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  1. gymn-l
  2. updated Gymn Guide
  3. Bican was robbed!
  4. intro...about time!


Date:    Sat, 4 Mar 1995 17:46:27 EST
From:    ***@MIT.EDU
Subject: gymn-l

Ok folks.  Our listserv list is ready to go.  For those who don't understand
what a listserv is, it is essentially a program that manages most of the
maintenance of mailing lists so that I don't have to.  It will have very
little impact on most of you.  The main things you need to know are:

Address your postings to:

You must send commands to the listserver instead of
The listserver address is  Since a machine is
reading your commands instead of a person, you must use a precise syntax.

To unsubscribe, send email to with
unsubscribe gymn-l
in the body of the message.

If you have friends who want to subscribe, have them send email
to with
subscribe gymn-l full name
in the body of the message.

To switch over to digest format, send email to with
set gymn-l digest
in the body of the message.  The digest will come out nightly.

If you want the listserv to know your real name send email to with
register full name
in the body of the message.

If you want to know more about the listserv send mail to the listserv
with one or more of the following commands in the body of the message:
info refcard
info genintro

If you have a serious problem and need to reach a human send email
Please do not do this for simple subscribe/unsubscribe requests.
There will be considerable delay in responses to requests that should
have been directed to the listserv.

Have fun!


Date:    Sat, 4 Mar 1995 18:35:37 EST
From:    ***@MIT.EDU
Subject: updated Gymn Guide

With our move to the listserv, I have updated the Gymn Guide.  Here's
the new version -- hold on to it!


Welcome to Gymn, an electronic discussion forum for gymnastics.
Please SAVE this message or print it out for a reference.

                      Thanks for joining Gymn!

 #                                                                 #
 #  ________ G y m n ________                 \       |      ___   #
 #                               o     __o     |o     |o    (o     #
 #     An electronic forum       !__   \!      !      !      \.    #
 #       for gymnastics.       ====== ====== ====== ====== ======  #
 #                                                                 #

                           The Gymn Guide

NOTE: All opinions expressed on the Gymn forum are those of the author

last revised: 04 Feb 1995

___Table of Contents___

1. What is Gymn?  How does it work?
2. Subscribing, Unsubscribing and other Listserv Requests
3. Netiquette on Gymn
4. Who is that person?  Getting to know your fellow posters...
5. Current gymnastics news
   5.1: From other sources
   5.2: From our members
6. Trivia contests
7. What's available (via ftp, gopher, or email)
   7.1: Addresses
   7.2: Calendar
   7.3: Back issues of digests
   7.4: Resources
   7.5: FAQ
   7.6: History files
8. GIFs anyone?
9. An address book
10. Referring friends to Gymn

Headings may be searched for with the pattern "-- n. " and subheads
may be searched for with "n.m:"


-- 1. What is Gymn?  How does it work?

Gymn is a friendly forum for the discussion of all aspects of the
sport of gymnastics. People of all levels of knowledge and interest
are most welcome on Gymn. Novices are especially welcome, as
increasing the number of people interested in gymnastics is always
good for the sport. On that note, we'd like to emphasize that no
question will be considered "dumb" so feel free to bring up anything
that has been puzzling you here. Please ask questions if some of our
more technical members get too carried away in terminology.

If you want to get a taste of the "flavor" of Gymn, back issues of the
digest are available (see 7.3).

All Gymn communication takes place via email on the Internet. To send a
msg to the forum, address your msg to (NOTE!:
PLEASE do *NOT* give out this address for subscription purposes, or
send your unsubscription requests to this address.) Traffic is
typically about 5 msgs/day, but has been as high as 40 and as low as


-When replying to a post, make sure that your msg is addressed to
Gymn, not the author of the original post (unless that's your intent).

-Individual addresses on Gymn are sometimes temporarily unavailable,
resulting in bounce msgs to you when you post. PLEASE DON'T REPOST --
the bounce msgs mean only a *FEW* Gymners did not get your msg.

archived and accessible via gopher or anonymous ftp. Be aware that
your posts to the forum can be read by _anyone_ with Internet access.

-- 2. Subscribing, Unsubscribing and other Listserv Request

All administrative requests (subscribe/unsubscribe/switch formats)
should be sent to the listserv:  Send mail to
with one or more of the following commands in the body of the message
(the subject line is ignored):
subscribe gymn-l Full Name
unsubscribe gymn-l
set gymn-l digest

For more information about listserv commands you can do, send the
info refcard
command to the listserv at the above address.  "Info genintro" will
give you more detailed information, and just "info" will tell you
all the kinds of info you can request

Subscription is available in two formats: standard or digest. The
digest format is advantageous if you want less traffic in your
mailbox.  Read the listserv documentation for information about
other options.

-- 3. Netiquette on Gymn

"What is appropriate for posting?" We suggest that you sit back for a
week and just observe the traffic.

