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                           [COL] UGa update
                        cool/hard mixed series
                          cool mixed series
                           Cool NCAA tricks
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                      Mind-blowing mixed series
                            more ascii art
                              Mr. Rogers
                            some ascii art
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This is a digest of the mailing list. 


Date: Sun, 05 Feb 1995 20:26:02 -0700 (MST)
From: ***
Subject: 95 Fiesta Bowl

      Wow, imagine my surprise when I walked into such a huge meet by
accident, on my way back to my dorm.  I hadn't even heard about it, but
anyway, the 1995 Fiesta Bowl, sponsored by the Arizona Twisters, was held
Feb 3-5 at PE West at Arizona State University.  Teams came from all over
the country, including Hill's Angels of Maryland, Buckeye of Ohio, Rocky
Mountain of Utah, New England Gymnastics Express and Atlantic Coast from
the East Coast.  Local teams included Gymnastics World of Tuscon, Desert
Devils of Scottsdale, and Arizona Sunrays of Glendale.  I don't have any
scores on hand, but can only tell you my impressions of the meet. 
      There was also men's gymnastics, simultaneously even.  There were
several Junior Elites, as well as the Collegiate Division, with UC Santa
Barbara, Air Force, and ASU. 
      There were two meets on Saturday.  First, in Session "B", were
Level 8's and Level 10's.  It was hard to watch this meet, as they were
both happening at the same time.  In the huge hall were two floor mats,
two beams, two sets of bars, and two vaults.  Nothing eventful, except
that the lights went out toward the end over the Level 10 side of the
gym.  They came back on after about ten minutes, but the meet was already
behind schedule. 
      The second session of the meet was the open Optional with the
Elites, and the men.  At promptly 7:30 the Level 8 side of the gym was
dismantled and the men's apparati brought in.  This left the remaining
gymnasts to finish in the practice gym.  The Elites had to wait while the
Level 10's finished their floor routines.  One criticism, the teams were
intorduced over the loud speaker, but did not march in or line up. 
Instead they just waved from wherever they were, stretching in the corner
or whatever. 
      The announcer (no, Stormy coached) introduced the Men's judges,
and it was rather funny as he said he would introduce the women's judges
as soon as he found out who they were.  One of the men's judges was Xiao
Ping Li, '81 World Champ on pommels and member of the Chinese Team in '83
and '84.
      I know that the Level 10 team was won by Atlantic Coast, and the
All Around was won by an Atlantic Coast gymnast.  Several of the Level 8
coaches were rightfully imho incensed about the awards, being that places
1st->3rd AA were given awards, and stood on the podium, but for each
event only 1st place received an award and stood on the podium.  I
thought that was cheesy,
      I didn't follow the men's meet very much as I was on the other
side of the gym, but I am assuming ASU won as they had a large margin in
front of the other teams after the first few events. 
      I watched the Elites in the training gym.  Heidi Hornbeek was
competing for the Sunrays, and she looked noticably frustrated.  On beam
she was aright, but on floor she could not land her Arabian double front
at all, and was extremely angry, hitting the floor and crying.  Her
attitude seemed extremely negative, as noted one of the coaches, who I
was sitting with.  I cannot remember her injury, but I believe she was
coming back from one.  Anyway she started off the meet the same way,
angry and frustrated in bars warm ups.  She went up last for her team,
and hit her move which she fell on in warmups, consecutive hop fulls
(sloppy form) to a big Gienger (no Def).  But she missed her pirouetting
transition move, getting out of line and then jumping off the bar in
anger.  She got back up and did more pirouettes, but something went wrong
and she dismounted with a layout flyaway.  Crying, she went over and
talked to her coach before finishing her routine (tucked double). 
      Hornbeek stayed on beam (ff two layouts, ro ff big straddle jump,
stuck double tuck), but fell on her mount on floor.  Her other teammates
looked good, one, Misty Black, having the best florr imho of the meet.
      The Desert Devils were all strong on beam, a few of them doing ff
ff double tuck.  Amber Erdos was listed in the program but she did not
compete, although she was there.  One girl landed her Arabian double
front on floor before injuring herself on a Rudi.  Another threw a
running Rudi. 
      Hill's Angel's was without Dominique, who apparently is in a cast
after fracturing the third metatarsal in her foot.  They started on beam,
with lots of fronts. 
      From New England Gymnastics Express, Breanne Rutherford threw a
double layout off bars, but left out her ff tuck full on beam which she
was warming in practice. 
      The team which was most impressive, by far, was the Rocky
Mountain Gymnastics Club.  They were the most polished, with the most
difficulty.  The four girls were all very small and young.  They started
on floor, with the best twisting.  Several threw triple fulls and a
full-in.  Bars was their event, no surprise, and several of the coaches
from other teams sat and watched them.  Some of the skills were a
full-twisting front giant to Endo; Stalder, Stalder to hecht to high bar;
another hecht to high; two double layouts, and the best double front half
I've seen since Grudneva.  All in all they were quite impressive.
      Buckeye had a lot of tricks but very, very poor form, and the
team Twin City Twisters was similar.  One gymnast from TCT thew a double
layout mount on floor and a full-in (fall) second pass, and also a
full-twisting handspring front on vault.  She seemed much older than most
of the other competitors, I'm sure being heavily recruited by the NCAA. 
      The two gymnasts from Gymnastics World, I believe coached by
Artur Akopian although I could be wrong, had nice beam, both with Arabian
      Sorry I don't have any scores, but it was a good meet anyway. 


