gymn Digest                 Tue,  6 Dec 94       Volume 3 : Issue  43

Today's Topics:
                        Australia and World's
                Cheers for the USA Women ... (2 msgs)
                    Cheers for the USA Women Team
                      Dortmond worlds report #1
                          Dortmund questions
                             Gymn update
                    Gym Stars order form (2 msgs)
                            Just Returned
                           Medals (2 msgs)
                         request for help...
                      Shannon's tremendous gift

This is a digest of the mailing list. 


Date: Mon, 28 Nov 1994 09:13:08 +1000
From: ***
Subject: Australia and World's

I had the opportunity to stay in the same hotel with the Australian coaches
and the Great Britian gymnastics teams, so ...

Regarding the Australia situation, they have plenty of women and men for a
world championship team, and had one put together.  The coach for the men's
was explaining to me that he and the women's coach came to world's to
discuss the selection process for getting into the championships. 

Because this was a team event only they selected the teams from how they
placed their regional championships.  Australia is not a part of any of the
regional championships, and thus did not have an opportunity to qualify. 



Date: Mon, 28 Nov 1994 18:38:24 -0500
From: ***
Subject: Cheers for the USA Women ...

Thank you!!!  Finally someone who is applauding the US's efforts and finally
seeing that overscoring is not the athlete's fault, it's the fault of the
judges.  I do feel exteremely bad for Shannon though.  I mean, I would be
embarrassed also if I were her if my coach acted like he did and was also
given a much too high score.---Brian


Date: Tue, 29 Nov 1994 09:39:18 -0500 (EST)
From: ***
Subject: Cheers for the USA Women ...

> Thank you!!!  Finally someone who is applauding the US's efforts and finally
> seeing that overscoring is not the athlete's fault, it's the fault of the
> judges.

Who ever said overscoring was the athletes' fault?!



Date: Mon, 28 Nov 1994 11:03:57 EST5EDT
From: ***
Subject: Cheers for the USA Women Team

      I know lots of people are surprised that the US took silver,
and maybe a little angry.  The fact is the US girls did a great job. 
Yes, I have read many excuses why the Russians did not win.  Whether
it was because injuries, TV coverage or unfair scoring.  What about the factor that
Shannon did not compete optionals.  Instead of her usual 39 plus, the US had
to count a low 38 from the number seven gymnasts.  That is a whole point less folks.
What about the two falls that the US had in compulsories.  Although,
two wrongs do not make a right, what about that for 20 years of following gymnastics I
had to endure the obvious bias of the judges in favor to the Soviets
and Easter Block gymnasts.  All those instances where scores did not
seam fare.  NOTE:  The Soviets deserve most of their accompishments and
so the Romanians during that time.  Lets rejoice and enjoy the silver medal.  Everybody might
as well face it.  USA Women Gymnastics is here to stay.

Note:  Amanda Borden and Jaycie Phelps are both joining the
University of Georgia's Women Gymnastics Team.  College gymnastics
keeps getting better and better. 
University of Georgia
Go Bulldogs!!!!!
#1 Women Gymnastic Team in the USA


Date: Mon, 28 Nov 1994 18:03:02 -0500 (EST)
From: ***
Subject: Dortmond worlds report #1

> >>Trivia: a free hip reverse hecht is called a "Hindorff" after the east
> German (Silvia her first name?) and is an "E".<<
> Isn't it Stephanie Hindorff ... I know I have footage of her from a couple
> 60's meets.

Whatever her name, I believe she competed in the late '70s/early '80s, not
the '60s.



Date: Mon, 28 Nov 1994 09:41:22 +1000
From: ***
Subject: Dortmund questions

>Sherwin questions:

 And how about the Chinese men, what was their reaction to winning
>the Gold?

The chinese men were very pleased to say the least.  It has been 14 years
(I believe that is the correct number, although it is in that range) since
they won a championship.  They "smoked" on Pommels.  There really is a new
level of gymnastics on that event after this championships. 

>What were the reactions of the Romanian girls when the wrong
>anthem was played?

They didn't have much of a reaction that was noticable.  Just kind of a
looking around like what is going on.  They accepted the appology with
grace and and everyone rose for the correct anthem.

>Did they look happy winning the team gold? (Did Gina
Yes, the girls did smile.  Didn't notice anything in particular about Gina
and smiling at the competitiion.


