GYMN-L Digest - 6 Mar 1995

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  1. '95 Mixed Pairs Results
  2. #27 Pan Am Trivia Answers


Date:    Tue, 7 Mar 1995 02:38:00 UTC
From:    ***@GENIE.GEIS.COM
Subject: '95 Mixed Pairs Results

'95 Mixed Pairs Results

After Round 1 (top 8 teams advance):

 1. Mina Kim/Brian Yee (USA/USA)                    19.075
 2. Mari Kosuge/Hikaru Tanaka (JPN/JPN)             18.987
 3. Mohini Bhardwaj/Rob Kieffer (USA/USA)           18.975
 4. Ana Maria Bican/Marcello Barbieri (ROM/ITA)     18.950
 5. Irina Bulakhova/Rustam Sharipov (UKR/UKR)       18.912
 6. Adrienne Nyeste/Zoltan Supola (HUN/HUN)         18.825
 7. Cecile Canqueteau/Jay Thornton (FRA/USA)        18.800
 8. Ji Liya/Fan Bin (CHN/CHN)                       18.575
 -. Jaycie Phelps/Josh Stein (USA/USA)              18.500
 9. Svetlana Tarasevich/Alexander Shostak (BLR/BLR) 18.425
 10.Elena Dolgopolova/Dmitri Vasilenko (RUS/RUS)    18.150
 11.Brenda Magana/Antonio Fernandez (MEX/ESP)       18.100
 12.Natalia Mendy/Darren Bersuk (ARG/CAN)           12.550

After Round 2 (top 3 teams advance):

 1. Ana Maria Bican/Marcello Barbieri               38.075
 2. Irina Bulakhova/Rustam Sharipov                 37.961
 3. Mohini Bhardwaj/Rob Kieffer                     37.950
 4. Mari Kosuge/Hikaru Tanaka                       37.812
 5. Cecile Canqueteau/Jay Thornton                  37.587
 6. Ji Liya/Fan Bin                                 37.487
 -. Mina Kim/Brian Yee                              37.325
 7. Adrienne Nyeste/Zoltan Supola                   36.250

After Round 3:

 1. Ana Maria Bican/Marcello Barbieri               56.900
 2. Irina Bulakhova/Rustam Sharipov                 56.461
 3. Mohini Bhardwaj/Rob Kieffer                     55.625


Date:    Mon, 6 Mar 1995 22:22:42 -0500
From:    ***@AOL.COM
Subject: #27 Pan Am Trivia Answers

Well, if you guys got this, I guess the listserv is working <g>.  Hope you
enjoyed our latest trivia extravaganza.  Remember, Pan Ams begin this week!

Again, thanks for questions to:

#1, 7-Julius
#2, 5, 6, 8, 9-Adriana
#3-Julius & Adriana

Hope you had fun!

1.  Which female gymnast at the 1991 Pan Ams won the apparatus  gold medal in
the same event that cost her the AA title?  Which apparatus?

Chelle Stack, floor exercise

2.  What man who competed at four Pan Am Games finished in the top two
all-around three consecutive times?

Casimiro Suarez (CUB) (1st '79 and '83, 2nd '87).

3.  Which gymnast won the only gold in the women's event NOT won by a US
gymnast in '87?

Laura Rodriguez, Cuba  Vault

4. Which 1991 gold medalist is now a star at Alabama?

Stephanie Woods

5.  A question of perspective . . . Which gymnast placed surprisingly close
to the medals at 4th all-around at Indianapolis '87 and four years later in
Cuba placed disappointingly out of the medals at 4th all-around again?

Luisa Parente (BRA)

6.  Who scored a rare Pan Am 10.0 on PB at the '91 Games in Cuba?

Felix Aguilera (CUB)

7.  Which gymnast who had never finished any lower than 3rd in any US
Nationals failed to qualify top 3 for AA finals?  At which games did this

Hope Spivey 1987 was 4th in prelims among the US team.

8.  When was the first time the Puerto Rican and Cuban flags, which are the
same but with the colors reversed, hung next to each other at Pan Ams?

When Felix Aguilera (CUB), Mario Gonzalez (PUR), and Tony Pineda (MEX) tied
for third on PH at Indianapolis '87.

9.  Who was the first female gymnast to throw a double back at Pan Ams?

Elsa Chivas (CUB) at San Juan '79.

10.  A gymnast at Indianapolis '87 unknowingly competed while ill.  Who was
it and what was the ailment, and how did the gymnast find out?

Tim Daggett (USA) had mononucleosis and didn't know until the it showed up on
the drug tests.

And our special bonus question from a twisted member of Gymn [who shall
remain nameless - you know who you are...]

Bonus:  He has the best skintone in the world...

Felix Aguilera..


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