Date: Sun, 5 Feb 1995 11:06:56 -0800 (PST)
From: ***
Subject: [COL] UGa update

Blurbs for UGa women's collegiate gymnastics:

BYU at Georgia - 1/14/95
Attendance: 9,512
Notes: Highest score in an NCAA season opening, six falls for Georgia,
       Juliette Bangerter sat out the meet, BYU outscored GA on beam.

                      Georgia                                 BYU
TEAM TOTAL            195.75                                  190.575

Lori Strong 39.625
Nanette Walker    39.10
Agina Simpkins    39.075

Georgia at Kentucky - 1/20/95
Attendance: 2021
Notes: Margin of victory was 1.525, Jenny Hansen *didn't* win the all-
       around (her teammate, Robin Ewing, did), Georgia suffered nine

                      UKentucky                               Georgia
TEAM TOTAL            192.275                                 193.80

Robin Ewing 39.075
Jenny Hansen      38.75
Agina Simpkins    38.675

Auburn at Georgia - 1/28/95
Attendance: 8,822
Notes: the "Strong" returns to Lori's bar routine: hop-full+reverse-hecht+
       "Strong"...double-layout, Kim Arnold threw three layouts on beam
       for the 1st time in NCAA history, Leah Brown scores the 1st
       Georgia 10.0 this season (Agina also scored a 10.0),

                      Georgia                                 Auburn
TEAM TOTAL            196.350                                 190.075

Georgia at BYU (with U of Utah) - 2/3/95
No scoresheet available

TEAM TOTAL            Utah - 196.025    GA - 194.175   BYU - ~189.5+


Date: Mon, 06 Feb 95 14:36 PST
Subject: cool/hard mixed series

What a neat thing the mixed series can be:

Vodenitcharova on beam: layout on, sissone
Vodenitcharova on beam: full turn in crouch, korbut
Eugenia Popa on beam: funky jump, headspring

Sazonenkova on floor: cat leap-full, tinsica

I remember Juliet Bangerter doing cool combos on beam but I can't remember
what they were.. I think they involved double turns and aerials though...


Date: Mon, 6 Feb 95 18:46:38 EST
From: ***@BBN.COM
Subject: cool mixed series

One of the neatest properties of cool mixed series is
that all spectators recognize an interesting combo
when they see one, even if they aren't "experts."
A little originality can really get the audience's attention.

(Sort of like watching Fred Astaire dancing.  The very
first time you see him dance, you can tell that he's
doing neat stuff; and if you learn more about his
dancing, you just come to appreciate it even more.)


Date: Sat, 4 Feb 95 19:48 PST
From: ***
Subject: Cool NCAA tricks

Hi everyone,

Thanks to Kathy Elbasani for her report on the Cal quad meet.

Maybe she didn't compete there, but I have to add that Amy Smith from UCLA
throws an unbelievable tour jete - 1/2 twist out (lands on two feet) on
*beam*. And yes, she hits a split first. The rest of her routine was
ultra-cool too, with a push up to bridge from lying down, tippie-toe closer
to her hands and stand up (kinda like Kalinina in reverse) and other nifty
combos I've forgotten.

