accessories (which give her an
extra 2 or 3 inches of height btw) and she is her.  Like Kim,
she is very tiny, and she is very good on bars.  Very tight body form, and
I liked her sequence, pirouetting on the HB to wrong-way reverse hecht to
straddled hecht to low bar.  Every time I see that move, I still never
expect it.  It's sort of like a cradle on beam or floor.  Stuck double
layout dismount, the second salto hollow.  Li Jiya missed her hecht to
high, not even close, though it was beautiful when she made it in
practice.  Tarasevich fell on her tucked Jaeger, and I believe Boulakhova
may have sat down her double front (no barani out if my memory serves).
Chow got second for her tricks, love the Stalder, Stalder imm Shapo.
Let's here it for Amy who does domething on the low bar!  A laidout Pak
would improve the routine, straddled ones aren't too lovely imho.
        Beam was beam, with Tarasevich falling twice.  It was asked why
she didn't do her double front.  I'm assuming that after falling twice,
it wasn't worth it.  Miller fell, overarching her back dive 1/4 to
handstand.  She struggled in practice with her three layouts, but hit
them here, no problem.  Small hop on her full in, and her leaps were high
and good, 9.325.  Li Jiya had a huge front on, but missed a full turn.
It *was* event finals, after all.  Borden won, who knows who else
medaled.  Chow nearly fell off after her Rulfova, grabbing the beam to
stay on and pulling herself back up.  Also she tripped backward off the
mat after her ro ff triple full dismount and her coach touched her to
keep her from falling onto the floor.  I think Boulakhova fell as well,
and Dolgopolova also fell.  Mina Kim had great beam, only using about
half the length for ff lo ff lo.  Someone tell her to go for ff four or
five layouts.  Nice fluidity, very impressive, and she was beautiful to
watch.  Her mandatory back dive 1/4 ended up with a Li Li arch backward,
legs extended.  Wouldn't that be a great move out of Yurtchenko loop
btw?  I think she ended with a stuck double tuck, 9.7.  She should have
won beam over Borden.  Someone said she reminded them of Jennie
Thompson.  No way, not in the least bit.
        I finally got a chance to see Miller's new floor, and it's pretty
good.  Her last one (well, before she added all those code-pleasing
leaps) was so great, very artistic, and so I'm sure it was hard to top
that one.  The choreography was nice, but you know when you only see a
routine once, that it is hard to remember.  Harder tumbling, with an
impressive two whips to piked full-in first pass, two front tumbling
passes, and another full-in, all tumbling nailed.  I wonder about her
score, I honestly expected a 10.  Perhaps her start value was 9.9 or 9.8,
anyway I often heard said this weekend that the judges know she's past
her peak, etc.  More judging bias, boy do I hate that.  Why pick a
favorite?  Why focus on anyone?  Two judges were talking, saying to look
out for Mina Kim, because "she trains with Shannon" and so she would be
good, and of course then there was the judge hugging Kristy Powell's
coaches before finals.  Uh, bias anyone?  Keep it professional, please.
        I really liked Dolgopolova's floor, so shoot me.  The music was a
bit cutesy, mambo-ish, but the choreography was excellent, plus those
oh-so-gorgeous Russian hands and balletic positions, and it was the best
floor of the meet by far, very polished overall.  Her opening in third
position should have caused earthquakes in Mexico.  I think I will go home
and watch it again, thank God NBC showed it.  I think she was low on some
passes, (double layout, full-in, two front fulls) but her score was lamo
again, 9.1 or the like.  Tarasevich must be confusing the judges with her
lack of RO back handsprings, she is a fab tumbler and it is refreshing to
see something different.  Her choreagraphy was forgettable.  Mina Kim had
nice floor too, reminding me of Mo in a way, cutesy but still watchable
and not a stretch to be called artistic gymnastics.  Her floor was to "The
Pink Panther," nice choreography, and overall I was more impressed with
Mina than with all of the other Dynamo gymnasts I have seen.  She was not
a little Shannon, she had her own style, very refreshing.
        Borden did her usual cheesy floor routine, and the leos the
Cincinnati gymnasts were wearing were God-awful.  Maybe they were assigned
these leos, but if I were them, I would have just said no to anything with
gold lame on it.  Of course all the US leos were bad, GymKin designers
must moonlight for USA Gymnastics magazine.  Of course they do Ukraine
too, thank God for sunglasses.
        Let's see, what else, vault I believe was won by Bican but
somehow Powell was given first, Shannon's Yurtchenko fulls have gone
downhill bigtime.  Loose form from what I could see across the arena.  Of
course then there was the aforementioned screwing of Dolgopolova and did
I mention Boulakhova was vaulting Mronz's barani-out?  That's ro 1/2 on,
front tuck w/a 1/2.  I think she fell on her first one, but made her
second.  Are the vaults averaged in ScAm prelims?  Anyway, the Americans
won all the womens' events (surprise, surprise, surprise).
        Well I can't think of much else from prelims, I started writing
this Monday morning but haven't gotten around to finishing it and sending
it off until now, and I have seen that some of it has already been said.
Oh well, I've also been busy scanning more pictures to upload into <pub/pictures/sports/gymnastics> and hopefully the admin will
get them in before the year 2000, so go check them out sometime.