We don't like having rules, so don't make us enforce them. If you
violate one of the following guidelines, and a Gymner registers a
complaint about that, then you will be sent a copy of the following
Netiquette rules. Our guiding principles are:

-> Use private email if your mail is really of interest to only one or
two people; spare the forum and don't waste net resources by posting
your msg to all of Gymn if it's not appropriate.

-> If your post includes previous postings, please label the inclusion
with the original author. Sign your posts. Avoid long .sigs.

-> Try to add something substantial to the discussion. If you only add
"Yeah, that was funny!", or "I agree!", your post is not essential.

-> PLEASE Stay on the topic of gymnastics. This includes "Merry
Christmas," "Happy New Year's!," "Have a nice summer" and similar
postings too. The reason for this is not because we're mean (not all
of us, =), but rather that many Gymners receive hundreds of emails a
day, and we want to be considerate of these Gymners. (Adding "Have a
nice summer" to a gymnastics-filled msg is a different story, of
course, and perfectly acceptable.)

-> To keep the forum friendly, we ask that all members be respectful
of others' points of view. It is, of course, all right to disagree
with a person's opinion, but attacking them for holding it is
considered inappropriate in this forum. We aim to keep the "signal-to-
noise" ratio high, so PLEASE AVOID ALL MANNER OF "FLAMING". This
includes statements that are libelous in nature. Remember that jokes
are easily misinterpreted when communicating via text on a screen.

-> *DO NOT* post copyrighted articles on Gymn. This includes retyping
something you saw in the newspaper, forwarding articles from a
newswire, etc. You may, however, quote small parts of the article and
post a short summary of the story to Gymn (with proper reference), per
the "fair use" clause of copyright law.

-> Questions concerning whether or not a post might be appropriate for
the forum should be directed to George ( or
Rachele (

IMPORTANT: Gymn is NOT responsible in any way for the content of
messages posted to the forum. Complete and total responsibility lies
with the author of the post. However, if you have a complaint with the
content of a message, and if it is a direct violation of the above
guidelines, please mention it to Gymn admin; if the problem is serious
enough, we will consider removing the member from the forum.

-- 4. Who is that person?  Getting to know your fellow posters...

In order for us to get to know one another, it would be helpful if you
could send a brief self-introduction to Gymn (less than 50 lines).
This should include things such as your name, age, where you live,
what you do, and of course, your connection to gymnastics, and
particular areas of interest within it. Of course all items are
optional, as is the request to write an introduction; feel free to add
anything else you'd like to.

You can request our file of compiled introductions from Every intro posted to Gymn is inserted into this
file. Please remember that Gymn is publically archived and any
information that you post will become part of the next Gymn digest and
thus stored on the ftp site. Gymn members haven't had any problems yet
with abuse of information. We do encourage you to submit an intro;
just please be careful about how much you tell about yourself.

-- 5. Current gymnastics news

You will learn results of meets or other current events in the
gymnastics community fairly quickly on Gymn. This is completely
dependent on the knowledge and volunteer effort of Gymn members,
however, so please keep this in mind when you're just dying to know
some results.

   5.1: From other sources

We monitor the BBS's of both USA Gymnastics and the US Olympic
Committee for press releases, and we also monitor some other
sportswires (AP, Reuters, UPI) and send summaries of new stories to
Gymn. If you know some recent results, news, or other current events,
please send it to Gymn!

   5.2: From our members

One of the best features of Gymn is getting posts from members who
have attended competitions; if you get a chance to see a live meet, we
*strongly* encourage you to post about it.

If you are going to be attending a larger meet and want to write up a
detailed report for Gymn, in other words be our "official Gymn
Reporter", then it is sometimes possible that we can secure press
credentials for you. You must submit complete and accurate reports to
Gymn about the competition. There are many factors to consider before
we can apply for a credential in your name, and the credentials are
limited. However, if you are interested, and feel that your writing
skills and gymnastics knowledge are strong enough, contact Rachele.

IMPORTANT: To be Gymn's official reporter at a meet, you MUST first be
authorized to do so by Gymn Admin. Even if you are a Gymn member, you
CANNOT present yourself as a reporter or other representative of Gymn
unless you have been specifically authorized by Gymn Admin to do so.
However, certainly, anyone at anytime is welcome to send in their
opinions of a competition; one certainly need not be the "official"
reporter to submit impressions to Gymn.

-- 6. Trivia contests (***

We run trivia contests to highlight interesting facts, both historical
and technical, on Gymn. The topic will be introduced and everyone is
invited to submit questions (with answers); then, a day later, the
answers are posted. Keep your eye out for these. They're challenging!

-- 7. What's available (via ftp, gopher, or email)

Gymn's archives are maintained at: <>
This can be accessed either via gopher or ftp. Many thanks to Gymn
member Dan for getting us this site!