That's what I like about NCAA women's - for all the 8.6 routines that go
9.3, a gymnast with originality like that can shine too, if not often

And by the way, Leah Homma looks stunning this year (though I liked last
year's FX better), Stella Umeh's just Stella and Kareema Marrow's double
layout keeps getting better. She may have the best one in the world. We'll
have to work that one out after UCLA Invite next week and get back to you
(at least one of us evil S Cal people will post about it - we're all

See you later,


Date: Sat, 4 Feb 1995 23:09:32 -0700 (MST)
From: ***
Subject: Do you have a home page?

If you have a home page, please send me the URL.  I would like to add
a Gymn page that has links to pages of Gymn members...

I am fixing up many errors tonight and tomorrow so by Monday morning,
hopefully things will be a bit cleaner...!  =) Thanks for all the
encouragement on the Web pages thus far.



Date: Sat, 4 Feb 95 19:48 PST
From: ***
Subject: Mind-blowing mixed series

Hi again,

Kathy's post on the Cal meet got me thinking ...

What is the coolest and/or hardest mixed series (beam or floor) you've ever
seen a girl do?

The most amazing one I've seen was performed by Sandra Botnen, Canadian
world championship team member ('85) and little sister of Anita, American
Award winner from Florida ('87?). Saw this at the Pac-10s in '90 or '91,
where she competed for Washington.

The tricks? Side leap (180 split) to Yurchenko loop (flip-flop to back hip
circle crossways, a la Li Li) with less hesitation than most Romanians put
between a flip-flop and a flat sissone.

By that time, incidentally, she'd hit about 5' 9". And she didn't think the
combo was any big deal. Oh-kay.

Jackie Brady of Great Britain did unique bits on both events at
Commonwealth. I remember tour jete (land in Arabesque) directly to no-arm
forward roll on beam. Nice direction and rhythm change. Forgot FX, but she
won the silver. And again, she was 19 or 20 then, no junior.

Any others? Post away.



Date: Mon, 06 Feb 1995 18:25:56 -0700 (MST)
From: ***
Subject: more ascii art

Image #1

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$RM$$M~ 9$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
TTT####******$$$$$$~~!!  d$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
~~~~~~~~~~~!!!M$$$E~'! ~8$$$$$~~!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~:<: !@$F~~~~~~~!$$$$$$$$$$$$R#RR$$$X<~!~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!?$$$$$$MMMMMX~~~! `~~~~~~~~~
~~~~!<~!~~<~~~:~!~~~~~~!!!!!! $$$$$X!!!~~~~~<~~<~~
!!!:!!<<:~!!><!!~<!!~~~!!~~~! '$$$$&!!<:!~~~~~<<:~
!!!!:!~:!~:!!/!!!!!<\~~!!~~~!  9$$$R~!!>~<!!~:~~!~
!!!!!!!<::<!!~!!!!!!<!:!!<~<!~ '$$$R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!<!:!!<!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!X!\  `$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!M!!:  9$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:!  !$$X!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: ::!!!!!!!$$$M!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~< !~!!!!!!9$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~ ':<!!~!!!!!XM$$$R!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XXX!!!XMM!!!!!MMM!!     !!!!!!!!!