Date:    Wed, 8 Mar 1995 08:54:35 CST
Subject: '95 French Nationals

>  5. Popa (Nimes)                  72.688
> V:   1. Begue 9.80  2. Teza 9.435  3. Popa 9.25

POPA?!?! You don't think this is Eugenia formerly from the Romanian squad, do
you?  Stranger things have happened...



Date:    Wed, 8 Mar 1995 11:20:59 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: Congrats to Unv. Alabama

>Alabama was clearly better than Georgia that night.  The crow noise
>did not bother me as much as some of the scores given to Alabama

I definitely don't think Bama was systematically overscored, but one
particular score stands out in my head. Kim Bonaventura had three HUGE steps
on her double pike vault, and almost fell down. She was given a 9.7. Even
people around me, who knew very little about gymnastics, thought it was a

>.Stephanie Woods, beam routines is gorgeous.
>She has one of the best routine in college gymnastics today.
>Although, as a level 10 judge, I will have to say that she needs to
>do a harder dismount if she wants to be NCAA beam champion.  A >double
>full will be ok with me

 You know that amazing strength move she does after the front layout, front
down to beam, where she holds one leg in straight in front of her and stands
up on one leg (MUCH more impressive than it sounds). She is capable of doing
a pirouette immediately out of  that, with her leg in the same position. It's
 I agree about the dismount, but I don't know if she's working on the double
full. Is a full still a .1 deduction at Nationals?



Date:    Wed, 8 Mar 1995 17:17:57 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: 2 ?'s & 1 comment

I have two different questions:

1)  Someone asked a few days ago when the Pan Am Games would be televised,
but I never say an answer.  Does anyone know?

2)  Does anyone know why they dub over the floor exercise music on those
"America's Best" videos?  It really annoys me!

Regarding the American Cup, it is really great to see how Shannon Miller has
grown-up from a shy and quiet little girl to a very mature young woman!  I
hope she and the other veterens like Dawes, Strug, and Zmeskal are able to
hold on until Atlanta!


Date:    Wed, 8 Mar 1995 17:37:54 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: 2 ?'s & 1 comment

> Someone asked a few days ago when the Pan Am Games would be televised,
>but I never say an answer.

Turner has picked them up and they will probably be aired on either TBS or
TNT as "highlight" packages. asked ...
> Does anyone know why they dub over the floor exercise music on those
>"America's Best" videos?

I agree it's annoying but I can tell you why they did it (the latest one uses
the real thing). When TV contracts to air these events they buy the right to
air the music too but the home video deal did not include that right so they
were legally unable to use the music that came with the sets and had to put
together "similar" pieces.



Date:    Wed, 8 Mar 1995 20:14:55 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: Chinese at AC

Rachelle wroteth:

> I only caught the very end of her first floor pass, but surprisingly, she
>quite good and I might even say she was doing a double layout (I am not at
> all sure of that one).

Susan Replyeth:

>Yep we've seen it all now, a Chinese girl who's strengths are vaulting and
>tumbling. Double layout mount and full-in dismount.

As I think I mentioned recently, the Chinese KNOW they have the weaknesses in
these areas. Beam has been a Chinese event since '81, and Ma Yanhong, Wu
Jiani, and Chen Yongyan proved the power on bars beginning in '82 (solidified
by Lu Li's 10.0 at Barcelona). The two great problems are still beam and
floor, but there are actually resources being directed that way today. Don't
expect miracles by Atlanta, but well before Sydney you can expect a crop of
Chinese women who are genuine AA contenders.



Date:    Wed, 8 Mar 1995 18:46:00 PST
From:    ***@MVS.OAC.UCLA.EDU
Subject: scAM Cup 1990

Kalinina may have suspect form on difficult tricks, but
Zmeskal has horrible form on easy tricks.

Kalinina had elegance, beautiful legs and feet.
Kim had .. well.. um... lots of fans.

Kalinina did some of the most difficult routines in the world for 1990.
Kims routines belonged more in 1984 or 1985.  I think Laura Cutina
out-difficultied her at the 1984 Olympics.  Not a happy thought.

Kalinina competed a yurchenko double-full.
Kim competed a arch, I mean layout yurchenko full (twisting on to the horse)

Kalinina did releases over the bar.
Kim did releases under the bar (makes it more difficult to catch)

You're right, Kim was the correct victor.


Date:    Wed, 8 Mar 1995 20:27:14 -0700
From:    ***@RMII.COM
Subject: double posts/ not subscribed

Some people have had problems posting to Gymn, getting a message back
from the Listserv telling them they are not subscribed.  This is
because the address you are posting from must match the address you
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this, send email to Robyn ( or myself to fix it (because
if you merely subscribe, then you'll get doublemail -- under the old
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