   7.1: Addresses (***

We have the addresses for the more popular international federations,
collegiate programs, TV Networks, and also U.S. private clubs.

   7.2: Calendar (***

A calendar is published at the first of each month. Keep an eye out
for meets near your city! If you or your kid is competing in a meet
not listed on the calendar, just throw a msg John's way.

   7.3: Back issues of digests (***

Every message ever posted on Gymn (minus the first two weeks of Gymn
when we didn't yet have the digest option) is archived in digests
stored on our ftp site. Digests are named where nn is the
issue number.

   7.4: Resources (***

While the discussion format of Gymn is unique, you will undoubtably
find yourself wanting still more gymnastics material. We have
electronic subscription cards and addresses for several different
publications, and also various descriptions of these publications
(written by Gymn members, not the magazines) to help you decide which
ones are best for your interests.

Coming soon: a compilation of all 'net resources and BBS's we know of
for gymnastics.

   7.5: FAQ (***, ***

In Progress.  Hopefully completed by the 1995 American Cup.

   7.6: History files (***

Lots and lots of results!  Check it out -- we have Worlds, Olympics,
Europeans, and more.

-- 8. GIFs anyone?  (***

Gymn maintains a gymnastics gif site at
Only non-copyrighted pictures are on this site.

-- 9. An address book

                     Email Addresses you need to know:
Mail to the alias "" will go to all members of the
Gymn forum, and will be included in the digests. (I.E., *don't* send
administrative requests, such as unsubscribes, to this address!)

Our anon ftp site is <>. (Login: anonymous,
password: your_address).

Got a Question?  Who to Call?
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Addresses                   *** (Rachele)
Apply to report a meet      ***, (Rachele/George)
Calendar                    *** (John L Courtney)
Digests                     *** (Rachele)
FAQ ideas and questions     *** (Debbie)
FTP/gopher site questions   *** (Rachele)
Introductions file          *** (Anil)
Miscellany                  *** (George)
Resources                   *** (Anil)
Results                     *** (Debbie)
Serious admin. problems (Robyn & Rachele)
Subscribe/Unsubscribe (see instructions above)
Switch to/fr digest format (see instructions above)
Trivia                      *** (Mara)

-- 10. About The Gymn Guide

The Gymn Guide is written specifically for Gymn members. If you have a
friend who wants to know more about Gymn, The Gymn Fact Sheet is
probably more appropriate for distribution than this Guide, as the Fact
Sheet is _much_ shorter. You can obtain the Fact Sheet at
<>. NOTE: Please, if you refer
your friends to Gymn, DO NOT give them the
address; this only results in subscription requests being delivered to
all members of Gymn.  Send them to using the
command format described above in section 2.


Yours in gymnastics,

- Robyn Kozierok, Gymn List Administrator
- Rachele Harless, Gymn Forum Manager
- George Atkins, Gymn Assistant Forum Manager


Date:    Sat, 4 Mar 1995 17:51:05 CST
Subject: Bican was robbed!

Just finished watching the American Cup coverage.  Please allow me to blow off a
little steam...

Please tell me how Ana Maria Bican can score a 9.812 with incredible tumblnig
passes ( ro, ff, full in; front flip, front handspring step out, 1 1/2 twisting
front, pop(punch) front; ro, ff, triple twist) ALL STUCK COLD (like a dart in a
dart board)?  And Powell  takes a huge step forward on her double layout and
esentially stumbles out of her triple turn and scores a 9.850 to win the title?
(Of course.)  You code specialists on me out here!  I just don't
understand it!  Had I been Bican's coach I would have been purple faced
protesting the scoring!

It's no wonder other countries don't send their top gymnasts to the American
Cup!  IMHO, the Cup will *never* achieve the level of legitimacy it deserves
until foreign athletes are rewarded for their work as fairly (or graciously?) as
the Americans are.

I don't mean to take anything away from Kristy's victory, but I'm a little
embarrassed! osorry, but I don't think the real winner won in this case.



Date:    Sat, 4 Mar 1995 19:12:20 -0500
Subject: intro...about time!

I've been on gymn for a few months now, and I just realized that I never
introduced myself. My name is Emily, and the only gymnastics
experience I have was about 6 weeks of lessons when I was 7 yrs old. (I
quit when they told me to do a cartwheel off the beam when I couldn't
even do one on the floor!) I love watching gymnastics, though, and am a
die-hard fan of anyone from Karolyi's - kind of a nationalistic thing, as
it's in Texas! I'm currently a first-year at Mount Holyoke College in
South Hadley, MA, which has no gymnastics program, though I know UMass
does, and hopefully while I'm up here I'll get to see some of their
meets (between skating lessons, of course:-))


End of GYMN-L Digest - 28 Feb 1995 to 4 Mar 1995