Image #2

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    `!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!<>!!!!<!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~!/<!!    `~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~!!!!>!!!!~~~~~~~:    `!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~!!!!!!!~~:!!!<!:!:~~~:~~:~~!     ~<!!!!!!~!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:!!!!!!!!!!!!!<<~!!!!~:~~~!~!!!!!.    ~!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!>!!!!:!!!!!!!!!!!!~~!!!:~~~~~~!~ :  `~>~~!iiu    ~~<~!!!!
!~:~<<!!~!~~<~~~~~:!~!!~~!~~~~~~~~~      "L4B   ^R$*$N:   !!::!!
!<:~~~~~~~~<~:~~~~~~~~~~:~~~~~~~~~ ' ~      `xo@$$i  $$k    ~!!!
!!!!~<<:!!!!!!!~!<!<!!!!!!~<~~~~  ' ~     :!MTR$$$$$$$$$!    `!~
!:~~!!~!:>:~~:<~~<~~~~~~~~~~<~~   ~      t$$M$$$$$$$$$$$E!     ~
!!!~~<~\!<~~~~~:>~~~~~~<~~<~~  x 9$$$$$NX$$X!$$$$$$$$R$$!~:!   
:!!::/~~~~<~~:~!!!~~~<~~~~~~`"!s. ~~~ `"$$$MH$$$$$$$$!!~!<~<~~ 
~~!!/!~~<~~~~!<~~<!~~~<:~~~   3<'~~:     "$$$$$$$$$$!!!~~!!!<!!:
!!!~<<<~~~~>:~~~~~>/~:~~~~~    ~!!XXX!  ..!~~#~<XX?R!!~~!:~<~~~~
!!~~~~~~~~~~~<<~~~~~~<~~~~~   >  !R$$M '?$X~<8$$$$$!~~~<~~~!~~~~
!!~:~<!~~~~~~~~~~~~:~:!<:<    \  !M$$R:4$$!.U$$$$$E!<~~<~!~!!!!!
!!!!!!!~~    ~!!!~!!!!!!!         !?$$k   4$$$$$$$R!!!!!!!!~~<!!
!!~~~~~~: <X!!<~!!!!!!~~           !R$$:   R$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!:~!>:
!!:~:~~~~/~!H<!<!!!:!!~           <$$XM&    $$$$$$E!!!~!!!!!!!!!
<~!!!!!~~ ~Xk `<!!:~<~           '!M$$$$L   '$$$$$X!!<!!!!>!!!!!
~!!!!!~!!U$8XX<<:~!/~~           X!X$$$$$    R$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!$$$$!:!!!!!~!!!X.      9$$$$$$$$? .nX$$$R!!!!!!!<!!!!!!
!!!:<~!!!M$$$X!!!!!! ~~?M$$$WWW@$$$$$$$?!!MR!!$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!$$$$X!!!~   :!!!$$$!TTT#TT!!!!!!!$M!M$R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!M$$$$X!    <!!X$$R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?$X!$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$X!!!W$R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XXX. `!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!9$$$$$$XW$$R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MMX  `!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$$R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  `"`  .~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Image #3

 :!~!MMX<:                        :d$@$@:.    
'~   `!?%X!:                 .d$8HM$$$$$5HX.  
       `!!?!X!.             <M$$$$$$$$$$$R!%X 
         ~!!!!!!:           !!M$$$$$NM$RT!~!!X:
          `!!!!!!!:.:::x:::<X!9$$$$$$$NUXX `~!M
            !!!!!!!!X!!MX!!!!MM$$$$$$$$$$M   `X
             !!!!!!!MXHRM!X!!!??R$$$$$$$$!    :
'"%-         !!!!!!!XMMRMMM!!!!X!??MR$$R"   .<!
             !!!!!XXMMMMMM$X!!!?@X!!!~`    (!!X
            !!!!!!MMMMMMM?MM!!!"!~       -~ `!X
           !!!!!!!HMMMMX!!!!!~~             !'X
          :!!!!!!!!??!!!!!!!!~             ~ 'f
'$$$WHWMHHH!~`      `E                        
'$$$$$$$$$$"         &                        
'$$$$$$$$$f          $                        
'M$$$$$$$X           $L                       
'MRM$$$$$$c          $&                        

Image #4 (last one)

