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Topics of the day:

  1. KIM and BOGI
  2. Believe it or Not
  3. various questions
  4. NCAA Recruits
  6. In TV Guide (3)
  7. some names on NCAA list
  8. Rhythmic European Team Championships (Day Two)


Date:    Thu, 6 Jul 1995 22:39:27 -0600
Subject: KIM and BOGI

KIM: Does anyone know if she is planning on competing at nationals?

And, any ideas as to how she is paying for this training?

BOGI: Anyone know more details about her back injury?



Date:    Fri, 7 Jul 1995 01:13:24 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Believe it or Not

 Hi Everyone,

     I have some good news for all in the USA.  One of Springfield College
Men's Gymnastics teams finest has done what some may say is the impossible.
 When most people here about Division II Gymnastics they probabily think of
toned down lower level gymnastics.   This is just not true.  Rico Portalatin
4 time All-American during his College career at Springfield just couldn't
give it up.  Rico and myself were the Asst. Coachs of Springfield College
last season.  Rico not only coached and attended Grad. School but trained his
but off after evey team practice.   His desire and hard work finally paid off
this summer.  Rico made the the National Team for Puerto Rico.  Rico entered
college a  45.0 All-Around  gymnast Graduated a 54. All-Around Gymnast and
now a member of the Puerto Rican National Team.  This proves that Division II
is more and has more to offer then some might think.  If you don't believe me
check it out yourself.
   " Hard work and desire can make a champion out of almost anyone"
          Congrats to Rico

Onto a new topic.   I saw some highlights of the Gymnastics at the Special
Olympics World Games in CT.  I was wondering if anyone was there and could
fill us in.  I was very amazed with what I saw and wish I would have taken
the time to go there and be appart of it since I live so close Springfield
MA.  I don't know if anyone can help me on this one or not but I'll ask it
anyway.  In all the commercials 1 gymnast seems to get all the attention "who
is he"  I think he goes to a gym near where I used to train (Gymnastrum in
PA) I think maybe a gym called Pancots, his leo is purple.
Feel free to send info on this to my personal mail.  The more the better.


                                          Peace :0) Carl Frei


Date:    Fri, 7 Jul 1995 01:28:03 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: various questions

>Now that Kim Zmeskal is doing 3 Layouts on beam and a Full-in on bars, what
are the starting scores for those routines?<

The start value depends on what else is in the routines.  If someone can tell
me what the whole routine is, I can figure it out.  On the subject of her
difficulty, 3 layouts is good, but a full-in off UB is not that great

>Also, is a full turn still a requirement for floor ex?  Kotchectkova and
Podkopaeva don't do one.<

A full turn on FX hasn't been a requirement at least as long as I can
remember (early '80s); I don't know whether it ever has been.  It *is* still
a requirement on BB.



Date:    Fri, 7 Jul 1995 09:04:39 CDT
Subject: NCAA Recruits

> a complete list. Among those that I do NOT know are Sarah balogach and
> Ashley Kever. I'm intreersted in all names, so lay it on :)
Ashley Kever will join her former Capitol Gymnastics teammates at the University
of Alabama.


Date:    Fri, 7 Jul 1995 14:30:40 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: KIM AND BOGI

From everything I've heard, Kim WILL compete at Nationals.  As for how she
pays for the training...I'm sure her parents still help, but she has made
money from all of the exhibitions, shows, and pro meets she's done.  She is
represented by some agency (along with Bela and Betty Okino), so I'm sure she
gets paid for making apperances at gyms.  She also has a work-out collection
coming out from Milano (the same company Nadia works with), so that yield her
some profits there.

As for Boginskia, the post on the AOL message board said that she hurt her
back but, when asked, didn't know how, just that it started hurting.  She was
still able to do conditioning, as well as dance work, but that's all I know.

Ann Marie


Date:    Fri, 7 Jul 1995 14:30:51 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: In TV Guide

There is a layout in this week's TV Guide (July 8-14 with baseball on the
cover) entitled "Athletes warm up for Olympics '96."  Under the dates for
Nationals and Worlds, there is a little write up about how women's gymnastics
has shifted from children back to women, listing Miller, Zmeskal, Dawes, and
Strug as examples.  There is also a small picture of Miller on beam.