Date: Tue, 29 Nov 1994 00:17:30 -0700 (MST)
From: ***
Subject: Gymn update

Well friends, I know that I've been pretty quiet lately.  My job has
been pulling me away from Houston and so I haven't read Gymn since
October 30th!  Can you imagine?  It's been fun getting caught up --
lots of interesting threads.  Sounds like a lot of Gymners were at
Worlds -- hooray for "the inside story".  =)

Several small announcements -- or, as I'm fond of saying, several

1. Re the Gymn book.  Because I haven't had time to put it together
yet, the gymn book is free.  The deadline is way way past now so don't
even think about submitting!  (grin -- and yes Lisa, I got yours).  If
you've already mailed me money, I will send it back with your copy of
the Gymn book.  I will make a post when it's in the mail.
2. Volunteers!  No one's been able to reach Efton, so (hello Efton,
are you there?) unless the situation changes, we need a new calendar
person.  Requirements:
   -must subscribe to at least _IG_ and _USA Gymnastics_.  The more mags
      the better!
   -must be willing to compile the various published calendars
      into a cohesive one to post to Gymn in a *timely* manner
      -- by the first of each month, usually.
   -must check email regularly (several times a week) to respond
      to requests and submissions
   -would be nice if volunteer was willing to post TV reminders --
      that would be cool, no?

Also, a volunteer is needed to coordinate this year's holiday gift
trade thing.  If you were on Gymn last year, you know what I'm talking
about.  It doesn't take much effort, -- this needs to be an organized
person, however. 

3. Contacting me.  OK, here is the lowdown on my myriad of accounts.
      *** -- THIS ONE WILL DIE SOON.  Do not use.
      *** -- I will receive Gymn at this address, and sometimes
                        post to Gymn from this address.  Don't send
                        direct mail here though as it will get lost
                        in the Gymn shuffle.
      *** -- If you want to reach me, send email to
                        this account.  Please don't send mammoth
                        msgs, as my account will crash.  (mammoth as
                        in 1000+ lines).  Any Gymn admin concerns
                        should go to this account.
      *** -- alternative if nothing else above works --
                        I don't get to read it very often, however.
      I do have other accounts (CIS, AOL, etc), but don't use them too

4. _Gym Stars_!  Awhile back I received an evaluation copy of this
magazine, plus an invitation, from the editor, to all Gymners to
subscribe.  My opinion of this magazine was that it's chock full of
information, but not in a journalistic sense.  If you like Beth's
postings with the insights into the personalities of the gymnasts,
then you will definitely like this mag.  The layout design is closer
to USA G's than IG's -- bright, bouncy, for younger kids.  _GS_ is not
your best value for the money for American subscribers (it's $18 for
four issues, whereas _IG_ is what now, $24 for 10 issues?).  However,
it beats _World of Gymnastics_ (the official FIG mag, which last I
heard was $30 for 4 issues).  The two best points of this magazine, in
my eyes, are that (1) most of the photography is by Eileen Langsley,
and (2) Ms. Baldwin, the editor, publishes this mag "out of love for
the sport".  That's something we can all identify with!  In the
following msg, I will include a subscription card for this magazine.
Also, it will be available in the future on the ftp/gopher site.



Date: Tue, 29 Nov 1994 00:33:40 -0700 (MST)
From: ***
Subject: Gym Stars order form

Please note that on our ftp/gopher site ( we have also
cards for IG, USAG, Technique, and The Gymnastics Insider.

[Print out a hard copy of this and fill in the requested information.]
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                         SUBSCRIPTION REQUEST
                   Distributed by Gymn

--Check the appropriate rate below & fill in your name and address.

[  ] L7.5 - Great Britain                 special low postage rate
[  ] L10.00 - Europe                      airmail
[  ] L12.00 - rest of the world                 airmail
[  ] $18.00 - USA (checks in US dollars)  airmail

Make checks payable to Gym Stars.  Also accepted: international money
orders in pounds sterling and postal orders.