$$$$$$!   ?$$$$$$$$$$$$$WX!!!M$$$$$$$$$
$$$$$$W:   R$$$$$$$$$$$$$B   !$$$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$X   '$$$$$$$$$$$$$B   '$$$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$B    ?$$$$$$$$$$$$$   '$$$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$!    #$$$$$$$$$$$R    $$$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$R:   '$$$$$$$$$$$E    9$$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$X    4$$$$$$$$$$!    ~$$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$:    R$$$$$$$$$>    '$$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$X   :?$$$$$$$$$     '$$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$R:'~~'$$$$$$$$$!   ~'$$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$$:  ~ $$$$$$$R!~!<<~'$$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$$!    $$$$$M!~~~  !:`$$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$$     9$$$$$!~~~<<~!~$$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$R     9$$$T~~!!tHXHX~$$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$E     MMMR!~~!M@!?8!:$$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$E    <X&!!!!!!!!~ !:~M$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$R   ~!X$$!!!!!!!!%!!:9$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$$  <~~!$$X!!!!!tNH!!~9$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$R   `~~`?!!X!!!!M~~~~$$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$!          `~!!~~   `$$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$X      .:!          '$$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$&xxHMMMMM!>          9$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$$BMMMMMMMX>          `$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$$$MMMMMMMMX   :  ~   '$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$$$$MMMMMMMM: !!: ~:   "$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$$$$MMMMMMMM!.MH!       M$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$MMMMMMMMHMMMX      '$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$BMMMMMMMMMMMM   .  '$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$RMMMMMMMMMMMM> <X  '$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$RMMMMMMMMMMMMX<MM! '$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!MMMMMMMMMMMMXXMMX  $$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM< $$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$$$$& ~MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMX<$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$R~ `~!$B!!!!~$$$$$$$$$$R!!:!X$$
$$$$$$$$~  '!X$$!~~  ?$$$$$$$$$R!!!M!M$
$$$$$$R    ~!9$$!:::::R$$$$$$$$!~~!X!!R
$$$$$$>    ~<$$R~:!!!~~$$$$$$$$$WiXMX!!
$$$$$$W.   ~!$$!!!!!:::?$$$$$$$$$$$$$!~
$$$$$$$$L  :!$$&!:~~~ ~ R$$$$$$$$$$$$X~
$$$$$$$$R `~!$$$NX!     ~$$$$$$$$$$$$M!
$$$$$$$$> ~~~#$$$$M.     "R$$$$$$$$$#R!
""******~     '!!!!!::  :  ``MRRMRSXXXX
~~: :~::<::~~~~::    :                `
:!<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~``:~~~~~~~~ '   ~   ~~
!!!<!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~:<  ~:  '~~
!!!!!!!!!!!!<~~:<:~~~<~~~~~~~~  ~<  ~~~
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:~<!! <:<  <!!


Date: Mon, 6 Feb 95 17:08:52 PST
From: ***
Subject: Mr. Rogers

      I switched over to PBS this morning while eating breakfast and
caught Mr. Rogers saying "Wow, that was amazing" (or something along those
lines) to Chainy Umphrey.  Later in the show he mentioned that Chainy was
only 15, so it must have been about 10 years ago.  I missed what he had
done as a demonstration (I wish I would have switched over a minute or two
earlier), but he was wearing highbar grips.  He talked with the coach
(Charles Aber? I didn't quite catch the last name) for quite some time and
had him as a guest in his neighborhood.  Mr. Rogers went on to talk about
gymnastics and warned kids about trying things without a spotter.  I think
he did a great job of introducing gymnastics to kids.


Date: Mon, 06 Feb 1995 17:59:00 -0700 (MST)
From: ***
Subject: some ascii art

This may not be anything of course, if your viewer is different than
mine.  Try printing it out (this is at 9 pt font, Monaco). 

Here is the first one:

$$$$$$$$$$$$8MM?!?!  `!~'@$$$R$$$$$
!!     '!!!!!!!MMMM!XM!           
!~<!!:!!!!!HHHXMMMM!!MM!  ...     
~!:!:!<!!!XMM88M$$$M!MM!  `~~!> <:
~!~!!!!X!M8X!M$$$$$RM?M!> !! !!'!!<
!!!HH!!!!?MX!!M$$$R!!!MX! !!!! !!`!
!!!!!!X!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?MX!        
XMX!MX@BX!!!!!!!!!!!   ?M!  ~  :~ 
4$R!Mf`#! ~!!!!!!~~~    !X>       
          '~~~  `~~~~!   !X       
           ~ !!!:~~!!!    ?!      
    ...::  ~!XM!~~!!!!M$$$MX!!N$$$$
$$$$$$$$R! ~!MM!~!!!!!M$$$$MM!M$$$$
$$$$$$$$$X `!$M~~!!X$$$$$$$$8MW$$$$
R#$$$$$$R$X` M!~!$$$$$$$$$R###"""``
$M$MMMM$$$!      ```              
#""^``          !>: '~        :~~~~
      ~    : :~~!!!~~~>~ ~:!:<:!!!!

Here is the second one . . .