On another page, it says John Tesh will do the commentary for women's
gymnastics in Atlanta!  Yeah!!  I don't care what anyone else says--I love
him!  I thought he was great in Barcelona!

Don't forget:  Superstars of Gymnastics will be on Wednesday, July 13, at 8
pm central (9 pm eastern) on the USA cable network.  It will feature Kim Z.,
Bart and Nadia, etc.

Ann Marie


Date:    Fri, 7 Jul 1995 17:00:00 PDT
From:    ***@NSO.UCHC.EDU
Subject: some names on NCAA list

I do not have a complete list.  But I do know  that the four graduating high
school seniors   from the C.A.T.S. club in Cheshire, CT  have all been
awarded full scholarships to compete next year at the listed schools.  Maybe
someone else has the complete list, or one can be built here on gymn-l.

Cara Lepper  - University of New Hampshire
Jen DeLucca  - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Tracey Fox  - University of Rhode Island
Lauren Mazurco  - North Carolina State

Arta Dobbs


Date:    Sat, 8 Jul 1995 00:51:51 BST
From:    ***@IC.AC.UK
Subject: Rhythmic European Team Championships (Day Two)

Rhythmic European Team Championships    (Day Two)

Prague, Czech Republic          6-8 July 1995

Senior Groups Results

  1. Russia             38.875
  2. Bulgaria           38.825
  3. Spain              38.625
  4. Belarus            38.400
  5. Ukraine            38.125
  6. France             38.025
  7. Germany            37.600
  8. Greece             37.500
  9. Italy              37.425
 10. Hungary            37.400
 11. Finland            36.225
 12. Czech Republic     36.050
 13. Lithuania          35.900
 14. Latvia             35.850
 15. Estonia            35.775
 16. Portugal           35.625
=17. Austria            35.150
=17. Great Britain      35.150
 19. Denmark            34.225

- Russia jumped from 8th position after one routine to retain their
  European gold medal after their second. The reason for the big jump
  was due to big diifference in markings in the two pieces of apparatus.
  The judges in the five hoops section were marking much higher than
  the judges in the three balls/two ribbons section. I'd say the hoops
  markings were normal and also the composition mark of the three balls/
  two ribbons were also normal. But the execution marks for the
  balls/ribbons were way below average. The highest mark they've ever
  given for the execution in balls/ribbons was only 9.150 (out of 10)
  I think. The top seven teams after Day One all performed their hoops
  routine on that day. Russia were 8th after Day One and they performed
  their balls/ribbons routine. Today they performed their hoops routine
  and they managed to overcome the 0.7 gap between them and the
  povernight leaders bulgaria to claim the gold.

- This may sound complicated... ignore me if you feel like it... oh you

- BTW I think the scores I gave yesterday for the Juniors Individuals
  were actually the final results of that particular competition.



Date:    Fri, 7 Jul 1995 20:31:07 -0400
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: In TV Guide

>there is a little write up about how women's gymnastics
has shifted from children back to women, listing Miller, Zmeskal, Dawes, and
Strug as examples.

None of them exactly fill out a leotard like Caslavska did

Mara<<<<----extremely skeptical about the so-called return to "women's'


Date:    Fri, 7 Jul 1995 21:32:50 -0600
Subject: Re: In TV Guide

No, none of them filled out a leotard like the great Caslavska did, but it
encouraging to see that most of the OLYMPIC hopefulls (from all over, not just
the USA) are going to be WOMEN (legally) in Atlanta. It does show that your
career isn't over if you hit 15, like it has for some gymnasts in the past.
Plus, like it has been meantioned recently, it is very nice to see that there
are a variety of body types in the top group. From the lithe and long limbed
Khorkina to the womenly shaped Piskuin, it isn't just for "girls who
look like little boys." The times are changing, slowly, but they ARE CHANGING.
If they kept up this way, I'd hafe expect Nelli Kim to come out of retirement.
Now there was a WOMEN doing gymnastics, if I ever saw one.



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