   Name: __________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________



Mail this form to:

Gym Stars Orders
44 Fitzjohn's Avenue
London NW3 5LX

      If you have any questions please contact Sarah at _GS_
           or send email to

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Date: Tue, 29 Nov 94 12:34:05 GMT+4623398:28
From: ***
Subject: Gym Stars order form

Not trying to influence you guys out there but "Gym Stars" is really
a great magazine. It is ideal for a young audience since it is ALL
IN COLOUR and has got at least FOUR POSTERS per issue. For us "oldies"
it has also got lots of "tidbits" of information. Sarah the Editor
is a great observer of what the gymnasts do outside of gym and if you
want to know what they're really like, you may find something in there!
There is also a Section devoted to updating us with what some famous
names from the past have been doing (Davidova in the last issue).
Needless to say it's got lots of photos (by Eileen Langsley mostly)
plus also the regulars of competitions, puzzles, gym tips, penpals,
letter page, etc. Sometimes if Sarah is feeling generous, she'll put
in some extra gift with an issue such as stickers, big poster, or
calender, etc.

You can pay by writing a US check (although it is produced in Britain),
detail of which is in Rachele's post. Please support a great magazine
and you won't be disappointed.


(I know I shouldn't be advertising but "Gym Stars", like most things,
need the revenue and if Sarah gets enough money she is hoping to increase
the number of issues per year.)

PS The $18 subscription fee for a year is for airmail postage to the US.


Date: Mon, 28 Nov 1994 23:25:31 -0500
From: ***
Subject: Just Returned

Just wanted to let everyone know that I just got back tonight.  I haven't had
a chance to answer any mail yet, and want to catch up on 18 days worth of
mail before I post anything, so as not to be redundant.

If you sent me mail, please be patient!




Date: Mon, 28 Nov 1994 14:35:43 -0600 (CST)
From: ***
Subject: Medals

I was just wondering if Shannon Miller received a medal for competing in
the compulsory phase of the competition at Dortmund?  If not, how much of
the competition would she have had to complete?  I was also interested in
knowing if Olga Strazheva received a gold medal for the team competition
at the Seoul Olympics in 1988 after injuring herself during the compeition?
Thanks for your responses.



Date: Tue, 29 Nov 94 01:06:00 UTC
From: ***
Subject: Medals

>I was also interested in knowing if Olga Strazheva received a gold medal
 >for the team competition at the Seoul Olympics in 1988 after injuring
 >herself during the competition?
While she didn't take part in the award ceremony, she did receive a gold
medal for the team competition.


Date: Mon, 28 Nov 1994 21:31:42 -0500
From: ***
Subject: request for help...

Do you get the gymn list?  If you didn't, someone gave the address.  In case
you don't already know, its:
Ukrainian Gymnastics Federation
42 Esplanadna Street
252023 Kiev
By the way, i'm not sure, but Lilyia Podkopyavia I think.  (I have a video
with her in it.)
Talk to ya later,
              Anne-13-a gymnastics nut-level five


Date: Mon, 28 Nov 1994 09:35:59 +1000
From: ***
Subject: Shannon's tremendous gift

>     I know Billy mentioned ***Shannon's compulsory bars*** and how her foot
>off the bar as she was going for her dismount. If I remember right, she got a
>9.525, which many people I've talked to said is impossible. The deduction
>should have been between .5 and .9. As Billy said, the whole arena booed for
>about five minutes. In a press release issued later, Steve Nunno said only the
>Russians were booing! The only Russians I saw in the arena at that time were
>the women's team, but even if the entire delegation had been there, they
>couldn't have made that much noise! I think the crowd was predominantly German.
>Anyway, the score created such a furor that there was an entire press
>conference on it the next day. Jackie Fie said the judges took the mandatory .3
>for an extra swing and that was it. In my opinion, it was just another case of
>blatant cheating (certainly not Shannon's fault; I feel bad for her). There
>were other impossible scores in the meet (Gina's beam, for example), but this
>one attracted the most attention.
>  Beth

I can't say that the French were exactly pleased with the score either, and
neither were the Great Britians.  Just about every team that had competed
that day was sitting in that arena that evening. 

What was truly embarrassing more than the score was Steve's blatant joy
over the score.  Throwing his arms up in triumph was a bit beyond what most
of the people sitting around me could handle.  The entire men's delegation
was very embarrassed (with the exception of Fred Roethlisberger, who
enjoyed the disagreement, saying is was the only thing that made it worth
while coming to the women's compulsaries) that Shannon was so over scored.
Shannon was actually embarrased also.  That night at dinner she commented
that she didn't deserve the score, and wished that the one judge who had
posted the 9.35 would have been listened to. 

Shannon was not the one who wanted to leave the competition either.  She
felt very bad about not being there for the team.  I passed Shannon and
Steve with their luggage on Thursday morning, and she did not look happy. 



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