MMMB$$$$$$$$$$$$$M8$$$RHM$$$$!>   R$R#?$$X
M8$$$$$$HXX!XWHXMMHHW!!!MW$$$! <  XM!!!X$$
888S???!???!????????!!!!!!!?!! <  XM!!!?#$
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!~<!!~ !! !  !M<!!!!!
$$$$$WWWWHWWWWWHWUX~!<:<!~ <!  `  !MHX!:!!
????????M?TTRR$$M$$H!XM@$WX!X     !!!MXXM8
$$@N$$RN$$$$XXMR$NMMRMR!!M$$>     !X!?!!!$
5TTTTTR##!XMMMMMX!$$$$$$$RM~     :XM!!!!X$
R?$$$$M$XHMM$RM$$$$$5$$$$$!      XRMM8!!X?
!MM!!X$$$RX!MR!$$$M!!$$$$R      '$$!!MH8M!
!R!!X$$$R?MX8$$$$$M!!M$$R       '!!!!M$R ~
X!!!MM$R!XMM!XM$$RX!!$RR~       X$$$UW$  
M!!MMM$MM!M8XMMM$!!M@E!!        M$$$$$!  
8$MMMM$!!!$R$BM$$B!$$!!>       'M$$$$R.:!M
$XXM*$$$@R!!M$R!!R!!!XM         MM!!?XX!!!
WMM$MMTR*T!!MM!!X!!!!!         X$XXM!M#!!\
$$X$$M!~~!!!~~!!!!!!~        :XXM!8$XM$R\~
$$!M$M~:~`~ ~:!!!!!~ <       ~XM!X$$X!R!!
 ```"`~~   ~~!!!!!!~~      '::X!X$M$$$$!!!
!XH!!!!XX!X!Xxxx:::.                    `~
XX$MXU8$!!MMMRMX!!!!~<     X$$$$$$K!XM!!!!
S?######M!!?R$#R!!!!~~    !!MMM$$$BXW$$$HX
$$$$$ !$!~ `!!MM!!!~  ~   !!!!XXXXXX???!!!
!$$$$XX!!   !!!!~ :   <      !M!X$$$$RMMX!
$$W!M$R?HX!X!!~  !! ~ !  '!!:@$X!!!!?HMMXH
$$$8$M!8MX!!!   @$XX!XX  X8$$$R$@M88$$$$$$
$$$$$H@$$$X!  .XM$RMRM! '$$$RMN$$$R$$$$$$B
$$$$$$$$$$$~ <HWWWUXXX! 'MS?M$MMM$8$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$F '$$$$$$$$$  9$BRMMMMM$$$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$  '$$$$$$$$~ '$$$$RM$$$$$$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$%  X$$$$$$$!  '$$$8$$$MMM$$$$$$$$
X?$$$$$$$$W@$$$$$$$$!  '$$$MMMM$$$RM$$$$$$
?!!~!.!!!::::..        ````~~~""???MMMMRMM
R~ ! ~M$$&~!!!XM$$MM8$$$$$$$$$$$$M!!!$BMM$

And the third . . .

XSS??SSTRTRB$$$$$$$$$$$M!!!!!!!!!!!!!$RMMHXMMXXM$$$$RXx  :
TT~  `?##R$$$$$$$$$$$$$8MMM$MHHX!!!M$X!!!MHMMMMMM$$6!`~~::
$$X  '@$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$MMXM!!!!M!!!~"R$MX!X$R!!X!!MMM
UXXX  ~XSSSSMM8$$$$8MT$$$$$$MMM!~~~~!!!~~ `RMM8$BM!!!!!MXX
$$$$:  `T$$$$$$#M?R$$M!$$$$$$$!~~~   ~~~~~:!MM?##M!!!~~MMM
?TT?!    "T##R!~ `!!X$MX$$$$$R!~<!  ::!< ~~~!~ <!!!!!!   `
$$$$$:    'M$$!   '!!$MM$$$$RMX!!!!!!XHX:~~::!!!!!~!!!  !
#####%>    `#R!:~::~~!!!M$$$$$88M$M!HM$RXXHHH!!!        :!
WWWH!!!!     !!!~!!~ `~X$$$$$$$$MRXX!XX?~``        .:!!!XM
$$$$$$$$X<    `~  ~:: 'M$$$$$RMH$M##~`          ::!!!!!!MM
XXXSS?SS?!<    '!!!~~  `"#""`````       ::::!XXWW888$M!!!?
$$$$$$$$$$$X:    ~<>~              :<:XX!!M$$$$$$$$$?~ ~~~
************!                   :::!XMMR!!!!?$$RM$$R~~~  
WWWWWWWWWWWWX                <:XUW$XMMM!X!!!X$R!!M$!~~:  
$$$$$$$$$$$$f             :!!!W$$$$MMMX!MX!!$$M!!XB!~~!::
X!!!!!!XX!!!             !!!!8$$$$$$R$!!MRX!!$8M!!*WX!!XX!
$WWWW$$$$8UX           :!!!!@$$$$$$$RX!!M!?!!!MMX!~!#?!!!!
*****$$$$$$R>         :!!!!!$$$$$$$$M!!XM!X!!!!!!X!!:!::!!
WWWWUWWWWWWW!        ~~!!!!X888$$$$$R!!XMXMM!!!~!!!!!!!!X!
$$$$$$$$$$$$X       <<<!!!!$$$$$$$$$$$WU$MMM!!!!~~<!XXW$$M
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$$$$$$$$$$$$$X:  !!!!!!!!!$$$$RP~  `"$$$$$MM!!~!!!!!!!$$$R
#*#*******R$$R!!!!!!!!!!!!$$F`     .:9$$$$$MMXXXXXX!!t$M!!
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TTT#############!!!!!!!!!!!!:  :M$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$M9$$$$$$
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XXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!~          '????TTTTR$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$$T"```"""          .X$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
R****#****#!::::          ~:X@$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
X!!!X!!!!HWUXX!!. ::   <!!HMM!!XXXUXXXXXU88R$$$$$$$$$$$RRR

And the last . . . (be there no mistake, it *IS* Khorkina)

!!!::::.:.....                                           ^
      ````~~~~!!!!!!!!!!<:::::::....         xL          
!!!!!!!!!!!!:::.....         ~```~~~!!!!!U  $$#$e$>    ::.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:::::u$$$$.   ~F      ~~
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!X$$$$$!!!!!   !!.   '
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~ uu)!!!!$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x$$$$$!!!$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(8$$$$$F  )$$$$$X!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!t$$$$$$$r d$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!W$$$$$$$$R!!!!!!$$$$$$$$$$P   !!!!!!!!!!!!!
 '!!!!!!!!!!!~ B$$$$$#!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$$E d$N    ``!!!!!!!
  ``````    .d$$$*!!!!!!!!!!!!!R$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$W.    !!!!!
   !!!!!!$$$$$$$$WWUX!!!!!!!~` 9$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!
   !!!!!!$X!#*$$$$$$$$$$$N~    '#" 3$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$E!!!

the end!


Date: Sun, 5 Feb 1995 23:09:04 -0700 (MST)
From: ***

The next person who sends an unsubscribe message to all of Gymn must
hereby pay the remaining subscribed members $1 each (yeah, just
joking, but it's fun to entertain the thought, no?). 

***If you want to unsubscribe send your message (only once) to

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Date: Sat, 4 Feb 1995 19:48:34 -0700 (MST)
From: ***
Subject: USAG Future Plans dont include Men (enuf)

David and Gymn,

Sorry for the delay in reply!  You make many good points in your last
post that I agree with.  I certainly would have liked to see
collegiate gymnastics explicitly and unquestionably stated in the USA
Gymnastics Strategic Plan, without a doubt -- I probably don't need to
talk until my face is blue to convince you of that one ;).  I agree that
we cannot be competitive with the status quo.

And I certainly do agree that funding 17 National team members and
aiding the OTC is not enough to support a National program.  (Thus my
strong support of the NCAA.)  I feel compelled to point out though
that USA Gymnastics offers more support to their sport's national team
members than most other amateur sports federations (last I checked, a
couple years ago).

I would like to make a suggestion, though.  Why don't you voice your
opinions directly to USA Gymnastics to make sure they are aware of
your observations/concerns?  They are on-line to be accessible, so it
is our fault if we don't make use of their availability.  (Of course,
maybe China wouldn't mind if USA Gymnastics was off target with their
strategic plan, no?  grin.)  You know their email address
( -- why don't you see what they might have to say?
If you write "Attn: Ron Galimore" (or whomever) in the header, then
he'll see your message, guaranteed.



Date: Sun, 5 Feb 1995 19:18:08 -0500
From: ***
Subject: USAG Future Plans dont include Men (enuf)


Thank you for your outstanding suggestion, and for the Email address of the
USAG. Rest assured, I will be in touch with them.



Date: Sat, 4 Feb 1995 19:26:40 -0700 (MST)
From: ***
Subject: Winter Cup Challenge, Optionals

Sorry this is late!

Winter Cup Challenge, Optionals
Jan 28 1994

The optionals of the Winter Cup Challenge were a surprising treat
especially considering the last time I saw most of the guys, at the
USA Championships six months ago in Nashville. While there were still
more falls than I would have liked, the entire level of gymnastics was
noticeably higher and the guys seemed more confident and sure in their
routines. Also, there was a high number of in-a-bucket stuck landings.
It was a world of difference--I really enjoyed myself at this
competition as there were a lot of highlights and few lowlights.  I
think all of the crowd really enjoyed the meet; the OTC was simply
packed with people.  They were (understandably) a very knowledgeable

The guys are really picking up the slack in their form. Many skills
are done cleanly, even superbly. Not many flat feet to complain about,
lots of chests held high and open.

Gymnasts who caught my attention included: John Macready, Brian Yee,
and Keith Wiley. Yee in particular appears remarkably healthy and fit.
Many coaches were watching him knowing that he'd won the Windy City
Invite, and I heard nothing but positive comments about his
gymnastics. Macready's form was clean and he was a natural favorite
since he was the hometown kid -- I never expected to hear cowbells at
a gymnastics competition without the Swiss around, but Macready's
cheering section was armed and ready. Keith Wiley's gymnastics follows
the Stanford trend of being unusual and exciting. He wasn't someone I
recognized very easily, and more than once I'd notice a cool trick and
say "wow, who was that again", and compare the number on his jersey
against my roster only to realize it was Keith Wiley again. (You'd
think I'd learn his competition number, eh?)

Btw, I should also mention Jason Katsampes. He's a Parkette, and a
good one; still in high school, he surprised the crowd with one hit
routine after another. Also, Darren Elg of BYU, who was out for two
years (one with injury, one on his mission), looks _really_ smooth.

Roethlisberger looked just great. I have always thought of him as the
guy who won because he was the most consistent, not because of any
particular sizzle in his gymnastics. However, his gymnastics seems to
really stand out now. His vault was high, tight, and very strong. He
no longer left me with the impression of "he made it through that
cleanly", but rather "wow, he looks great."

Comeback kids: Trent Dimas, Chris Waller, Chainey Umphrey, and Jair
Lynch. All of these have been out of competition for awhile (Umphrey
was in the '94 Nationals until he had to scratch with an inner ear
infection). Umphrey won the meet, so quite obviously he is back on
track. Waller was doing fine in compulsories but optionals took him
down from the lead to third. He seemed to me to be a bit lackluster,
however. I was disappointed to see that he's taken the reverse planche
out of his floor. Dimas had a rough time of it except for high bar
(the crowd ooh-ahhed over his Kovacs). Lynch looked great in some
events and really blew his routines in others. He still has all of the
originality -- no playing it safe in his "comeback" -- but he needs
strength and consistency. He was really fun to watch, nevertheless.

Cool skills:

Brian Yee mounted and dismounted floor with a double layout. The first
went out of bounds, the second one was just awesome. He also displayed
his mastery of the double layout by floating one off of high bar -

Garry Denk, OTC, has an awesome one-arm flank vault on high bar.

Robby Kieffer threw one of the best Kovacs of the competition.  He
also dismounted from front giants with a 1/2 twisting double layout
(arguably an Arabian double laid out, if you can picture what that
might look like).

Jair Lynch dismounted pbars with his double front - STUCK. (He missed
other pbar skills, unfortunately.) He also had an innovative high bar
routine, including a Tkatchev to mixed (maybe crossed?) grip with a
half twist on the back swing.  (That's what it looked like to me.
Feel free to argue with me if you know it's something else.  grin.)

Mark Booth has great floor choreography (even by Stanford standards).
He has great routines on every event, surprising you with things such
as a 1.5 pirrouette on high bar.

Chainey Umphrey threw this combo on high bar: piked Tkatchev, piked
Tkatchev, straddled Tkatchev, Gienger. San Juan Jones threw three
straddled Tk's to a Gienger.

Jamie Ellis missed a full-twisting Kovacs (!)... but it was close.

Yours in gymnastics,


End of gymn Digest